• Secondary breast lymphoma. A case report

Secondary breast lymphoma. A case report

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.3(129):54–57; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.129.54

Gurando A. V. , Shuliga-Nedayhlebova O. V. , Telniy V. V. , Pominchuk D. V.
MC «Verum», Kyiv

In this article, in a specific clinical case, the features of the image of secondary lymphoma of the breast with the use of a multimodal clinical-radiological approach were determined and the main literature sources for increasing awareness of this rare but very important pathology are given.
Radiologic features of breast lymphomas are non-pathognomonic and may mimic different forms of invasive breast cancer. However, radiologists and clinicians should be aware of this rare pathology to avoid a misinterpretation. The multimodal clinical and radiological approach can be as close as possible to the diagnosis of braest lymphoma, and will pave the way for further diagnostics as biopsy and histopathological evaluation remain the gold-standard for diagnosis.
Key words: breast limphoma, digital breast tomosynthesis, full-field digital mammography, breast ultrasound, Selenia Hologic, core needle biopsy.


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