Outbound format seminar for pharmacists

Subject : Appropriate pharmaceutical practice. Pharmacist protocols implementation
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Aim of the Project :

The aim of the project is to improve professional skills of pharmacists, focusing on safe and effective medication use, drugs and medicines side effects, and to increase the pharmacists responsibility for the consulting on medicines selection issues and sale control. The project is designed for pharmacists of different practice specialization and specialized educational institutions employees.

Target Audience

Pharmacists of different practice specialization, heads of pharmaceutical institutions, staff of higher educational medical institutions profile departments and post-graduate education institutions employees.

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Partners of the event

  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
  • The Department of Healthcare of Kyiv City State Administration
  • National University of Pharmacy Ministry of Health of Ukraine
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    • Oct 5, Thu
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