• The main clinical symptoms of multiple sclerosis at the children in the debut. Own observation 
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The main clinical symptoms of multiple sclerosis at the children in the debut. Own observation 

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2016.3(75):106-109; doi10.15574/SP.2016.75.106 

The main clinical symptoms of multiple sclerosis at the children in the debut. Own observation 

Stetsenko T. I., Savchenko O. I., Fedushka G. M.

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv, Ukraine

National children's specialized hospital «OKHMATDYT», Kyiv, Ukraine 

Objective: evaluate first clinical signs of MS for early diagnosis and prevention of disability.

Patients and methods. There are results of examination of 9 patients (5 boys, 4 girls) aged 15 to 17 years, who sought a neurological department NDSL «OKHMATDYT» during 2014 for further diagnosis & treatment. Researches included a general clinical examination, immunological parameters, visual evoked potentials, CT, MRI with contrast of brain and spinal cord. Data analysis was performed according to McDonald criteria.

Results. The complaints are presented in all cases of violation of the sensitivity of the limbs (numbness of limbs mainly in the left part of a body as a result of stress, during the studies at school, after physical exercises, against a background of full health). Later, they were accompanied by paresis of facial muscles in the central-type, by the central amaurosis of both eyes, by the periodic urinary incontinence in the last 7 years, lower spastic paraparesis and left-side hemiparesis. Clinically: nistahmoyid in extreme abduction of the eyeballs, asymmetry of reflexes, abnormal volatility of iambic signs, violation of statics and coordination. In the first case there were detected 7 exacerbations. In MRI of the brain was detected multiple hiperintense foci of periventricular and subcortical mostly (8 cases), spread to the spinal cord (2 cases). At the previous stages was diagnosed herpes infection, subacute encephalitis, brain volumetric process, ADEM, acute myelitis, tuberous sclerosis, CVA. After the examination in conditions of highly specialized branch was established in RS for appropriate treatment.

Conclusions. 1. The manifestation of MS among children 15–17 year old mostly presented monosymptomatic and sensitivity violation almost in all cases. 2. Characteristic remitting and relapsing-remitting-relapsing course of MS, cerebral form (in 2 cases cerebrovascular spinal). 3. A clearly shown dissemination in space and time (according to the McDonald criteria 2011).

Key words: multiple sclerosis, children, demyelination, child disability.


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