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стр. 10 Hyperprolactinemia syndrome in the outpatient practice of an obstetrician-gynecologist (Clinical lecture) Pyrohova V. I., Veresnyuk N. S., Shurpyak S. O. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):10–16; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.125.10
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стр. 31 Common roots of premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual mastodynia, fibro-cystic mastopathy and infertility: the action of extracts of the vitex sacred (Vitex agnus-castus) in the form of asolution Zaidlova-Wuttke Dana, Wuttke Wolfgang HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):31–40; doi 10.1186/s40816-016-0038-z
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стр. 46 Assessment of uroflowmetry indices in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with combined neurogenic pathology of the lower urinary tract and the distal part of the large intestine Vozianov S. O., Zakharash M. P., Chabanov P. V., Zakharash Yu. M., Sevastyanova N. A., Ugarov V. Yu., Reprintseva A. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):48–50; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.125.48
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стр. 92 Experience in the treatment of recurrent nonspecific vulvovaginitis Kosilova S. E. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):92–96; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.125.92
стр. 97 Comparative aspects of influence of various methods of treatment of genital endometriosis on quality of life Prudnikov P. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):97–99; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.125.97
стр. 100 Dynamics of index of immune system after prevention of disorders in menopause of women with hyperproliferative processes of reproductive system Butina L. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):100–104; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.125.100
стр. 105 The experience of using dietary supplements Valesan in the treatment of primary algodysmenorrhea in adolescent girls Starover A. V., Konkov D. G., Bulavenko O. V., Markevych B. A., Poltorak Y. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):105–110; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.125.105
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стр. 122 Effect of oral and transdermal estrogen therapy on sexual function during early postmenopausal Hugh S. Taylor, MD; Aya Tal, PhD; Lubna Pal, MD; Fangyong Li, MPH; Dennis M. Black, MD; Eliot A. Brinton, MD; Matthew J. Budoff, MD; Marcelle I. Cedars, MD; Wei Du, MS; Howard N. Hodis, MD; Rogerio A. Lobo, MD; JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH; George R. Merriam, MD; Virginia M. Miller, PhD; Frederick Naftolin, MD; Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD, PhD; Nanette F. Santoro, MD; Sherman M. Harman, MD, PhD HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.9(125):122–128