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Моісеєнко Р. О.

Огляд підготовки проекту Загальнодержавної програми «Здоров’я – 2020: український вимір».




Ledin D. S.

Opportunities of local contraception at girlsteenagers.


Opportunities uses local contraception at girls-teenagers are investigated. As have shown results of the lead researches, local contraception with use of preparation «Pharmatex®» is one of variants of contraception a the girls-teenagers, living a sexual life. At observance of all necessary conditions, the given variant of con-traception is highly effective and can be recommended for introduction in cabinets and the centers on children’s and teenage gynecology.

Key words: girls-teenagers, local contraception, efficiency, spermicides, Pharmatex®.



Mykytenko D. O., Lynchak O. V., Tymchenko O. I.

Genetic load in ukrainian population: congenital and hereditary disorders.


In the current article on a basis of official statistical data there was carried out an estimation of the Ukrainian population’s genetic load value, caused by congenital and hereditary disorders. It is proved the inefficiency of the present medical-genetic screening, the problem of the inadequate quality and diagnostics depth, the ac-curacy of the pathology registration. It is grounded the medical-social and economical necessity of the imple-mentation of the medical-genetic monitoring.

Key words: genetic load, congenital and hereditary disorders, medical-genetic monitoring.



Врачи обсудили пути снижения репродуктивных потерь на ранних и поздних сроках беременности.




Artyomenko V. V.

Modern aspects of forecasting of a syndrome of Down with use of the most informative markers.


Thus, results of the spent researches testify that at mass biochemical screening of pregnant women with use of the developed standard criteria and automatic programs of calculation of risk in 15-18 weeks sensitivity of screening reaches 72,4% at 6,7% the false positive results. Biochemical screening of pregnant women in 9–13 weeks with use of the developed standard criteria and automatic programs of calculation of risk allows to reveal to 94,5% of borns with СД at 6,6% false positive results. The discriminant analysis has shown that the maximum distinctions revealed at biochemical screening between norm and a pathology, are observed on 11th week of pregnancy in 1st trimester of pregnancy and on 16th week – in the second. Efficiency of bio-chemical screening is defined by a correctness of used medians and parametres of the automated calculation of risk, observance of exact terms of carrying out scrinings actions, coverage and accurate performance of organizational algorithm of screening.

Key words: a syndrome of Down, forecasting, informative markers.



Chaikovsky Yu. B., Geraschenko S. B., Deltsova O. I.

Significance of the menstrual stem cells for regenerative medicine.


The review of literature is devoted to highliting the results of modern investigations on the structure, identification and cultivation of the stem cells from menstrual blood. The possibilities of transdifferentiation of the stem menstrual cells as alternative source for growing the epithelial, connective, muscle and nervous tissue are regarded. Opinion of scientists about the stem menstrual cells as powerful bank for the transplantation of autologic stem cells is discussed.

Key words: menstrual stem cells, endometrium.



Romanenko T., Chaika O., Gopchuk E.

Ways to reduce perinatal complications in obstetrics.


In the negative demographic situation in Ukraine perinatal losses are the most important problem of the study. The use of potassium iodide in a daily dose of 200 mg in the schemes of euthyroid pregnant women

with thyroid hyperplasia helps to normalize the fetus- placental complex, which leads to a reduction in obs-tetric and perinatal complications and results of women delivery in this group.

Key words: рerinatal loss, placental insufficiency, prophylactic, potassium iodide.



Baksheev S. N.

Medical-social aspects of the first medical abortion.


Results of the spent researches testify to young age of a studied contingent of women the majority from which were working, at everyone 3 and 5 of them marriage has not been registered. Every fourth had bad

habits (smoking). Almost half of surveyed women did not use contraceptive means or used them not irre-gularly. At objective inspection high relative density chronic extragenital pays attention of diseases inflam-matory генеза. It is necessary to underline high percent of gynecologic diseases in the basic group that is considerable above such indicators in the comparative group, not having in the abortion anamnesis. The cores of the reason of the first medical abortion were nonregistration marriage (26,7%); study (20,0%); material neediness (15,6%); unwillingness to have the child (14,8%); to opinion «early to give birth» (14,8%) and housing problems (8,1%). The received results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of conducting patients after the first medical abortion.

Key words: medical abortion, medical-social aspects.



Shurshalina A. V., Silantieva E. S.

Possible throphic-like effects on endometrium (literature review).


The article presents review of literature data which are related to definition of throphism, trophic processes of regulation, main types of trophic disorders. Particularities of trophic processes in normal and pathological endometrium are described. The main range of treatment methods for endometrium with trophic effectis presented.

Key words: endometrium, trophic factors, physical therapy.



Hetsko N. V., Tsmur O. V.

The treatment of urogenital mixed infections caused of mycoplasma and ureaplasma against dysbiosis.


In article the results of examination and treatment of 50 women, infected of myco- and ureaplasma are pr-sents. The high range of opportunistic pathogens is found. The efficiency of Orcipol is investigated. The excellent therapeutic effect, good portability and safety of the preparation is proved.

Key words: mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, dysbiosis, examination, treatment, orcipol.



Avramenko T. V., Kolomiichenko T. V., Yanuta S. M., Tcypkun V. A.

Antibiotic prophylaxis for caesarean section operation in women with diabetes mellitus.


Antibiotic prophylaxis to the postoperative period held 60 women with diabetes mellitus. The main group included 30 women who received routine antibiotic prophylaxis to the postoperative period medication Ampisid. The group of comparison comprised 30 women receiving ceftriaxone. On the women of main group awarded best dynamics of body temperature, less and more quickly resolve complaints, lower frequency of dysbiosis, early discharge from hospital. Adverse reactions have not been reported.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, Caesarean section, antibiotic prophylaxis, Ampisid.



Осипенко Е. Д.

Микробиоценоз влагалищного канала в норме и патологии и его пробиотическая коррекция.




Kamoyeva S. V., Savchenko T. N., Abayeva KH. A., Ivanova A. V., Zatevalov A. M.

Normalization of vaginal microbiocenosis for the prevention of infectious and inflammatory complications after vaginal surgery for internal genital prolapse.


To optimize preoperative preparation during reparative plastic operations performed through vaginal access for pelvic organ prolapse, vaginal microbiocenosis was quantitatively and qualitatively studied in 68 patients before and after the use of polygynax. The drug was shown to improve vaginal microbiocenosis, by reducing microbial contamination, and its use for preoperative preparation may be an effective method for preventing infectious and inflammatory complications and promote tissue regeneration after reconstructive plastic ope-rations performed through vaginal access for pelvic organ prolapse.

Key words: pelvic organ prolapse, polygynax, microbiocenosis, vaginal operations, infectious and inflam-matory complications.



Bostandjan L. L., Prilepskaya V. N.

Do we need breaks from oral contraceptives?


Use of modern contraceptive methods in Russia remains very low. The main issue in the COCs use for both patients and doctors is the valid period of continuous use of contraception. Many women prematurely stop taking oral contraceptives. There is no scientific evidence pointing to the need to take breaks in using of’COCs every few years. COC is an effective and safe method of contraception when properly administered.

Key words: COC, interruptions, VTE, PMS, drospirenon, cancer.




Gabdullina L. R., Vorobyova E. P.

Experience of bacterial vaginosis treatment.


The experience in treatment of 50 patients not aggravated by venereal infections with the diagnosis bacterial vaginosis using the medication trichopol showed good tolerance along with high efficiency (92%). The recu-rrence of the disease after the end of the therapy was not diagnosed for any of the patients during a month after treatment, and adverse reactions in the form of nausea, dyspepsia, weakness, hyposthenia, and som-nolence were observed for a small percent of cases and did not demand the cancellation of the medication.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, Trichopol.



Воробьева О. В.

Хроническая тазовая боль: фокус на миофасциальный болевой синдром мышц тазового дна.




Біла В. В., Лакатош В. П., Яроцька Ю. О.

Трактоцил: перспективи ведення передчасних пологів в умовах перинатального центру.




Веропотвелян М. П., Кодунов Л. О., Нестерчук Д. О.

Використання некропсії трофобласта для визначення каріотипу плода при спонтанних абортах, мертвонародженні та елімінації аномальних плодів.




Payenok O. S.

Paraclinical characteristics of hemodynamic supply and intrauterine sta-te of fetus in pregnant women with iodine deficient thyroid gland patho-logy.


Hemodynamic supply of the fetus according to cardiotocography, dopplerometry, fetal biophysical profile was evaluated in 160 pregnant women with iodine deficient thyroid gland pathology. Dysfunction of fetoplacental complex in pregnant women with thyroid gland pathology is characterized by a reduced fetal biophysical profile, worsening of utero-placental-fetal hemodynamic, morphological changes of the placenta. Changes of microcirculation of the placental blood are considered as primary component of placental insufficiency in such patients and lead to fetal distress and delay its growth. Estimation of blood flow parameters predicts the formation of placental insufficiency. Taking to the consideration important role of the placenta in the regula-tion of hormonal status in pregnant women, placental dysfunction is a trigger mechanism for the development of obstetric and perinatal complications in pregnant women with thyroid gland pathology. Functional assessment of the fetus increases sensitivity of diagnosis of antenatal placental disorders as trigger for the development of obstetric and perinatal complications in women with iodine deficient thyroid gland pathology.

Key words: iodine deficiency, thyroid gland pathology, cardiotocography, dopplerometry, fetal biophysical profile, pregnancy, placental insufficiency.



Venckivska I. B., Bila V. V., Leush S. St., Malanchuk O. B., Zagorodnya O. S.

Clinical and statistical analysis of very preterm labour.


The analysis of medical papers of parturients with preterm labor with different gestational age and physio-logical childbirth in view of the possible prognostic factors, such as infectious and thrombophilic symptoms, are considered in the article. It is shown that preterm birth before 28 weeks has a primary pathogenetic me-chanism of premature rupture of membranes and infection of the placenta. At the same time, against 100% infection in chorion rarely reported signs of intrauterine infection of the fetus, which requires a more thorough study of the role of the placental barrier in the development of preterm labor.

Key words: very premature birth, risk factors, premature rupture of membranes, placental fruit coefficient.



Revenko O.

Comparative evaluation of level microbiocenosis and viral infection genital tract in women after medicated and surgical abortion.


The comparative analysis of the microbiocenose and the level of viral infection of the genital tract in women after surgical and medical abortion (using mifepristone and misoprostol – products JSC «NIZHFARM»). The study found that the use of medical abortion by reducing the likelihood of infection and the development of inflammatory complications will undoubtedly help to reduce the risk of complications in this group.

Key words: medical abortion, surgical abortion, microbiocenose of genital tract.



Vdovichenko J. P., Sadovoj A. P.

Features of clinical diagnostics of anomalies of uterus and vagina.


Results of the spent researches testify, that use only clinical methods of diagnostics allows to establish pre-sence of congenital anomalies of development of uterus and vagina at 30,6 % of patients. In 34,1 % of supervision diagnostics was doubtful, and in 35,3 % of cases the diagnosis of anomalies of development of uterus and vagina has not been established. The received results testify to necessity of improvement of algorithm of diagnostic actions with inclusion of modern methods of diagnostics – ehografia and endoscopia.

Key words: anomalies of development of uterus and a vagina, diagnostics.



Захаренко Н. Ф., Задорожна Т. Д., Калугіна Л. В.

Імуногістохімічні маркери проліферації та апаптозу ендометрія у жінок з ендометріозом різної локалізації.


Проведено порівняльний аналіз активності маркерів проліферації та апоптозу в еу- та гетеротопічному ендометрії пацієнток із ендометріозом різної локалізації. Отримані результати свідчать про участь у патогенезі ендометріоїдної хвороби порушення апоптозу та підвищення проліферативної активності гетеротопій.

Ключові слова: ендометріоз, апоптоз ендометрія.



Потапов В. А., Мутана Эллуми, Степанова Д. Ю., Польщиков П. И.

Стратегия ранней послеоперационной реабилитации репродуктивной функции у женщин с лейомиомой матки.




Сенчук А. Я., Доскоч І. О., Чермак І. І., Разумейко Д. П., Маркуш І. М. та співавтори.

Оптимізація лікування хворих із сальпінгоофоритом та порушеннями менструальної функції у жінок репродуктивного віку.


З метою вивчення ефективності застосування препаратів Дістрептаза і Дисменорм у комплексному лікуванні сальпінгоофоритів, які клінічно супроводжувались порушеннями менструального циклу (аль-годисменорея – у 78,0%, метрорагія – у 56,0%, гіперполіменорея – у 42,0% пацієнток) обстежено і проліковано 150 пацієнток. За результатами оцінювання тестів функціональної діагностики (базальна температура) виявлено, що у більшості (86,0%) хворих із сальпінгоофоритами спостерігається одно-фазний менструальний цикл. Віддалені результати лікування (6–9 міс від початку терапії) за нашими критеріями (динаміка больового синдрому за шкалою ВАШ, результати загального і гінекологічного обстеження, дані гемограми, бактеріоскопії мазків із каналу шийки матки і піхви, УЗД органів малого таза, нормалізація менструальної функції, ускладнення, тривалість курсової терапії, побочні ефекти терапії) ефективність лікування пацієнток основної групи склала 96,0%. Ефективність використання загальноприйнятої терапії у хворих із групи порівняння склала 78,0%.

Ключові слова: менструальний цикл, сальпінгоофорит, Дістрептаза, лікування.



Meskikh E. V., Rozhkova N. I.

Use of Progestogel in diffuse forms of mastopathy.


The paper describes the diffuse forms of mastopathy and considers its symptoms and pathogenesis. It evaluates the efficacy of progestogel in the treatment of diffuse forms of mastopathy.

Key words: mastopathy, diffuse forms, treatment, progestogel.



Reznichenko N. A.

Substantiation of efficiency of integrated treatment of inflammatory di-seases small pelvic organs.


The use of vegetable preparation Тazalok™ in the complex treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases small pelvis organs leads to provides a more rapid elimination of pain, the normalization of hormonal homeostasis, improves the quality of life.

Key words: dyshormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases, Тazalok™.



Корнацька А. Г., Даниленко О. Г., Біль І. А., Флаксемберг М. А.

Особливості лікування жінок з ранніми втратами вагітності на тлі ві-руснобактеріального навантаження.




Protas R. V., Dzhupin V. A., Vasilchenko L. A.

Regional Geodynamics and functional reserve ovaries in women with uterine leiomyomas after uterine artery embolization.


The paper presents the results of the investigation of ovarian function in late fertile age women who under-went uterine fibroid embolization. Evaluation of ovarian reserve was based on ultrasoud and Doppler exa-mination of ovarian arteries blood flow as well as on measuring serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels.

Key words uterine leiomyoma, ovarian reserve, anti-Mullerian hormone, Dopper evaluation of blood flow.



Корнацька А. Г., Обухова А. Ю.

Сучасні підходи до лікування дисменореї у жінок раннього репродук-тивного віку.




Elchaninov D. V., Akker L. V.

Atherogenic disorders among women with climacteric syndrome during earlier postmenopause and it’s dynamics during treatment with phytohormones.


The aim of the study was to investigate atherogenic metabolic disorders among women with climacteric syndrome during earlier period of postmenopause and it’s dynamics during treatment with triterpene glyco-sides extract of Cimicifuga racemosa. Eighty four women with climacteric syndrome on postmenopause 1-5 years duration were enrolled in a prospective, placebo-controlled trial. Patients were randomly allocated to «drug» group, that was treated with the extract of Cimicifuga racemosa (Klimadynon, 40 mg daily, n=56) and «placebo» group (n=28). Hot flushes frequency was decreased by 43% (р<0,001) in «drug» group and by 12% (р>0,05) in «placebo» group after 3 months. After 6 months treatment hot flushes were decreased by 54% (р<0,001), as well as blood level of total cholesterol (from 6,5±0,3 to 5,2±0,3 mmol/l, р<0,05), low de-nsity lipoprotein cholesterol (from 4,6±1,4 to 3,2±0,8 mmol/l, р<0,05), soluble platelet endothelium cell adhe-sion molecule-1 (р<0,05) and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (р<0,05) in «drug» group. Thereby, the extract of Cimicifuga racemosa alleviates vasomotor climacteric symptoms and might provide beneficial effect to atherogenic metabolic disorders in women during earlier period of postmenopause.

Key words: climacteric syndrome, atherosclerosis, Cimicifuga.



Koshik D. A.

Optimisation of carrying out of auxiliary reproductive technologies at women with a good-quality pathology of mammary glands.


Results of the spent researches testify to necessity of use of the algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions improved by us at carrying out of auxiliary reproductive technologies at women with a pathology of mammary glands.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, a good-quality pathology of mammary glands.



Gerasimova T., Gopchuk E.

Combined monotherapy urogenital trichomonas infection.


The article provides information about the relevance and effectiveness of treatment of urogenital trichomo-niasis with use of combined antiprotozoa-antibacterial drug.

Key words: tinidazole, ciprofloxacin, trichomoniasis treatment.



Korchynska O. O., Hetsko N. V.

The prevention of cervical dysplasia of pregnant women with oncoge-nical high risk human papillomavirus.


The prevention of cervical dysplasia is presented in the article. It is proved, that timely elimination of genital tract papillomavirus, combined with local immunomodulatory therapy leads to normal pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and neonatal periods, normalization of cervical condition and psychological comfort of patients.

Key words: oncogenical high risk human papilomavirus, pregnancy, dysplasia, prevention.



Nechiporenko N.

Comparative socio-epidemiological and clinical characteristics of wo-men with syphilis infection during pregnancy, HIV-positive pregnant wo-men and HIV-infected pregnant women with syphilis.


The article presents information of socio-epidemiological and clinical characteristics of pregnant women with syphilis, HIV-infected and HIV-infected pregnant women with syphilis infection. The results were obtained by analyzing the medical records in 1022, conducted in the period from 2008 to 2012. In the study, women were divided into three groups: women with syphilis infection during pregnancy (n=291), HIV-infected women (n=692) and women with positive serology for syphilis and HIV during pregnancy (n=39). These data indica-te the need for prevention, which provides education for pregnant women, sexual behavior, sexually transmi-tted infections and family planning.

Key words: HIV, syphilis, pregnancy, the prevention of perinatal transmission.



Starover A. V., Konkov D. G.

The treatment of chronic recurrent salpingoophoritis Ureaplasma urealy-ticum aetiology by hemomycin.


This article has been presented results of treatment of chronic recurrent salpingoophoritis caused mixed infection in combination with Ureaplasma urealyticum, by hemomycin (Hemofarm (Serbia)). It was found that 1.5 months after treatment Ureaplasma urealyticum wasn’t detect in scrapings from the cervix, and there were no recurrences during the year after treatment among all patients. It has been indicated about strong clinical effectiveness of the hemomycin.

Key words: chronic recurrent salpingoophoritis, Ureaplasma urealyticum, hemomycin.



Reznichenko N. A.

Background selection immunostimulating agents in complex treatment of urogenital infections in gynecology.


The efficiency of Glucoseminyl muramildipeptide and interferonogen in treatment of women with chronic recurrent mixed infections of genital tract. Found that the use of Glucoseminyl muramildipeptide is causes better effect on cell immunity in comparison with interferonogen, reduces the frequency of positive DNA detection of individual pathogens of mixed infections, determination of diagnostic levels of specific IgM to them.

Key words: glucoseminyl muramildipeptide, interferonogen, mixed infections.



Zaharenko I. L.

The differentiated approach of carrying out of auxiliary reproductive technologies at the man’s factor of barreness.


Results of the spent researches testify to efficiency of carrying out of various programs of auxiliary reproduc-tive technologies at the man’s factor of barreness. Use of the algorithm improved by us allows to raise not only frequency of approach of pregnancy, but also a birth of the live healthy child.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, man’s barreness.



Mandziy І. М., Мilevsky О. V., Dubchak A. E.

Recovering of reproductive potential in women with infertility and chronic pelvic pain.


Data of examination and treatment of women with infertility and chronic pelvic pain (CPP) are presented in article. Based on analysis of the results of women complex examination we have created an optimal diagno-stics and treatment CPP for patients with infertility and a history of chronic genital infection. During 1 year after complex treatment 26 (48,3%) women had pregnancy in comparison with 4 (20%) in control group. The most of pregnancies came from 6 to 12 months after treatment of women with infertility and CPP.

Key words: infertility, chronic pelvic pain, treatment.



Kartashov S. M., Oleshko E. M., Danylyuk S. V.

Immunohistochemical tumor markers and microsatellite instability in patients with endometrial cancer – correlation with process prevalence.


In 61 patients with I–IV stage endometrial cancer (EC) both with and without microsatellite instability (MSI) expression of Ki 67, Bcl 2, estrogen receptors (ERs), progesterone receptors (PRs) in tumor cells was determined by immunohistochemical (IHC) method. It has been established that MSI genome presence in tumors of patients with I–III stage EC correlates with expression of antigen Ki 67 and steroid hormone rece-ptors. As regards patients with I – II stage MSI+ phenotype tumors were characterized by lower proliferative activity of cells, whereas in cases of stage III inverse relationship was observed. Content of ERs significantly correlates with MSI tumor phenotype in patients with stage I EC, whereas that of PRs shows similar correla-tion in cases of the disease stage II and III. All MSI+ phenotype carcinomas showed a greater expression of receptors. The level of Bcl-2 anti-apoptotic protein showed no significant correlation with MSI genome presence presence.

Key words: endometrial cancer, microsatellite instability, stage, Ki 67, Bcl 2, estrogen and progesterone receptors.



Bozhenko Olga

The evaluation of angiogenesis in benign and malignant ovarian tumours with the use of color and pulsed Doppler sonography and serum VEGF.


We evaluated the VEGF levels in 83 patients with benign and malignant ovarian tumors who were further operated on and correlation of these levels with pulsed and color Doppler blood flow findings. The significant elevation of VEGF levels in the patients with malignization enables application of this marker in diagnostic of malignant tumors and in choosing of the surgical treatment.

Key words: ovarian tumours, VEGF, Doppler blood flow.



Дефлорация и гименопластика: противоположные взгляды на неви-нность.




Дашкевич Валентина Євдокимівна.