• The peculiarities of the history and condition of the endometrium of premenopausal women
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The peculiarities of the history and condition of the endometrium of premenopausal women

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):91–93 

The peculiarities of the history and condition of the endometrium of premenopausal women

Korniyenko S. M.

State Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology

The aim of the research was to investigate the features of the history and condition of the endometrium in women in premenopausal period. We examined 88 women aged 45 years and older, who were sent for a hysteroscopy to confirm the diagnosis and treatment of endometrial pathology. Every third patient revealed the presence of salpingo (35.2 %), every second – ectopia of cylindrical epithelium of the cervix (46.6 per cent) and uterine fibroids (48.9 per cent). Noteworthy is the rather high frequency of endometriosis (14.8 %), ovarian cysts (18.2 %) and pathology of the breast (15.9 per cent). Two-thirds of the patients (65 cases, or 73.9 %) had a medical history of abortions, and every fifth (21.6 %) had 3 or more abortions.

Analysis of somatic anamnesis revealed a high prevalence of pathology in this category of patients (72.7 %): each fifth (20.5 %) were obese, and III-IV degree (12.5 %), the high frequency of pathology of the digestive tract (39.8 %) and liver (30.7 %), thyroid diseases (21.6 %), iron-deficiency anemia (19.3 %) and allergic reactions (of 20.55 %) in this category of patients.

The study found no clinical picture every third women in premenopausal women with endometrial pathology. The vast majority of patients in this age group, the endometrial pathology was observed with aggravated gynecologic and somatic anamnesis. It requires active identification of women at risk even in the absence of complaints by further questioning and more in-depth examination.

Key words: endometrium, premenopausal women, gynecologic anamnesis, somatic status.


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