• Tactic of renal cysts treatment
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Tactic of renal cysts treatment

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.7(123):36–39; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.123.36

Vozianov S. O., Boyko A. I., Shmatiuk T. I., Kuprin D. I.
National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education P.L. Shupika, Kyiv
SI «Institute of Urology» National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

The article is devoted to is compare the main modern methods of kidney cysts treatment, to determine their indications for use, and to formulate an algorithm for optimal treatment tactics.Cysts are common in the structure of renal disease. Their prevalence is about 5%. Cysts of small size (<4 cm in diameter) are often asymptomatic, and diagnosed accidentally during the examination of other reasons. Medium and large cysts have a variety of clinical manifestations. Main methods of diagnosis are ultrasound, CT, MRI, contrast-enhanced ultrasound and tumor markers. A modern physician is available a wide range of technologies and methods for diagnosis. They help to choose the optimal method of treatment.
Key words: renal cysts, renal cancer, diagnosis, classification, malignancy, treatment.


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