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стр. 10 Optimization of the process of postpartum blood loss assessment Chernov A. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):10–16; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.10
стр. 17 Women: April videoconference in Kiev HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):17
стр. 18 All-Ukrainian scientific and practical oncological conference on the 70th anniversary Vinnytsia Oncology dispensary: taking stock and looking to the future HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):18–19
стр. 26 Clinical cases of hysteromyoma treatment during pregnancy Pilipenko O. N., Slusar T. I., Levchenko I. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):26–27
стр. 28 Simultaneous operation in gynecology (clinical value) Hetsko N. V., Tsmur O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):28–31
стр. 32 Bacterial vaginosis: an update review Tovstanovskaya V. A., Mykytenko N. N., Farakak Parsay HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):32–40; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.32
стр. 41 Pre-eclampsia in women – consumers opiate injection drug users Kaminsky V. V., Zelenska M. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):41–43; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.41
стр. 44 Pregnancy after cancer. When the impossible becomes possible HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):44–47
стр. 48 The intrauterine development of the fetus in perinatal medicine (review) Egorova J. A., Zabolotnov V. A., Rybalka A. N. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):48–51; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.48
стр. 52 Current understanding of carcinogenesis of epithelial ovarian cancer Chayka K. V., Zhykharskyy R. V., Kaminskyy A. V., Serbenyuk A. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):52–56; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.52
стр. 57 Postpartum psychosis (overview) Golyanovskiy O. V., Padalko A. A., Mekhedko V. V., Khimenko M. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):57–62; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.57
стр. 63 Application of the fluorescence spectroscopy for diagnosis of postpartum purulent-septic complications Bulavenko O. V., Ostapyuk L. R., Rudj V. O., Voloshinovskii A. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):63–65; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.63
стр. 66 Clinical approach to the method of delivery after operation of caesarian section in doctor’s practice Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Tsehmistrenko I. S., Guzhevskaya I. V., Goruk P. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):66–71; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.66
стр. 72 Diagnostics and preventive maintenance of complications at laparoscopical gynecologic operations Vdovychenko Yu. P., Voloshin A. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):72–74; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.72
стр. 75 Tactics of conducting pregnancy and labours at an umbilical cord pathology Boyko V. I., Jablunovskay V. Yu. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):75–77; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.75
стр. 78 Tactics of operative treatment complex pathologies of uterus without and with genital prolapse Kuzemensky M. L., Gladenko S. E. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):78–79
стр. 80 A review of clinical studies of the use of dydrogesterone in case of habitual miscarriage Howard Carp HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):80–86
стр. 89 Women: innovative approaches to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of menopausal disorders HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):89–92
стр. 93 State of the protein-synthesizing function of the placenta with premature rupture of membranes Zelynskyy А. А., Domakova N. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):93–95; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.93
стр. 96 Features of local immunity and vaginal mikrobiotic community in women with irritable bowel syndrome Tudai V., Limanskaya A., Mokryk A., Davydova Iu HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):96–98
стр. 100 Retrospective analysis of cesarean section in the typical municipal maternity hospital Goncharuk N. P., Kovyda N. R. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):100–101; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.100
стр. 102 The difficulties of clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis in pregnant women Makarenko M. V., Govseev D. A., Leliak O. F., Tian O. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):102–105; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.102
стр. 106 Correction of renal function in women with gestosis Bagash S. K., Chernichenko І. І., Linda V. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):106–108; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.106
стр. 109 Retrospective analysis of birth women with operated cervix Kornatska A. G., Tsvigun M. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):109–111; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.109
стр. 112 Evaluation of certain factors of endothelial dysfunction, their informational value as the markers of predicting the development of placental insufficiency in women with locally non- progressive detachment of the normally situated placenta Rymarchuk M. O., Makarchuk O. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):112–114; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.112
стр. 115 Evaluation of cytokine profile in pregnant women with enterovirus infection Antonjuk M. I., Zarichanska K. V., Iemets N. O., Lakatosh P. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):115–117; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.115
стр. 118 Clinical aspects of long-term treatment of endometriosis at dienogest Pyrohova V. I., Shurpyak S. A., Kryvko B. J. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):118–121; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.118
стр. 122 Peculiarities of genital tract microbiocenosis in the presence of uterine leiomyoma on the background of inflammatory diseases of the genitals Gorban N. E. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):122–125; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.122
стр. 126 Infertility and personality of the late reproductive age patients with the endometrial pathology Korniyenko S. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):126–128; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.126
стр. 131 Retrospective analysis of simultaneous interventions in surgery and gynecology Dronova V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):131–134; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.131
стр. 135 Phytoestrogens in early manifestations of menopausal syndrome in women with chronic brain ischemia Shishkova V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):135–140
стр. 141 Natural menopausa during the various age periods: quality of life and tactics of treatment-and-prophylactic actions Kishakevich I. T. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):141–144; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.141
стр. 145 Ways to overcome the development of resistance of Candida fungi to itraconazole in the treatment of acute vulvovaginal candidiasis Nosenko O. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):145–150
стр. 152 Remote results of ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs in women those underwent MOH Lezhnenko S. P., Rubinshtein A. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2015.4(100):152–155; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.152
стр. 156 The resalts of indicators systemic and local immunityin in women of reproductive age Lessianuyi M. I., Potapova A. G., Buchkova N. G., Reshetnyak O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):156–159; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.156
стр. 160 Deficiency of vitamin D and modern laboratory diagnostics Zaft V. B., Zaft A. A., Klimova G. O., Boyko I. V., Galitskay V. V., Rykova O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):160–162
стр. 164 Prevention of neonatal herpes in women with primary and recurrent forms of genital herpes infection Markin L. B., Shatylovych K. L., Shakhova O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):164–168
стр. 169 Perinatal results at pregnant women with trombofiliya depending on their phenotype Duka Y. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):169–172; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.169
стр. 173 Optimal clinical and therapeutic ways of correction of fetal arrhythmias Zhuk S. I., Maruschak O. V., Pekhnyo N. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):173–176; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.173
стр. 177 Copper and zinc content in pregnant patient’s and newborn’s blood serum in itrauterine infection Shcherbuna N. A., Vygovskaya L. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):177–180; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.177
стр. 181 State of newborn with hypoglycemia Veropotvelyan P., Radchenko V., Veropotvelyan N., Zhuravleva S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):181–185; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.181
стр. 186 Mardanly F. A., Zeynalova U. A., Kerimova N. Z., Aliyeva N. B., Jafarova S. I. Mardanly F. A., Zeynalova U. A., Kerimova N. Z., Aliyeva N. B., Jafarova S. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.4(100):186–187; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.100.186