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Moiseenko R. O., Shpak I. V., Kaminskyi V. V., Boris O. M., Vorobei L. I., Kriven'kyi V. V., Tupis O. Ya., Shal'ko M. N., Tkachuk R. R.

Acute respiratory virus infection and pregnancy: the analysis of clinical experience.


The publication provides information about a connection of influenza and pregnancy, including the impact of influenza virus strain А/H1N1 incidence of pregnant women. Based on its observations of experts Kyiv City Center of Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine analyzed the features of this infection in pregnant women, most frequent complication of influenza A/H1N1 in pregnant women, the principles of management, treatment and rehabilitation of such patients. Pregnant women, according to the analysis referred to the risk of developing complications during a flu epidemic А/H1N1 and often require hospitalization and intensive therapy. The article presents generalized data on pregnant women cases of influenza A/H1N1 during the epidemic in 2009, and the most interesting and at the same time, the hardest cases of influenza in pregnant women who observed at the Kyiv City Center of Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine. A serious threat of the virus even for completely healthy pregnant women was demonstrated.

Кey words: epidemic influenza, A/H1N1-2009, pregnancy, premature birth, antenatal fetal death, maternal mortality rate.



Moyseeva-Postolovskaya T. D., Rud V. A.

The new approaches to the treatment of pudendum condylomatous affections at women of reproductive age.


Improvement of the combined charts of treatment of kondilomatoznykh defeats of outward privy parts, by the use of the portable aerosol cryosurgical system of Gistofrizer results in clinical regression of hearths of VPCH for 92% patients, that for certain higher, than at the group of patients where chemical destruction of hearths was produced. Accordingly the less of women needs the repeated manipulations on the delete of kondilamatoznykh defeats.

Key words: human papilloma virus, papilloma infection of low degree of onkogennosti, portable aerosol cryosurgical system.



Винаров А. З.

Современные подходы к диагностике и лечению неосложненной инфекции мочевыводящих путей: результаты исследования ARESC.




Тихомиров А. Л., Сарсания С. И.

Современная рациональная фармакотерапия воспалительных заболеваний женских половых органов.




Sitruk-Ware Regine

Progestogens in hormonal replacement therapy: new molecules, risks, and benefits.


While the benefits of progestogen use in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are well recognized as far as endometrial protection is concerned, their risks and drawbacks have generated controversial articles. Several risks are attributed to progestogens as a class-effect; however, the progestogens used in HRT have varying pharmacological properties and do not induce the same side effects. Natural progesterone (P) and some of its derivatives, such as the 19-norprogesterones (Nestorone, nomegestrol acetate, trimegestone), do not bind to the androgen receptor and, hence, do not exert androgenic side effects. Newly synthesized molecules such as drospirenone or dienogest have no androgenic effect but do have a partial antiandrogenic effect. Drospirenone derives from spironolactone and binds to the mineralocorticoid receptor. When the cardiovascular risk factors are considered, some molecules with a higher androgenic potency than others attenuate the beneficial effects of estrogens on the lipid profile as well as the vasomotion. On the other hand, other progestogens devoid of androgenic properties do not exert these deleterious effects. The epidemiological data do not suggest any negative effect of the progestogens administered together with estrogens on cardiovascular morbidity or mortality. However, recent results suggest that in women with established coronary heart disease, HRT may not protect against further heart attacks when the progestogen selected possesses androgenic properties. The data related to the progestogen effect on breast tissue has been interpreted differently from country to country. However, it has been admitted that, according to the type of progestogen used and the dose and duration of its application, a predominant antiproliferative effect is observed in the human breast cells. As far as breast cancer risk is concerned, most epidemiological studies do not suggest any significant difference between the estrogens given alone or combined with progestogens in HRT. Complying with the classic contraindications of HRT and selecting molecules devoid of estrogenic, androgenic, or glucocorticoid effect should allow a larger use of the progestins without any major drawback.

Key words: рrogestational steroids, 19-norprogesterones, Cardiovascular surrogate risk markers, Vasomotion, Atherosclerosis, Lipids, Breast cancer risk.



Сидорова И. С., Шешукова H. A.

Клиническая эффективность сертаконазола (Залаина) при остром кандидозе.




Gorokhovа G. V., Glazkova I. V., Holovakha L. N., Kondratenko E. G., Krasnov A. V.

The prenatal diagnostics of extensive hemangioma of the shin of a fetus.


The case of prenatal diagnostics of abnormality of vascular system of a fetus – capillary-cavernous racemes hemangioma of shin of fetus is presented. Detected tumor in 30 weeks of pregnancy had extensive character of extension and expressed vascular pattern by Doppler colour flow mapping. A diagnosis is finally verified after delivery. The histological features of hemangioma are shown.

Key words: prenatal ultrasound diagnostics, hemangioma of the shin of a fetus, capillary-cavernous hemangioma.



Ventskivska I. B., Zhabitska L. A.

Experience of the usage of combined hypertonic/ colloidal solution in obstetric haemorrhage therapy.


The main constituent part of obstetric haemorrhage and hemorrhagic shock therapy is infusional and transfusion therapy. The authors examine the effectiveness of the usage of combined hypertonic/colloidal solution, HyperHAES in particular, in intensive therapy of hemorrhagic shock as the result of haemorrhage in early postnatal period and extrauterine pregnancy. The data given allow us to make the conclusion on the effectiveness of the usage of the HyperHAES solution for immediate renewal of the volume of blood circulation in the treatment of acute hypovolemia and shock. This is to be evidenced by stabilization of hemodynamic indices, consciousness recovery, diuresis onset.

Key words: hemorrhagic shock, postnatal period, combined hypertonic/colloidal solutions, HyperHAES.



Шаповалова К. А., Тарасова М. А.

Медико-социальные факторы, влияющие на выбор и приемлемость суппозиториев «Фарматекс».




Куцарев И. П., Сидельская В. Я., Куцарева И. И., Савин К. Э.

В поисках простого и доступного метода лечения недержания мочи при напряжении у женщин.


Приведены случаи из практики эффективного лечения недержания мочи при напряжении с хорошими отдаленными результатами.

Ключевые слова: биополимеры, недержание мочи при напряжении, Нолтрекс.



Lakatosh V. P., Chistyakova M. G., Leush S. St., Zagorodnyaia O. S., Slobodyanik O. Ya., Tkali V. O., Tikhonenko V. G., Vamush A. V.

Clinical case of antenatal fetal death in the period of 32 weeks of pregnancy against partial hidatidiform moles.


А clinical case of vesicular mole diagnosed after stillbirth in 32 gestation weeks is described. The possibility of such complication during the hole pregnancy, especially by strong abortion hazard and ultrasound signs of placenta’s hyperplasia, is emphasized.

Key words: vesicular molar, beta-human chorionic gonadotropin, stillbirth.



Podolskyi V. V., Kasatkina T. O.

Sexual dysfunction at women with drug dependence.


As a result of carrying out of clinical-epidemiological researches key parameters of health of women fertile age which are under influence of an narcotic intoxication are determined. Researches are carried out to populations of women fertile age which are under influence of an narcotic intoxication and live in industrial region of Ukraine. As a result of the lead researches discovered main break of parameter of sexual health and showed the role of narcotic substance in emergence of sexual disfunction in this contingent of women.

Key words: clinical-epidemiological researches, reproductive health, sexual disfunction, industrial region, an narcotic intoxication.



Tikhomirov A. L., Sarsaniia S. I.

Features of candidal vulvovaginitis at pregnant women during the present stage.


The problem of candidal vulvovaginitis (CV) at pregnant women is discussed. The modern statistical data is presented, the characteristic of agent – Candida albicans is given, conditions of occurrence and feature of clinical course during the pregnancy (immunological aspects of CV, influence of sexual hormones etc.), complications and consequences for a fetus and the newborn are considered. The problem of choice of preparations for treatment is discussed, treatment schemes by natamycin of various forms of CV at pregnant women are offered.

Key words: candidal vulvovaginitis, Candida albicans, pregnancy, natamycin, Pimafucin.



Golyanovskyy O.

Massive postpartum hemorrhage with different outcomes: maternal mortality and puerperant’s recovery (comparative study).


The cases of massive postpartum hemorrhage with different outcomes: maternal mortality and puerperant’s recovery were compared and analysed. The hysterectomy, relaparotomy, decompensated hemorrhage and intraoperative blood loss were determined more quantity in the group with maternal mortality outcome. The organsaving method of surgical hemostasis with racking of main uterus vessels were evaluated as more effectiveness than traditional hysterectomy. The changes of national clinical protocol on obstetrical bleedings were proposed.

Key words: massive obstetrical bleedings, a surgical hemostasis, bandaging of the main vessels of a uterus, xterpation of uterus.



Grishchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V., Stupak I. I., Mashchenko A. A.

The lactation function stimulation in postpartum ladies in the condition of energetic deficiensy.


It was performed the investigation of hypogalactia therapy efficiensy with Iodomarine application in the preeclamptic patients after preterm abdominal delievery. It was determined the energetic deficiensy assotiated with mitochondrion dysfunction in the observed ladies. The abdominal route of delievery caused the retardation of metabolic processes restoration and negatively influenced on lactation function. Iodomarine usage has improved energetic postpartum ladies condition and maternal milk production and its quantitative ingredients parametres.

Key words: preeclampsia, mitochondrion dysfunction, energetic deficiensy, hypogalactia, Iodomarine.



Каримова Д. Ф., Каримова Ф. Д., Ходжаева М. А.

Опыт применения препарата Дистрептаза в профилактике осложнений и реабилитации женщин после кесарева сечения.




Avramenko T. V., Tsypkun V. A., Eshchenko I. O.

Morphological and immunohistochemical peculiarities of placenta in women with diabetic angiopathy.


The main changes in the placental structure in women with diabetic angiopathy are described in this publication. In placenta’s structure the familiar signs were revealed as expression of proliferative-cellnuclear antigen of nucleus of proliferative cells (PCNA), vascularendothelial growth factor, or growth factor of vascular endothelium (VEGF) and factor of thrombocyte adhesion for endothelium (CD-31, PECAM), which are being considered as the manifestations of compensatory reaction, targeted to the promotion of placental-fetal blood circulation and fetal state.

Key word: diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, placenta, vascular-endothelial growth factor, proliferative-cell-nuclear antigen of nucleus of proliferative cells, factor of thrombocyte adhesion for endothelium.



Davydova Yu. V., Bulyk L. M.

Modern approaches for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease in pregnancy.


The article present the modern data concerning the approaches to the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease at pregnancy. Efficacy of pantoprazol treatment of this pathology has been analyzed.

Key words: gastroesophageal disease, pregnancy, treatment, pantoprazol.



Pisareva S. P., Vorobjeva I. I., Gevetskay A. A., Rudakova N. V.

Perinatal outcomes of womens with premature.


The article presents the results of examination of patients with preterm delivery and their children in the postnatal and early neonatal periods. Somatic and gynecological pathologies, a course of pregnancy and labor, of postnatal and early neonatal periods were analyzed. It was found that the mortality among the premature infants depends mainly on the term of gestation and a method of delivery, and also on indications for preterm operative delivery. Among the causes of mortality in this category of children, the leading role belongs to intraventricular hemorrhages III-IV degree. It was shown that risk factors for cerebral disorders in children, apart from the term of gestation, a complications of the antenatal period (prolonged threatened interruption, nephropathy of different severity, chronic hypoxia) and of the intranatal period – rapid spontaneous labor, long dry stage, cesarean section by absolute indications.

Key words: preterm delivery, premature infant, complications of pregnancy.



Shlemkevich A. M., Guleuk N. L., Nechaj O. S., Sedneva I. A.

Medical-genetic aspects of reproductive losses in І and ІІ trimesters of pregnancy for women with pathology of prenatal period in anamnesis.


As have shown results of the conducted researches, prenatal diagnostics is the most effective method of prevention of pathology and congenital developmental anomalies consequence. It allows to solve questions on fetus affection and on timely interruption of pregnancy

Key words: pregnancy, prenatal diagnostics, reproductive losses, karyotype.



Kuzemensky M. L.

Perinatal outcomes delivery patients after various methods of treatment leiomyoma of uterus.


Results of the spent researches testify, that leiomyoma of uterus and hem presence on a uterus after conservative myomectomy, practically, do not render specific influence on physical development of newborns and them postnatal adaptation within the first year of a life. At the same time, women with the given pathology make group of high risk on development of chronic placentary insufficiency, distress of born and perinatal diseases. The received results are a substantiation for improvement of a complex of the diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions directed on improvement of direct results delivery, especially women after conservative myomectomy.

Key words: leiomyoma of uterus, perinatal outcomes delivery.



Podolskiy V. V., Skripchenko N. Ya.

Clinical and epidemiologic results of introduction of modern medical technologies of women’s delivery under conditions of individual delivery rooms or family delivery rooms.


In the article are given results of survey analysis, which was conducted by questioning of 54 women who delivered at common delivery rooms and 37 women, who delivered at individual delivery rooms. Effectiveness of introduction of modern medical technologies is shown, and its positive influence on medico-social birth rate indices is defined.

Key words: labor, delivery, individual delivery rooms, modern technologies, birth rate.



Yanyuta G. S.

Flow of pregnancy, delivary and the state of fetus, newborns at women with kardiomyopatey.


Conducted analysis of features of pregnancy, delivary and the state of плод and newborns in 214 pregnant with kardyomyopatey showed considerable frequency of complications during pregnancy and delivary special at women with the delyatatsyonna form of this disease.

Key words: pregnancy, kardyomyopatey, fetus, delivary, newborn.



Вуттке В., Ярри Г., Зайдлова-Вуттке Д., Уварова Е. В., Девятченко Т. Ф., Гуменюк Е. Г., Погодин O. K., Левенец С. А.

Терапевтические возможности экстрактов из Авраамова дерева (Vitex Agnus castus) в гинекологической практике.




Potapov V. O., Medvedev M. V., Pol'shchikov P. I., Finokva O. P.

Immunohistochemical predictors of recurring uterine leiomyoma at women after conservative myomectory.


The paper presents results of immunohistochemical study of markers of cell proliferation, apoptosis, degradation of extracellular matrix and steroid receptors in leiomyoma tissue from women after conservative myomectomy, thus allocate immunophenotype with a high probability of tumor recurrence.

Key words: uterine leiomyoma, recurrence, predictor, immunohistochemistry.



Korobkova H.

The immunological aspects the chronic inflammatory diseases of female genitals.


The results of the references show, that chronic inflammatory diseases of female genitals renders negative influence on the condition of cell’s immunity and humoral immunity. It dictates the necessity to take into account the received results by development of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: chronic inflammatory diseases of female genitals, cell’s immunity, humoral immunity.



Pirogova V. I., Litviniuk S. I.

Immunocorrection for prevention of infectious complications after reproductive system surgery.


In the articles resulted information is in relation to efficiency of prophylaxis of infectiously inflammatory complication after operative interferences on the organs of the genital system by the way of citokinotherapy. On the basis of results of complex cliniko-labolatory inspection 65 patients are with infecting of HSV II it is routine that application of Genferon®, which find out expressed anti-inflammatory and immunomodulate actions, allows effectively prophylaxis inflammatory complications by proceeding in the broken immunological homoeostasis and instrumental in optimization of motion of after operative period.

Key words: herpes simplex virus, operative gynecology, cytokines, Genferon®.



Berestovoi O. A.

Role of analogues of gonadotrophin-releasing-hormone in the modern reproductive medicine and gynecology.


The role of Diphereline ("Ipsen Pharma", France) – the analogue of hypophysial gonadotrophin-releasing-hormone- in improvement of auxiliary reproductive technologies is considered. Reports of controllable ovarian hyper stimulation with the accent on exclusion by means of Diphereline endogenic secretions of gonadotrophins by hypophysis are resulted. Efficiency of its application in pharmaco – and operative therapy of hormonal-dependent diseases – uterine leiomyoma and endometriosis is underlined.

Key words: gonadotrophin-releasing-hormone, analogues of gonadotrophin-releasing-hormone, triptorelin, Diphereline, infertility, auxiliary reproductive technologies, uterine leiomyoma, endometriosis, treatment.



Zhuk S. I., Revchuk N. V.

Humoral and hormonal homeostasis’ condition in female patients with endometriosis after delivery and Cesarean section in case of levonorgestrel – releasing intrauterine device using.


Results of using of levonorgestrel-releasing uterine system in patient with endometriosis after labour and cesarean section are submitted in this article. Clinical, humoral and hormonal effectiveness of this system in patients with endometriosis is shown within next year after labour.

Key words: endometriosis, postpartum period, transforming growth factor β, epidermal growth factor, the plasma soluble interleukin-2 receptor, interleukin-2, interleukin-6.



Захаренко Н. Ф., Ковбасий В. П., Коваленко Н. В.

Характеристика психологических типов личности при доброкачественных гиперпролиферативных заболеваниях репродуктивной системы женщины.




Kuzemensky M. L.

Features menstrual functions after conservative myomectomy.


Results of the spent researches testify, that conservative myomectomy is one of the most comprehensible variants of operative treatment leiomyoma of uterus at women of reproductive age, especially till 40 years. The received results allow to note positive influence of the transferred operation on restoration broken menstrual functions, especially at adequately picked up rehabilitation therapy.

Key words: conservative myomectomy, menstrual function.



Protsko N. V.

Experience of Polymic application at patients with inflammatory diseases of genital organs of nonspecific etiology.


It is shown the results of Polymic application produced by "Kusum Helthcare PVT. LTD" company, possessing complex anti-inflammatory action. In one tablet of this combined preparation are ofloxacin 200 mg and оrnidazole 500 mg. Therapeutic efficiency of preparation is confirmed by disappearance of clinical displays of an inflammation in investigated group of women.

Key words: Polymic, inflammatory diseases of genital organs.



Pisareva S. P.

Role of preparations of imidasole number in the treatment of candidal vulvovaginitis at women with miscarriage pregnancy.


From the main antimycotic agents of polyolefinic, triazole and imidasole number is underlined the role of the last, especially modern preparation of local action Micogal (omoconazole nitrate – "Teva", Hungary). Preparations of local fungicidal actions take on special significance at treatment of candidal vulvovaginitis (CV) during pregnancy when the systemic antimycotic antifungal agents are not shown, and danger of development of obstetrics pathologies and prenatal contamination of fetus and newborn is high. In work the results of Micogal application at pregnant women with miscarriage are resulted and is shown that the preparation promotes improvement of the clinical status (diminution of symptoms of threatened miscarriage, in certain cases – to their disappearance), quickly stops the symptoms of CV (efficiency – 86-96 %). Higher efficiency and safety of application omoconazole is underlined at treatment of CV at pregnant women in comparison with clotrimazole and necessity of wider introduction of omoconazole to the obstetrics practice.

Key words: pregnancy, miscarriage, candidal vulvovaginitis, treatment, imidazoles, omoconazole, Micogal.



Benyuk V. O., Nikonyuk T. R.

Experience in the treatment nonspecific bacterial vaginitis.


Results of the lead (the carried out) researches testify, that combined use of preparat KlaritroSandoz shows an acute therapeutic effect in curing of nonspecific bacterial vaginitis against the background of the given therapy. Besides in practice the preparat are easy to use, show a good tolerance and do not cause any allergic reactions. It allows recommending KlaritroSandoz wide use for the treatment of nonspecific bacterial vaginitis.

Key words: nonspecific bacterial vaginitis, a mixt-infection, inflammatory diseases of genitals, treatment.



Boris E. N., Konoplyanko V. V., Tupis O. Ya., Gak І. V., Onischik L. N., Shal’ko M. N., Serbenuk A. V.

Сorrection of psychoneurological conditions of women with predecidual (premenstrual) syndrome caused by lack of magnesium.


In article was analysed the efficiency of use of Magne-B6® in treatment of women with predecidual (premenstrual) syndrome. Magne-B6® was prescribed in order to correct the psychoneurological conditions, abolition of symptoms of lack of magnesium. We educed the positive dynamics in indices of blood, decrease or even disappearance of syphtoms of predecidual (premenstrual) syndrome. It much more improved the well:being of women.

Key words: predecidual (premenstrual) syndrome, lack of magnesium, psychoneurological conditions, Magne-B6®.



Berestovoi O. A.

Modern aspects of application of not steroid anti-inflammatory agents in the gynecologic practice.


Taking into account up-to-date information the prominent aspects of not steroid anti-inflammatory application of agents, in particular unique not narcotic analgesic Ketanov ("Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited", India) in the surgical practice after gynecologic operations with a view of postoperative pain and also for harmacotherapy acute and chronic pelvic pain, pelvic infectious processes, and genital endometriosis are discussed.

Key words: postoperative pain, pelvic pain, pelvic infectious process, genital endometriosis, treatment, not steroid anti-inflammatory agents, ketorolac tromethamine, Ketanov.



Gopchuk E. N.

Non-hormonal therapy of of climacteric disorders.


A climacteric syndrome complicates the physiological flow of menopause and characterized by vasculomotor, endocrine – exchange and nervously violations, that requires a timely and adequate correction. Information about alternative prepatation Tribestan effective in cut short of climacteric disorders is expounded in the article.

Key words: сlimacteric syndrome, treatment, Tribestan.



Грищенко О. В., Струк Т. А., Сторчак А. В.

Оптимизация лечения дисфункциональных маточных кровотечений у женщин репродуктивного возраста.




Korobkova A. E.

Psychovegetative characteristics of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of female genital organs in perimenopausal and postmenopausal period (summary of literature).


Mental state affects the function of neurohumoral system, neurotrophic metabolism, as well as enzyme synthesis. Mental and vegetative disorders in perimenopausal and postmenopausal period are secondary. These disorders present a reaction of specific and non-specific brain systems to pathologic processes accompanying the decrease in estrogen level.

Key words: psychosomatic disorders, depression, sex hormones, perimenopause, postmenopause.



Radionova E. K.

Preventive maintenance abortion at women with a metabolic syndrome.


Results of the spent researches testify, that use of offered algorithm of treatment-and-prophylactic actions, in the first time, positively influences on основне biochemical changes in 1 trimester of pregnancy that is shown by essential decrease frequencies abortion. In the subsequent use given techniques mother-placenta-fruit allows to warn decompansation changes from the party system immunity, microbic sexual ways and from the party functional conditions of system. The received results allow to explain scientifically clinical efficiency of an offered technique, що grants to us is right recomend it for wide application in practical public health services.

Key words: abortion, a metabolic syndrome, preventive maintenance.



Vdovychenko Yu. P., Gopchuk E. N.

Сorrection of disbiosos of sexual ways for sexually-active teenagers.


The results of research, devoted the estimation of efficiency selective probiotic Biokap Femi for normalization of disbiosos of sexual ways for sexually-active teenagers are resulted in the article.

Key words: treatment, prophylaxis, probiotic, Biokap Femi.



Товстановская В. А., Гужевская И. В., Воробей-Виховская В. Н., Воробей А. В.

Причины и следствия маточных кровотечений у подростков.




Товстановская В. А., Сахарова И. А.

Эффективность препарата Ив Кер при дисфункциональных маточных кровотечениях у девочек-подростков.




Shkrobanets I. D.

Morbidity and prevalence of diseases at children population of Chernivtsi region.


In the article the short analysis of incidence and prevalence of general morbidity in children 0–14 years for to 1–14 classes of diseases of IDC-10 was presented.

Key words: morbidity, prevalence of diseases, children population.



Mirovich D. Yu., Zhdanyuk Yu. I., Vorobyova V. G.

Application of lavomax in treatment of patients with chronic recurrence urogenital herpes-viral infection.


Among 56 patients (30 women and 26 men) with chronic recurrence urogenital herpes-viral infection studied the effect of applicaton for lavomax in complex antiviral therapy. Note considerable (р<0,05) reduce of clinical symptoms and decrease of relapses for disease also improvement indexes of T-cellular immunity and interferon status after treatment with lavomax applicaton. Note immunostimulation effect of lavomax to T-cell part of immune system and interferon production. Recommend applicaton of lavomax for treatment of chronic recurrence urogenital herpes:viral infection passing with T-cellular immunodeficiency and decrease of interferon level.

Key words: chronic recurrence urogenital herpes-viral infection, imunodeficiency, interferon, lavomax.



Vdovychenko Yu. P.

Azithromycin (Sumamed) in the context of antibiotic therapy compliance of urogenital pathologies.


The unique pharmacokinetic characteristics of macrolides, especially developed in Croatia azithromycin – one of the best bought antibiotics in the world are discussed. It is underlined it immunomodulatory action and in the role of basic agent in antibiotic therapy of some diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs, including at pregnancy and in teenage gynecology, in preventive maintenance of wound infections after surgical interventions. It is underlined high azithromycin compliance and high degree of patient's commitments to this kind of treatment.

Key words: urogenital pathology, antibiotic therapy, macrolides, azolides, azithromycin (Sumamed), compliance.



Podol’skij V. V., Dronova V. L., Tesluk R. S.

Interconnection hormonal disbalance and insufficiency of immune status at HIV infected women of risk groups.


The article is expounded principal reasons and features of origin of the hormonal disbalance and insufficiency of immune status at HIV infected women of risk groups, their interconnection is described. Especially substantial hormonal changes have women, which use psychoactive substances.

Key words: HIV infected women, hormonal disbalance, immune status, risk groups.



Kvashenko V. P., Dankina I. A., Dzhelomanova S. A.

Contraceptive and medical efficiency combined oral contraceptive «Jazz».


The presently combined oral contraceptives use large popularity in a whole world, providing, at first, high contraceptive reliability and, secondly, additional no contraceptive medical effects. By us action of the hormonal preparation «Jazz» is studied. The conducted research testifies to high contraceptive and medical efficiency of this preparation.

Key words: bearable, preparation «Jazz», medical and contraceptive efficiency.



Chermak I. I.

Tactics of conducting patients of late reproductive age with barreness against genital endometriosis.


Results of the spent researches testifies to complexity of treatment of barreness against genital endometriosis at patients of late reproductive age. Efficiency of treatment of barreness at the given contingent of patients depends on a stage of process and an accompanying gynecologic pathology. It is necessary to take into consideration considerable decrease ovarial reserve at the given contingent of patients, first of all important to develop the programs of regenerative treatment directed on preservation of the available follicular reserve. Revision of tactics of application of auxiliary reproductive technologies is actual at an endometriosis, including timeliness of carrying out extracorporal fertilisations, use of sparing reports, cryoconservation of oocytes, the received embryos, etc. the Received results specify in necessity of use of an individual approach for the decision of this challenge modern reproductology.

Key words: barreness, late reproductive age, genital endometriosis.



Каліновська І. В., Головачук О. К.

Зміна імунологічного статусу жінок із безплідністю в разі застосування препарату Валавір®.




Rybalka А. N., Pamfamirov Y. K., Zabolotnov V. A., Timofeeva N. A., Sidorov D. M., Rumyantseva Z. S., Boeva O. I.

Conservative treatment of patients with endocrine sterility.


Some groups of remedies applying for stimulation of ovulation in patients with endocrine sterility and mechanism of their action are considered in this article.

Key words: endocrine sterility, clomiphene citrate, gonadotropins, gonadotrophin-releasing-hormone antagonists, gonadotrophin-releasing-hormone agonists, biguanides, thiazolidinediones, aromatase inhibitors and prolactin inhibitor.



Tolstanov А. К., Dimova V. F., Kuydan S. P., Timchuk N. V., Masluk N. G.

Cytological diagnostics of malignant formations of the thyroid gland in the zhytomyr regional medical advisory diagnostic centre.


The comparative analysis of diagnostic value of the cytological and pathohystological research of the thyroid gland is carried out in article. It ss established, that the aspiration biopsy by thin needle with subsequent cytological research of biopsy material is the effective method of differential diagnostics the malignant formations of the thyroid gland.

Key words: thyroid gland, differential diagnostics of malignant formations.



Bondar G. V., Sedakov I. E., Khomenko A. V., Balashova O. I.

Long-term results of treatment of locally advanced breast cancer using modified intra-arterial polychemotherapy.


The effeciency of modified selectiv intra-arterial chemotherepy was proved with the example of treatment of 54 patients with localy advanced breast cancer. The usage of two catheters for intra-arterial chemotherapy of these patients allow to have an optimal concentration of medecune directly in the tumour and regional lymph collectors, without increasing general toxicity. Besides, 5 years survival rate has increased in 52.3% cases. This method has showed the high efficienty together with low toxic influence and can be recommended for practical usage.

Key words: locally advanced breast cancer,selective intra-arterial polychemotherapy.