• Use hormonal contraception in women with overweight
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Use hormonal contraception in women with overweight

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.7(123):120–122; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.123.120

Avramenko N. V., Gridina I. B.
Zaporozhye state medical University

Maintenance of reproductive health and decision of problem of safe contraception women with excessive weight have the issue of the day of present time and it is confessed by important direction of modern medicine.
The objective: to define influence of hormonal contraception on the mucous membrane of neck of uterus for women with surplus mass of body.
Patients and methods. In 90 women with excessive weight influence of hormonal contraception is studied on the mucous membrane of neck of uterus.
Results. It is set that a modern hormonal contraception does not have a negative influence on the state of mucous membrane of neck of uterus for women with surplus mass of body.
Conclusion. Women with excessive weight and can effectively and safely to use a modern hormonal contraception. But it is necessary to carry out a clinical supervision for the step of that additional elucidations are possible about the features of application of hormonal contraception for patients with excessive mass of body.
Key words: contraception, overweight, side effects.


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