Outbound format seminar for gynecologists

Subject : Actual GuideLine of gynecology, reproduction, obstetrics

Aim of the Project :

Increase in vocational training of doctors of obstetricians – gynecologists, ensuring continuous postdegree education, acquaintance with the international experience and introduction of the advanced practical techniques. Seminar format: lectures, discussions, master classes, video of demonstration.

Target Audience

obstetricians-gynecologists, reproduction specialists, neonatologists, specialists in ultrasound diagnostics

Price: Free
The terms of participation Participant profile doc

Partners of the event

  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • National academy of postdegree education of P.L. Shupik
  • GU Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology of NAMN of Ukraine
  • European group of appropriate practice of continuous medical education gCMEp
  • Siyemi Learning - the accredited ACCME (USA) independent provider of continuous medical education (CME) in Europe
    • Date
    • Region
    • City
    • Mar 29, Fri
    • Kharkivska, Poltavska, Sumska
    • Kharkiv
    • Apr 12, Fri
    • Kyivska, Zhitomirska, Cherkaska, Chernigivska
    • Kyiv
    • May 16, Thu
    • Lvivska, Volinska, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopilska
    • Lviv
    • Sep 13, Fri
    • Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizka
    • Dnipro
    • Oct 25, Fri
    • Odeska, Mykolaivska, Kherson
    • Odessa
    • Nov 22, Fri
    • Vinnitska, Khmelnitsky
    • Vinnitsa