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Nazarenko L., Demina O.

Effect of folate support women at the psychoemotional status and pregnancy outcomes, with the risk of miscarriage.


The study was conducted in order to clarify the relationship between miscarriage, the emotional state of wo-men and folate status. The data demonstrating the positive impact of folacin in preconception preparation and during pregnancy the risk of miscarriage as women on the emotional sphere, and on the success rate of perinatal outcomes.

Key words: pregnancy, miscarriage, psycho-emotional status, folacin.



«Безпечне материнство: на шляху реформ та інновацій».




Профилактика репродуктивных потерь на ранних и поздних сроках беременности.




Кузнецова И. В.

Хронический эндометрит – влияние на репродуктивную функцию.




Avramenko T. V., Shevchenko A. A.

Congenital malformations of the central nervous system is actual medical, ethical and psychological problem of the modernity.


The paper presents data on the actual problem of the modern medicine- congenital malformations of the central nervous system in children taking into account medical, ethical and psychological aspects with the description of clinical example of patient during examination and treatment in the clinic of children”s psychoneurology of the Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine.

Key words: congenital malformations, diagnostics, prevention, treatment, ethics, children.



Современные подходы к фитотерапии гинекологических заболеваний: мировой научный опыт.




Koblosh N. D., Kondratyuk V. K., Lysiana T. O., Yemets N. О., Gorban N. E., Ponomariova I. G., Bondarenko K. K.

New aspects to treating of the diseases of uterus cervix associated with human papillomavirus infection.


Clinical-laboratory research of women of reproductive age with the pathology of uterus cervix associated with human papillomavirus infection (HPV) is conducted. The studies specify a wide range of infectious agents contaminated cervix and dependence between the state of microecology and data of cervical cytology. The research of efficiency of application of Lavomax and combination of vaginal solution and vaginal supposito-ries of Hexycon in the treatment of women with diseases of uterus cervix associated with HPV is conducted. It was shown the pronounced clinical effect of the proposed treatment plan in women with HPV cervical lesi-ons.

Key words: diseases of uterus cervix, human papillomavirus infection microbiocenosis, changes of cervi-cal cytology, Lavomax, Hexycon.



Gopchuk E. N.

Hypogalactition – modern conditions of problems and measures of correction.


Hypogalactition – integrated medico-social problem. Studies in the application of the mayor and methods, to improve lactation are in need all over the World. Modern preparation Leptaden, has recommended itself as a profitable for many years existence. Therapy with Leptaden may be recommended in cases with a view of a lack lactation and for improoving the the quality of breast milk.

Key words: breast feeding, lactation, hypogalactition, phytotherapy, Leptaden.



Shurpyak S. A.

The study of changes in the levels of tumor markers neoplasms of fema-le genital organs during uncomplicated pregnancy: a systematic review.


Recent insights provide support for the treatment of cancer during pregnancy, a coincidence that poses both mother and fetus at risk. Our aim was to critically review studies on the physiologic variations during preg-nancy, the most common tumor markers used in diagnosis and follow-up of gynecological cancers. We con-ducted a systematic review of six tumor markers during normal pregnancy: carbohydrate antigen (CA) 15–3 (breast cancer); squamous cell carcinoma antigen (cervical cancer); and CA 125, anti-Mьllerian hormone, inhibin B and lactate dehydrogenase (ovarian cancer). For CA 15–3, 3,3% to 20,0% of all measurements were above the cut-off (maximum 56 U/mL in the third trimester). Squamous cell carcinoma antigen values were above cut-off in 3,1% and 10,5% of the measurements (maximum 4,3 мg/L in the third trimester). Up to 35% of CA 125 levels were above cut-off: levels were highest in the first trimester, with a maximum value up to 550 U/mL. Inhibin B, anti-Mьllerian hormone and lactate dehydrogenase levels were not elevated in ma-ternal serum during normal pregnancy. During normal pregnancy, tumor markers including CA 15–3, squa-mous cell carcinoma antigen and CA 125 can be elevated; inhibin B, anti-Mьllerian hormone and lactate de-hydrogenase levels remain below normal cut-off values. Knowledge of physiological variations during preg-nancy can be clinically important when managing gynecological cancers in pregnant patients.

Key words: anti-Mьllerian hormone, CA 125; CA 15–3, cancer, human epididymis secretory protein 4 (HE4), inhibin B, lactate dehydrogenase, pregnancy, squamous-cell carcinoma antigen tumor markers.



Pyrohova V., Veresnyuk N., Schuruk N.

Innovative approach to integrated treatment of bacterial vaginosis with probiotic tampons.


The article presents data on the use of in order to improve the results of treatment of BV probiotic tampons Ellen. Effective use of tampons with probiotic after menarche was 65%, as confirmed by the normalization of pH, subjective and objective improvement by increasing the number of lactobacilli and achievement normal biocenosis of vagina on the results of PCR. After the third menstruation in the group of patients who have used probiotic tampons, normalization of laboratory values was 90%, while in 35% of patients who have us-ed the usual protection during menstruation, a relapse of clinical symptoms of BV, confirmed by laboratory tests.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, probiotic tampons.



Terekhova N. V., Sergiyenko S. N., Krokhmal I. P., Belinskaya I. P.

Efficiency of applying of phytotherapy at complex treatment of preg-nants with gestational pyelonephritis.


For treatment of pregnant women with gestational pyelonephritis we proposed additional using of the prepa-ration Trinephron-Zdorovye, active substances which contribute to the dissolution of bacterial films and the release of microorganisms into the internal environment of the urinary tract. Was examined 75 patients with gestational pyelonephritis, which developed during the second trimester. 1st group consisted of 35 persons, which are additionally received Trinephron-Zdorovye, 2nd group was formed by 40 women who were treated by only traditional therapy. On the background of application of the preparation Trinephron-Zdorovye dura-tion of symptoms and laboratory signs of gestational pyelonephritis was significantly decreased, also the period of hospitalization of pregnant women was authentically reduced. Using of the chosen phytotherape-utic preparation allowed to lessen the frequency of relapses of urinary tract’s infection and the development of asymptomatic bacteriuria. The additional applying of the Trinephron-Zdorovye at the treatment of gesta-tional pyelonephritis during the second trimester of pregnancy, compared with habitual therapy, leads to sig-nificant reduction of the frequency of obstetric complications (threat of abortion and preterm birth, gestosis and placental dysfunction) and perinatal pathology (fetal distress and diseases, linked with intrauterine infec-tion).

Key words: gestational pyelonephritis, infection of urinary tract, complications of pregnancy, prenatal infec-tions, pathology of the newborn, bacterial films, Trinephron-Zdorovye.



Bezhenar V. F., Bogatyreva E. V., Tscipurdeeva A. A., Tsculadze L. K., Rusina E. I., Guseva E. S.

New possibilities of surgical correction of pop with use of synthetic implants: ways of preventive postoperative complications.


Рer-operative and post-operative complications of polypropylene mesh surgery with synthetic systems are characterized in this article. The methods of complications prevention and management are described.

Key words: Prolift™ system, Prolift™ +М system, ProsimaW system, peroperative complications, post-operative complications, vaginal erosions.



Чистяков С. С., Сельчук В. Ю., Алборова Б. Г., Титова Г. В., Шикина В. Е.

Диагностика и комплексное лечение фиброзно-кистозной мастопатии.




Sklyarova V. O.

Enterobiasis in gynecology.


The paper presents own observations parasitism pinworms in women of different age groups with a presen-tation of photos. The main complaints, clinical changes, key pointsof the treatment are described and sum-marized. Is presented epidemiology and the importance of health education work from gynecological side

Key words: enterobiasis, gynecology, investigation, pinworm.



Kornatzkaya A., Revenko O., Flaksemberh M., О.В. Трохимович

Therapy support drug termination of missed abortion.


The results of the proposed scheme of antibiotic prophylaxis of inflammatory complications of drug use Cefi-xime (Sorcef® «Аlkaloid» Skop`e) and Hlorheksidin (Heksikon® «Nizhpharm») after medical termination of missed abortion. The research established a high therapeutic efficacy and good tolerability of these drugs in the prevention of inflammatory complications after medical termination of missed abortion in the first trimes-ter, that allows to recommend the scheme for broad clinical use.

Key words: medical abortion, antibiotic inflammatory complications, Cefixime, Hlorheksydin.



Gerasimova Т., Sukhanova А., Gopchuk Е.

The effectiveness of combined antibacterial preparation of ftorhinolone in the practice of gynecologist.


Inflammatory diseases of the small pelvic organs – „the stable leader” in the structure of gynecological patho-logy. The paper presents the results of treatment of women with acute uncomplicated clinical salpingoopho-ritis in an outpatient using a combination of antibacterial drugs.

Key words: ciprofloxacin, tinidazole, Ciprolet A, oophoritis, treatment.



Барсуков А. Н., Пересада О. А., Кудина О. Л., Ковган И. М.

Применение полусинтетического биофлавоноида диосмина в комплексном лечении плацентарной дисфункции при беременности высокого риска.




Kadimova S. G.

Estimation of influence of complex therapy on the condition of system the FLOOR/AOZ at pregnant women c the nephritic pathology.


By the spent researches it is shown, that at women with not to take out pregnancy from early terms gestation processes of freely radical oxidation against an exhaustion anti oxidants protection become more active, that finally leads to occurrence of symptoms of threat of interruption of pregnancy and infringement of function of a placenta. It is known, that synthesis of a progesterone and an estrogen directly is connected with proces-ses peroxide oxidations lipid, therefore their intensification leads to deficiency of these hormones and preg-nancy interruption. In 2 group of pregnant women with a nephritic pathology, in connection with presence of threat of interruption of pregnancy receiving traditional therapy the peroxide oxidations lipid and exhaustion anti oxidants protection become more active throughout all period gestation took place activization. The re-commended early complex therapy promoted substantial improvement of a current of pregnancy and outcomes of sorts practically at all pregnant women of 1 group.

Key words: placentary insufficiency, nephritic pathology, pregnancy.



Podolskyi V. V.

Pregravid preparation of women with pelvic inflammatory diseases, pro-phylaxis and forecasting of obstetrical and perinatal complications as reason of safe maternity.


The results of a study of state of reproductive health of women with pelvic inflammatory diseases is describ-ed in the article, depending of level of injury and rates and time of inflammatory process. Algorhytm of exa-mination of women with this pathology were developed, based on results of microbiological, virological, hor-monal, immunological, and psychological studies, that allow to provide pregravid preparation and receive lower rates of obstetrical and perinatal complications.

Key words: рregravid preparation, pelvic inflammatory diseases, safe maternity, forecasting of obstetrical and perinatal complications, Algorhytm of examination.



Yuzko O. M., Sydorchuk L. P., Bulyk T. S.

Allele’s state of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene (ACE I/D) in preg-nant with obesity.


The frequency of alleles and genotypes of insertion-deletion (I/D) polymorphism of the angiotensin-conver-ting enzyme gene (ACE) in the structure of pregnant women with and without obesity was analyzed. Among pregnant women with obesity mutation in intron 16 of ACE gene observed in 64,4% cases, which is by 3,4 times more than in pregnant women without obesity. In allelic distribution of I/D polymorphism of ACE gene promoter areas unfavorable D-allele dominated (71,0% of cases vs. 29% of I-allele carriers), with reliable deficit of heterozygosity.

Key words: pregnancy, obesity, I/D polymorphism of the ACE gene.



Gaystruk N. A., Mazchenko O. O., Nadezhdin M. V.

Modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment of fetal distress and early vascular damage in pregnant women.


Homocysteine, being replaceable amino acids play an important role in maintaining adequate hemodynamic processes in a single system mother-placenta-fetus, metabolism of amino acids and vitamins. Predictors of a number of obstetric complications and perinatal defects are hiperhomotsysteyinemiya. Opening patterns of biochemical changes in the process of homocysteine metabolism, as well as factors directly affecting it, re-main valid, because can highlight features of aspects of etiology and pathogenesis of fetal distress, chronic placental insufficiency, prematurity, intrauterine growth retardation, the usual miscarriages, placental abruption, late gestosis, in particular, hypertensive disorders in the form of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. Which in turn opens up new opportunities for prevention and prospects of pathogenetic therapy of vascular disorders during pregnancy, to effectively influence the rate of perinatal complications, morbidity during pregnancy and childbirth.

Key words: hypertensive disorders, homocysteine, fetal distress, pathogenetic therapy.



Vdovichenko Iu. P., Goncharuk N. P., Gurzhenko O. Iu.

Dependence of perinatal losses indexes from varying of caesarian secti-ons frequency in case of fetal distress.


In the work there were analysed data on caesarian sections frequency, on the caesarian sections structure in the interests of foetus, on dependence of perinatal losses indexes from varying of caesarian sections fre-quency in case of fetal distress during the period 2001–2011 years at the Kyiv municipal maternity hospital № 1. The increase of caesarian sections frequency is marked. Also the positive tendency of decline of urgent operative interventions frequency pays attention on itself. The increase of caesarian sections frequency in case of objectively confirmed acute fetal hypoxia did not result in the expected decline of perinatal losses.

Key words: caesarian section, fetal distress, perinatal losses.



Веропотвелян Н. П., Бондаренко А. А.

Диагностика и лечение гемолитической болезни плода на современном этапе.




Volik N. K.

3D-angiography history of placental vasculature.


Uterine and placental vascularization are of high importance for normal course of pregnancy. Pathological formation and further pathological placental development leads to a whole number of pregnancy complica-tions. Today, placental function failure prediction is possible owing to uterine and placental arteries color-coded dopplerographic spectrum blood flow analysis. Current work represents experience in placental vasculature examination by means of sonographic 3D-angiography. Methodology of such examination is described, also suggested that described method allows analysis of three-dimensional organization of placental vessels, examination of theirs anatomical features and blood flow parameters, which are of high importance for prediction of pregnancy course.

Key words: pregnancy, the placenta, angiography.



Posokhova S. P., Nitochko K. O.

The prognostic criteria of intrauterine infection of the fetus during pregnancy and premature preterm rupture of membranes.


The results of the study of prognostic criteria of intrauterine infection in premature pregnancy and premature rupture of membranes, which are: the presence of women active urogenital infection markers expressed oli-gohydramnios, the definition of «C»-reactive protein, the presence of inflammatory processes in the placenta and evaluation on newborn Apgar score less than 7/7 points. The most important prognostic criteria of intra-uterine infection is the duration waterless period over 168 hours during gestation before 32 weeks, which was the highest percentage of neonatal mortality.

Key words: preterm delivery, premature rupture of membranes, intrauterine infection, prognostic criteria.



Tanko O. P., Vygovskaya L. A., Maltsev G. V., Blagoveshchenskiy Ye. V., Gayvoronskaya S. I.

Employment of dopplerometric investigation in fetaldistress diagnostics.


The article deals with contemporary ideas concerning the employment of dopplerometric method in obstetri-cal practice. The described case of fetal distress diagnostics provides evidence that it is necessary to give qualitative and quantitative characteristics of blood velocity curve simultaneously when dopplerometric inves-tigation is employed. Qualitative estimation alone does not always contribute to accurate diagnostics of fetus condition.

Key words: dopplerometry, blood velocity curve, pregnancy, umbilical artery.



Artemenko V. V.

Role of biochemical screening in prenatal diagnostics of congenital de-velopmental anomalies and chromosomal anomalies at a fruit.


Results of the spent researches testify that specific deviations from norm serum pregnancy markers at vari-ous kinds of congenital developmental anomalies had 16–71% of patients, complex changes serum preg-nancy markers are noted in 19,2% in the basic group of patients and in 10,0% – in comparison group. The received results are necessary for considering by algorithm working out prognictical actions at women with risk factors.

Key words: congenital developmental anomalies, chromosomal anomalies, diagnostics, biochemical screening.



Ромащенко О. В., Мельников С. Н., Коваль С. Б., Билоголовская В. В., Ященко Л. Б., Щербак М. А.

Сексуальная гармония у женщин в пременопаузе.


В статье представлен анализ проблем нарушения сексуального желания и оценены перспективы ис-пользования капсул Гинопауэр для достижения гармонии сексуальных взаимоотношений мужчины и женщины.

Ключевые слова: сексуальные дисфункции у женщин, пременопауза, сексуальное желание, Гинопауэр.



Bojko E. N.

Correction urogenital frustrations at women with leiomyoma of uterus and an internal endometriosis.


Results of the spent researches testify, that leiomyoma of uterus and an internal endometriosis is one of the development reasons urogenital frustrations, frequency and which structure depend on volume and access of operative treatment. Use of offered algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions allows to lower frequency urogenital frustrations and to raise efficiency of treatment the basic genital pathologies.

Key words: leiomyoma of uterus, an internal endometriosis, urogenital frustrations.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Guzhevskaya I. V., Veropotvelyan N. P., Kazac A. V.

The role of obesity in the development of pregnancy and delivery complications.


Varicose vascular factor in patients with chronical painful syndrome of little pelvis. In this article a short revi-ew of contemporary condition of varicose vascular factor and chronical painful syndrome of little pelvis is given. Peculiar features of venous system of little pelvis, etiology and pathogenesis are stated. Methods of diagnostics and therapy of varicose vascular factor of little pelvis veins are described. “Flebodia 600” is preferable and well-recommended preparation of conservative treatment. An individual approach is recom-mended while performing a complex therapy and a surgical treatment in every single case.

Key words: varicose vascular factor, chronic pain, treatment, Phlebodia 600.



Shurshalina A. V.

Chronic endometritis as a reason of reproductive abnormalities.


Chronic endometritis can cause different reproductive pathology like infertility, ART failures and recurrent pregnancy loss. Current diagnostics and trea tment of endometrial inflammation is a serious step in preven-tion of reproduction failures.

Key words: chronic endometritis, endometrium, infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss.



Зелінський О. О., Чумак З. В., Шаповал М. В., Єрмоленко Т. О.

Прогнозування індивідуального віку настання менопаузи завдяки оцінюванню оваріального резерву.




Дубчак А. Е., Милевский А. В., Довгань Е. И.

Профилактика и лечение нарушений менструального цикла у жен-щин с хроническими воспалительными заболеваниями органов малого таза.


В работе изучено влияние в восстановительной терапии хронических воспалительных заболеваний внутренних половых органов фитокомплекса ТазалокТМ – препарата природного происхождения, регулирующего кровоснабжение, трофику, метаболизм и функциональное состояние репродуктивной эндокринной системы, обладающего противовоспалительным, противоотечным, седативным и резорбтивным воздействием, способствующего активной резорбции воспалительного инфильтрата и содержимого кистозных новообразований.

Ключевые слова: воспалительные заболевания органов малого таза, лечение, менструальная функция, ТазалокТМ.



Дубинина В. Г., Рыбин А. И.

Применение иммуномодулирующей терапии в комплексном лечении больных раком яичников.


В статье представлены результаты исследования по изучению клинической эффективности примене-ния препарата Альфарекин® в комплексном лечении пациенток с раком яичников. Установлено, что использование препарата на фоне послеоперационной лекарственной терапии улучшает показатели как гуморального, так и клеточного звеньев иммунитета больных. Препарат Альфарекин® обладает выраженным иммуномодулирующим и противоопухолевым действием, хорошо переносится пациен-тками и не имеет побочных эффектов.

Ключевые слова: рак яичников, лечение, иммуномодулирующая терапия, Альфарекин®.



Protas R. V.

The functional state of the ovaries in the late postoperative period in women after uterine artery embolization on uterine leiomyoma.


The paper presents the results of the investigation of ovarian function in late fertile age women who under-went uterine fibroid embolization. Evaluation of ovarian reserve was based on ultrasoud and Doppler exa-mination of ovarian arteries blood flow as well as on measuring serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels.

Key words: uterine leiomyoma, ovarian reserve, anti-Mullerian hormone, Dopper evaluation of blood flow.



Hazhilenko K. G., Vorobyova I. I., Zhivetskaya-Denisova A. A.

Peculiarities of the reproductive function in women with various options of congenital thrombophilia.


Studies are conducted in women with congenital thrombophilia (mutatsіya II, V coagulation factors, methyle-netetrahydrofolatereductase (MTHFR) on the hetero/homozygous type. The reproductive history and espe-cially of pregnancy are studied retrospectively. Most reproductive losses, including the unsuccessful attempts of in vitro fertilization (IVF), and late obstetric complications are fixed in patients with multigenic thrombophilia and MTHFR mutation in the homozygous type. Ability to make pregnancy is depends on the severity of here-ditary thrombophilia. The study of blood coagulation parameters should be pregravidly included for women with a negative of reproductive history in the complex examination to provide timely warning of reproductive losses and late obstetric complications.

Key words: congenital thrombophilia, reproduction, late obstetric complications.



Protsepko A. A., Adamchuk N. V.

Influence of hormonal rilizing-systems on lipide blood spectrum.


Results of the spent researches testify, that hormonal rilizing-systems do not render considerable influence on lipide an exchange at women of reproductive age. Dynamics of changes was statistically not authentic as a whole and between groups, was not beyond standard values and was not clinically significant. The receiv-ed results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of application hormonal rilizing-systems at women of reproductive age.

Key words: hormonal rilizing-systems, lipide blood spectrum.



Zhidkovskaja E. N.

Tactics of conducting women perimenopausal age with hyperplastic processes of endometrium against fibroce-cystes mastopatia.


Use of the algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions improved by us at women perime-nopasal age with a combination of hyperplastic processes of endometrium and fibroce-cystes mastopatia allows to define developments (genitals or mammary glands); a treatment method (conservative or opera-tive) and a variant of medicamentous correction (preparations for hormonal and metabolic therapy). In aggregate it allows to lower disease of women perimenopausal age to warn development of an oncological pathology.

Key words: hyperplastic processes of endometrium, fibroce-cystes mastopatia, treatment tactics.



Сенчук А. Я., Доскоч І. О., Мартинова Д. А., Саврун С. С.

Нові можливості у лікуванні вегетуючих форм дріжджів роду Candida у хворих зі змішаним вульвовагінітом.




Baskakov P. N., Sulima A. N.

Peritoneal pelvic adhesions’ features at women in the reproductive age who underwent previous surgical procedures.


A retrospective analysis of the pelvic peritoneal adhesions’ characteristics with women in the reproductive age who underwent various surgical interventions on the pelvic organs was carried out. The formation of postoperative adhesions depends on the surgical approach and the type of surgery. The incidence of adhe-sions is reduced if the laparoscopic technique is used and is considered to be the most favorable prognosis in order to restore the reproductive function.

Key words: peritoneal pelvic adhesions, surgical treatment, fertility age.



Степаненко В. І., Іванов С. В.

Сучасна терапевтична корекція вторинної імунної недостатності із залученням наномедичних технологій у комплексному лікуванні хворих на урогенітальні інфекції.




Суханова А. А., Соколова К. І., Коноплянко В. В.

Комплексне лікування дисплазій епітелію шийки матки, асоційо-ваних з папіломавірусною інфекцією.


Поширеність папіломавірусної інфекції, її негативний вплив на стан епітелію шийки матки, підвищення ризику малігнізації при тривалій персистенції інфекції потребує пошуку нових препаратів і нових підхо-дів до лікування цієї інфекції. При використанні тільки фізіохірургічних методів лікування патології шийки матки визначається високий відсоток рецидивування процесу. Тому питання оптимізації мето-дів лікування патології шийки матки є актуальним.

Ключові слова: вірус папіломи людини (ВПЛ), дисплазія епітелію шийки матки, апоптоз, інтерфе-рон альфа-2, комплексний метод лікування.



Bozhenko O.

Comperitive analysis application of oncomarkers CA125 HE4 in the diferential diagnostics of ovarian tumor.


We presented the results of evaluation of НЕ4 and СА125 serum levels in the patients with different ovarian tumours as well as ROMA index. The comparative analysis of НЕ4, СА125 and ROMA for stratification of risk in the patients with ovarian tumours was conducted.

Key words: oncomarkers, ovarian tumours.



Polishchuk L. Z., Ryabtzeva O. D., Svintzitzkiy V. S., Gardashnikova A. T.

Ovarian cancer stage i: morphological alteration in contralateral ovary, utery and uterine tubes and principles of spreading statement of tumor processes.


Morphological investigation of operative material 30 patients with ovarian cancer stage I revealed the varia-bility of histological types of ovarian tumors with prevail of serous carcinomas, and the wide spectra of patho-logical alterations in contrlateral ovaries, uteries and uterine tubes. The most morphological alteration were the manifestation of hormonal homeostasis changes in ovarian cancer patients. The most special cases we-re hyperplasia of theca tissue, borderline, serous, mucinous, foliculare cysts and polycystic ovary. Hyperpla-sia with/no cell proliferation and malignant transformation in borderline сysts of contralateral ovaries were revealed. It was showed the synchronous uterine cancer in three ovarian cancer patients. The discussion of questions about of treatment of patients with ovarian cancer stage I and principles of their chirurgical stage management are presented.

Key words: ovarian cancer stage I, contralateral ovary, utery, uterine tubes, morphological changes, guideline of treatment.



Reznichenko N. A.

Clinical and pathogenetic significance of violations of the hormonal system and their treatment in infertility, on the background of genital mix-candidiasis in women.


Studied indicators of functional state of the hypothalamic-pituitaryovarian system and the adrenal cortex 293 patients with infertility on the background of genital mix-candidiasis infection, the correction of this state of micronized progesterone. Proven high efficiency.

Key words: hormonal status, genitals mix-candidiasis, infertility, micronized progesterone.



Корнацька А. Г., Даниленко О. Г., Сай С. Ю.

Фітотерапія при безплідному шлюбі.




Adamov M. M.

The psychological characteristic of women with auxiliary reproductive technologies.


Results of the spent researches testify that development of boundary mental frustration is promoted by a combination of several factors, such as not adaptive behaviour which promoted strengthening of internal pressure, to dysfunction of vegetative nervous system that was shown in vegetative infringements. Long internally pressure led to development of high level of alarm, emission corticosteroides and further immuno-deficitical condition that promoted an aggravation of chronic somatic diseases. Copyng strategy «flight in illness» led to development of the psychosomatic diseases treatment avoidance was which overall objective. The received results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, the psychological characteristic.



Гормональная составляющая.