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Ревенько О. О.

Сучасна комплексна антибіотикопрофілактика постабортних запаль-них ускладнень.


Проаналізовані результати запропонованої схеми комплексної антибіотикопрофілактики запальних ускладнень з використанням препарату хлоргексидин i азитроміцин (Гексикон® та Хемоміцин®, ВАТ «Нижфарм») після штучного переривання вагітності. Проведене дослідження встановило високу терапевтичну ефективність і добру переносимість наведених препаратів у профілактиці запальних ускладнень після штучного переривання вагітності, що дозволяє рекомендувати дану схему для широкого клінічного застосування.

Ключові слова: аборт, антибіотикопрофілактика запальних ускладнень, гексикон, азитроміцин.



Вагинальные инфекции – от диагностики к рациональной комплек-сной терапии (Краткий обзор по материалам ХІІ Всероссийского научного форума «Мать и дитя»).




Спиридонова Н. В.

О клинических преимуществах применения препарата Полижинакс в акушерстве и гинекологии. (Информационное письмо).




Ledina A. V., Prylepskaya V. N.

Mastalgia: clinical picture, diagnostics, treatment.


Cyclic mastalgia is one of the most frequent reasons of the reference of women to doctors of out-patient practice. In article occurrence mechanisms, main principles of diagnostics, treatment patients with mastalgia are shined, results of research of prevalence mastalgia at 200 girls of Central Chernozemnyj region of the Russian Federation. Questionnaires were carried out in 2011. Results: Mastalgia was registered in 139 (69,5%) girls, among themsevere form was registered in 45 (32,4%) girls. At ultrasonic of mammary glands in 16 (27,1%) girls has been registered, different form of fibrocystic mastopathyin 16 (27,1%) girls. Conclusion: The results demonstrate high prevalence of mastalgia as one of the leading PMS symptoms in girls and noncyclic mastalgia. And also high frequency of various forms of mastophaty has been register-ed.

Key words: cyclic, noncyclic mastalgia, rate, premenstrual syndrome, mastophaty.



Грищенко О. В., Сторчак А. В., Грищенко Н. Г.

Новые возможности пренатальной діагностики пола плода.




Sheshukova N. A., Makarov I. O., Ovsyanikova T. V.

Preventive maintenance of hyperplastic endometrial processes.


The relative risk of development of hyperplastic endometrial process at patients with chronic endometritis in 4,5 times more, than at patients without chronic endometritis that testifies to sufficient force of communication between studied factor and proves influence of chronic inflammatory process of a uterus on endometrial pathology development. This data proves to be true results of morphological research – frequency of combi-nation hyperplastic endometrial process and chronic endometritis isn’ted in 51,1% of cases. Timely and complex treatment chronic endometritis is a preventive measure of development hyperplastic endometrial process.

Key words: hyperplastic endometrial process, chronic endometritis, Actovegin.



Slabky G. A., Bugorkov I. V.

Factor of time and stomatologic aspects of health in life of women of able-bodied age.


Work is devoted to research of influence of a factor of time for stomatologic health of women.

Key words: time, stomatology, women.



Ioffe S. E., Sukhanova А. А.

The burden of HIV/AIDS in over the world and in the Ukraine.


In the late 20th century, mankind has suffered a previously unknown disease, caused by a human virus immunodeficiency (HIV). The infection, which arose in one of the poorest countries in Africa – Ethiopia has taken the character of a pandemic. According to the Organization of United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World Health Organization in 2009 from the moment of beginning of HIV epidemic were infected about 60 million people, 25 million – have died from diseases caused by HIV. Two-thirds of HIV-positive people live in Africa, however, the last years of the previous century are characterized by the growth of the burden of HIV/AIDS and in other countries, including Ukraine. The study of signs and causes of chan-ges in the burden of HIV/AIDS is an actual problem to develop and implement methods of preventing HIV/AIDS. The study proves correlation between socio-economic indicators and indicators of the burden of HIV/AIDS in the world, including in Ukraine, which indicates the need to improve the economies and social conditions of the population. Conducted studies proved a direct correlation between the prevalence and ver-tical transmission of HIV/AIDS that shows the feasibility of developing and implementing health prevention of vertical transmission success in the fight against HIV/AIDS as well.

Key words: HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS prevalence, vertical transmission.



Tkachenko R. A., Grizhymalskyi E. V.

Clinical laboratory rationale for selection of anesthesia cesarean.


The great interest is the earliest system of protection against infection, which can be inserted without recog-nition foreign agents and provides the basis for the deployment of antigenspecific processes, carrying lym-phoid cells. This is primarily Phagocytes – neutrophils, macrophages, eosinophil’s. They are the first barrier to overcome microbial barrier fabric, participate in the regulation of the immune response very closely inte-ract with the immune system in protecting against infection. Insufficiently explored the question of the impact of different types of anesthesia on phagocytic activity of leukocytes of pregnant women during cesarean operation. The results show that when surgery is adverse effects on nonspecific immunity links, namely the phagocytic activity of leukocytes in pregnant women. More suppression of the immune system during cesa-rean sections the application of general anesthesia. On the third day after surgery marked the maximum decrease of phagocytic activity. Immune suppression after spinal anesthesia with shorter and less pronoun-ced than after general anesthesia.

Key words: anesthesia, the immune system, pregnancy, cesarean section.



Roschina G. F.

Luteal-phase Defect – Pathogenetic Aspects of Diagnostics and Treat-ment (clinical lecture).


Diagnostics and its adequate correction is a real possibility to conceive. The choice of the optimal medical products, treatment control and the duration of the therapy determine further gestation course.

Key words: luteal-phase defect, diagnostics and treatment, gestation, hormonal preparations.



Vdovichenko Y. P., Golianovsky O. V., Lapushan I. V.

Uterine leiomyoma: aetiopathogenesis, preventive care, diagnostics and treatment (literature review).


The article discusses a modern point of view on the etiology and pathogenesis of benign tumors of the ute-rus – uterine leiomyoma. Covered genetic, hormonal and morphological mechanisms of this tumor. We pre-sent clinical and diagnostic aspects of uterine leiomyoma. Highlight the main methods of treatment, with emphasis on innovative conservative and surgical treatments of this organ pathology

Key words: uterine leiomyoma, morphological mechanisms.



Єнікеєва В. М., Шустик Р. П., Тарасюк Т. Ю., Шарова І. В.

Вплив метаболічної корекції порушень менструального циклу жінок репродуктивного віку на якість їхнього життя.




Grishchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V., Zheleznyakov A. Yu., Ivchenko A. L., Dudko V. L.

The reliability and safety of drugs in the treatment of anemia in pregnan-cy.


It was performed a comparative study of the Heferol application efficasy in the treatment of pregnant women with anemia. The usage of iron fumarate has promoted to the normalization of red blood cells account, he-moglobin and serum ferritin concentration during the 8-week course that was superior to preparations of ferrous sulfate with ascorbic acid and hydroxide polymaltose complex. The Heferol application was well tolerated by patients and has demonstrated the low level of side effects. The usage of Heferol has reduced the level of gestational and delievery complications.

Key words: anemia in pregnancy, treatment, iron fumarate.



Boris O. M., Sumenko V. V., Onischyk L. M.

The usage of natural vitamin E in the treatment of ovarian failure syndro-me.


The article shows the effectiveness and ease of use of natural vitamin E in the form of the drug Enat-400 in the treatment of ovarian failure syndrome (OFS). A positive trend in reducing the symptoms of OFS was showen, optimal dosage of vitamin E and good tolerability.

Key words: ovarian failure syndrome (OFS), natural vitamin E, Enat-400.



Заболотнов В. А., Рыбалка А. Н., Ляшенко Е. Н., Хурамшин Ф. Ш., Боева О. И.

Методы профилактики акушерских и перинатальных осложнений до зачатия и в І триместре беременности.




Vdovichenko J. P., Gopchuk E. N.

Efficacy of probiotic therapy in pregnant women with colonic stasis.


This study is devoted to the efficacy of probiotics in violation Laktomun evacuation of intestinal function. Studies have shown high efficacy of this probiotic to normalize intestinal motility, reduce the frequency of constipation, the normalization of mucosal microflora, which in turn helped to reduce the incidence of pre-gnancy complications. High efficiency and safety of themselves and effectively use for newborns as a re-duction allergization. This study allows the wide use of this probiotic in pregnant women in the postpartum period.

Key words: probiotic Laktomun, colonic stasis, pregnancy, microbiocenosis, gestational period.



Beraya D. Y.

The effectiveness of therapy immune corrective against dysplasia of the uterine cervix caused by human papillomavirus.


This is a description of clinical experience of the use of Alfarekin® for treatment of dysplasia of the uterine cervix caused by human papillomavirus showing. The results obtained allow to consider Alfarekin® as an effective drug for immunotherapy of HPV-associated cervical dysplasia, as evidenced by high effeciency of intracervical administration of the drug (88% curability of cervical dysplasia, absence of virus in 91% of cases), when other treatment modes prove to be less effective.

Key words: HPV infection, cervical dysplasia, Alfarekin®.



Burlev V. A., Fedorova YU. V., Sokur T. N., Ilyasova N. A.

Manifest iron deficiency in pregnant women: estimation of Doppler blood flow parameters and ferrokinetic indicators during treatment.


Ferrokinetic indicators and Doppler maternal-placental (MP) and fetoplacental blood flow parameters were studied in 36 pregnant women with mild manifest iron deficiency (MID) without baseline MP impairment and in 20 pregnant women with MID of the same degree and without baseline MP impairment. All the pregnant women were divided into 2 subgroups according to the therapy option for MID: those receiving an iron-containing drug and those taking this drug and a flavonoid. Combination therapy with an iron-containing agent and a flavonoid contributed to a statistically significant increase in hematological and ferrokinetc indi-cators, to the disappearance of the symptoms of anemic or sideropenic syndrome, to positive changes in MP blood flow velocities, and to increases in neonatal weight and height.

Key words: pregnancy, manifest iron deficiency, combination therapy.



Макаров И. О., Боровкова Е. И., Шемашева Т. В., Соцук А. Г.

Фетоплацентарная недостаточность инфекционного генеза: роль хламидийной инфекции.




Golyanovskyy O. V., Zhezher A. A., Kulakhovskyy M. M.

The effectiveness of combined use of hypertonic and colloid solutions in the treatment of hemorrhagic shock.


The article compares the effectiveness of the combined application of hypertonic solution of sodium chloride and starch II generation with the usual mode of infusion-transfusion therapy. The effectiveness of combined hypertonic/colloid solutions for rapid recovery of hemodynamic performance, reduce clinical signs of shock and multiple organ complications in the study group.

Key words: hemorrhagic shock, infusion-transfusion therapy, combined hypertonic/colloidal solutions. 



Linnikov V. I.

Prevention of complications of pregnancy, related thrombophilia.


In order to study the role of thrombophilia in the pathogenesis of major obstetric complications were exa-mined 148 patients. The examination included identification of antiphospholipid antibodies, and genetic forms of thrombophilia. Thrombophilia was found in 69% of patients with the syndrome of fetal loss, in 100% – with acute vascular disorders (premature exfoliation normal situated placent and venous thromboembo-lism), in 82% – with gestosis of moderate and severe. It was noted that a direct correlation between the severity of preeclampsia and the presence of homozygous forms of genetic thrombophilia (mutation FV Leiden, MTHFR С677Т), and combined forms (genetic and acquired thrombophilia.) In 68% of patients with early losses and preembrional retrohorial haematom was discovered gene polymorphism PAI-1 4G/5G. Estimated pregravidar training anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, and antioxidants in patients of the first group (n=88) and therapy in patients of the second group (n=60) who developed obstetric complications. Preconception prevention entirely possible to interrupt the disease process, nascent at the time of embryo- implantation and trophoblast invasion. Much less effective therapy was in patients in second group.

Key words: pregnancy, acquired and genetic thrombophilia, low-molecular-weight heparine-enoxaparine Flenoks®.



Goncharuk N. P.

Cesarean section in a typical urban maternity hospital.


It is presented the analysis of performance, structure, caesarean section, postoperative complications, the level of perinatal losses at the last 10 years at the Kiev urban maternity hospital № 1 at the article. It is confirmed that in the overall growth rate of Caesarean section is a high level of perinatal mortality, posto-perative complications in women and it is needed to develop the best ways to reduce the frequency of cesarean section in a typical urban maternity hospital.

Key words: caesarean section, postoperative complications, and perinatal mortality.



Джаббарова З. А.

Клинико-диагностические особенности беременности у юных перво-родящих.




Korchynska O. O., Voloshyna U. V., Telychko L. V.

Peculiarities of pregnancy and childbirth in case of twin-to-twin transfu-sion syndrome.


The article deals with the peculiarities of the course of pregnancy and delivery among pregnant women having TTTS and waiting for monochorionic twin. The important role of early diagnostics of TTTS and the necessity of searching of effective methods of preventive measures and treatment of this pathology is showed.

Key words: twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, monochorionic twin, multiple pregnancy, fetus-donor, fetus-recipient.



Protsepko A. A., Kostjuk A. L.

The burdened obstetrical-gynecologic anamnesis – as a risk factor of an incontience of urine at women during pregnancy and after sorts.


Results of the spent researches testify to an essential role of the burdened obstetrical-gynecologic anamne-sis as risk factor of an incontience of urine during pregnancy and after sorts. The received results are nece-ssary for considering by working out of a technique of forecasting of an incontience of urine at women of reproductive age.

Key words: the urine incontience, the burdened obstetrical-gynecologic anamnesis.



Yuzko О. M., Bulyk T. S.

Aspects of the genetic determinants of thrombophilias in the develop-ment of obstetric complications.


The article analyzes the latest data from the literature regarding the role of genetic determinants of throm-bophilias in the development of obstetric complications. Detailed impact of gene polymorphisms of plasmi-nogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) during the gestational process.

Key words: genetic polymorphism, thrombophilia, obstetrical complications, PAI-1.



Markin L. B., Kunynec H. Y.

Hormonal contraception in mothers who practice mixed feeding.


The results of the usage of postpartum progestational contraceptive Lactinet in women who practice mixed feeding of babies have been investigated. There has been proved that Lactinet effectively depresses ovula-tion and proliferative changes of endometrium, ensures reliable prevention of pregnancy in the absence of estrogen-dependent complication and accessory effects.

Key words: progestational contraceptive, Lactinet, mixed feeding.



Коган И. Ю., Мусина Е. В.

Эффективность использования Прожестожеля при лечении масто-патии.




Shcherbina N. А., Kartashova M. A.

Microsatellitе instability and epigenetic infringements of gene ESR at patients with polyps and endometrial hyperplasia.


At 210 patients with a pathology of endometrium (61 with endometrial polyps , 80 – with endometrial hyper-plasia (EH) without atipia and 69 patients with аtipical hyperplasia ) frequency of occurrence of microsatellite instability (MSI) and methylation gene ESR was studied. It is shown that development of relapse EH without atipia , and also аtipia in endometrial cells to which preceded giperprolyphyrative processes, authentically correlates with phenotype MSI+ and methylation of gene ESR. The combination of these factors is one of leading genetic patogenetic aspects theese pathological processes.

Key words: polyp and endometrial hyperplasia , microsatellite instability (MSI), gene ESR.



Payanidi Yu. G., Zhordania K. I.

Artificial menopause and experience of Cimicifuga extract use (Klimadynon).


Advances made in oncogynecology and improvements of surgical, radiation, and drug treatment provided relatively good survival rates in patients with female genital organ lesions. However, this treatment often leads to postcastration syndrome manifestations in most young women. New rehabilitation modalities for such female patients are important and urgent. It was investigated whether Cimicifuga racemosa extract may be used for alleviation of postcastration syndrome symptoms and the results are encouraging.

Key words: oncology, gynecology, cimicifuga, postcastration syndrome, rehabilitation, quality of life.



Vdovichenko J. P., Kuzemensky L. M.

Reproductive health of women after conservative myomectomy.


Results of the spent researches testify that reproductive health of patients after conservative myomectomy is very actual problem of modern gynecology and obstetrics. The decision of the given problem should carry the stage-by-stage pathogenetic approach taking into account age of patients, their reproductive anamnesis, presence accompanying genital and a somatic pathology, and also possibilities of preservation of a uterus at carrying out of operative treatment. The algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions offe-red by us allows not only to raise efficiency of restoration of reproductive function, but also to lower frequen-cy perinatal pathologies at delivery. It allows to confirm about the decision of an important problem modern reproductology, and the developed algorithm to recommend for wide use in practical public health services.

Key words: reproductive health, leiomyoma of uterus.



Benyuk V. A., Lastovetskaja L. D., Nikonyuk T. R., Melnik V. V.

Bacterial vaginosis and the alternative approach to treatment for women of reproduktive age.


In article results of researches which lead up efficiency of the innovative method of treatment offered by authors bacterial vaginosis at women of reproductive age are resulted. It is established antirecidive and era-dicate properties of preparation Heksicon, that can to lower risk of infectious complications after bacterial vaginosis and will promote preservation of reproductive function of women and will improve quality of her life.

Key words: bakterial vaginosis, Heksicon, Lavomaks, treatment, women of reproductive age.



Zhuk S. I., Grygorenko A. N.

State of the hemostatic system in women with varicose of pelvic veins.


The aim of work was the study and analysis of indicators of hemostasis in women with varicose expansion of pelvic veins. The results of this study indicate that in women with pelvic venous plethora is activation of he-mostasis units, namely initiation of intravascular homeostasis, the tendency to hypercoagulation intravascu-lar coagulation and increased functional activity of endothelium veins.

Key words: varicose disease, small pelvis, varicose disease, small pelvis, vascular-platelet link of hemos-tasis, plasma-coagulation link of hemostasis, the system of fibrinolisis.



Korchynska O. O., Telkova N. I., Voloshina U. V.

Modern aspects of the etiopathogenesis and therapy leyomiomy uterus in women of reproductive age.


In the article the basic questions of etiopathogenesis and therapy of uterine leyomioma has been discused.

Key words: leyomioma, uterus, etiology, pathogenesis, therapy.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan P. N., Volenko N. V., Gazarova L. V.

Actual health problems of the children born by mothers who suffer from sterility.


Data of literature overview and own investigations have shown that ovulation induction with the help of vari-ous preparations used in ART practice does not reliably lead to the increase of СD frequency and disturban-ces of mental health in comparison with the outcome of spontaneous pregnancies. However, the given re-sults of the investigations of literature overview show that pregnancy and delivery after IVF are connected with a high risk for a fetus caused by a high frequency of multiplicity and miscarriages which are explained by age parameters of the women.

Key words: infertility, gestation, ovulation, IVF, ART.



Lytvynets L. Ya., Synoverska O. B., Kosylo N. V.

Analysis of the Immunologic Changes in Children with Bronchial Asthma Living in the Precarpathian Region.


It was studied functional state of the humoral and cellular links of immunity in 92 children suffering from bronchial asthma (BA). It was found that the patients of both groups had reduced levels of Ig A, sIg A, Ig M, increased level of total Ig E, high level of CIK, low number of NST-positive neutrophils and their functional activity.

Key words: bronchial asthma, humoral and cellular links of immunity.



Godlevskaya N., Starovier A.

The effectiveness of systemic and topical administration of Proteflazi-dum in treatment of cervical pathology associated with human papilomo-virus infection.


The article presents the experience results of the usage of proteflazid (orally and topically) as monotherapy for the treatment of the cervix diseases caused by human papilloma virus. We found that the treatment led to normalization of the cervix in 68,8% of cases, in 31,2% of women held a partial regression of disease, redu-cing viral load to clinically insignificant levels. This avoids the destructive treatment or reduces the area of destruction of pathologically changed area of the cervix, which is especially important in women who haven’t had delivery.

Key words: cervical pathology, human papillomavirus, Рroteflazid.



Бабкіна Т. М., Дельва К. М.

Ризик переривання вагітності в І триместрі вагітності у жінок зі скле-рокистозом яєчників.




Веропотвелян Н. П., Смородская Е. П.

Актуальные вопросы фетальной анестезиологии.




Веропотвелян Н. П.

Ультразвуковая пренатальная диагностика врожденной обструкции верхних дыхательных путей плода и ургентная перинатальная такти-ка.




Веропотвелян Н. П.

Ультразвуковая пренатальная диагностика ВПР в 11–14 нед беремен-ности.




Волик Н. К., Бабкина Т. М.

Методологические аспекты допплерометрической оценки маточно-плацентарной гемодинаміки.




Головченко О. В., Журавель І. А., Медведенко Г. Ф.

Вплив респіраторного дистрес-синдрому на центральну та перифе-рійну гемодинаміку у новонароджених від матерів з екстрагеніталь-ною патологією.




Дзюба О. М., Сопко Я. О.

Особливості кровообігу в системі «мати–плацента–плід» у вагітних з патологією серцево-судинної системи.




Корчинська О. О., Ігнат Г. В.

Морфологічні маркери патології плацентарного кровообігу у вагітних з плацентарною дисфункцією на тлі гіпергомоцистеїнемії.




Лукьянова И. С., Медведенко Г. Ф., Тарасюк Б. А., Журавель И. А.

Роль ультразвуковых исследований в диагностике неотложных сос-тояний в ранний неонатальный период.




Белебезьєв Г. І., Дмитрієва М. Б., Ячник І. М., Карпенко Н. П., Триліська Т. В., Мельник В. А.

Прокальцитоніновий тест у діагностиці полі органної недостатності у дітей із септичними ускладненнями.




Talalayenko J. A.

The immune status of newborns whose mothers suffered from pyelone-phritis during pregnancy.


The immunity state of 44 newborns whose mothers suffered from pyelonephritis during pregnancy has been investigated. It has been established that a decrease of a non-specific and antioxidant protection of the body, inhibition of the immunity cellular link, an increase of the concentration of such inflammatory response mar-kers as C3a component of the complement, C-relative protein, procalcitionin, antibodies to lipopolisaccharides of gram-negative flora, a tumour necrosis factor-α, interleukin-8, cortisol are characteristic of the pregnant females with pyelonephritis and their newborns. The revealed changes are considered to be the manifestations of fetal inflammatory response syndrome and prenatal stress of these newborns.

Key words: pregnancy, pyelonephritis, newborn, immunity.



Вдовиченко Ю. П., Жилка Н. Я.

Стан та перспективи перинатальної допомоги в Україні.




Матвеев В. А.

Респираторно-синцитиальная вирусная инфекция у детей раннего возраста с тяжелой сопутствующей патологией в условиях отделения реанимации.




Охотникова Е. Н., Шунько Е. Е., Шарикадзе Е. В.

Эффективность применения ингаляционных бронходилататоров у детей с бронхолегочной дисплазией.




Шунько Є. Є., Костюк О. О., Краснова Ю. Ю.

Новонароджена дитина – безпечний початок життя.




Podolsky V. V., Dronova V. L., Tesliuk R. S., Podolsky Vl. V.

Clinical and Epidemiological and Social Studies for Estimation of the Reproductive Health and Perinatal Pathology of Women with Chronic Inflammatory Diseases of Genital Organs.


The analysis of clinical-epidemiological and sociological characteristics of fertil women (1000) which were transferred chronical-inflammatory diseases, with the help of the built program and the questionnaire for investigating of reproductive health of fertil women is conducted. The results received us testify to high frequency of aggravation of chronic inflammatory diseases of sexual organs in an anamnesis at 552 (78,8%) women of researched group which in turn, could assist development of complications of reproductive health, pregnancy and deliveries and perinatal pathology.

Key words: reproductive health, clinical-epidemiological investigations, fertility women, chronic inflamma-tory diseases of sexual organs.



Gordienko I. Y., Velichko A. V., Tarapurova О. М., Nosko A. O., Grebinichenko G. O., Nikitchina T. V.

New prenatal ultrasound marker in the diagnosis of Down syndrome.


The analysis of the II trimester ultrasound markers of Down syndrome among 44 fetuses with Down syndro-me and 424 with normal karyotype was carried out. Sensitivity and specificity were determined for the each criteria. The index of fetal hepar status (IFHS) was presented as a new marker, which has high sensitivity and specificity. It can be used for identification of the high risk pregnant women for fetal Down syndrome at ultrasound screening in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Key words: prenatal ultrasound markers, fetal hepar, Down syndrome.


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