• The temptation of cesarean section (Basic NB! Modified Techniques)
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The temptation of cesarean section (Basic NB! Modified Techniques)

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.7(133):22–25; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.133.22

Herman Yu. V., Grigurko D. O.
Regional Clinical Hospital, Kherson

Obstetrics has changed in an era of «selective caesarean section». In a few decades, a rather rare operation, designed to save the lives of the mother and the baby, has become a frequent and even casual way of giving birth.

The modified cesarean section technique, performed simultaneously by two surgeons, is an advanced surgical intervention. The peculiarities of its implementation indicate that the risks associated with this surgery are decreased.

Key words: cesarean section, modification, surgical technique, perfection, safety.


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