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Boris E. N., Sumenko V. V., Serbenuyk A. V.

Modern approaches to using hepatoprotectors in complex treatment of urogenital mixed-infections.


This article discusses the principles of the use and efficacy of Carsil® Forte («Sopharma»), which was used in the treatment of urogenital mixt-infections. Proved the need for a study drug and its ability to reduce the severity of side effects from the ongoing antibiotic therapy for hepatobiliary system of the women’s body.

Key words: Carsil® Forte, urogenital mixt-infections, detoxication function, antioxidant effect, metabolic effect, antibiotic therapy.



Церемонія нагородження кращих спеціалізованих медичних видань України.




Актуальные вопросы гинекологии: обсуждение в рамках научно-практической конференции «Репродуктивне здоров’я: актуальні питання сьогодення».




Быть самым лучшим – честь и ответственность.




Yashyna Olena

Complex cases of endometriosis: from standards of care to the individualized approach.


The rise of the endometriosis prevalence and its combined forms requires an individualized approach to treatment. Case example presented in this article, demonstrates the high efficiency of drug treatment of endometriosis and confirms that the implementation in practice of the new innovative progestogen dienogest enables the treatment of complex forms of this disease.

Key words: endometriosis, endometriosis of postoperative scar, conservative therapy, dienogest.



Yuzko A. M., Yuzko T. A., Rudenko N. G.

Status and prospects of the use of assisted reproductive technologies in the treatment of infertility in Ukraine.


In Ukraine, in 2012, there were 44,707 cases of female and male infertility 11941 (in 2011, respectively, 44,071 and 12,354 cases). In 2011 it was performed 12,775 cycles of assisted reproductive technology (ART) infertility treatment (2010 – 11144 ), which was 360 per 1 million population. The pregnancy rate per 100 initiated cycles of ART in Ukraine in 2011 was 37.8 % (in 2010 – 37.4 %).

Key words: infertility , assisted reproductive technology.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Guzhevskaya I. V., Narytnik T. T.

A modern point of view on the polycystic ovary syndrome.


In the present article modern points of view on the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome are described. Methods of investigation are described. In recent years most researchers have adhered to the hereditary nature of the disease. Other researchers have formulated a new point of view on the polycystic ovary syndrome, which showed that a key role in PCOS is played by a functional ovarian hyperandrogenia and / or adrenal one, the main purpose of which is mental activation.

Key words: polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperandrogenism, insulin resistance, and pregnancy.



Potapov V. A., Polshchikov P. I., Finkova E. P.

Targeted mechanisms of antiproliferative effect of herbal drug TazalokTM on uterine leiomyoma.


Leiomyoma of the uterus as a benign tumor characterized by hormonedependent nature of the regulation, a diagnostic criterion of which is the relative or absolute hyperestrogenia. Therefore, the fundamental trend in the treatment of uterine fibroids is to reduce estrogenic effects on cell proliferation, which is achieved by turning off the synthesis of sex hormones in the ovaries or the blockade of estrogen receptors in the target organs. Based on the concept of targeted approach to the treatment of hyperplastic processes in the uterus and the need for long-term use without risk of side effects, particular interest are non-hormonal drugs with anti;proliferative activity. Among the herbal remedies some potential in the treatment of uterine leiomyomas has phytocomplex TazalokTM based on its anti;estrogen and anti-proliferative activity. Investigation of immunohistochemical parameters in patients with uterine leiomyoma on the background of drug used, showed that TazalokTM has suppressive effect on the proliferation in the uterus (↓Ki-67) and a stabilizing effect on apoptosis in leyomioma tissue (↓Bcl-2), confirming that it is possible to use it as pathogenic therapy miom disease.

Key words: uterine leiomyoma, targeted therapy, TazalokTM.



Дизурические расстройства у женщин: эстафету принимают фитопрепараты.


Дизурические расстройства (ДР) у женщин приводят к значительному ухудшению качества жизни. По статистике, каждая третья женщина хотя бы раз в жизни перенесла один эпизод ДР. О проблеме дизурических расстройств нашему корреспонденту рассказала профессор кафедры акушерства, гинекологии и перинатологии Донецкого национального медицинского университета им. М. Горького, доктор медицинских наук Валентина Павловна КВАШЕНКО.



Kornatska A., Danilenko H., Trohimovich O., Novik L., Racsha I.

Integrated anti-inflammatory therapy in the syndrome of loss of pregnancy with chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitals (review).


The presented review of the literature about infectious factor of syndrome of pregnancy lost and complex methods of correction this changes.

Key words: infectious factor, syndrome of pregnancy lost, complex anti-inflammation therapy.



Dub Yu. N.

International experience of HIV-infection prophylaxis among female population (analytical survey of scientific literature).


The results of analytical survey of scientific literature on international experience of HIV-infection prophylaxis among female population are given in this article. Here also the conclusion about possibility of its use in Health Service System of Ukraine is formulated.

Key words: female population, HIV-infection, prophylaxis, international experience.



Potebnya G. P., Litvinenko A. A.

Effect of phlebo-tropic therapy on the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor.


In the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency use of venotonic Venosmin is effective. This is shown a positive dynamics of clinical manifestations of the disease and analysis of specific indicators. In patients who received treatment, there were no side effects of the proposed venotonic and all patients completed treatment. Effect of Venosmin on the level of VEGF shows perspectives for use of this drug in the treatment of chronic vascular disease.

Key words: chronic venous insufficiency, expression of VEGF, Venosmin, treatment efficiency.



Podolskyi V .L., Podolskyi Vl. V., Svyataya O.

Advantages in outpatient treatment of miscarriage.


In study were found conditions and methons of outpatient tocolysis by hexoprenaline (Ginipral). Gorpect using of diagnostic criteria gives an opportunity. Of outpatient treatment of miscarriage.

Key words: pregnant women with miscarriage, tocolysis, outpatient unit, diagnostic criteria, outpatient tocolysis.



Shabliy T. P.

Chronic recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis: Innovative Approaches in the treatment of.


The study examined the effectiveness of the application in conjunction with biosporina Laferobion in patients with recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis ( VVC ), and compared the efficacy of this innovative scheme using traditional therapy antimycotics – fluconazole and itraconazole. Results of the study indicate a high long-term effectiveness in biosporina apartment complex with Laferobion (95.2 %), and allows us to recommend this innovative scheme for the treatment of women with VVC , and for the prevention of recurrence of candidiasis and its development in the future.

Key words: Biosporin – Biopharma, vulvovaginal candidiasis, prevention, treatment.



Vdovichenko Yu. P., Strahovetsky V. S.

Algorithmization of diagnostics and treatment of pyoinflammatory diseases of appendages of uterus.


Results of the spent researches testify that the algorithm of diagnostics of patients with pyoinflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus includes physical research, bimanual survey, bacteriological and bacterioscopical research separated of a vagina, cervix channel and an urethra, diagnostics of an infection, sexually transmitted, transvaginal and abdominal ultrasonic scanning; at insufficiency of the received results carrying out of a diagnostic laparoscopy is necessary. The differentiated approach to treatment of patients with various forms of pyoinflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus includes use of a medical-diagnostic laparoscopy in a combination to antibacterial and metabolic therapy in time and after operation, thus the medical-diagnostic and control laparoscopy is used at patients with purulent salpingites and pelviperitonites at an inefficiency of anti-inflammatory therapy; At patients with purulent salpingites and diffusion peritonitis, and also with pyoinflammatory formations of appendages of a uterus, spends complex anti;inflammatory therapy and preoperative preparation, with the subsequent use of a medical-diagnostic and control laparoscopy; absence of effect from spent endosurgery treatments serves as the indication for carrying out laparotomy surgical treatment.

Key words: pyoinflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus, algorithm, diagnostics, treatment.



Muminova N. H.

Role of nitric oxide donator in treatment of septic complications in obstetrics.


Placental insufficiency (PN) that develops against bacterial and viral infections, causes several complications from both the mother and the fetus. This study assessed the quality of treatment of chronic PD in case of bacterial and viral lesions using nitric oxide Tyvortynu compared to standard drug therapy. In the observation group included 44 pregnant women with acute pyelonephritis, 17 – out of the sickness bilateral pneumonia and 6 – with bronchopneumonia. Tyvortyn in the adjuvant therapy was administered intravenously in 100 ml of number 5, with the transition to the future for oral use. L-Arginine promotes more rapid elimination of the pathological process, the rapid improvement of both clinical laboratory and hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate and hourly urine output, which is important in case of renal and pulmonary pathology. Application Tyvortynu useful in the treatment and prevention of PN in pregnant women with infectious and inflammatory processes.

Key words: septic complications in obstetrics, placental insufficiency, nitric oxide, Tyvortyn, prevention and treatment.



Makarenko M. V., Govseev D. A., Korba A. A.

Vertical birth, modern look (according to the maternity hospital number 5 of Kiev).


The results allowed to determine the pros and cons of vertical delivery, highlight the possible consequences and evaluate the factors influencing the choice of method of delivery. Our findings can be used to develop tactics of birth, their prediction.

Key words: vertical birth, complications, benefits, forecasting.

Boyko A. I., Potaychuk V. I., Gurzhenko A. Y., Gurzhenko E. Y.

Acute cystitis in women: diagnosis and complex treatment.


On purpose of studying the features of course and strategies of treatment patients with acute cystitis were made the examination. It was proved that in the case of adjunctive therapy (as antispasmodics, urine alkalizing agents (Kataria)) there are clinical and laboratorial improvement in a short time, which leads to a better quality of life.

Key words: acute cystitis, antibiotics, treatment, Kataria, Polymic.




Veropotvelyan Р. N., Veropotvelyan N. Р., Smorodskaya E. P.

Modern approached to diagnostics of preeclampsia.


An overview of literature concerning diagnostics of preeclampsia which is a cause of mother’s and fetus’ death is done. Main conceptions of pathogenesis are given as well as summarized data of systematic reviews of literature in recent years. In the present article a series of biochemical markers which may be used in a doctor’s practice to monitor the pregnant with preeclampsia in future are reviewed.

Key words: eclampsia, preeclampsia, biochemical markers, maternal and fetal mortality, a review of the literature.



Nagornaya V. F., Gonta R. I., Boshchenko T. G.

Diagnosis and prevention of manifest and threatened thrombotic complications after Сesarean section.


On the basis of risk factors in the regional perinatal center of Odessa Regional Hospital 500 pregnant women in the term of pregnancy 30–40 weeks were interviewed, questionnaired and examinated. In 6,4% of women we didn’t revealed the risk of pulmonary embolism, 42,2% of women had low risk of thrombosis, 57,8% of patients had moderate and the highest risk. The testing for hemostasis genetic factors was conducted in 30 patients with placental and central or peripheral veins thrombosis that clinically manifested by severe preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, premature detachment of normally situated placenta, venous thrombosis during pregnancy and after delivery. We detected С677Т polymorphism of MTHFR gene in 33.3% of women, F5 G1691A – in 23.3%, F1 G455A – in 36.7%, mutations of PAI-1 gene – in 100%, ACE gene – in 60%, ITGB gene – in 40%. In majority of observed cases mutations of different genes were combined. In all women complications developed on a background of risk factors such as caesarian section, infection, hormonal therapy, bed regiment. Analysis of dynamics of the hemostasiogram indicators in 100 pregnant women with moderate and high risk of thrombosis which received bemiparin and NSAIDs after Cesarean section revealed significant changes in postoperative period which indicate the hypercoagulation on the 5th-7th days (days of discharge from hospital) that require a further corrective therapy on the outpatient stage.

Key words: pregnancy, gestational complications, genes of blood clotting factors, hemostasis system.



Gaidai N. V.

Ways of prophylaxis of early gap fetal membranes in pregnant women with varicose disease.


In the work presents results of the Application Hexicon in pregnant women with varicosity disease, with a view reduction risk motherboards and perynatal complications. Application Hexicon in the complex of treatment and prevention during to 10 days in pregnant women with aricose illness reduces risk of development of septic complications in the mother and child to 84.7 %.

Key words: pregnant women, varicose disease, risk of complications, Hexicon.



Lezhnenko S. P., Golyanovsky O. V.

Psycho-emotional status of women after massive obstetric hemorrhage using different methods of surgical hemostasis.


A study estimates emotional status of women after massive obstetric hemorrhage using different methods of surgical hemostasis – organ-saving operations with uterine arteries ligation and hysterectomy. Psycho-emotional status after operation was assessed by questioning of women using Spielberg-Hanin scale of situational reactive anxiety. Was established psychological benefits and low reactive anxiety in women with massive obstetric hemorrhage.

Key words: massive obstetric hemorrhage, operations with uterine arteries ligation, hysterectomy, situational reactive anxiety.



Baksheev S. N.

Postabortion and reproductive complications at the women who have transferred various methods of interruption of pregnancy in the first trimester.


Results of the spent researches testify that interruption of pregnancy irrespective of a method of its carrying out makes negative impact on reproductive health of women. Thus each method has the features both early, and late complications and cannot be to recommend as an effective way of planning of pregnancy. The received results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: interruption of pregnancy, complication.



Muminova N. H.

Violation of the hepatobiliary system in septic states in obstetrics.


The aim of this study was to estimate the effectiveness of treatmentin 41 parturients with the IPZ, where part of the treatment was included Reocorbilakty, with subsequent transition to oral intake, with simultaneousnutritional support. During the treatment period, patients tolerated tiotriozolin whichshowed improvement of clinical and laboratory parameters were advancing through the 18–36 hours. Indicators of transaminases (AST and ALT) decreased 0.55 and 0.50 mmol/L, bilirubin, with its indirect fraction decreased by 7.3 mmol/l, proteinemiya increased by 9 g/l. Given the foregoing inclusion in the treatment of SIRS Reocorbilakty hepatoprotectors and nutritional support accelerates theimprovement of the clinical picture of septic conditions, while reducing the side effects of antibiotics.

Key words: purulent-septic conditions, Reosorbilakt, hepatoprotectors, nutritional support.



Manzhula L. V.

Treatment influence varocose illnesses during pregnancy and after the delivery on obstetrical and perinatal outcomes of delivery.


Results of the spent researches testify that varicose illness of veins of the bottom extremities and external genitals during pregnancy, raised the general frequency obstetrical and tromboembolical complications, promoted astable development of pregnancy, increased weight of displays of toxicoses of pregnancy and a vegetovascular dystonia. Not correction infringements of venous outflow and microcirculation during pregnancy and after the delivery promoted frequency and weight increase tromboembolical complications. The astable current of pregnancy, high frequency obstetrical complications of sorts and the postnatal period, circulation and hemical hypoxia fabrics negatively influenced prenatal development of born and a condition of the newborn. The received results are a scientific substantiation of necessity of improvement of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: varicose illness, outcomes of delivery.



Kolesnik A. V.

Morphological features combination pathologies of uterus at women of reproductive age.


Results of the spent researches testify that the burdened obstetrical-gynecologic anamnesis leading to a disbalance of a hormonal homeostasis, to chronic inflammatory diseases enndometry, preconditions for proliferative processes in a uterus and ovariums, to development adenomyose create, uterus myomas, hyperplasia of stroma ovariums, hyperplasia of endometrium from idle time typical hyperplasia without atypia to difficult atypical hyperplasia. The established morphological features combination are necessary for considering pathologies by working out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: combination uterus pathology, reproductive age.



Kamoeva S. V., Savchenko T. N., Abaeva H. А., Ivanova А. V.

Optimization of preoperative assessment in transvaginal pelvic reconstructive plastic surgery for the treatment of pelvic organs prolapse.


The objective of this study was to optimize the preoperative assessment in transvaginal pelvic reconstructive plastic surgery for the treatment of pelvic organs prolapse.

Materials and methods: We conducted the quantitative and qualitative analysis of vaginal biocenosis in 68 female patients before and after administration of Polygynax. It was shown that Polygynax improves vaginal biocenosis owing to the reduction of microbial content. Therefore, the use of Polygynax for the preoperative assessment can be an effective method of prophylaxis of infectious and inflammatory complications and promote tissue regeneration after transvaginal pelvic reconstructive plastic surgery for the treatment of pelvic organs prolapse.

Key words: pelvic organs prolapse, Polyginax, microbiocenosis, infectious and inflammatory complications.



Reznichenko N. A.

Alfarekin in the treatment of HPV infection.


The efficiency of alfarekin in treatment of women with HPV infection. Found that the use alfarekin more effectively affect the performance of cellular immunity in comparison with the use of interferon inducer, significantly reduces the incidence of positive detection of viral DNA, leading to a decrease in blacks with pro-inflammatory cytokines on the back of higher levels of interferon.

Key words: human papillomavirus infection, interferon, Alfarekin, treatment.



Kaminskyy V. V., Sukhanova А. А., Sumenko V. V., Shalko M. N.

Diagnostic features endocervical pathology cervix.


In this paper, the presented results of the reliability of cytological diagnosis of pathological processes of the cervical canal of the cervix in women with tubal-peritoneal factor infertility, depending on the method and a diagnostic tool of the fence material.

Key words: cytology, cytoselection, endocervix, CGIN.



Zhuck S. І., Taran O. A., Koshmerinska A. M., Lavrentyuk V. S., Shamrai O. V.

Characteristics of ecological community of the genital tract in women with abnormal cervical.


In a study of 92 patients with precancerous cervical conditions the correlation between dysbiotic changes in the vagina (inhibition of lactic acid bacteria on the background of higher content of representatives of conditional- and unconditionally pathogens) and cervical pathology was detected after using RT-PCR «Femoflor screen.» The imbalance of the genital tract microbiota can make a significant contribution to the development and progression of cervical disease.

Key words: pathology of the cervix, dysbiosis, microbiota, polymerase chain reaction in real time.



Roshchina G. F.

Alternative methods for the correction of menopausal disorders.


The opportunity and assess the effectiveness of the correction of menopausal disorders in women in the application of the herbs from red clover (Kleverol) as an alternative method of treatment.

Key words: menopausal disorders, isoflavones Kleverol.



Tovstanovskaya V. A., Prilutskaya A. B., Prilutsky A. I., Koval E. V.

A new approach to the treatment of women with atrophic colpitis.


According to the results of the study revealed high therapeutic efficacy of the drug in atrophic Dalmaksin coleitis and reducing the duration of treatment in comparison with the known drugs for the same purpose, its good tolerability, allowing extensive use of this drug in gynecological practice.

Key words: atrophic coleitis, treatment, Dalmaksin.



Gerasimova T. V., Gopchuk E. N.

Inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs – including antyischemic drugs.


Information about efficiency and safety of application of tiotriazolin in new medical form (suppositories) Dalmaksin in the complex of treatment of patients with inflammatory diseases of small pelvis.

Key words: inflammatory diseases of organs of small pelvis, tiotriazolin, Dalmaksin, treatment, Inflammatory anty-ischemic activity.



Lisping V. G., Kolokot N. G., Makurina G. I., Kovalenko Y. B., Sukhomlinov V.

Complex approach to the treatment of vulvovaginitis of mixed etiology in patients of reproductive age.


The article presents the results of a prospective study of clinical efficacy Tantum Rosa (benzydamine) and Makmiror complex (active substance Nifuratel and nystatin) in 88 women. Established clinical and microbiological efficacy in the treatment of vulvovaginitis of mixed bacterial; fungal; trichomonas etiology also was marked a low rate of relapse, and lack of inhibitory effect of drugs on the condition of the normal vaginal microflora allowed confine one stage treatment without use of eubiotics.

Key words: nonspecific vulvovaginitis, relapse prevention, treatment, benzydamine, Nifuratel, nystatin.



Akulina Yelena, Petrova Oxana, Lashkova Irina

Therapeutic efficiency of low level laser therapy (LLLT) in the complex treatment of patients with precancerous lesions of uterine cervix on the rehabilitation stage.


The article presents the results of the research that testify the effectiveness of using the low-intensive laser radiation in the rehabilitation stage after electrosurgical and radio wave treatment of the patients with the pretumor pathology of uterine neck.

Key words: low level laser therapy (LLLT), CIN II–III, stratified squamous epithelium.



Aliyeva N.

Menstrual cycle disturbances in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.


Menstrual dysfunction, being one of the leading symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), could be expressed in different forms. In our investigation, oligomenorrhea was seen in 80,9% of patients with PCOS, while amenorrhea and dysfunctional uterine bleeding were reported in 11,8% and 7,4% of women respectively. Obesity and number of antral follicles count in the ovaries of women with PCOS could modify the expression of menstrual dysfunction.

Key words: polycystic ovary syndrome, menstrual cycle, obesity, antral follicles.



Beraja D. J.

Tactics of restoration of reproductive function at women with autoimmune thyroid gland pathology.


Results of the spent researches testify that the problem of barreness at women with autoimmune thyroid gland pathology is enough actual and demands the complex stage-by-stage approach. Use of the algorithm improved by us allows to raise efficiency of auxiliary reproductive technologies and to lower frequency of reproductive losses. The received results allow to recommend advanced algorithm for application in practical public health services.

Key words: autoimmune thyroid gland pathology, reproductive function.



Хурасева А. Б.

Лечебно-профилактические мероприятия у девочек с маточными кровотечениями пубертатного периода.


Цель исследования: изучить особенности клинического течения маточных кровотечений пубертатного периода (МКПП) у девушек, родившихся с малой и большой массой тела, и оптимизировать лечебно-профилактические мероприятия у этих пациенток.

Дизайн: ретроспективное и проспективное исследование.

Материалы и методы. Обследованы 530 девочек-подростков в возрасте 13–18 лет, распределенных на три группы: I – 170 девушек, родившихся с малой массой тела (2000–2800 г), II (контрольная) – 182 девушки, родившиеся с нормальной массой тела (3200–3600 г), III – 178 девушек, родившихся с большой массой тела (4000–4800 г). При обследовании применяли общеклинические, гормональные и эхографические методы.

Результаты. Частота МКПП у девушек, родившихся с большой массой тела (39,3%), оказалась выше, чем в других группах. У девушек с малой массой тела при рождении имел место гипоэстрогенный тип кровотечения, а с большой массой тела – гиперэстрогенный тип МКПП. Разработан дифференцированный алгоритм диагностики и лечения МКПП в зависимости от массы тела при рождении и гормонального профиля. Проведены лечебно-профилактические мероприятия, направленные на предупреждение нарушений репродуктивного здоровья, с учетом выявленных особенностей. Заключение. Учет конституциональных особенностей девочек-подростков позволяет правильно подобрать гемостатическую терапию и обеспечивает лечебно-профилактический эффект на этапе дальнейшей регуляции менструального цикла. Оптимальным способом коррекции менструального цикла и профилактики рецидивов кровотечений у девочек-подростков является гормональная терапия.

Ключевые слова: нарушения менструального цикла, маточные кровотечения пубертатного периода (МКПП), подростки, профилактика, гормональные контрацептивные средства.



Palyga I. E.

The clinical analysis of unsuccessful attempts of auxiliary reproductive technologies.


Results of the spent researches testify, that principal causes of unsuccessful attempts ART are: long barreness, numerous operative interventions on bodies of a small basin, the big number intrauterine operations, presence of an endometriosis and a high infectious index. Besides, long and unsuccessful treatment of barreness in itself is the negative factor aggravating available infringements. These risk factors promote failure adaptation-gomeostasise reserves of an organism, inflammation synchronisation, to strengthening of anatomo-functional defects of reproductive system, that, in turn, reduces reproductive potential of patients and promotes unsuccessful attempts ART.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, unsuccessful attempts.



Shelyhin M. S.

Clinical signs and ultrasound changes of breast tissue in clinically healthy women while taking combined oral contraceptives.


The results indicate that the frequency mastadyniy among patients taking combined oral contraceptives lower than in women who use this method of contraception. Long-term use of COCs reduces the intensity of mastalgia compared with a group of healthy women. Prolonged use of monophasic COC does not change architectonics and ECHO-density breast tissue, indicating that the safety of long-term contraception, and confirmed by ultrasonic study. In the group of patients who did not receive COCs ultrasound signs parenchyma duktektaziya and thickening of breast tissue associated with pain can be a symptom triggers the risk of mastitis. The results should be used when choosing a contraceptive method motivation, successful treatment of mastalgia and prevention of fibrocystic disease of the breast.

Key words: fibrocystic disease of the breast, mastalgia, combined hormonal contraceptives, ultrasound diagnostics.



Romashchenko O. V., Biloholovska V. V., Melnikov S. N., Yaschenko L. B., Shcherbakov M. A., Koval S. B.

Providing sexual comfort on the background the use of hormonal contraception.


The paper presents an analysis of clinical observations, indicating the effectiveness of the drug Tribestan to prevent possible sexual dysfunction arising against the use of hormonal contraception.

Key words: sexy comfort, hormonal contraception, Tribestan.



Litvinenko A. A.

Breast cancer: treatment, rehabilitation and the first steps in predicting the risk.


The article discusses methods of surgical treatment of breast cancer and indicates the importance of post;operative recovery of patients. The main tasks of monitoring of patients after a course of combined therapy are as possible early detection of local recurrence or contralateral breast cancer, test for possible side effects associated with treatment (such as menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis), and their correction, as well as psychological support for the patient and giving them the necessary information in order to accelerate the return to normal life. An important emphasis of article – the role of genetic research in the prevention of the possible occurrence of breast cancer.

Key words: breast cancer, combination therapy, rehabilitation, genetic research, genomics.



Слишком рано или слишком поздно?


Некоторые европейские веяния стали украинской реальностью уже давно. И некоторые изменения в обществе непосредственно коснулись медицины. Один из таких аспектов – явное смещение возраста рождения первенца от более юного к более зрелому. Родила первого ребенка в 28 лет? Этим в Украине уже никого не удивишь. Вполне возможно, скоро мы приблизимся к «евростандарту»: в Европе женщина, родившая первенца в 30–35 лет, не приводит в шок ни знакомых, коллег и родственников, ни врачей. Унизительный термин «старородящая», с середины ХХ века употреблявшийся в бывшем Советском Союзе в отношении всех женщин, готовящихся стать молодыми мамами в 25 и старше, постепенно исчезает из лексикона врачей.