• Special features of history and clinical-laboratory data of teenage with gastroduodenal pathology on the background of food allergy 
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Special features of history and clinical-laboratory data of teenage with gastroduodenal pathology on the background of food allergy 

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2016.8(80):70-73; doi 10.15574/SP.2016.80.70 

Special features of history and clinical-laboratory data of teenage with gastroduodenal pathology on the background of food allergy 

Tyazhka A. V., Voronina S. S., Bogdanova T. A.

Bogomolets national medical university, Kyiv, Ukraine

Сhildren's Hospital No 9 in Kyiv, Ukraine


Purpose: to assess the medical history, the clinical-laboratory data, the manifestations of food allergy in teenage with chronic gastoduodenal pathology and concomitant atopic dermatitis and to compare with teenage children, who have chronic gastroduodenal diseases without concomitant allergic diseases.

Patients and methods: 60 teenage patients (aged from 11 to 17 years old) with chronic gastroduodenal pathology were observed. 30 out of 60 had concomitant allergic diseases (atopic dermatitis) and the other 30 patients were without concomitant allergic diseases. Evaluation of medical history and clinical data in teenage, the results of fibrogastroduodenoscopy, the determination of total and specific IgE to food.

Results: total IgE level in teenage with concomitant allergic pathology averaged 194 IU/ml (from 9.13 to 1530 IU/ml), IgE-mediated allergy was present in 65% of adolescents, non-IgE mediated allergy was present in 35%. Allergy to cows' milk protein was found in 46.1% teenage, to wheat — in 65.3%, to chicken eggs — 23%, to cocoa beans — 53.8%, to soybean — 11.5%.

Conclusions. It is necessary to carry out prevention of food allergy in childhood, because it plays a significant role during the gastroduodenal pathology in teenage, burdening the clinical manifestations of the disease. The acute of gastroduodenal pathology was longer and was not seasonal in children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology on the background of atopic dermatitis. Inadequate nutrition was a significant negative factor during the gastroduodenal pathology in both observation groups.

Key words: teenage, atopic dermatitis, chronic gastroduodenal pathology, food allergy.


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