• Risk factors and their influence on surgical results of congenital jejunoileal obstruction in infants
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Risk factors and their influence on surgical results of congenital jejunoileal obstruction in infants

PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2017.2(70):108-112; doi 10.15574/PP.2017.70.108

Sliepov O. K., Migur M. Yu., Juravel A. O.
SI «Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv

Purpose — to investigate the risk factors and their impact on the surgical results of jejunoileal obstruction in newborns.

Materials and methods. A retrospective analysis of medical records of 35 infants with jejunoileal obstruction and autopsy protocols of children who died after surgery was conducted. To study the influence of various factors on mortality among these infants, all patients were divided into two groups. Children with jejunoileal obstruction who recovered after surgery were enrolled in the 1st group (n=20). In the 2nd group infants with jejunoileal obstruction who died after surgery were included (n=15).

Results. According to our study, the impact of prenatal diagnosis, delivery in the perinatal center, term of gestation and birthweight, congenital disorders and surgical postoperative complications was statistically invalid in terms of mortality (P>0.05). Intrauterine infection, age at the time of primary surgery, sepsis, respiratory and cardiovascular failure made statistically significant impact on mortality in newborns with jejunoileal obstruction (P<0.05).

Conclusions. Failure to conduct timely surgery, age at time of primary surgery, intrauterine infection, sepsis, respiratory and cardiovascular failure are factors that influence on outcomes in newborns with jejunoileal obstruction.

Key words: congenital jejunoileal obstruction, atresia, mortality, newborns.

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