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Раїса Моісеєнко: «Сімейний лікар має свідомо обирати спеціалізацію, в цій справі неприпустимий формальний підхід».




Коломейчук В. М.

Здоров’я сучасної сім'ї в Україні (за підсумками 2000-2009 рр.)




Slabky H. O., Parkhomenko H. Y.

Conceptual model of the hospital of future.


The conceptual basis for the hospital of future has been presented that is especially important under the conditions of optimization of medical care system for the population of Ukraine.

Key words: hospital of future, tasks, medical staff, technologies, medical healthcare quality.



Chayka V. K., Babich T. Yu.

Organizational and methodological measurements for family delivery preparing, which carried with in Donetsk Regional Centre for Maternity and Child Care.


In Donetsk Regional Centre for Maternity and Child Care as an example the work organizational measure-ments for prenatal preparing to family delivery were showed in article. The veracious increasing of physio-logical delivery and veracious decreasing of complications delivery rates indicate about effectiveness of this experience. Implementation of this experience led to childbearing of healthy newborns and to early breast-feeding. The high effective economic of this approaches was proved.

Key words: family delivery, prenatal preparing, organization, methodological preparing.



Перинатальна медицина: концепція подальшого розвитку і перспективи впровадження медицини плода в Україні.




Экстрагенитальная патология беременных: клиническая значимость, проблемы, принципы ведения.


Petraglia Felice, Lazzeri Lucia, De Bonis Maria, Luisi Stefano



Роль прогестагенов при лечении эндометриоза.




Шиндлер Адольф Е.

Прогестагенные эффекты дидрогестерона.


Молекулярная структура дидрогестерона сходна по строению с эндогенным прогестероном и имеет уникальные особенности, которые повышают его пероральную доступность. Гормональный профиль и прогестагенная активность были определены in vitro, in vivo и у людей в комбинации с эстрогенами и без них. В составе ЗГТ циклический прием 10 мг дидрогестерона обеспечивал адекватную защиту эндометрия от гиперплазии у женщин в постменопаузе, получавших 2 мг эстрадиола. Аналогичный эффект наблюдался при использовании 5 мг дидрогестерона в непрерывном режиме в комбинации с 1 мг эстрадиола. Также был отмечен хороший эффект дидрогестерона у женщин с аменореей/олиго-менореей, дисфункциональными маточными кровотечениями и нерегулярным циклом. В заключение необходимо отметить, что имея профиль, аналогичный прогестерону, но с лучшей пероральной дос-тупностью, дидрогестерон успешно используется в лечении нарушений, связанных с абсолютным или относительным дефицитом прогестерона.

Ключевые слова: дидрогестерон, прогестагенное действие, прогестерон, заместительная гормональная терапия, эндометрий.



Куличи М., Сассо М. Даль, Брага П.

Адгезия Lactobacillus plantarum P 17630 к клеткам вагинального эпи-телия и ее влияние на адгезию Candida albicans.




Kaminskiy V., Tkachenko R., Shlapak I., Khomenko O., Kaminskiy A.

Experience of treatment pregnant women with severe acute respiratory illness caused by influenza A (H1N1) in Kiyv.


During the period october 2009 – march 2010 in Ukraine was influenza pandemic A (H1N1). According the data from Ministry of Health of Ukraine 313 609 people was hospitalised , 1107 patients was died, from all died patients was 85 pregnant women (7,68%), total mortality was 0,35% during this period. At the Kiev Сity Center of Reproductive and Perinatal medicine were treated all Kiyv pregnant women with acute respiratory illness. And at this article we are representing our experience in treating this kind of patients.

Key words: influenza A (H1N1), pregnant.



Zaporozhan V. N., Tarabrin O. A., Galich S. P., Tarasenko S. A., Turenko A. V., Shcherbakov S. S., Gavrychenko D. G., Golovatyuk E. P.

Diagnosis, prognosis and correction of the complex in the system regulation of blood aggregation state (RBAS) in patients undergoing hysterectomy.


This paper presents the findings of violations in the system RBAS in 44 patients undergoing hysterectomy. The studies were conducted in two groups, which differed according to the method of prolonged thrombo-prophylaxis. Found that a dosage of 2500 bemiparin 1 time per day within 28 days after discharge patients from hospital is more safe and effective method for correcting irregularities in the system RBAS, than vitamin K antagonists.

Key words: hysterectomy, the system RBAS, thromboprophylaxis.



Alyoshina G. M.

The non-specific cervicitis of the women early reproductive age.


As a result of examination of 659 students of KPI during year 2009 and 1324 – during year 2010 cases of non:specific cervicitis are revealed as well as sickness rate and medical treatment of it are analised. Also modern optimum methods of non:specific cervicitis medical treatment for nullipara aged of 16–22 are determined.

Key words: non-specific cervicitis, bacterioscopy, cytology, colposcopy, an age, interferon, ultrasonic therapy (US-therapy), probiotik, Lekran, Biocap Femi.



Gaystruk N. A., Melnyk A. V., Klivak V. V.

Modern diagnostic markers for assessment of fetal distress in pregnants with breech presentation and effective correction by the drug with metabolic action.


We studied the indexes of fetoplacental hemodynamics, intrauterine fetal status and evaluated the content of the vasoactive molecules in the body of pregnants with breech presentation and placental insufficiency. It was established that breech presentation and placental insufficiency contribute to the appearance of the signs of fetal distress and the development of the deficit of the vasodilators hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide in the blood serum. Prescription of the actovegin to this group of pregnants greatly improves the functional fetal status and practically restores the production of these vasoactive substances.

Key words: Actovegin, breech presentation, nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide.



Татарчук Т. Ф., Косей Н. В.

Эмпирическая терапия вагинитов как метод профилактики развития восходящей инфекции.




Громова О. А., Торшин И. Ю., Кошелева Н. Г.

Молекулярные синергисты йода: нове подходы к эффективной профилактике и терапии йод-дефицитных заболеваний у беременных.




Kudykin M. N., Kletskin A. E., Kachalina T. S., Syubaeva R. I., Pugin V. A., Izmailova T. S.

Prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolic complications and chronic venous diseases of the lower extremities in pregnant women.


The principal objective of the present study was to elucidate the main causes underlying the development of venous thromboembolic complications in pregnant women. The secondary objective was to evaluate the possibility to introduce counseling by a phlebologist into routine management of pregnancy. It was shown that the excess body weight in pregnant women contributes to the development of thrombosis and that such women need special attention on the part of attending physicians. The described therapeutic modalities including the use of individually adjusted compression hosiery and intake of a diosmincontaining phlebotropic drug provide the safe and efficacious tools for the elimination of clinical manifestations of venous thrombosis. At the same time, the use of proposed preventive measures, such as dynamic observation by a phlebologist, the choice of adequate compression hosiery, and therapy with phlebotropic agents, contributes to the reduc-tion of the incidence of venous thromboembolic complications in pregnant women.

Key words: pregnancy, venous thrombosis, prevention, treatment.



Bubnov R. V., Abdullaev R. Ya., Mukhomor O. I.

Integrated application of three-dimensional modeling and phantoms to study the anatomy of nerves of the lower extremity and modeling of regi-onal anesthesia under ultrasound guidance.


The article describes the new directions of research of different kinds of ultrasound imaging with the applica-tion of three-dimensional modeling, which were introduced in the center of ultrasound diagnostics and inter-ventional sonography of hospital “Feofania” and will be used for prospective studies to establish a model-driven interventional medicine, and general knowledge model of the patient set out the principles of integ-rated three:dimensional imaging using ultrasound data. The method application was presented as an exam-ple of studying the anatomy of nerves of the lower limb for holding regional anesthesia under ultrasound guidance in three-dimensional models and phantoms.

Key words: sonography, peripheral nerve block, regional anesthesia under ultrasound guidance, three-dimensional modeling, phantom, photogrammetry.



Lyashenko E. N., Zabolotnov V. А., Rybalkа А. N., Bоеvа О. I.

The features of influenza during pregnancy with the retrospective des-cription of clinical case of the influenza type A.


The features of influenza during pregnancy are described in given article. During season epidemic of influ-enza the pregnant women are inclined to development of the complications in more degree. The retrospe-ctive description of clinical case of the maternal mortality from influenza type A are presented.

Key words: pregnancy, influenza, pneumonia, maternal mortality.



Nimenky M. V., Denysenko S. V.

Surgical, medical and genetic components of Swyer syndrome. An exa-mple of a successful pregnancy outcome in a patient with pure gonadal dysgenesis.


We demonstrated the value of using minimally invasive surgery as an integral part of preparation for ART programs. The necessity of prenatal diagnosis for the patients with a positive genetic history who need surgical treatment. We illustrated an optimized algorithm for infertile couples in ART programs with balancing the surgical and genetic components of treatment.

Key words: optimization, infertility, ART, minimally invasive surgery, pure gonadal dysgenesis Swyer syndrome, gonadectomy, prenatal diagnosis.



Дуда А. К., Вдовиченко Ю. П.

Цитомегаловирусная инфекция – современное видение (клиническая лекция).


В представленной статье приведены особенности этиологии, патогенеза, эпидемиологии, клиничес-кой картины и лечения цитомегаловирусной инфекции. Рассмотрено ее влияние на плод. Дана характеристика вариантов клинического течения заболевания. Приведена клиническая классификация заболевания, освещены вопросы иммунологии, дифференциальной диагностики и диагностики.

Ключевые слова: цитомегаловирусная инфекция, диагностика, варианты клинического течения, влияние на плод.



Sklyarova V. A.

Administration of anti-helminthic preparation Аldazol in complex treat-ment of associated with helminthiases gynecological pathologies.


The article has reported on the results of study of the interrelation between inflammatory diseases of female reproductive organs and helminthiases. Results of our investigations have conferred an irrefutable proof that Ukraine:made anti-helminthic preparation Aldazol is a highly efficient drug with a broad spectrum of action, therefore we consider it reasonable to recommend that this preparation be used in gynecological practice for complex therapy of the associated with helminthases inflammatory diseases of female reptoductive sphere.

Key words: helminthiasis, Aldazol, Albendazol, colpitis.



Astahov V. M.

Non-hormonal pathogenetically proved therapy of hysteromyoma.


In this study we can see the results of no hormonal treatment? Which sncludes combined drug INDOL-F caps. 400 mg, of group of women of reproductive age with mioma of the uteri. At the same time this study shows the comparing characteristics of clinical symptoms of group of women with mioma who were treated by the DIFERELIN 3,75. By these results we can say that it is possible to use the phytodrug INDOL-F for prophylactics and treatment of mioma of the uteri.

Key words: mioma of the uteri, estrogens, metabolites of estrogens, psychoemotional status, prophylac-tics, treatment, indol-3-carbinol.



Zaporozhan V. N., Tarabrin O. А., Suslov V. V., Galich S. P., Turenko A. V., Litvinenko S. V., Shcherbakov S. S., Gavrichenko D. G., Kirpichnikova E. P.

Efficacy and safety of Dexalgin and Zibor in patients undergoing myomectomy.


We studied the safety and efficacy of combination Dexalgin and Zibor. It was shown that the combination Dexalgin and Zibor is much safer for hemorrhagic complications than the combination of ketorolac and Zibor in the studied dosages. Under Dexalgin have lower intensity of pain on a scale of VAS, less need for the use of narcotic analgesics, which confirms its greater efficiency.

Key words: myomectomy, bleeding, analgesia.



Vdovychenko Yu. P., Gopchuk E. N.

Rehabilitation and prevention of abortion complications.


High maternal and perinatal mortality, miscarriage, complications of pregnancy and childbirth, deterioration of health of the nation as a whole – a partial list of the effects of artificial abortion. At the present stage, special attention should be paid to prevent inflammatory complication that involves the application of NSAID and antibacterial broad-spectrum drugs, which include hinolons.

Key words: аbortion, complications, rehabilitation, prevention, treatment, Levolet.



Pyrohova V., Shurpyak S., Malachynska M., Okhabska I., Slichna N. P.

The role and the place of antiviral therapy in preconception of women with the previous pregnancy miscarriage.


On results research expedience of lead through of a stage purposeful preconception of women is set with the syndrome of pregnancy miscarriage and infecting of VHSII. It is well:proven that application as an anti-viral mean of Heviran (acyclovir) in a dosage 800 mgs one time in days clinically and laboratory effectively and promotes complaence of patients to the lead through of suppressive antiviral therapy.

Key words: syndrome of pregnancy miscarriage, virus herpes simplex, antiviral therapy, Heviran, acycl-vir.



Tovstanovs'ka V. A., Alekseenko N. V., Vorobey-Vykhovska V. N.

Late results of medication Ketodin-ovules use as a causal treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis in pregnant.


The article deals with the results of the continuation of research, having a matter to distinguish the effecti-veness and security of the medicine Ketodin:candle (Sperco Ukraine) as a local ethiotropical therapy of the vulvovaginal candidosis in the pregnant women. The dates about the duration of the remission and the offer of the recurents of the vulvovaginal candidosis during the pregnancy and afterpregnant period are presented. The results of the observation after the growth and development of the newborns are described. The role of the adequate treatment of vulvovaginal candidosis during the pregnancy in the prophylactic of candidosis in newborns is discussed.

Key words: vulvovaginal candidosis, candidosis in newborns, Ketodin.



Martsynyak-Dorosh О. М.

Connection is between feeling of own cost and hierarchy of values and food habits.


In this article the results of researches are worked out for women with excessive weight and obesity and for the women patients with a diabetes mellitus. Results prove that concentration on physical values results in forming of self-esteem based on external appearance. This influences food habits. Conclusions from these researches can be applied in psychotherapy and courses of weight-control for women.

Key words: feeling of self-esteem, hierarchy of values, food habits, self-appraisal, character of Self.



Vdovychenko J. P., Goncharuk N. P., Vdovychenko S. J.

Decrease ways obstetrical bleedings at premature tearing and placenta prelying.


Results of the spent researches testify, that combined use of preparations carbetocine and terlipresine at abdominal delivery women with premature tearing and placenta prelying allows to lower essentially opera-tional hemorragia (more than on 110 ml), to reduce frequency of a reuse uterotonical means and external massage of a uterus, to warn operations (obstetrical hysterectomy), and also to seize involution of uterus after abdominal delivery. The received results allow to recommend an offered technique for practical public health services.

Key words: obstetrical bleedings, premature tearing of placentae, placenta prelying.



Репина М. А., Крапивина Е. Г., Колчина В. А., Стамбулова О. А.

Современные подходы к коррекции нарушений функции почек у беременных женщин.


В состав фитопрепарата Канефрон® Н входят компоненты, которые обеспечивают спазмолитическое, сосудорасширяющее, диуретическое, противовоспалительное и антибактериальное действие. Исследована эффективность Канефрона Н у 132 беременных женщин, 52 из которых имели сопутствующую инфекцию мочевыделительной системы, а 80 – гестоз и/или хронические паренхиматозные повре-ждения почек (хронический гломерулонефрит, интерстициальный нефрит), в 8 случаях осложненные ХПН. Получены следующие суммарные эффекты от лечения Канефроном Н- улучшение перифериче-ского (в том числе почечного) кровообращения (по тестам коагулограмм), усиление диуреза, противовоспалительное и антибактериальное действие (в том числе и в отношении вагинальной флоры). Препарат безопасен для матери и плода, о чем свидетельствуют исходы беременности и родов у женщин, получивших лечение Канефроном Н. Эффективность лечения зависит от его продолжительности (не менее 3–4 мес). Возможно сочетание Канефрона Н с антибактериальными, спазмолитическими средствами и с антигипертензивными препаратами. 



Avramenko T., Savchenko S., Gerevich G.

The features of system of hemostasis in pregnants with rheumatic heart diseases.


The analysis of data of research of system of hemostasis in pregnants with rheumatic heart diseases was realize in article. It was determine that rheumatic heart diseases being and grow progressively worse result in disorders of system of hemostasis, which in for one’s turn part influence on increase of frequency of complication of pregnancy and delivery.

Key words: pregnancy, rheumatic heart diseases, system of hemostasis.



Dashkevich V. E., Gutman L. B., Kyrylchuk M. E., Tofan N. I.

Prenatal preparation pregnant women with congenital heart disease.


Substantiated pathogenetically and developed a complex system of differentiated treatment and prevention and prenatal preparation of pregnant women with congenital heart disease. System includes conventional medical therapy aimed at the elimination of heart failure as well as measures aimed at improving the quality of life and psychological status, increased exercise tolerance, normalization of function of placenta, treatment of hypoxic changes in the mother and fetus. The main directions for implementing this are: physical training, psychological rehabilitation, aromatherapy, music therapy and rehabilitation in sanatorium conditions.

Key words: congenital heart disease in the mother, prenatal рreparation.



Заболотнов В. А., Рыбалка А. Н., Ляшенко Е. Н., Кузнецова Т. В.

Терапевтические особенности угрозы прерывания беременности, сопровождающейся отслойкой плодного яйца.




Butkova O. I., Didenko L. V., Zhabchenko I. A., Latisheva Z. M.

Neiroendocrinal and psychoemotional stress reactions and their correction for pregnant women with breast fibrosis-cystic disease.


We have examinated the efficiency of medical treatment in the case of pregnant women with FCIM, which had changes in neuroendocrinal and neurosis reaction during their pregnancy.

Key words: breast fibrosis-cystic disease, lactic glands, pregnancy, psychoemotional state, hormones, treatment.



Kaminskyy V. V., Boris O. M., Sumenko V. V., Gak I. O.

Nonspecific vaginitis treatment in pregnant women in II–III trimesters.


The usage and efficiency of Neotrizol (vaginal tablets with 100 mg neomycini sulfatis, 500 mg ornidazoli, 100 mg myconazoli and 3 mg prednizoloni) for nonspecific vaginitis treatment in pregnant women in ІІ–ІІІ trime-sters. A positive dynamics of women, subjective and objective status, good reactions and safety of this preparation was showed.

Key words: nonspecific vaginitis, pregnancy, Neotrizol.



Егорова А. Т., Базина М. И., Савицкая Е. А.

Опыт лечения кандидозного вульвовагинита у беременных препаратом Залаин.




Mamedjarova E. A., Shamhalova I. A.

Tactics of conducting pregnancy and sorts at women with adiposity.


Research objective was studying of features of a current of pregnancy and sorts at the women, suffering adiposity with working out of measures of preventive maintenance of complications. The analysis of data of

clinical inspection of 142 pregnant women with adiposity is carried out. The age of pregnant women with adiposity fluctuated from 21 till 33 th years, having averaged 26,6±4,8 years. Inspection of pregnant women

was spent to terms of 28–41 weeks. All pregnant women have been divided into 3 groups. I group included pregnant women with excess weight and I degrees of adiposity – (56%), II group – pregnant women with II degree of adiposity – (47%), III group – pregnant women with III degree of adiposity – (39%) As comparison it has been surveyed 38 (control group) pregnant women with normal weight of a body. In most cases at adipo-sity were observed complication of a current of pregnancy, with presence of several complications. Hestoz it was marked in 87,9 % cases. Besides, the analysis of the given cards of pregnant women has revealed insu-fficiency of a placenta at 92,7% of patients. The obtained data specify in high frequency of complications in a current and outcomes pregnancy women with adiposity. Hence, there is a necessity in scrinig inspection of patients for the purpose of revealing of the possible reasons of occurrence of complications, decrease in their frequency and development of tactics of conducting pregnancy and sorts at the given contingent of the woman’s.

Key words: аdiposity, current of pregnancy, complication of pregnancy.



Radzinsky V. E., Ordiyants I. M., Apresyan S. V.

Efficiency of vaginal dysbiosis correction in the first trimester of preg-nancy.


Thirty women (9 patients – with bacterial vaginosis; 9 with Candida vulvovaginitis, and 12 with nonspecific vulvovaginitis) receiving the probiotic Vagjsan the first trimester of pregnancy to recover the normal vaginal microflora were examined. Vagisan was found to have a significant positive effect on vaginal microbioceno-sis to prevent an increase in pH values, thereby improving the pregnant women’s general condition. Inclusion of vagisan into a package of measures after antibacterial therapy for nonspecific vaginitis, Candida vulvova-ginitis, and bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women in the first trimester caused an increase in the population of bifido-, and lactoflora in particular, a reduction in the degree of colonization until opportunistic bacteria were completely eliminated, and aided in decreasing the incidence of enteric disbacteriosis in women at risk for infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Key words: vaginal dysbiosis, early pregnancy, vagisan.



Кузьмин В. Н.

Практические аспекты лечения неспецифических и кандидозных вульвовагинитов у женщин во время беременности.




Korchynska O. O., Micoda R. M., Telychko L. V.

Modern methods of diagnostics of placenta disfunction in case of poly-foetus pregnancy.


The article deals with the modern methods of diagnostics of placenta disfunction in case of polyfoetus pregnancy. The important role of early diagnostics of placenta disfunction for the favourable course of polyfoetus pregnancy has been proved.

Key words: pregnancy, placenta, disfunction, a few-child.



Zhuk S. I., Oshovskyy V. I., Oshovska I. O., Melnik O. V.

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome: etiopathogenesis, diagnostic, mana-gement and delivery.


Basic modern views towards the reasons, pathogenesis, course and management of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome were covered in the article. Current data is a trial of unification of diagnostic, prognostic and prophylactic approaches regarding the raised problem.

Key words: monochorionic pregnancy, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, laser coagulation of anastomoses.



Manasova G. S.

Influence of the perinatal infection on the bone’s tissue remodeling pro-cesses in the dynamics of the pregnancy and in the postnatal period.


In the work data of the comparative dynamic research of the level’s of the some calcium-regulated hormones (CRH), remodeling marker’s and the structural condition’s of the bone tissue in healthy pregnant women and in pregnant women with the perinatal infection are described. Inspection was spent in II-th, I III-eat trimesters of pregnancy and for 4-th day after delivery. Research of the general, ionized calcium, phosphorus, the le-vels of the urinary calcium excretion was performed complexometric method. The content of the vitamin D, parathyroid hormone (PTH), osteocalcin (ОС) and β-CrossLaps was defined in blood by the chemiluminescence immunoassay. Gradual decrease of the calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D content’s was observed in both groups, at the infection these variations were more expressed. Activity of the PTH reliably amplified in the III trimester of the pregnancy and decreased after partus in the healthy pregnant women. At the infection of the PTH’s level only slightly increased during all period of the supervision. In the healthy women ОС’s concentration of increase of the pregnancy’s timeframe reliably decreased, whereas the quantity of the colla-gen I type’s fragments was increased. At the infection of increase of the gestation’s timeframe the concen-tration of the both remodeling’s parameters of the bone tissue was increased. Dynamics of the levels CRH and the concentration of the bone’s tissue remodeling markers in the pregnancy complicated by infection, possibly, testifies about the acceleration of the bone’s tissue synthesis and resorbtion, that it is possible mechanisms assisting the protection of the skeletal weight of the parents organism.

Key words: pregnancy, infection, bone’s tissue, remodeling.



Литвак О. О.

Влияние дисфункций щитовидной железы на состояние репродуктивной системы женщин.




Gopchuk E. N.

Polycystic ovary syndrome – generalized aspects of the clinic, diagnosis, treatment.


Generalized data of clinic, diagnosis and treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome in the aspect of the present state of the endocrinopathy in populations and mechanisms to prevent its effects on reproductive health field in the article.

Key words: Polycystic ovary syndrome, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment.



Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Sydak A. E.

Hyperplastic processes of endometrium in women with a disturbed men-strual function and their correction with a vegetal preparation TazalokTM.


The performed investigation allows to recommend for hyperplastic processes of endometrium caused by hyperestrogenia athe non-hormonal preparation TazalokTM which ensures a quick and effective reduction of clinical symptoms of the disease and a favourable change of the hormonal background.

Key words: TazalokTM, hyperestrogenia.



Меlnyk M. M., Vorobjova L. I., Nesprydko S. V., Pustovarov S. Y.

Clinicopathologic value of determination of the мmunohistochemistry markers in pretumor processes and endometrial cancer.


Definition of the receptors ER, PR, p53, Ki:67 with the help of immunohistochemistry method enables to personalise the tactics of treatment (hormotherapy) and defines the prognosis among patients with simple and complex hyperplasia endometrium without any signs of atypia, atypical hyperplasia endometrium and endometrial cancer.

Key words: immunohistochemistry method, atypical hyperplasia endometrium, endometrial cancer.



Неймарк С. Л., Бакшеев С. Н., Мулькина Е. И.

Распространенность высокоонкогенной группы НРV среди пациенток, обратившихся в женскую консультацію.




Podolsky V. V., Derbak V. A.

Colposcopical changes in women infected with human papilloma virus during pregnancy and after partus.


In our study colposcopic changes were studied in 100 women infected with human papillomavirus. Among women infected with human papillomavirus 12 women were infected with low onkogene types of human papillomavirus types and 88 women who were infected high onkogene types of human papillomavirus. Changes in the cervix at colposcopic examination of women who received treatment before pregnancy were less pronounced and in most cases disappeared after birth, indicating the obligatory examination of women planning pregnancy and for their respective predhravidarnoyi training.

Key words: human papilloma virus, pre-conceptional preparation.



Gryshchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V., Ostanina V. I., Milyutin E. V.

The choice of medication for the patients with chronic pelvic inflamma-tory diseases treatment.


It was performed the comparative study of Hemomycin efficacy and other generic azithromycin medications registered in Ukraine in the treatment of patients with chronic salpingoophoritis and cervicitis of chlamydial etiology. It was found that the usage of Hemomycin superior in their effectiveness comparatively to other generic azithromycin drugs with pulse therapy regimen application. The appointment of Hemomycin provides complete elimination of chlamydial infection, the completion of the inflammatory tissue response, vaginal flora restoration and protective properties of cervical mucous. According to the pharmacoeconomic qualities and clinical efficacy Hemomycin is the drug of choice of antibacterial therapy of genital chlamydiosis.

Key words: chlamydiosis, Hemomycin, treatment.



Tkachenko Z. S., Denysenko S. V.

Optimization of modern diagnosis of the chromosomal abnormalities, detected in infertile couples.


In the present article we analyze advantages of molecular and cytogenetic methods application in the analy-sis of chromosomal abnormalities in infertile couples. Results of the molecular and cytogenetic analysis were taken into consideration during the pregravidation preparation. We demonstrated the importance of FISH in the diagnosis of genomic and chromosomal mutations. The algorithm of the pregravidation preparation was based on the results of the molecular and cytogenetic analysis. It is demonstrated on the description of a case.

Key words: infertility, genomic mutations, mosaicism, FISH, optimization, pregravidation preparation, ART.



Нікітін О. Д., Жабіцька Л. А.

Діагностика безпліддя в сучасних умовах (трубно-перитонеальний фактор).




Hourani I. F.

Influence of quercetin and thiotriasoline on bronchoalveolar lavage changes in rats under the influence of cyclophosphane and irradiation.


The research is devoted to the study of protective effect of antioxidants quercetin and thiotriasoline during chemoradiation lung damage in rats of different genetic lines. Under the action of cyclophosphamide and irradiation the most severe damages of bronchoalveolar epithelium were discovered in spontaneously-hyper-tensive rats, the least severe – in the Wistar rat group. Quercetin and thiotriasoline application significantly reduces epithelial degeneration, reduces the number of erythrocytes, macrophages and destroyed cells in the bronchoalveolar lavage, what is the most noticeable in the group of rats Fisher 344 and in spontaneous-ly-hypertensive rats. It proves the role of genetic factors in the development of postchemoradiation damages and in choosing a protective therapy.

Key words: chemoradiotherapy lungs damages, bronchoalveolar lavage, Thiotriasolinе, Quercetin.