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DISTANCE LEARNEING стр. 9 Papillomаvirus infection of the genitals (Clinical lecture) Romanenko T. G. , Dovbnia T. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2018.2(128):9–15; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.9
TOPYCAL ISSUES стр. 16 Atypical mesenchymal tumor of the uterus, represented by cystadenoma (A case from practice. Literature review) Sukhin V. S. , Slobodyanyuk O. V. , Skrypnyk L. D. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):16–18; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.16
стр. 19 Hepatobiliary pathology in pregnancy – obstetric aspects Golyanovsky O. V., Mamchych V. I., Chaika M. O., Slobodian Yu. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):19–21; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.19
стр. 22 Prophylaxis of placental dysfunction in pregnant women with arterial hypertension in conditions of iodine deficiency Muchak N. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):22–26; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.22
FOR PRACTICING PHISICIANS стр. 27 Premenstrual syndrome and quality of life of woman effectiveness of herbal drugs. Аs assistance to the practitioner Prilepskaya N., Dovlethanova E. R. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):27–30
стр. 31 Analysis of immunity indices in women of reproductive age with acute uncomplicated pyelonephritis in combination with inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs, depending on the period of the menstrual cycle Rudenko A. V. , Pasiechnikov S. P. , Romashchenko O. V. , Samchuk P. O. , Yakovenko L. F. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):31–38; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.31
стр. 39 Comparative evaluation of the medical and surgical management of early reproductive losses Kornatskaya A. G., Vovk I. B., Trokhymovych O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):39–43; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.39
стр. 44 Experience of dydrogesterone use for lutein phase support in women with poor response on controlled ovarian stimulation protocols Strelko G. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):44–48; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.44
стр. 49 Features of the clinical characteristic of teenage girls with thyroid pathology and disturbances of menstrual function Shulyatitskaya S. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):49–52; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.49
стр. 53 Role of an infectious pathogen in development of hyperplastic processes of uterus Sadigov Yu. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):53–55; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.53
LABORATORY TESTS стр. 56 New recommendations of the American Diabetes Association in 2018 for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus Pankiv V. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):56–60
OBSTETRICS стр. 62 The variability of some homeostasis parameters during I–II pregnancy trimesters Zagorodnia O. S. , Leush S. St. , Demianenko A. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):62–64; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.62
стр. 65 Biochemical markers of placenta growth in multiple pregnancy and its predictive value Tkachenko A. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):65–68; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.65
стр. 69 Management of endothelial, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant systems dysfunction in pregnant women with arterial hypertension Humenna I. Ye. , Heryak S. M. , Shved M. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):69–73; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.69
GYNECOLOGY стр. 74 Prevention and treatment of vulvovaginal infections in postmenopause Nikiforovskiy N. K. , Pokusaeva V. N. , Molchanova T. V. , Gabor N. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):74–77
стр. 78 Diagnostic significance of x-ray and radiological investigations in girls and women with hyperprolactinemia of various genesis Rzayeva A. V., Sultanova M. D., Aliyeva E. M., Budahova A. Ya., Abbasova F. Yu. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):78–80; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.78
стр. 81 Sexual dysfunctions in women in premenopause Romashchenko O. V. , Biloholovska V. V. , Melnykov S. M. , Khodzhava M. M. , Myronenko N. O. , Babych O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):81–84
стр. 85 Possibilities of the complex diagnostic and treatment of nonspecific vaginitis Lutsenko N. S., Mazur O. D., Evtereva I. A., Potebnya V. U. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):85–89; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.89
стр. 90 Features of «antenatal portrait» and heritage anamenesis in women with hypomenstaral syndrome; the main reduction of reproductive potential Makarchuk O. M. , Ostrovskaya O. M. , VakaliuK L. M. , Rimarchuk M. I. , Okoloch Onieca Gibson HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):90–93; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.90
стр. 92 Ultrastructural characteristics of different clinical and pathogenetic variants of uterine leiomyoma Kosey N. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):94–99; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.94
INFERTILITY AND FAMILY PLANNING стр. 100 Causes and consequences of surgical treatment on uterine appendages in women with infertility Dubchak A. E. , Milevskiy О. V. , Obeid N. М. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):100–102; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.100
стр. 103 The efficiency of general applicable methods of correction of the morphofunctional structure of endometrium in ART treatment of infertility Suslikova L. V. , Serbenuyk A. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):103–108; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.128.103
FOREIGN STUDIES стр. 109 The importance of vitamin D in maternal and child health: a global perspective M Fiscaletti, P Stewart and CF Munns HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):109–117
INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOLS стр. 118 Neoplasms of the uterus. Clinical management in oncology. Version 1.2018 Wui-Jin Koh, MD; Nadeem R. Abu-Rustum, MD; Sarah Bean, MD; Kristin Bradley, MD; Susana M. Campos, MD, MPH, MS; Kathleen R. Cho, MD; Hye Sook Chon, MD; Christina Chu, MD; David Cohn, MD; Marta Ann Crispens, MD; Shari Damast, MD; Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD; Patricia J. Eifel, MD; Christine M. Fisher, MD, MPH; Peter Frederick, MD; David K. Gaffney, MD, PhD; Suzanne George, MD; Ernest Han, MD, PhD; Susan Higgins, MD; Warner K. Huh, MD; John R. Lurain III, MD; Andrea Mariani, MD; David Mutch, MD; Christa Nagel, MD; Larissa Nekhlyudov, MD, MPH; Amanda Nickles Fader, MD; Steven W. Remmenga, MD; R. Kevin Reynolds, MD;
Todd Tillmanns, MD; Stefanie Ueda, MD; Emily Wyse; Catheryn M. Yashar, MD; Nicole R. McMillian, MS; and Jillian L. Scavone, PhD Адаптировано – С.А. Шурпяк HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):118–129