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Pyrohova V. I., Shurpyak S. A.

Selective phytomolecules® in combination therapy of proliferative dishormonal benign diseases of female reproductive system in thyroid dysfunction.


The article presents data on the efficacy Tazalok when used in combination with sublingual micronized progesterone (Luteina) in the treatment of multiple dishormonal benign diseases of the reproductive organs in combination with thyroid dysfunction. Combined therapy provided 90% of the positive clinical effect, objectively confirmed by ultrasonography, biochemical, and immunohemilyuministsent methods unlike progestin’s monotherapy (76.7%). It is proved that a positive clinical effect in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism and multiple dyshormonal benign diseases of the reproductive organs, taking Tazalok™, is associated with synergistic effects of bioactive components and multivectorness universal therapeutic effects of the drug, and due to the improvement or complete recovery during therapy hierarchical mechanisms of hormonal regulation, and trophic and receptor apparatus of the target organs and SHCHZ. The data obtained allow us to recommend Tazalok™ as the drug of choice for basic and complex treatment of proliferative dishormonal benign diseases of female reproductive system and thyroid dysfunction.

Key words: dyshormonal pathology of the reproductive organs, subclinical hypothyroidism, Tazalok™.



Ведущие специалисты в сфере женского здоровья рассказали о лечнии пациенток с репродуктивными расстройствами.




Zaporozhan V. N., Mishchenko V. P., Shpak I. V., Rudenko I. V.

Pathogenetic a substantiation etiotropic preventive maintenance gestationеl complications at the women sick of a flu.


Research objective was improvement of preventive actions gestationеl complications at the women sick of a flu, by a pathogenetic substantiation etiotropic preventive maintenance. Investigation in out-patient and stationary conditions is carried of 327 women. Defined alleles of genes of ferment endotelial NO-sintasa in intron 4, collagen of 2nd type alfa1, fibrinolitic activity РAI-1, a superoxiddismutasa to make dy method PCR. The size of an interrelation of chances of development obstetric-perinatal complications at the pregnant women sick of a flu, in the presence of polymorphism of investigated genes has compounded 1,2–1,8. Preventive maintenance is an integral part of algorithm of conducting pregnant women. Pregnancy planning should provide forecasting of flow of pregnancy. It is expedient to define a reference state of health of the woman taking into account its genetical predisposition to inflammatory processes. Women concern bunches of risk of occurrence obstetric complications with sharp respiratorno-virus infection contaminations during pregnancy, with small and big forms not differentiated displasia a connective tissu. Pristinely preventive maintenance should be directed on stabilisation of metabolic processes of an organism of mother, horion-embrional and fetoplacental of complex by correction of permeability of cellular membranes, equation of energy metabolism, normalisation of enzymatic activity, stabilisation of histic breath.

Key words: pathogenetic substantiation, etiotropic preventive maintenance, gestationеl complications, flu.



Lysenko T. P.

Diabetic angiopathy: current issues and diagnosis pathogenesis.


The review is focuses on the pathogenesis and diagnosis of diabetic angiopathy. It is shown that the basis of vascular complications are common pathogenetic mechanisms. Early detection of markers of vascular lesions is necessary for the prevention and treatment of lifethreatening complications. For this purpose, the further development of promising of ultrasonic methods of diagnosis.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, angiopathy, pathogenesis, ultrasounddiagnostics.



Mishchenko V. P., Rudenko I. V., Zaporozhchenko M. B., Kolesnikova V. V., Andreev S. V.

Medico-genetic diagnostics of hereditary predisposition to non carry pregnancy, reproductive losses.


Role is shown on the basis of the analysis of genetical models (gene grids) propensity genes: collagen 2 type (COL2A1 6846C/A), inhibitor of activators plazminogen-1 (РАІ-1 PLANH1), superoxyddismutasa (SOD1 7958 G/A), glutation-S-transferasa (GSTµ1), N-Acetyl transferasa – 2 (NАТ2) in reproductive losses of the multifactor nature, which associating with gestational-perinatal complications at 327 women. The risk of congenital propensity to development gestational complications is raised at a relative score in the middle of a gene grid more than 1,1 at the concrete woman, the risk is not expressed in a range from 0,9 to 1,1, risk is minimum at a relative score less than 0,9. Above specified researches can have prognostic value at a stage of planning of pregnancy and allow to plan preventive measures.

Key words: medico-genetic diagnostics, hereditary propensity, non carry pregnancy, reproductive losses.



Sherbina N. A., Govsejev D. A.

New approaches to design more effective diagnostick tools and treatment for cervical ectopia.


The article presents Laser Doppler flowmetry and immunological studies are a hightly informative way to diagnose cervical ectopia. Comparative characteristics of the use in the treatment of cervical ectopia radiowave surgery and combination of radiowave with ozonetherapy show that using medical ozone to treat cervical ectopia, improves the clinical outcome, reduces the duration of the epithelialization process and normalize local microhemodynamics and immunity processes, prevents relapses and complications of the disease

Key words: cervical ectopia, laser Doppler flowmetry, medical ozone.



Shurpyak S. A., Zhemela N. I.

The role of trace elements and vitamins balance in ensuring the gestational process.


Poor maternal and newborn health and nutrition remain significant contributors to the burden of disease and mortality. Calcium supplementation has the potential to reduce adverse gestational outcomes, in particular by decreasing the risk of developing hypertensive disorders during pregnancy, which are associated with a significant number of maternal deaths and considerable risk of preterm birth, the leading cause of early neonatal and infant mortality.

Key words: vitamin D, calcium, pregnancy, 25OHD, preeclampsia.



Егорова Я. А., Заболотнов В. А., Рыбалка А. Н.

Тромбоцитопеническая пурпура при беременности (обзорная статья, клинический случай).




Sukhin V. S.

Surgical treatment of uterine sarcoma patients. Review.


Uterine sarcoma is a rare neoplasm, originating from mesenchymal tissue, with aggressive clinical course and poor prognosis. Due to morphological classification there are four main histological subtypes: leiomyosarcoma, carcinosarcoma, endometrial stromal sarcoma and undefined sarcoma. Surgery is regarded as the main treatment method, but usually is required as diagnostic procedure for final morphological submission of the diagnosis. Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy represents the standard surgery type for uterine sarcoma patients stage I–II. Pelvic lymph node dissection is recommended in patients with carcinosarcoma. Chemoradiation therapy is prescribed for patients with advanced disease. Patients with uterine sarcoma should be referred to specialized oncology center for treatment and follow-up.

Key words: uterine sarcoma, classification, surgery.



Стуклов Н. И., Сарапова Е. В.

Изменение эритроцитарных показателей и роль пероральных препаратов железа у пациентов с острым нарушением мозгового кровообращения с анемией.


Pashayeva D. B., Aliyeva N. M., Efendiyeva A. Q., Aliyeva N. S., Safarova S. S.

The type of the delivery route in women with uterine anomalies.


The aim of investigation: was stydy of the results of pregnancy in women with different types of uterine anomalies. The retrospective analyses of 100 patient history with uterine anomalies was undertaken. It was determined that 50% of pregnant women had arcuate uterus, 30% had bicornuate uterus, 14% had septal uterus and 3% had two uteruses. 34% of womem had term delivery, 41% had preterm deliveries and 25% had spontaneous miscarriages. In women with uterine anomalies the delivery mode eigher by vaginal route orghby cesarean section.

Key words: uterine anomalies, preterm delivery, arcuate uterus, cesarean section.



Zhuk S. I.

Application of prostaglandins in modern obstetric practice.


The article outlines the principles for the use of prostaglandins in modern obstetric practice, particularly in the pathological course of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The possibility of adverse effects as a result of hypersensitivity to prostaglandins, drug overdose, which in turn can cause complications from both the mother and the mother. All this requires the creation of new drugs prostaglandin, which substantially reduces the incidence of possible side effects and complications.

Key words: prostaglandins, obstetric practice, pregnancy, side effects of treatment.



Prudnikov P. M.

Modern clinical aspects of ademyose.


Results of the spent researches testify to an urgency of studying of modern clinical aspects of ademyose. The received results specify in presence of several forms of the given pathology which are necessary for considering in clinical to practice. The effective estimation of the received clinical results specifies in necessity of improvement of existing algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions at patients with ademyose.

Key words: ademyose, clinic.



Banakhevych R. M., Аkymоvа К. B., Echin А. V., Parienko К. О.

Optimization surgical interventions in women with prolapse after hysterectomy.


Conducted the examination and treatment of 61 women with posthysterectomy prolapse, assessed the results of the different forms of synthetic implants and systems Prolift. Transvaginal neofascists using an implant, the proposed forms completed 24 patients (group 1), 23 patients used implant system Prolift™ total (group 2), and 14 patients – implant from a material «Proseed» in the area of the vault of the vagina stump (group 3). In the article the main problems of recurrence of the disease, which develops in 1 to 5 years after surgery and depends on the techniques of the performed operation, the degree of dysplasia of connective tkanini for operated patients. Describes features of application and possible complications of operations using synthetic implants. Installing system Prolift™ total was accompanied by a significantly greater blood loss: 202,1±6,6 ml against 78,8±7,5 ml (p<0.05) when using the proposed methods. The increase of blood loss occurred due to increase of volume of operative intervention, the great square dissection of cellular tissue areas of small pelvis, conducting drills through the fabric with a large number of vessels of small caliber. The term prebivaniya hospital among women studied groups are statistically distinguishable and was in group 1 – 3,2±0,2 day against 4,1±0,4 days in group 2 (p<0,05) in group 3 – 3,3±0,2 day. Injuries related bodies in progress noted in 1 (4,2%) the case when installing Prolift™ total and 1 (4,4%) the case when the implant proposed form (p>0,05). Correction of stress incontinence using swingaway TVT-Obturator was performed in 3 (13,1%) patients of group 1 and 1 (4,2%) patients of group 2 (p<0,05).

Key words: prolapse after hysterectomy, recurrent genital prolapse, pelvic floor reconstruction system, complications.



Grischenko O. V., Zheleznyakov A. Yu., Bobrytska V. V.

Ways of decline of postoperation pain.


Under a supervision were 85 patients, geared-up for laparoskopic operative interference: 60 patients got dexketoprofen (Dexalgin) per os 50 mg (2 pills) 12 hours prior to an operation, and 25 patients, gettings analgetics only after operative interference. In the post;operation period patients got dexketoprofen (Dexalgin) 50 mg 3 times per day of intramuscular injections for 2 days, after in pills for 25 mg (1 pill) 2–3 times per days. Morphinum in the 1st day was used at additional complaints about pain, with an estimation on a scale VASH more than 8. Application in preparation befor operation dexketoprofen (Dexalgin) to 30% diminishes the amount of analgetics, including narcotic medications in a postoperative period, diminishes the period of somatic and social rehabilitation.

Key words: dexalgin, preparation before operation, postoperative period, analgesia.



Vovk I. B., Borysiuk O. U., Novik L. N.

Contemporary view of spermicides contraceptives role and place in women’s health maintainance.


High abortions prevalence and their complications lead to decline of reproductive health of population. Spermicides application is one of the most widespread barrier methods of contraception. Depending on female organism stages of development it is eventual the differentiated approach to a choice of contraceptive method. Vaginal suppositories Erotex are highly effective and safe-health contraceptive for local application. In addition, Erotex has therapeutic action in inflammatory diseases of vagina mucous coat.

Key words: contraception, spermicides, health of woman, female health, benzalkonium chloride, non-hormonal, Erotex



Kornatska A. G., Chubei G. V.

Modern approaches to treatment premature ovarian insufficiency.


There were presented the results of non-hormonal therapy in women of late reproductive age with premature ovarian insufficiency. Application phytopreparation Lifemin® rendered positive effect on quality of life, helped to reduce the frequency of vasomotor, psychoemotional and urogenital symptoms, contributed to the normalization of menstrual function and hormonal balance in most patients.

Key words: premature ovarian insufficiency, non-hormonal therapy.



Serov V. N., Baranov I. I., Protopopova N. V., Tkachenko L. V., Kukarskaya I. I.

Evaluation of experience with a combination phytotherapeutic drug in pregnant women (A multicenter retrospective observational study).


Objective. To evaluate experience with the combination phytotherapeutic drug Canephron N in pregnant women Design. This was a multicenter retrospective observational study.

Subjects and methods. The study enrolled 550patients whose pregnancy ended in a delivery. Group 1 included 480 women who used Canephron N in different periods of pregnancy (a study group) and Group 2 consisted of 70 women who did not take the drug (a comparison group). Their medical records were analyzed just on pregnancy completion. The pregnant women were given Canephron N prophylactically and as part of combination therapy for different types of kidney and urinary tract infections. Canephron N tablets and drops were used in 402 and 51 pregnant women, respectively; 27patients received tablets and drops sequentially. All the patients underwent comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination including full blood and urine tests, Nechiporenko urinalysis, kidney ultrasound, and urine bacteriological study. The fetal status was assessed using dynamic ultrasound biometry, Doppler blood flow study in the uterine, placental, and umbilical cord vessels, and cardiac monitoring.

Results. Effective Canephron N treatment without antibiotic use was performed in 12 of 32 women with asymptomatic bacteriuria (a study group). There was no relapsing bacteriuria. Thirty patients with acute cystitis and 48 women with an exacerbation of recurrent cystitis took Canephron N together with antimicrobial agents. Canephron N treatment reduced the symptoms of an exacerbation of cystitis in all the patients; moreover, the results suggest that there is a significant (p<0.05) reduction in reinfection rates and an increase in interrecurrence periods. Even if recurrences occurred, they were taking their milder course with the use of Canephron N. Fifty-six pregnant women with gestational pyelonephritis and 132 women with an exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis received Canephron N (a study group) together with antibiotic therapy. Incorporation of Canephron N into pyelonephritis therapy in pregnant women substantially enhanced its efficiency: the prompter the exacerbations abated, the fewer number of recurrences was. This could reduce the number of repeat courses of antibacterial therapy during pregnancy and, possibly, the rate of renal infection chronization after prior gestational pyelonephritis. The study also evaluated the safety of Canephron N to the fetus and newborn infant. The rate of developmental anomalies of the babies born to the mothers who had taken Canephron N proved to be slightly lower than that in the population.

Conclusion. This study has revealed no signs of the fetotoxic effect of Canephron N, which makes possible the use of the drug in all pregnancy periods. The total effects of Canephron (in improving renal blood flow and enhancing glomerular filtration, positively affecting urodynamics, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and stimulating restorative processes in the renal epithelium) along with its high safety permits the use of Canephron N in pregnant women for the treatment and prevention of relapses of chronic and acute urinary system infections.

Кey words: Canephron N, urinary tract infections, cystitis, pyelonephritis, asymptomatic bacteriuria, lack of fetotoxic effect.



Ancheva I. A.

The state of nitrergic systems of the pregnant women suffering from iron-deficiency anemia.


The aim of the study was to evaluate the severity of endothelial dysfunction in pregnant women suffering from iron deficiency anemia. It is shown that 66% of pregnant women with IDA have manifestations of placental dysfunction with IA-II degree of severity. When there were combined IDA and placental dysfunction in pregnancy there signs of endothelial dysfunction in the form of asymmetric response of endothelium in reactive hyperemia after mechanical stress on the vessel wall and increasing the diameter of the brachial artery by less than 10%. Thus the severity of systemic vasodilation disorders are closely correlated with changes in the utero-placental (r = 0,82) and feto-placental (r = 0,77) blood flow. It is noted that the presence of disturbances vasodilation in systemic and regional level indicates involvement of nitrergic systems in the pathogenesis of conditions associated with iron deficiency anemia.

Key words: endothelial dysfunction, nitrergic system, iron deficiency anemia, pregnancy.



Shabliy T. P.

An experience with administration of self-eliminating antagonists in pregnant women with corrected cervical insufficiency.


In order to prevent preterm birth in pregnant women with isthmic-cervical insufficiency or conduct isthmic-cervical insufficiency prevention during pregnancy various modifications of obstetrical pessaries have been used in Ukraine for more than 15 years. The placement of this body, which is foreign to the vagina and is of plastic or silicone origin, triggers a cascade of reactions pertaining to aseptic inflammation and results in development of dysbiosis with an overgrowth (107 cfu/ml or more) on the day 7–10, which is characteristic of anaerobic opportunistic flora and sharp decrease in localization and the amount of acidophilus of Doderlein group (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, propionic bacteria) of up to their complete disappearance on the day 18–21 following the cerclage. Administration of Biosporin Biopharma in courses of 10–14 days following the placement of a pessary or dynamically, under appearance of abnormal vaginal leucorrhoea, resulted in normalization of vaginal microbial biocenoses and carrying the pregnancies full term in 98,5% of the cases.

Key words: isthmic-cervical insufficiency, obstetrical pessary, vaginal dysbiosis, Biosporin-Biopharma, obstetrics.



Syusyuka V. G.

Estimation of influence of psychological state of women on prolactin during pregnancy.


Under results of estimation of psychological state of 67 pregnant women, namely, by means of estimation of the trait anxiety level, there was found exceeding of its high level by 4 times and middle level – by 8 times. Level of state anxiety as an indicator of emotional reaction on stress situation was low for 29.8% pregnant women, middle – for 62,7% pregnant women and high – for 7,5%. Based on carried out investigation there was found statistically valid higher level (p<0.05) of prolactin of pregnant women with middle-high level of state anxiety (128,11±29,34 nm/ml) comparing to the pregnant women with its low level (94,02±24,05 nm/ml). Concentration of prolactin in blood of pregnant women with low level of state anxiety depends on gestation term (r=+0,673, p<0,05) and doesn’t connected both with level of state anxiety (r=-0,101, p>0,05), trait anxiety (r=+0,339, p>0,05) and with any of indicators which characterized performed complex of psychodiagnostic methods of estimation of psychological state. In cases with pregnant women with middle and high level of state anxiety connection between prolactin and pregnancy term (r=+0,183, p>0,05) is absent and positive connection with level of neuroticism (r=+0,363, p<0,05), state anxiety (r=+0,575, p<0,05) and trait anxiety (r=+0,480, p<0,05) is available. Increase of prolactin producing in this category of women is a result of adaptation to the stress factors which accompany women during pregnancy.

Key words: pregnancy, psychological status, anxiety, prolactin.



Vasilishin V. R.

Comparative aspects multipara pregnancy without and after auxiliary reproductive technologies.


Results of the spent researches testify that the problem многоплодной pregnancy is very actual, especially in aspect of a variant of approach of pregnancy – is independent or after auxiliary reproductive technologies. Thus, frequency of the cores complications does not depend on a variant of its approach, and depends on type хориальности and quantities of fruits. The received results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: multipara pregnancy, auxiliary reproductive technologies.



Vdovychenko Y. P., Goncharuk N. P.

Ways to reduce Cesarean section in women with pregnancy using medical assisted reproductive technology programs.


This article analyzes the differentiated approach to the choice of the delivery in women using assisted reproductive technologies in the Kiev municipal maternity hospital № 1. Established that the pregnancy with using assisted reproductive technologies, is not an absolute indication for Cesarean section and may be a factor for reduce the number of their conduct.

Key words: assisted reproductive technology, Caesarean section.



Pyrohova V., Shurpyak S., Smyh Z.

Combined therapy with hepatoprotectors during preconception care women with extragenital pathology.


The article presents the rationale and feasibility assessment and efficacy of hepatoprotectors Enerliv in care for women with disorders of the hepatobiliary system and obesity, which make up risk of preeclampsia.

Key words: preeclampsia, hepatoprotectors, Enerliv, extragenital pathology.



Islamova A. O.

To the question about treatment of menstrual disorders for the women of reproductive age.


We are appraise efficiency of the plant;based drug Aloes Compaund for the women of reproductive age with menstrual disorders. It is set that Aloes Compaund is high-efficiency drug and can be used as alternative to hormonotherapy for treatment disorders of menstrual cycle.

Key words: disorders of menstrual cycle, women of reproductive age, plant-based drug Aloes Compaund.



Andrashko Y., Khashcha I., Checherska T., Koval G.

Clinical aspects of efficacy and safety of treatment patients with chronic genital candidiasis with Itraconazole (Itrakon, Pharmak).


The presence of 4 or more exacerbations during the year is considered as chronic or recurrent candidiasis. In this diagnosis is necessary to pay attention to the possible association microflora, because it can be the main trigger of relapse. Itraconazole (Itrakon, Pharmac) is an effective treatment for chronic candidiasis and has a good safety profile.

Key words: chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis, Іtrakon, itraconazole, Candida.



Boyko V. I., Kolesnikova T. N.

The differentiated approach to rehabilitation of patients after laparoscopical treatments of endometriomes.


Results of the spent researches have shown that use of the differentiated approach to rehabilitation of patients with endometriomes after spent laparoscopical treatments allows to lower essentially frequency of relapses and clinical displays of the given pathology. The confirmation efficiency of an offered technique the received results ehografical, endocrinological and immunological researches are unconditional.

Key words: endometrioma, laparoscopy, the differentiated approach.



Trushkevich O. O., Mysenko O. D., Dovgan A. A., Stepura A. A.

State of ovarian reserve nulliparous women of reproductive age with early ovarian endometriosis.


Taking into account circumstance that in spite of numerous researches in area of эндометриоза, raising of diagnosis still remains deferred, resulting in the considerable prolonging of disease, that becomes reason of decline of fecundity of women of early genesial age. In hired 154 women are inspected with diagnosed эндометриомами ovaries. Determination of follicle reserve of ovaries is conducted with determination of markers of early defeat of follicle vehicle of ovaries.

Key words: endometriosis, endometrial cysts, ovarian reserve of ovaries.

Lakhno I. V.

The efficacy improvement of ovulation induction methods in women with polycystic ovaries.


It was examined 95 patients of reproductive age and 65 of them were ill with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In the comparison group 32 women with PCOS to induce ovulation the pills of clostilbegyt were administered 100 mg daily from 5 to 9 day cycle. In the study group 33 patients with PCOS additionally to clostilbegyt the Vimens have taken 1 capsule 2 times daily from 1 to day 10 of the cycle. It was held on 3 stimulated cycles. It was found that the usage of complex herbal remedy has promoted to a significant increase in the diameter of the dominant follicle and their number, endometrial thickness by ultrasound. The Vimens application has increased the effectiveness of ovulation induction and ensure sufficient luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. The usage of Vimens has increased the pregnancy rate from 18,8% to 33,3% and it was the basis for the widespread introduction of the proposed method of ovulation induction in practice of obstetrician and gynecologist.

Key words: polycystic ovaries, ovulation induction, Vimens.



Gopchuk О.

Use of a combination of ciprofloxacin and tinidazole in the treatment of non-specific inflammation of genitals.


The results of a study on the efficacy of the combination of ciprofloxacin-tinidazol in the treatment of non-specific inflammation of the genitals are presented in the article.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, ciprofloxacin, tinidazol.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Polonets I. A., Tsekhmistrenko I. S., Guzhevskaya I. V.

Menstrual and Reproductive disorders in obese patients.


The results of research dealing with a wide spread of obesity are shown. The research shows the one of the main causes of menstrual and reproductive function during the last decade. Of particular significance this problem becomes for childbearing age women. Obesity in women especially in this age increases the risk of breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Furthermore, pathogenetic aspects impact of obesity on the reproductive function and hormones exchange are researched according to the results of numerous studies.

Key words: obesity, menstruation, reproductive system.



Dynnik V. A., Shcherbina N. А., Dynnik А. А.

Peculiarities in the hormonal support of the abnormal uterine bleeding at puberty in the present society and non-hormonal methods of its treatment.


The article presents comparative characteristic features of the hormonal status of adolescent girls with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) for the last 10 years. It has been shown that in the adolescents of today UB occurs significantly more often against the background of hyperestrogeny. A twofold increase is observed in the number of patients with AUB, accompanied with hypercortisolemia. A significant increase has been registered in a share of patients with normative FSH values, but bleeding begins to form twice more often against the background of high LH levels. In the absolute majority of patients UB has been registered to be accompanied by a decrease in the oxytocin level. The issues of AUB non-hormonal treatment at puberty are the subject being discussed.

Key words: abnormal uterine bleeding, puberty, gonadotropic and sex hormones, treatment.



Вdуuleva A. V.

Clinical features of chronic hepatitis C in pregnanton the background of HIV.


Presenting comparative results of the clinical course of chronic hepatitis C during pregnancy in women with mono-infection with a combination of chronic hepatitis C and HIV infection. The findings showed that women with the mixed infection with clinical symptoms of hepatitis C are more pronounced during pregnancy, indicating that the activity of hepatitis C, and hence on the replication of the virus in the blood of a high viral load and a higher perinatal transmission of hepatitis C than in the group mono-infection.

Key words: HIV infection, chronic hepatitis C, pregnancy, perinatal transmission.



Kachalina T. S., Shakhova N. M., Kachalina O. V., Eliseyeva D. D.

Chronic cervicitis and HPV-infection in reproductive period. routs to decrease diagnostic and treatment agression.


In present work urgency of the problem of HPV-associated cervical disease in reproductive age is justified. While monitoring 170 patients new approaches of improvement of cervical cancer secondary prevention methodswere proposed. These methods optimize non-invasive diagnostics of HPV-related precancerous cervicitis as its early indicators. Taking into account increase in incidence of cervical cancer in reproductive age, various tactics of patients with human papilloma virus infection (HPV) follow up based on complementary usage of traditional methods and new optical technologies – optical coherence tomography (OCT) in the diagnostic phase and photodynamic therapy (PDT) as a treatment method were considered. We justify the expediency of treatment with Polygynaxsuppository at different therapy stages of patients with chronic HPVand use of new modification of OCT (speed imaging 8–10 frames per second), which allows to determine the size of the tank and the main foci of infection that maximally eliminates random biopsy and allows to assess surface of eсtocervixafter treatment in dynamics. The authors suppose that the use of the proposed tactics in chronic cervicitis associated with HPV, will optimize the diagnostic process by eliminating unjustified cervical trauma, as well as to justify sparing therapeutic effect in women of reproductive age.

Key words: HPV infection, human papilloma virus (HPV), Polygynax, optical coherence tomography (OCT), HPV-associated cervicaldisease, photodynamic therapy (PDT).



Kogan B. G., Gordeeva G. D.

Role of combined antibacterial agents in treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs of mixed etiology.


The article presents the results of the combined antimicrobial Ortsipol (WORLD MEDICINE) in inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs of mixed etiology, as well as vaginal capsules Bioselak (ROTAPHARM) for the prevention of antibiotic dysbiotic complications. In 50 patients with indication for antibiotic therapy and Bioselak Ortsipol used in the complex of therapeutic measures in cervicitis, adnexitises mixed etiology. Studying the dynamics of clinical status, laboratory analyzes, data from ultrasound scans of patients studied in the course of treatment and after it possible to establish the high efficacy of this combination. All patients had achieved clinical cure (disappearance of symptoms of acute illness), the frequency of elimination of pathogens was 92.0%.

Key words: cervicitis, adnexitis, mixed infections, treatment, prevention of dysbiosis vagina Ortsipol, Bioselak.



Makarenko M. V.

Estimation of factors of endothelial disfunction at syndrome of fetus retardation of growth.


Research is conducted 115 pregnant, at 95 from which (basic group), observed by the syndrome of fetus retardation of growth (SFRG) and 20 women – with the physiological flow of pregnancy (control group). On the degree of development of SFRG the pregnant were divided into next groups: 1 – 45 parturient woman with SFRG of the first degree, 2 – 30 parturient woman with SFRG of the second degree, 3 – 20 parturient woman with SFRG of the third degree. The pregnant with SFRG maintenance of factors of endothelial disfunctions in peripheral venous blood. It is found out that there is a reliable increase of endothelin-1 at SFGR-1 and decrease of 3’–5’ – guanosinemonophosphate (GMPh), Validity of differences increase proportionally degrees of intensity of SFRG.

Key words: factors of endothelial disfunctions, SFRG.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Guzhevskaya I. V., Veropotvelyan N. P., Narytnik T. T.

Infectious diseases in the newborn, caused by Group B streptococcal.


Results were considered on the basis of literature data the of studies on the epidemiology, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases in the newborn caused by streptococcus group B. Described the modern medical use of tactics proved effective preventive antibiotic therapy to the mother and baby in childbirth. This problem is urgent and requires further study to reduce adverse obstetric outcomes in pregnancy and delivery, as well as improve the prognosis for the fetus and newborn with reduced incidence of disadaptation phenomena and implementation of infection in the early neonatal and postnatal period.

Key words: group B streptococcus, an infectious-inflammatory disease of the newborn, prevention, treatment.



Doroshenko I. V.

Preventive maintenance perinatal pathologies at women with diseases of liver and gastroenteric path.


Results of the spent researches testify that use of advanced algorithm of treatment-and-prophylactic actions allows to eliminate available infringements of a homeostasis; to normalise condition of system immunity and hemostasis, and also functional condition of a liver and fetoplacental complex. In aggregate it allows to lower essentially level perinatal complications and direct results of delivery women with pathology of liver and gastroenteric path. Use of advanced algorithm of treatment-and-prophylactic actions allows to eliminate homeostasis infringements; to normalise a condition of system immunity and hemostasis, and also a functional condition of liver and fetoplacental complex. It allows to carry out effective preventive maintenance perinatal pathologies at women with diseases of liver and gastroenteric path.

Key words: perinatal pathology, diseases of liver and gastroenteric path. 



Chornopyska Yu. F.

Peculiarities of preparation and conduct of assisted reproductive technology cycles in infertile women with excess body weight.


The paper provides a deeper insight into the role of excess body weight in the development of reproductive disorders. It dwells on the comparative aspects of endocrine and ovarian disorders in infertile women with excess body weight. The paper proves the efficiency of the developed comprehensive preparation to controlled ovarian stimulation following a detailed analysis and forecasting of the likely results, taking into consideration the endocrine and lipid metabolism aspects. The above approach resulted in an increased frequency of pregnancies with a reduced economic load on the patients with anovulatory infertility and excess body weight.

Key words: anovulatory infertility, excess body weight, endocrine and lipid homeostasis, psycho-emotional condition, ovarian reserve markers, medical correction.



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