• The role of Vitex agnus castus in gynecological endocrinology
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The role of Vitex agnus castus in gynecological endocrinology

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):24–27

The role of Vitex agnus castus in gynecological endocrinology

Wuttke W., Zaidlova-Wuttke D., Jarry H., Artymuk N.

Department of endocrinology, University of gцttingen, Germany

SBEI HPE Kemerovo state medical Academy health Ministry of the Russian Federation

Published: GYNECOLOGY. V. 14; No. 1.

Extracts of the driedfruits of chasteberry (Vitex agnus castus – VAC) contain dopaminergic compounds which are inhibitory to pituitary prolactin release. The development of premenstrual mastalgia as well as of fibrocystic mastopathy involves an action of prolactin. Hence, treatment with VAC is helpful to prevent these mammary gland symptoms. Prolactin is also involved in thefunction of the corpus luteum and patients with a latent hyperprolactinemia often sufferfrom a corpus luteum insufficiency where treatment with VAC extracts may also be helpful to improve fertility.

Key words: chasteberry, Vitex agnus castus, mastodynia, premenstrual symptom, corpus luteum insufficiency, prolactin, dopamine.


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