• Scientific justification of need of use of a psychological platform of auxiliary reproductive technologies

Scientific justification of need of use of a psychological platform of auxiliary reproductive technologies

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.7(133):36–39; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.133.36

Berestovy O. O. 
Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev

The objective: to present scientific justification of need of use of psychological platform when carrying out various programs the auxiliary reproductive technologies.

Materials and methods. 227 women with sterility by which auxiliary reproductive technologies were shown were surveyed. To all of them psychopathologic examination by criteria of the international classification of illnesses of the 10th revision is conducted. It was thus taped that 100 women suffered boundary alienations – the main group. The control group was made by 50 fertilny mentally healthy women. To all patients full clinical-laboratory examination according to the scheme accepted in clinics of reproductive was conducted. For clarification of the reason of emergence of boundary alienations the algorithm of inspection included clinical-psychopathologic interviewing and the standard psychological tests.

Results. Development of boundary alienations is promoted by combination of several factors, such as not adaptive behavior which promoted intensifying of an internal strain, dysfunction of vegetative nervous system that was shown in vegetative disturbances. Long internally the strain led to development of high level of alarm, emission corticosteriodes and further to an immunoscarce state that promoted an exacerbation of chronic somatopathies. A srategiya «flight in illness» led the koping to development of the psychosomatic diseases which main goal there was treatment avoidance.

Conclusion. The above is convincing scientific justification allocation of psychological platform of auxiliary reproductive technologies – as an independent scientific problem on which quality of the decision efficiency of treatment of sterility depends.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, psychological platform, scientific justification.


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