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Demenina N. K., Islamova O. V., Ischenko A. I., Milevskiy A. V.

Management of pregnancy in women with acquired and congenital heart disease.


The article with the approaches to pregnancy management in women with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in the world. It is shown-hemodynamic changes during pregnancy and all risks for mother and fetus in case of different CVD. The management of patients with CVD diseases before pregnancy, duringgestation, delivery and postpartum period is discussed. Conditions that are considered particularly high risk (mortality >10%) include Marfan syndrome with dilated aortic root, severe left heart obstructive lesions, pulmonary hypertension, and severe left ventricular dysfunction. This article reviews the management of women with heart disease during pregnancy, labour and in the puerperium.

Key words: pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases.



Duda О. К.

Viral Hepatitis E and pregnancy: modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment.


Viral hepatitis E is one of the most common diseases in the countries subtro-stove and tropical zones of the globe. Mostly are ill young people aged 25-40 years. Anicteric forms predominate. HEV runs mostly as mild, but in some cases there is severe and even fulminant course. Especially hard on HEV ill pregnant. The high mortality among pregnant women consider a kind of diagnostic label epidemics HEV.

Key words: Viral Hepatitis E, diagnosis, pregnant women.



Detsyk O. Z., Samotovka O. L., Fedorkiv N. B., Stovban I. V., Javorskyj M. I., Dolyk S. S., Samotovka G. V.

Medical and social substantiation of female reproductive tract prevention system model.


Functionally-organizational model of female reproductive tract prevention system was substantiated scientifically and developed on the basis of regularities of oncogynecologycal pathology formation. New elements of this model are: algorithm of early detection of uterus and ovarian cancer for general physicians; scheme of public relations for these types of cancer prevention; technology of population providing by information about women’s cancer prevention. Proposed model of female reproductive tract prevention system doesn’t need new elements in health care system, it make possible implementation of the model in other regions of Ukraine without economical expense.

Key words: cancer of women reproductive tract, prevention, model of oncogynaecological prevention system.



Mykytenko D. O., Zukin V. D., Pidgorna O. V.

A new paradigm of the preimplantation genetic diagnostics.


In the current publication fundamental bases of the preimplantation genetic diagnostics were described (it was carried out the comparative analysis of the regulation of individual countries and usage of the different testing objects and methods). There were separated the indications for preimplantation investigations by different methods. Current status of preimplantation genetic diagnostics in Ukraine was analyzed, and there were estimated the perspectives and conditions of its further development.

Key words: preimplantation genetic diagnostics, screening, PCR, FISH, comparative genomic hybridization.



Romanenko N. M.

Functional condition of a thyroid gland at pregnant women with an anaemia in the conditions of iodic dysbalance.


The women living in region with a lack of iodine in environment have shown results of the spent researches, that, are group of high risk on development iodicdefycite conditions and pathology thyroid gland. In degrees it concerns pregnant women with extragenital pathology (anemias, thyroid gland diseases). In this connection, it is necessary to spend definition of iodine and hormones of a thyroid gland at all pregnant women on early terms of gestation, with the subsequent correction of the revealed infringements.

Key words: an anaemia of pregnant women, a thyroid gland, iodic dysbalance.



Vorobieva I. I., Zhivetskaya-Denisova A. A., Tkachenko V. B., Shamaieva O. B.

Tivortin donator nitrogen oxide and energy protector Cytoflavinum use in a complex treatment of patients with threatened miscarriage.


Comparative analysis of two treatment procedures of patients with threatened miscarriage, traditional and recommended (application of nitrogen oxide donator and energy protector) has been carried out on the basis of clinical and statistical analysis and the analysis of premature birth risk frequency, newborn state estimation.

Key words: premature labour, habitual miscarriage therapy, cyclic nucleotides, nitrogen oxide (NO), Cytoflavinum, tivortin, state of newlyborn.



Подольский В. В., Подольский Вл. В.

Герпесвирусная инфекция 2-го типа и современные возможности ее лечения при хронических воспалительных заболеваниях половых органов у женщин фертильного возраста.




Tetruashvili N. K., Sidelnikova V. M.

Management of first and second trimester bleeding.


This review focuses on the management of threatened abortion, especially use tranexamic acid (hemostatic therapy) together with pathogenetic treatment of patients with vaginal bleeding in the first and the second trimester of pregnacy.

Key words: bleeding; pregnancy; threatened abortion; miscarriage; tranexamic acid.



Тихомиров А. Л., Олейник Ч. Г.

Бактериальный вагиноз. Оптимизация лечения бактериального вагиноза.




Gryshchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V., Mashchenko A. A., Bukley V. P., Sheptuha A. E.

The choice of analgesia method in parturients after cesarean section from the standpoint of the concept of «fast track surgery».


It was performed the comparison of ketoprofen and dexketoprofen application for analgesia after abdominal route of delivery in 108 cesarean patients. The usage of preemptive analgesia of Dexalgin medication with a subsequent twofold injection in the postoperative period was more effective compared to ketoprofen application. Additional use of rectal suppositories Dikloberl 100 has enhanced analgetic effect of Dexalgin and permitted to roll up the interval to the first injection of morphine.

Key words: cesarean section, analgesia, Dexalgin, Dicloberl.



Glazkova I. B., Simacheva S. A.

The differentiated campaign to surgical treatment complex pathologies of a uterus without and with genital prolapse.


Results of the spent researches completely confirm necessity of the differentiated approach to operative treatment complex pathologies of a uterus without and with genital prolapse. The developed and introduced algorithm allows to achieve positive results both in early, and in the remote terms after operation.

Key words: complex uterus pathology, genital prolapse, surgical treatment.



Bagash S. K., Chernichenko I. I.

Evaluation and correction of renal function in women.


The problem of gestosis has become a big one in practice of obstetrician-gynecologists. The estimation of renal excretory function is important both from clinical and researching points of view. The research goal was the estimation of renal function in women after gestosis and the possibility of correction of the revealed disorders. 131 puerperas after gestosis have been examined. The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was estimated in 110 puerperas with gestosis. The control group included 32 patients with the physiological processes of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period. In 21 examined women with gestosis in the postnatal period the correction of the revealed renal malfunction with Сanephron has been conducted. With the help of profound analysis of the estimation of renal functional condition the GFR was shown to be authentically lowered in women in the basic group in comparison with the control group. During the postnatal period Сanephron N allows, effectively, quickly and carefully, to normalize the renal function condition in women with gestosis.

Key words: renal function, Canephron N.



Vdovychenko S. J.

Cesarean section at a born distress-syndrome.


Results of the spent researches testify, that preventive maintenance perinatal pathologies at women with a born distress-syndrome should have complex and stage-by-stage character, since adequate tactics of conducting pregnancy with a dynamic estimation of a biophysical profile of a born, correction of the psychoemotional status on background minimisation of medical products and finishing the prolonged regional anaesthesia with simultaneous use antigypoxante directly ahead of abdominal delivery.

Key words: a cesarean section, a born distress-syndrome.



Goncharenko D. O., Zhaloba G. M., Shatrova K. M., Zhezher A. O.

Analysis of clinical progression and outcomes of peripartal cardiomyopathy.


In the article author analyses 5 cases of peripartal cardiomyopathies. 2 patients were hospitalized into Kyiv Regional Center of Mother and Child Health Protection (KRCMChHP), and 3 patients were examined by specialists of KRCMChHP in regional hospitals. Two cases ended with exitus letalis. The article includes results of clinical, pathologicoanatomic and pathologichistological examinations. Conclusions about the efficiency of the treatment and recommendations for management this group of obstetric patients are represented in the ending of the article.

Key wortds: peripartal cardiomyopathies, TEPA.



Жабченко И. А.

Дифференцированный подход к коррекции дисбиотических нарушений во время беременности.




Dashkevich V. E., Tutchenko L. I., Kyrylchuk M. E.

Effectiveness of prophylactic measures for pregnant with congenital heart disease.


Analyzed the course of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and lactation function in pregnant women with congenital heart disease who received prenatal preparation and prophylactic measures, developed by us. The application of this prenatal preparation has decreased fatigue, improved exercise tolerance and reduce the personal level of anxiety during pregnancy and before the labor, and, consequently, led to a reduction of maternal and perinatal morbidity among pregnant women with heart defects complicated by heart failure.

Key words: congenital heart disease in the mother, prenatal рreparation, еffectiveness.



Pleshakova Ju. A.

Management of rotaviral infections in pregnant women.


Background: rotavirus infection is one of the leading causative agents of acute gastroenteritis among infants. In the majority of older children and adults the course of rotavirus infection is asymptomatic. The most likely route of rotavirus transmission in infants would be from the infected mother. 

Objective: to evaluate interventions targeted at decreasing the incidence of rotavirus infection among infants.

Design: a comparative study with clinical, virological and immunological control.

Patients and Intervention: 112 asymptomatic pregnant women with rotavirus infection were randomized into 2 groups: patients from treatment group 1 (n=67)were administered complex oral formulation of human immunoglobulin (HIG; 1 dose orally 30 minutes prior to meals o.d. for 5 days) and Actovegin (200 mg t.i.d. orally for 7 days), whilepatients from the control group 2 (n=45) were not administered any treatment.

Results: after completion of treatment course all control faeces samples from group 1 patients were rotavirus negative. Not a single case of rotaviral ga stroenteritis was registered during the first year of life

among infants born by women from the group 1, as opposed to 40 cases of rotaviral infection among 45 infants born by women from the group 2.

Conclusions: use of HIG and Actovegin for management of asymptomatic rotaviral infection in pregnant women results in decreased incidence of rota-viral gastroenteritis in infantsduring the first year of a life.

Key words: rotaviral infection, infant gastroenteritis, complex oral formulation of human immunodlobulin, Actovegin.



Mirzaeva Y. K., Khairutdinova N. Kh., Faizyrakhmanova M. M., Kerimova E. D., Iadgarova I. N., Sultanov S. N.

Clinical and hemostasiological particularities in pregnant women with Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome on the background of a virus infection.


One of the topical issues of modern obstetrics is the impact of virus infections on the pregnancy. The research proved the majority of women with APS to have concurrent infection. Thus, half of women have been diagnosed with the asymptomatic HSV carrying. They were also examined for Chlamidia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealiticum, Micoplasma hominis. Hemostasis system research of women with APS showed that they had significant changes in the hemostasis system. These changes manifested themselves in plasma part hypercoagulability of hemostasis system and appearance of inopexia markers activation.

Key words: virus infections, Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome, pregnancy, miscarriage.



Vovk I. B., Trohimovych O. V., Dikan I. M., Volyk N. K.

Dopplerometry feature of gestation realignments of uterine hemodynamic on early terms of pregnancy.


For studies of formation uterine hemodynamic on early terms of pregnancy is examined 20 pregnant woman at 6-11 weeks term. The analysis of got data has allowed to show the particularities of gestation realignments of uterine hemodynamic depending on pregnancy terms. Before 8 weeks of pregnancy using the colour dopplerometry did not register the changes of uterine hemodynamic in accordance of trophoblastic invasion. After 8-9 weeks of pregnancy existed asymmetry of hemodynamic of dominant and subdominant uterine artery because of the reinforcement intensities in dominant uterine artery.

Key words: early pregnancy terms, uterine hemodynamic, gestation realignment, dopplerometry.



Анкирская А. С.

Микроэкология влагалища и профилактика акушерской патологи.




Semenyna G. B.

Role utero-placentary hemodynamics, markers of activity of angiogenesis and condition of peripheral department of symphathoadrenal systems in pathophysiologia of complications the first trimester of pregnancy at women with hyperandrogenia.


Necessity of search of attributes of infringements for work of hemodynamic subsystems as composed pathogenesis lines of complications courses of pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy at women with

hyperandrogenia, aspiration theoretically and practically prove existence of interrelation between hemodynamics infringements and to pathological currents of processes placentation have caused the purpose and problems of work. By inspection of 66 pregnant women with hyperandrogenia ovarian and adrenal genesis established, that in the basis of pathogenesis pregnancy loss, and miscarriage infringements of regulation separate stages placentation lay, the certificate became changes of the maintenance angiogenics growth factors and endothelin and the separate role is allocated to excitation of a peripheral department symphathoadrenal systems. At borders of functional system mother – placenta-fetus at pregnant women with hyperandrogenia making of hemodynamic subsystems, submitted to dominant principle of the organization, have in the basis reciprocal character of mutual relations.

Key words: hyperandrogenia, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, growth factors, hemodynamics infringements.



Minina E. A.

Noncompact cardiomyopathy the left ventricle in pregnant women.


The article reports a rare disease in pregnancy – a noncompact cardiomyopathy the left ventricle in pregnant women. Elucidates the etiology, pathogenesis, family history, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, prevention and treatment of possible complications (heart failure, arrhythmias, thromboembolism).

Key words: noncompact cardiomyopathy the left ventricle in pregnant women, pregnancy, childbirth, medical treatment.



Samarchenko O. A.

Pregnancy and childbirth at women who used various methods of contraception.


Results of the spent researches have shown, that delivery women with use intrauterine spirals in the anamnesis is accompanied by high frequency perinatal pathologies owing to considerable level of infringements in system «mother-placenta-born», and complex genesise. The received clinical, functional, laboratory and microbiological results сonfirm the given position also testify to necessity of working out of corresponding algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions for practical public health services.

Key words: contraception, pregnancy, childbirth.



Енькова Е. В., Минаев Н. Н.

Оценка эффективности и комплаентности вагинальных капсул Полижинакс при лечении неспецифических эндоцервицитов.




Захаренко Н. Ф.

Особенности ведения послеоперационного периода у больных с эндометриозом.


Islamova G. O.

Hormonal status of menopausal women with thyroiditis.


Correlation dependence of content of TTG and estradiol which specifies on development of hypothyrosis on a background the deficience of estradiol and correlation between antimicrosomal antibodies and progesterone were proved. Progesteron possibly influences on autoimmune process stabilization in thyroid.

Key words: hormones, natural menopause, surgical menopause, thyroiditis.



Подзолкова Н. М., Никитина Т. И., Вакатова И. А.

Новое поколение противогрибковых препаратов для лечения острого вульвовагинального кандидоза.




Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Bondarenko A. A., Pogulay Y. S.

The modern view of ovarian reserve in different endocrine disorders in women who suffer from decreased fertility function.


This review article summarizes the results of a scientific research carried out mainly in recent years on the issue of ovarian reserve with various endocrine disorders in women with functional infertility factor. These literature data and own investigations allow us to make a conclusion that a study of indicators of ovarian reserve in patients with CPn, PCOS and endometriosis with small forms with reduced reproductive function are highly relevant and promising research in the direction of ovarian reserve in young women, are more accurately determine the reproductive potential in each case and for the timely treatment by ART (IVF), particularly in patients with ovarian syndrome resistance (CPn), in which FSH 20-25 IU / L, in such cases the best way is to do it with a donor ovule.

Key words: ovarian reserve, endometriosis, ovarian syndrome resistance.



Payanidi Yu. G., Zhordania K. I.

Artificial menopause and experience of cimicifuga extract use (Klimadynon).


Advances made in oncogynecology and improvements of surgical, radiation, and drug treatment provided relatively good survival rates in patients with female genital organ lesions. However, this treatment often leads to postcastration syndrome manifestations in most young women. New rehabilitation modalities for such female patients are important and urgent. It was investigated whether Cimicifuga racemosa extract may be used for alleviation of postcastration syndrome symptoms and the results are encouraging.

Key words: oncology, gynecology, cimicifuga, postcastration syndrome, rehabilitation, quality of life.



Shkrobanets I. D., Andriets O. A., Cisar Y. V., Polishchuk M. I.

Thyroid and menstrual function: important components of reproductive health.


The article discusses the problem of menstrual dysfunction in adolescent girls prepubertal and pubertal age with thyroid disorders, as two important components of reproductive health.

Key word: adolescent girls, thyroid gland, menstrual cycle.



Revenko O.

Frequency of virus infection and features of microbiocenosis the genital tract at women with infringement of reproductive function which have transferred artificial interruption of pregnancy.


Bacteriological and virologic researches were spent for the purpose of an estimation of specific and quantitative structure of microflora of a vagina at women with the broken reproductive function after artificial interruption of pregnancy. At women with infertility with the transferred abortion it is characteristic prevalence in microecology of sexual ways of is conditional-pathogenic microflora against high virus level of HSV-2. While women with barreness inflammatory henesis the ethiological factors had the sexual transferred infections.

Key words: Artificial interruption of pregnancy, secondary infertility, microbiocenosis, virologic infection.



Vdovichenko J. P., Palyga I. E.

The clinical-immunological analysis of efficiency of auxiliary reproductive technologies.


The carried out analysis of parametres immune and cytocine status at system and local level in interrelation with quantitative and functional indicators ovarial functions and clinical efficiency of auxiliary reproductive technologies testifies to the important role of immune system in regulation folliculogenesise and embriogenesise.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, efficiency, immunology.



Skiba L. I.

Features of vaginal strokes of girls-teenagers.


In this article the questions of the state of the genesial system are considered for girls-teenagers from data of citologicheskikh researches of vaginal strokes.

Key words: vaginal painting, girls-teenagers, mikroskopirovanie.



Sobol Maria

Ichthyosis Prematurity Syndrome associates with mutations in FATP4 gene.


Ichthyosis Prematurity Syndrome (IPS; ОМІМ 608649) is a rare congenital inherited disorder characterized by premature birth, thick caseous desquamating epidermis and neonatal asphyxia. Ichthyosis Prematurity Syndrome is caused by mutations in FATP4 gene coding acyl-CoA-synthetase FATP4. FATP4 is involved in binding, uptake and activation of very long chain fatty acids. There are 11 different mutations in FATP4 gene associated with Ichthyosis Prematurity Syndrome: 2 nonsense, 7 missense and 2 splice site mutations. These mutations result in synthesis of nonfunctional FATP4 protein which affects lipid metabolism in patient’s epidermis that leads to abnormalities of epidermis structure and skin barrier function disruption.

Key words: ichthyosis, acyl-CoA-synthetase, FATP4, fatty acids.



Baskakov P. N., Dubovenko D. V.

Tactics of conducting women with distress a born and a metabolic syndrome.


Results of the spent researches testify to efficiency of offered treatment-and-prophylactic actions at women with superfluous weight of a body and a metabolic syndrome. The technique is idle time, popular and wide application in practical public health services can find.

Key words: distress a born, a metabolic syndrome.



Калюжна Л. Д., Бардова К. О.

Сучасний погляд дерматовенеролога на проблему генітального герпесу.




The change of the immune status in the pregnant with placental insufficiency and incompetent pregnancy infected by the viruses: genital herpes, cytomegalovirus and Epshtein-Barr.


The overview article and own investigations include a modern view on the change of the immune status in the pregnant with placental insufficiency and incompetent pregnancy infected by the viruses: genital herpes (GHG-2), cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Epshtein-Barr (VEB). The difficulty in observing the pregnant patients with a virus infection is in impossibility to use aethropic therapy. The existing antivirus preparations are counter-indicative to their usage during a pregnancy period. That is why the only appropriate way to stimulate the advance of the pregnancy in the patients with chronic infections is to prescribe preparations which allow the reduction of the endotelia’s damage degree, trombofilia, thus to decrease the probability of the placental insufficiency (PI ) development as well as syndrome of the fetus loss. As trombosis and ischemia of the placenta’s vessels start at the very early ages of pregnancy, it is more advisable to prescribe preventive measures but not treatment of PI and incompetent pregnancy at the very stages of planning a pregnancy.

Key words: placental insufficiency, incompetent pregnancy, viruses.



Benyuk V. O., Sherba E. A., Lastoveckaya L. D.

Etiopathogenetic approaches to diagnosis and treatment-candidal vulvovaginitis herpetic.


The article presents the results of the study electrokinetic activity squamous vaginal epithelium of 138 women with manifestations of Candida-herpetic vulvovaginitis. Demonstrated ratios of the mobile and fixed cells, the average nuclei speed run, corellation of amplitude shift of the plasmolem and amplitude shift of epithelium cell nucleiin vagina in dinamics on the bases of received results found high effectivness of use of Lavomax, Acyclovir and Livarol with following prescribeng of probiotics in a complex therapy Candida, herpes infections of the vagina-mixed.

Key words: genital herpes, Candida vulvovaginitis, Livarol, Lavomax, electrokinetic activity of cells.



Прилепская В. Н., Костава М. Н.

Возможности терапии папилломавирусной инфекции.




Мельник О. В.

Вспомогательные репродуктивные технологи и многоплодная беременность – две стороны одной медали.




Nizalova T. G.

Tactics of carrying out of auxiliary reproductive technologies at patients with hyperprolactinemia in the anamnesis.


Results of the spent researches testify to an essential role functional hyperprolactinemia in infringement of reproductive function of women. At an inefficiency of stage-by-stage conservative therapy and endoscopical treatments it is necessary to use auxiliary reproductive technologies with obligatory preliminary correction of level prolactine. The received results confirm efficiency of the developed algorithm and can be widely used in practical public health services.

Key words: auxiliary reproductive technologies, hyperprolactinemia.



Gopchuk E. N., Gerasimova T. V.

Hormonal infertility and nonhormonal remedies – modern aspects.


In the article information about the modern state of problem of infertility, and nonhormonal remedy used for the treatment of its hormonal forms is expounded.

Key words: infertility, anovulation, treatment, Tribestan.



Chermak I. I.

Functional condition of reproductive system at women of late reproductive age with barreness.


The received results testify, that ovarial reserve defines a functional condition of reproductive system of women and decreases with the years. Condition markers ovarial reserve is the age of the woman, duration menstrual cycle, level of some hormones, volume ovariums and number antrale hormones in them. Antimuller it is possible to consider a hormone as the most exact marker of a condition ovarial reserve as it does not depend on level of other hormones, day menstrual cycle and reflects size premordial follicles. Received results it is necessary to consider by working out algorytm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: reproductive system, late reproductive age.



Vdovychenko Yu. P., Vitiuk A. D.

Treatment of anovulatory infertility accompanied by hormonal and immunological disorders.


Women with anovulatory infertility have hormonal and immunological disorders classified as secondary immune deficiency type. The hormonal homeostasis and immune system functions were studied in the women examined following treatment. It has been established that immunomodulatory action mechanism has a positive effect on the immunity profile, i.e., the total T and B lymphocyte counts increase, and the concentration of circulating immune complexes decreases. The use of an immunomodulatory drug to correct the changes detected led to the normalization of the immune system function.

Key words: anovulatory infertility, hormonal and immunological disorders, immune response modifier.



Polishschuk L. Z., Riabtseva O. D., Novak O. E.

Ovarian cancer progression and role of adhesive molecules in metastatic processes.


The review is devoted to molecular-biological peculiarities of ovarian cancer (OC), connection of genetic alteration with OC clinical peculiarities, characteristics of metastatic phenotype of tumor cells, roles of adhesive molecules in cancer progression and metastatic process. Plural and complexity of molecular interaction participates in development of molecular-biological heterogeneity on various stages of OC development, that reflects the variability of metastatic process and clinical polymorphisms of tumor disease.

Key words: ovarian cancer, progression, molecular-biological markers, adhesive molecules, metastatic phenotype, metastatic process.



Tkachuk Tetiana

Prevention of thrombotic complications of surgical treatment in gynecologic oncology patients.


The article provides an evaluation of perisurgical antithrombotic therapy efficiency in 143 patients with malignant tumors of female genitalia using Clexane low molecular weight heparin (enoxoparinum natrium). The daily dose was 0.4 to 0.8 ml depending on the presence of risk factors for thrombotic complications. Treatment duration: 10 days. None of the patients developed any thrombotic complications either in the postoperative period or during the six-month follow-up.

Key words: gynecologic oncology, thromboses, prevention, surgery, clexane.