• Urgent treatment of amniotic bands in a newborn
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Urgent treatment of amniotic bands in a newborn

PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.1(58):52-53; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.58.52

Sergienko О. A.
CI «Zhytomyr Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital» of Zhytomyr Oblast Council, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Amniotic band sequence is a congenital anomaly. The incidence of the disease ranges from 1:1,200 to 1:15,000 of live births. There are several theories of the origin of amniotic band sequence. The treatment of amniotic bands is only surgical, which is elective and performed most often after one year of age. The clinical case of successful urgent treatment of amniotic band is represented in the article. It is shown that in the face of a limb necrosis, the surgical treatment must be carried out urgently.
Key words: amniotic bands, newborns, surgical treatment.


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