• The pharmacological efficiency rate of the basic therapy the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
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The pharmacological efficiency rate of the basic therapy the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis


The pharmacological efficiency rate of the basic therapy the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis



National Medical University named afterM.I Pirogov, Vinnitsya, Ukraine


Purpose: the dynamic estimation the of the individual indicators of inflammatory response and the nuclear factor-kB content in response to basic therapy of the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients and methods: There were 68 children with JRA under the observation. The first group of 32 children who got a methotrexate as a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. The second one of 25 patients who got a sulfasalazine as a basis therapy. The third group consist of 11 patients got a leflunomide as a DMAR. All the groups were presented according to the age, gender and disease duration.

Results: JRA duration among children is characterized with the significant increasing of the inflammatory response. The activity inhibition of the inflammatory process was observed among all groups of children. The answer was observed during the methotrexate treatment that got the decreasing indicators ИЛ-1β (на 63,7±3,7%), NF-kB (на 30,3±1,12%) in comparison with the treatment before and exceeded among the second and the third groups of children.

Conclusion: researching result identified the highest methotrexate therapeutic efficacy as JRA therapy basis drug according to clinical and laboratory indicators.



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