• Violation of the quality of life of patients with acute otitis media and possibilities of its correction
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Violation of the quality of life of patients with acute otitis media and possibilities of its correction

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.1(81):26-33; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.81.26

Popovich V. I.
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine

Acute otitis media is a common condition, especially in childhood. The violation of the quality of life of patients is determined by general and local symptoms of the disease. First of all it is a physical suffering associated with pain in the ear and fever. It is leading to sleep disturbances, decrease of social activity and also functional disorders such as hearing loss.

Objective. To evaluate the dynamic changes in the quality of life of patients with acute otitis media in different age groups as a criterion of treatment efficiency with the use of ear drops Otipaks.

Patients and methods. The study included 40 patients (20 children and 20 adults) with nonperforated forms of acute otitis media. Evaluation of effectiveness was conducted by the following criteria: a pain in the ear, hearing loss, sleep disorders and the body temperature. State estimation was carried out by filling the daily diary by the patient or his parents. The strength of pain was determined by the visual analogue scale for adults and children, who were able for own estimation of pain.

Results. Acute otitis media in children and adults is leading to the violation of the patients' quality of life of patients. Violation of the quality of life in children is characterized by a greater intensity of symptoms in comparison with adults. At the same time the period of disorder in adults is longer. Adequate treatment with the complex ear drops Otipax with lidocaine and phenazone promotes rapid regression of symptoms, rejection from concomitant therapy and lead to the rapid and complete restoration of patients' quality of life in 5–7 days.

Conclusions. Endaural application of Otipax offers the opportunity to control the pain and inflammation in patients with acute otitis media without perforation of the tympanic membrane and allows restoring the quality of life of patients as soon as possible.

Key words: acute otitis media, quality of life, Otipax.


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