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Вовк І. Б., Корнацька А. Г., Борисюк О. Ю.

Combined treatment of women with chronic recurrent genital herpes as-sociated with sexual transmitted infections.


Inspections and comparative studying of complex treatment efficiency of 200 patients recommended for ap-plication by pelvic inflammatory diseases of a herpesvirus-bacterial etiology (the basic group) are carried out. 192 women whom received standard antiviral and antibacterial treatments without previous immune correc-tion made the group of comparison. Results of treatment were taken into account in 1–1,5 months after end of complex therapy and included changes of the common condition of the patient, bacteriological, virologic researches, features of system and local immunity. The offered circuit of treatment herpesvirus-bacterial in-fections at the surveyed women highly effective also assisted reduction of frequency of revealing of all mar-kers herpesvirus to an infection. The developed complex of therapy has allowed to develop new approaches to antegravidal to preparation in of family planning system.

Key words: women, genital herpes, sexual transmitted infections.



Гойда Н. Г., Донець В. Є.

Актуальність створення перинатальних центрів в Україні.




Shcheplyagina L. A., Kurmacheva N. A.

Iodine deficiency in pregnant women: what to choose for prophylaxis?


The article presents materials of scientific research on the negative effect of iodine deficiency on pregnant, lactating women, state of fetus, health of new-bom and infants. It presents data about the leading role of gestational hypothyroxinemia in deterioration of maternal and child health. There are discussed the most effective and safe schemes of iodine prophylaxis in women of reproductive age with iodine-containing drugs.

Key words: pregnant women, iodine prophylaxis, iodine-containing drugs.



Silkina Yu. V., Chaikovsky Yu. B.

Deontological and normative-legal aspects of the human embryonic materials use.


The article contains the data about Ukrainian legislation, principles and instructions for the human embryonic materials use. There are some aspects within the problem of the human embryonic materials use: utilization of gametes and extra embryos after in vitro fertilization; stem cells transplantation; researches of abortive embryos and dead fetuses. Each aspect is regulated by general medical legislation and has special instruc-tions, that are summarized in this article.

Key words: deontology, medical legislation, human embryo, in vitro fertilization, stem cells, transplantation.



Хламидийная инфекция: актуальне клинические проблемы.




Рощина Г. Ф., Морозова О. В.

Современные взгляды на терапию первичной дисменореи.


Первичная дисменорея это проблема санитарной грамотности населения. Данная патология эффективно и успешно поддается терапии и пациенты должны знать об этом. Первичная дисменорея – это диагноз исключения, требующий проведения комплекса диагностических мероприятий.

Ключевые слова: первичная дисменорея, менструальный цикл, клинические проявления, нестероидные противовоспалительные препараты.



Потоцкий Ю. Д., Ткачук А. Г., Чудная О. И.

Сравнение эффективности неоадъювантной гормонотерапии инги-битором ароматазы Летромарой и неоадъювантной химиотерапии у пациенток с раком молочной железы в постменопаузе.




Nazarenko L., Bibik O., Nastenko D.

Special problems of loss of pregnancy second trimester.


The purpose is determining the frequency of cervical insufficiency, refine risk losing the second trimester of pregnancy in the presence of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia. The analysis of serial ultrasound studies investigated the dependence of the length of the cervix on the presence of connective tissue dyspla-sia. Found that connective tissue dysplasia is a prerequisite for asymptomatic reduction of the cervix. It is shown that prophylactic use of vaginal micronized progesterone leads to a reduced risk of very early preterm birth and late abortions in women with signs of dysplasia.

Key words: cervix, miscarriage, connective tissue dysplasia, progesterone.



Вorowskaya-Striuk T. S.

Hipothalamic sуndrome of puberty.(review of literature).


The article discusses the features of the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations and possible treatment stra-tegy in patients with hypothalamic syndrome during puberty. It is shown that, despite the discrepancy among the theories of the origins of this common puberty disorder, presently there are real opportunities for the pre-vention of disorders, of specific functions of the female organism in the reproductive period.

Key words: hypothalamic syndrome, puberty, obesity.



Dubchak A. E., Shkiryak-Nizhnik Z. A.

Modern trends in the formation of reproductive capacity teenage girls (review).


This paper presents an analysis of the literature concerning the formation of reproductive health of adoles-cent girls. The data on the effect of various factors on the reproductive potential of female adolescents. An analysis of gynecological morbidity of adolescent girls, given the structure of gynecological diseases, are the main factors of a negative effect on menstrual disorders, inflammation of the genital organs.

Key words: adolescent girls, reproductive potential, menstrual function, inflammatory processes of genital organs.



Koval S., Davydova Y., Danylko V., Medvid V.

Myasthenia and Pregnancy (literature review and own observations).


This article consists the own literature data about features of pathogenesis, clinical picture, gestational age and outcome of labor in patients with myasthenia. There are considered the basic principals of clinical course of this disease, treatments and complication prophylaxis in pregnancy, labor and postpartum period during myasthenia. It’s discussed the own examples of successful labors of eight patients with myasthenia.

Key wards: pregnancy, myasthenia, diagnostics, treatment.



Storozhuk M. S., Protsenko O. O., Godlevskaia N. A.

Present-day views on the optimization of the surgical organ preservation treatment of uterine leiomyoma (literature review).


This article analyzes the literature data of the problem of the incidence of uterine fibroids in women of rep-roductive age and describes all possible methods of surgical and conservative treatment of this pathology. Substantiated organ surgical treatment as one of the best and available at this time.

Key words: uterine cancer, reproductive function, conservative myomectomy, laparotomy, laparoscopy.



Ответы на вопросы, которые были заданы докладчикам во время дискуссии на семинарах «Актуальные вопросы улучшения акушерс-ко-гинекологической и перинатальной помощи в Украине» в период с марта по апрель 2012 г.




Hassan Sonia S., Romero Roberto, Vidyadhari Dommeti, Fusey Shalini, Baxter Jason, Khandelwal Meena, Vijayaraghavan Jaya, Trivedi Yamini, Soma-Pillay Priya, Sambarey Pradip, Dayal Ashlesha, Potapov Valentin, O’Brien John, Astakhov Vladimir, Yuzko Oleksandr, Kinzler Wendy, Dattel Bonnie, Sehdev Harish, Mazheika Liudmila, Manchulenko Dmitriy, Gervasi Maria Teresa, Sullivan Lisa, Conde-Agudelo Agustin, Phillips James A. and Creasy George W.

Допіхвовий прогестерон зменшує частоту передчасних пологів у жінок із ехографічно вкороченою шийкою матки: багатоцентрове, випадковісне, подвійно приховане, placebo-перевірене дослідження.


Ключові слова: вагітність, передчасні пологи, шийка матки, прогестерон, прогестини, вагінальне введення, респіраторний дистрес-синдром, піхвовий ультразвук.



Boris E. N., Sumenko V. V., Malysheva I. V., Onishchik L. N., Gak I. A.

Current approach to diagnosis and treatment of diseases precancerous cervix background human papilloma virus.


The article analyzes the problem of cervical disease, the role of HPV in causing cervical precancerous pro-cess. The following changes in dysplastic epithelium. Deals with the expediency of the proposed therapy. Proved the importance of cervical cancer prevention to date.

Key words: precancerous cervical disease, the drug of natural origin Myomin, human papillomavirus, gipe-restrogeniey.



Avramenko T. V., Kolomiychenko T. V., Januta S. M.

The usage of Tivortin in the complex treatment for pregnants with chro-nic arterial hypertension.


Carried out research proved the safety and high efficiency for the usage of donor nitric oxid Tivortin in treating pregnants with high hypertension and endothelial dysfunction, that indicates the normalization of endothelial function, which remains during pregnancy, better indices of the course of pregnancy and childbirth, condition of fetus and newborn.

Key words: pregnancy, arterial hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, treatment, Tivortin.



Podolsky V. V., Podolsky Vl. V.

Treatment of mycetogenic genital organs inflammatory diseases in fer-tile women on an outpatient basis.


The data about candida-affection sexual organs have offered in this literature review have significance for the practical physician and confirm the necessity of the thoughtful approach to treatment this infection.

Key words: female sex organs chronic sickness, vaginal candidos, treatment.



Чуйкова В. И.

Хинофуцин-ЛХ – препарат выбора для лечения инфекционных забо-леваний в гинекологии.




Boris E. N., Sumenko V. V., Onishchik L. N., I.V. Malysheva

The use of fluoroquinolones IV generation in the treatment of inflamma-tory diseases of the pelvic organs.


The article represents the results of studing an efects of Maxicin® as antibacterial preparation for women with inflammatory gyneacological diseases. We get positive dynamics of women s subjective and objective status, good reactions and safety of this preparation.

Key words: inflammatory gyneacological diseases, мoxifloxacin, Maxicin®, reproductive health, antibac-terial therapy.



Mischenko V. P., Rudenko I. V., Voltchenko E. V., Liskovsky S. V.

Algorithm of looking after women with the genetically conditioned pro-pensity to unmaturing of pregnancy of multifactor nature.


279 pregnant with the syndrome of not maturing is inspected. Mutant alels of endotelial NО-sinthase a/a, methylentetrahydrofolatreductasе С677Т+Т677Т, glutation-S-transferase m1 0/0, N-acethyltransferases 2 S/S(S1+S2) are certain in 87,1%; 81,7%; 82,8%; 84,9% cases. Offered algorithm of conduct of women with polymorphism of genes which assist unmaturing of pregnancy, consists of planning of pregnancy, correction of metabolic violations on the trimesters of gestation, inspection and prognosis of health new-born, which is made on the basis of the integrated analysis of the conducted researches. The state of health of new-born child and prognosis in subsequent periods of life is satisfactory at normal information of inspection.

Key words: algorithm of supervision, genetically conditioned propensity to unmaturing of pregnancy.



Тютюнник В. Л., Михайлова О. И., Карапетян Т. Э., Меджидова М. К.

Современные представления и основне принципы лечения неспеци-фического вагинита.




Vdovichenko Y. P., Gopchuk E. N.

A complex approach in effective therapy of pelvic organs inflammatory diseases.


Results of the therapy of patients with the inflammatory diseases of organs of small pelvis in outpatient terms are presented in the article. Used preparations showed high efficiency and bearableness of the therapy of-fered by us, and the modified chart declared oneself quality more effective at the deferred supervision.

Key words: inflammatory diseases of organs of small pelvis, chemomycin, azytromycin, chlorhexidine, lavomaks, treatment.



Grishchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V., Zheleznyakov A. Yu., Ivchenko A. L., Dudko V. L.

The application of vaginal form of povidone-iodine in the practice of gy-necologist.


It was performed the investigation of the comparative effectiveness of vaginal pessaries Betadine with vagi-nal suppositories of metronidazole in patients with bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal pessaries Betadine 7-day course of application is an effective method of monotherapy in 94.8% in patients with bacterial vaginosis contributing to the restoration of lactoflora and the absence of recurrence. The usage of metronidazole-containing vaginal suppositories in patients with bacterial vaginosis required further treatment with drugs acting on Mobiluncus and Candida.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, a topical treatment, vaginal pessaries Betadine.



Dnistryanska А.

Efficacy and safety prevention of complications of pregnancy and fetal development of pathology in women with euthyroid nontoxi cgoiter.


An examination of pregnancy in women with goiter and found the most common complication of pregnancy. Found that the use of iodine and folic acid (yodofol) prevent development of pathology of pregnancy and the fetus.

Key words: pregnancy, iodine deficiency, folic acid, prophylaxis.



Boyko V. I., Shevchenko Т. V.

Tactics of conducting pregnancy at abnormal placentation.


Results of the spent researches testify to an urgency of a studied scientific problem. Аntenatal infringements of a condition of a born at women with abnormal placentation are solving in development neonatal pathology and complications at delivery. Against chronic suffering of a born it leads to high level of a birth of sick children or them intranatal destruction. The received results have allowed to develop algorithm of the diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions directed on decrease of frequency perinatal pathology.

Key words: abnormal placentation, pregnancy, conducting tactics.



Vdovichenko J. P., Ignatenko E. V.

Optimisation of forecasting and tactics of conducting pregnancy at a syndrome feto-fetal transfusions.


Results of the spent researches testify, that patophysyology of SFFT is multifactorial with vascular anasta-mosise in monohorial placenta as an anatomic basis, haemodynamic and hormonal factors, which result to a various clinical picture of this syndrome. The received results allow to raise a forecasting effectiveness and early diagnostics SFFT that promotes timely change of tactics of conducting pregnancy and sorts for the purpose of frequency decrease perinatal pathology.

Key words: a syndrome feto-fetal transfusions, pregnancy, forecasting.



Dankovych N. O., Vorobei-Vykhivs'ka V. M.

Fetoplacental insufficiency and naturopathic methods of its treatment.


The title deals with the main aspects of pathogenesis of the placental disfunction. The important of the pathogenetical therapy is discussed. The possibility of antigomotoxical therapy in the treatment of this disease are explained. The effectiveness of the including of Placenta compositum (Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH) to the course of complex therapy of placental disfunction is studied.

Key words: placental disfunction, antigomotoxical therapy, Placenta compositum.



Boris O. M., Sumenko V. V., Onischyk L. M., Serbenyuk A. V.

The current approach in the treatment of premature ovarian failure.


The article discoveres the efficiency of the drug «Estrovel». Positive dinamics of correction of the main symptoms during treatment was shown. The proposed therapy deals with the feasibility of applying.

Key words: syndrome of premature ovarian failure, hipoestroheniya, «Estrovel».



Boyko V. I., Grinkevich T. M., Smiyan C. A., Nikitina I. N., Ikonopisceva N. A.

Estimation to efficiency of the multifunction method оf endometriosis ovariеs treatment.


Results of the multifunction method of endometriosis ovaris treatment was carried out with using of operative interference, of the imunomodulative therapy, as well as using of agonist gonadotropin rilising hormone. The offered method of treatment has an evident superiority in its efficiency and absences of relapse for 2-h years of the observation.

Key words: endometriosis, agonist gonadotropin rilising hormone.



Юдина Ю. В.

Опыт применения препарата Циклодинон при гиперпролактинемии, НМЦ и СПКЯ в условиях женской консультации.


Makarchuk O., Boychuk L., Ostrovskaya O., Rymarchuk M.

Experience used Tribestan in complex treatment of external genital en-dometriosis.


Endometriosis is one of the urgent problems of modern medicine. An examination of 120 women with infertility and suspected external genital endometriosis, which in combination hormonal therapy of external genital endometriosis along with agonist gonadotropin-releasing hormone additionally applied trib. To evaluate the clinical effects analyzed the dynamics of symptoms and degree of recovery of reproductive function. During the examination of patients used complex diagnostic procedures: anamnestic, clinical and gynecological exa-mination, instrumental methods. In differentiated approach to the selection scheme of hormone therapy, inte-grated use of agonist gonadotropin-releasing hormone and drug trib in 96.66% patients is regression of sym-ptoms, improved quality of life indicators, normalized psychosomatic condition. Integrated application trib can improve safety hormone therapy, reduce adverse effects on bone metabolism, reduce side effects hipoes-troheniyi and degree of depressive disorders. This approach has greatly increased the effectiveness of treatment.

Key words: foreign genius endometriosis, hormonal treatment, side effects, fivtopreparaty.



Boyko V. I., Chirva O. V.

Preventive maintenance premature involution of reproductive system at women with genital endometriosis.


Results of the spent researches testify about negative influence genital endometriosis on involution processes of a female organism, including and reproductive function. The algorithm offered by us allows to slow down premature involution at simultaneous decrease in frequency of pathological clinical displays and dyshormonal infringements. It allows us to recommend the developed algorithm for introduction in practical public health services.

Key words: genital endometriosis, reproductive system, involution.



Evseyev A. A., Pivovarova O. YU.

Correction of vaginal microflora abnormalities with lactogin.


Thirty-seven patients of reproductive age (from 18 to 37 years) who had bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis, or cervicitis were examined. In addition to antibiotic therapy, the patients took vagisan. The latter was found to be effective in the complex correction of impaired vaginal microbiocenosis in bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis in 83% of the patients. If the performed therapy failed, it is necessary to make an in-depth examination of patients for concomitant enteric abnormalities and to perform pathogenetic treatment with a repeated course of vagisan therapy. The efficiency of treatment after the second course increased up to 91%. It is advisable to use vagisan not only to correct the abnormal vaginal flora, but also to prevent these disorders during antibiotic therapy.



Яроцкий Н. Е., Семенюк Л. Н., Лищук В. Д.

Диагностика состояния эндометрия в прегравидарной подготовке па-циенток с привычной потерей беременности.




Veropotvelian P. N., Sviridov M. N., Veropotvelian N. P., Shapovalenko L. G.

Hormonal-metabolic changes in young women suffering from a subclini-cal form of ovarian polycyst syndrome.


An investigation of 77 patients with a subclinical form of ovarian polycyst syndrome (SCOC) aged 22–35 is performed. An absolute sign of the subclinical form of SCOC is revealed as anovulare dysfunction (AD) and ultrasound criteria of ovarian polycyst, they were also verificised in laporoscopy with the following gystolo-gical investigation. The control group was formed of 30 healthy women without any disturbances of the ovarian function. The received data of the hormonal investigation show that this dissynchronization in the patients with a chronic AD, subclinical form of SCOC causes a spatio-temporal mosaic of vulnerability in different parts of hypotalamo-hypophysis-ovarian system (HHOS). The results of the investigation of the metabolic profile testify that changes of the carbohydrate-lypid metabolism are connected with excess body weight and can be diagnosed in women with a subclinical form of SCOC as well as without it. The main role in the formation of metabolic disturbances is played by excess body weight, and on the background of endo-crine dysfunction which is characteristic of SCOC the disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism become more marked.

Key words: ovarian polycyst syndrome, disturbances of the ovarian function.



Ganzhiy I. U., Kasyanchuk N. Y., Кapchuk I. N.

Somatic anamnesis peculiarities in women of different age groups with polycystic ovary syndrome.


In the study was analyzed the somatic anamnesis peculiarities in women of different age groups with poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Authors have founded that these women more often have in their history childhood infections and tonsillitis and viral hepatitis in adolescence. At the same time there were no diffe-rence from population incidence in frequency of allergic, gastrointestinal and urinary tract diseases. Based on the obtained data was suggested that severe infectious diseases in childhood and adolescence are the provocative factors of the development of PSOC on the background of an existing genetic predisposition.

Key words: polycystic ovary syndrome, somatic anamnesis, viral hepatitis, childhood infections.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Yur’eva L. N., Volenko N. V., Pivneva N. V.

Climacteric disturbances and their therapy.


On the basis of the review of the investigations published in the literature within the recent 10–15 years a modern view on climacteric disturbances is given. The question about the character and the role of estrogen insufficiency and its significance in the formation of climacteric disturbances is described. Various methods of treatment in order to correct climacteric disturbances are focused .

Key words: climacteric disturbances, estrogen insufficiency.



Pamfamirov Y. K., Zabolotnov V. A., Kucherenko Y. A., Pamfamirova G. L., Karapetian O. V., Puchkina G. A.

Vulvar denervation in dystrophy processes treatment.


Authors present results of surgical treatment patients with the vulvar dystrophy which have failed conserva-tive therapy. The vulvar denervation operation was carried out on 20 patient. A positive result is got in case of vulvar leukoplakia. Application of this method allows to attain persistent remission of dystrophy processes which affect the perineum skin, resistant to conservative treatment.

Key words: vulvar dystrophy, surgical treatment.



Polyakova E. A.

The comparative analysis of efficiency of application of aromatase inhi-bitor among the patients with PCOS.


The study was aimed to assess the clinical effectiveness of the aromatase amongst females with PCOS dependently on the presence of functional polymorphisms of CYP19 gene. There were compared the clinical outcomes of the administration of aromatase inhibitor letrozol and selective modulator of estrogene receptors clomifene amongst the infertile females with PCOS. The advantages of ovulation induction by the use of aromatase inhibitors were demonstrated as well as the restrictions related to the homozygote state by the functional polymorphisms rs12907866, rs2414096, rs4646 of CYP19 gene.

Key words: polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, treatment, genetics.



Iavorskyi P. V.

Complex approach of the preoperated conduct of polymorbid women with leiomyoma of uterus on obesity background.


The presence of pjlyorganic chronic pathology in women with the leiomyoma of uterus on a obesity back-ground results in the necessity of integrative multidisciplinary approach in relation to hheir treatment.

Key words: polymorbidity, obesity, leiomyoma of uterus.



Naustinnay O. V.

Pathology preventive maintenance pubertate period at the girls who were born from mothers with placentary dysfunction.


Results of the spent researches have shown, that a pathology problem pubertate period at the girls who were born from mothers with placentary dysfunction, has very important medical-social value, especially in respect of complexity of pathogenetic infringements which occur for the account dyshoromonal changes. The differentiated approach on the basis of use of medicamentous correction allows to seize a clinical current pubertate period, to lower frequency of pathological changes and to prepare reproductive system of girls for the future motherhood. The received results allow us recomend advanced algorithm for wide use in practical medicine.

Key words: a pathology of pubertate period, placentary dysfunction, preventive maintenance.



Sulima G. M.

Evaluating of endosurgical tubal plastic effectiveness for the restoration of reproductive function at women with pelvic peritoneal adhesions and infertility.


A retrospective analysis was carried out for the evaluation of effectiveness of pelvic peritoneal adhesions to restore the natural fertility in operative laparoscopy at women with pelvic peritoneal adhesions and infertility.

Key words: peritoneal pelvic adhesions, infertility, endosurgical treatment.



Avramenko T. V., Shevchenko A. A.

Congenital malformations of the central nervous system in children: optimization of the prenatal diagnostics, clinical and prognostic eva-luation.


The paper deals with a most relevant problem of medicine–congenital malformations of the central nervous system in children with consideration of existing methods of prenatal diagnostics. Necessity of the modern method of neuroimaging – magnetic resonance for the purposes of the optimization of prenatal diagnostics and diagnosis of the structures of the growing brain is shown. Description of clinical example of patient with congenital malformations of the central nervous system during examination and treatment in the clinic of children”s psychoneurology of the Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine with recommendations is described.

Key words: congenital malformations, central nervous system, prenatal diagnostics, children.



Kyryachenko S. P.

Molecular genetical aspects of necrotizing enterocolitis in the neonates.


The paper presented the results of a comprehensive assessment of ACE, AT2R1, TNF-α, MTHFR genes the role of polymorphisms in the development of necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates. For statistical analysis obtained predictive models with high predictive value. Further studies will facilitate the use of the results of genetic testing to assess the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates.

Key words: gene polymorphisms, necrotizing enterocolitis, newborn.



Рождаемость под контролем: история контрацептивов.