• Reasoning of medical tactics at the preconception in patients with a history of miscarriage and abnormal vaginal discharge
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Reasoning of medical tactics at the preconception in patients with a history of miscarriage and abnormal vaginal discharge

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.6(112):52–56; doi 10.15574/HW.2016.112.52 

Reasoning of medical tactics at the preconception in patients with a history of miscarriage and abnormal vaginal discharge

Schuruk N. V., Pyrohova V. I.

Lviv National Medical University named Danylo Galitsky

The objective: evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the drug complex hinekit during preconception preparation for women with complicated pregnancy loss history and uncomplicated mixed genital infections.

Patients and methods. The study involved 65 women with reproductive losses in history, who turned over the abnormal vaginal discharge. Diagnosis of sexual transmitted infections (C. trachomatis, T. vaginalis, HSV-II, HPV), assessment of vaginal microbiota was performed by PCR with detection results in real time. Bacterial Vaginosis verified by the Amsel system.

Results. All the examinees in the history have miscarriage in the first (56.9%) or the second (43.1%) trimester of pregnancy. According to the results of the patient survey were divided into clinical groups. In 26.2% of women infectious pathology of the lower genital tract has not been confirmed, 26.2% of patients did not give consent to participate in the study and were formed in the control group that received therapy according to existing clinical settings. 31 patients with mixed genital infection (study group) received complex preparation gіnekit. This positive trend was observed in all the patients of the main group (the disappearance of subjective sensations on average 2.2±0.3 hours). After treatment T. vaginalis, BV were not detected in one patient, active mycotic process in the absence of complaints remained at 4.8% of women, complete eradication of C. trachomatis was achieved in 92.3% of patients.

Conclusions. Reducing the duration of treatment of mixed genital infections at the preconception in women with reproductive losses in the history is achieved in terms of clinical, microbiological and pharmaco-economic benefits by prescribtion an gіnekit preparation. Summary of clinical and microbiological effects of the proposed approach is 96.0 ± 0.9%, which corresponds to all requirements for multimodal therapy of genital infections, and no side effects, short course of treatment provides a high compliance of patients (9.2±0.7 points).

Key words: mixed genital infections, miscarriages, gіnekit, azithromycin, fluconazole, seknidazol.


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