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Future Health Biobank празднует десятилетие лидерства в отрасли сохранения стволовых клеток.




Рекламу лекарств ограничили.




Наказ МОЗ «Про затвердження Змін до Положення про проведення іспитів на передатестаційних циклах».




Писарєва С. П., Жабченко І. А., Шамаєва О. В.

Попередні результати наукового дослідження найбільш суттєвих факторів ускладненого перебігу вагітності в сучасних умовах (у ме-жах виконання Державної програми «Репродуктивне здоров’я нації на 2006–2015 роки»).




Киев: опыт пилотного региона.




Чтения по маммологии, посвященные дню борьбы с раком молочной железы.




Duda А. К., Boyko V. O., Zhigarev Yu. O.

Influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections in pregnant women: characteristics of treatment.


Pregnant women frequently recorded severe and complicated forms of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections. Under the influence of infection dramatically reduces etsya protective reserves of pregnant women, the function is violated, the endocrine and immune systems. This helps to latent diseases, including viral and bacterial etiologyogy during pregnancy and after childbirth. Treatment of pregnant women has a number of features.

Key words: influenza and other acute respiratory viral infection inpregnant-, especially treatment, Prote-flazidum.



Kylish A. M., Boiko V. I.

Individual issues of legal regulation artificial interruption of pregnancy.


The author analyzes the legal right to life, explores the current state of legal regulation of certain issues of abortion and the decision of this question in the world, considering the problems that may occur if the artificial termination of pregnancy.

Key words: right to life, abortion, legislation on abortion.



Grishchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V.

The choice of method for urinogenous gestational complication preven-tion.


It was performed the efficiency investigation of pregnant women treatment with infectious processes of the lower urinary tract with the application of the III generation cephalosporin Sorcef and probiotic Diastop. It was established that the 5-day course of treatment of patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria and 7-day course of therapy of acute cystitis had significant advantages over the usage of cefuroxime axetil. The joint appoint-ment of Sorcef and Diastop has contributed to the completion of local and systemic inflammatory response which provided diseasefree effect and reduced the complications of pregnancy and puerperium.

Key words: pregnancy, urinary tract infections, Sorcef, Diastop, prevention of complications of pregnancy, puerperium.



Boris O. M., Sumenko V. V., Onischyk L. M., Gak I. O., Malysheva I. V., Bondaruk O. Ya., Serbenyk A. V.

A contemporary method of treatment for mixed-infecshion.


The article deals with the possibility of use and efficiency of Octenisept (made in Germany) as antibacterial therapy of mixinfection in women of reproductive age with background processes of the cervix. After the study positive dynamics of subjective and objective state was received, indicated good tolerability and safety of this drug.

Key words: mix-infection, Осtenisept, reproductive age, background process of cervix of uterus.



Танько О. П., Самойлова М. В., Гайворонская С. И., Выговская Л. А.

Мажорная и минорная составляющие в терапии эндометриоза.




Корнацька А. Г., Мітченко О. І., Сопко О. В.

Кардіоваскулярні захворювання та особливості формування факто-рів серцево-судинного ризику у жінок із синдромом полікістозу яєч-ників.




Запорожан В. П., Подольський В. В., Туманова Л. Є.

Наукові дослідження з акушерства та перинатології, проведені у 2005–2009 роках (за матеріалами дисертаційних робіт, затверджених Проблемною комісією «Акушерство та гінекологія» МОЗ України).




Veropotvelyan N. P., Veropotvelyan P. N., Volenko N. V., Poguly Y. S.

A modern view on the placental dysfunction in patients who suffer from premature interruption of pregnancy .


An overview of the modern literature on opportunities of various investigation methods in placental insuffici-ency diagnostics is made. On the basis of a complex examination’s results including ultrasound examination and laboratory methods as well as own investigations aimed at defining polymorphism of MTHFR gene on the mutation of С677Т the article shows a pathogenetic role of different factors which cause PD disturbance in patients who suffer from premature interruption of pregnancy. Obviously, understanding of these mecha-nisms will allow the introduction of new methods in prophylaxis and treatment.

Key words: placental dysfunction, premature interruption of pregnancy.



Голяновский О. В., Чернов А. В.

Сульфат магния в акушерстве: старая проблема – новые подходы (Обзор литературы).




Litvinenko A. A.

Implication of the immune correction in the complex treatment of breast cancer.


Thіs article deals with the results of a 5-year clinical experience of Propes use in women with breast cancer (BC). The most important success rate of Propes is a 5-year survivability, especially for those patients who received treatment for breast cancer of stage IIb. Survival in the study group was 11.9% higher than in the control group. This may suggest that Propes activates anti-tumor immunity and provides an adequate res-ponse against the possible progression of the disease.

Key words: breast cancer, immune correction, efficiency of treatment, survivance.



Gopchuk E. N.

Experience of use Fluzamed in chronic recurrent vulvovaginal candidia-sis.


Vulvovaginal candidiasis is a deep medical and social problem, its treatment is a challenge that is caused by the growing resistance of pathogenic fungi to drugs used. Therapeutic interventions for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis should take into account the normalization of the general condition and use of effective anti-mycotic drugs with adequate duration of therapy. The article describes the experience of the antimycotic drug Fluzamed in treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis with its recurrent course. We can recommend Fluza-med in recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis, given the rapid achievement of therapeutic effects, good toleran-ce, absence of adverse reactions, affordability and ease use.

Key words: candidiasis, treatment, fluconazole, Fluzamed.



Торопцова Н. В.

Что мы знаем об эффективности ризедроната при остеопорозе.




Gopchuk E. N.

Phytoteraphy of inflammatory diseases. Tribestan, preparation with the wide spectrum of therapeutic effects.


An information about the complex of effects of of Tribestan, perspective and possibility of his wideuse in gy-naecology, including for therapy of inflammatory diseases is presented in the article.

Key words: Tribestan, Tribulus terrestris L, inflammatory diseases.



Golyanovskiy O., Kononec A.

Atypical forms of late gestosis: HELLP-syndrome and fulminatory fatty hepatitis.


Two clinical cases of atypical OPH-gestosis forms – HELLP-syndrome and fulminatory fatty hepatitis – were analysed. It is very difficult to determine these forms of OPH-gestosis. Obstetricians have to conduct a pro-phylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of clinical manifestation of hepatic-renal dysfunction timely. Modern methods of severe OPH-gestosis treatment were offered.

Key words: OPH-gestosis, HELLP-syndrome, fulminatory fatty hepatitis, hepatic-renal dysfunction, DIC-syndrome.



Veropotvelyan Р. N., Veropotvelyan N. Р., Panasenko A. N., Goruk P. S.

Premature amiorrhea in immature pregnancy – what should be done?


The article gives the results of scientific investigations of the present century concerning the risk of develop-ment of pregnancy and delivery complications in patients with premature amiorrhea in immature pregnancy. The overview of the literature shows that active tactics of follow-up in pregnancy complicated with premature amiorrhea in immature pregnancy is appropriate immediately as soon as the gestation term reaches the po-int of more than 34 weeks. The prolongation of pregnancy more than the period is associated with a high risk of a rising infection whereas the risk of complications for the fetus complicated with the prematurity is sharply reduced after 34 weeks. Consequently, timely diagnostics of disturbances in fetal membrane integrity and the chosen tactics which will observe a balance between the maximal degree of morphofunctional maturity of the fetus and a minimal risk of a rising infection development may allow obstetrician to optimize the nearest and the furthest outcomes of premature delivery for the mother, the fetus and the new-born.

Key words: premature amiorrhea, immature pregnancy.



Shurshalina A. V.

Pelvic inflammatory disease: current teratment management.


Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) comprises a spectrum of inflammatory disorders of the upper female geni-tal tract often associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Many women with PID have subtle or mild symptoms which often delay the correct diagnosis and treatment. Empiric treatment for PID should be initiated in sexually active young women and other women at risk of STD in case of symptoms. Parenteral and oral therapy regimes should cover all the range of possible agents of sexually transmitted diseases, and also anaerobes, and microflora associated with bacterial vaginosis.

Key words: PID, inflammation, STD.



Kim Yong Ding

Rational infusion therapy at severe forms of an early toxicosis of preg-nant women.


Research was performed at 56 women with excessive vomiting of pregnant women. Middle age surveyed has made 25,6±0,71 years (17–28), with pregnancy in 6–14 weeks. The comparative estimation infusion the-rapies in volume 3–3,5 liter with inclusion in program Kxilati, promoted to normalization of the basic life-sup-port systems. The Use of Kxilati considerably reduced ketogenesis, led to normalization of concentration β-hydroxibutirati in blood and to decrease the level of acetone (+) in urine, the level of urea, креатинина and sugar in blood decreased, was stabilized hemodynamic structure and electrolyte structure, and there was gradual a correction metabolic acidosis.

Key words: early gestational toxicosis, fluid therapy, treatment, Xylat.



Makarenko M. V., Govseiev D. O., Stanishevskaya M. L., Zhukova S. M., Syvak V. V.

Ozone therapy in the obstetrics in prevention of fetoplacental insuffici-ency (experience of Kiev city maternity hospital №5).


Treatment of 168 pregnant with various levels of fetoplacental insufficiency has been performed with the help of intravenous drop-by-drop ozone introduction in combination with medicamental treatment. It has been shown that usage of increasing ozone concentrations (from 0,2 to 1,2 mg/ml) results in significant improve-ment of hPL indices, as well as in general patients’ condition.

Key words: fetoplacental insufficiency, ozone, treatment.



Vdovychenko J. P., Shamraj V. A.

Clinical aspects complex uterus pathologies in postmenopasual period.


Results of the spent researches testifies to an urgency of studying of clinical aspects complex pathologies of a uterus at women postmenopausal period. The established features are necessary for considering by wor-king out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions at these patients.

Key words: complex uterus pathology, postmenopausal period, clinic.



Эйныш Е. А., Осипова Н. В.

Применение препарата Полижинакс Вирго в лечении неспецифичес-ких бактериальных вульвовагинитов.




Писарева С. П.

Дифференцированный подход к применению препаратов гестаген-ного действия при невынашивании беременности.




Vdovichenko J. P., Manzhula L. V.

Features of haemodynamics of a small basin at varicose illnesses at pre-gnant women.


Results of the spent researches testify that for forecasting of infringements in fetoplacental system at preg-nant women with varicose illness expediently measurement of cross-section section of a lateral wall of a uterus and average diameter маточной veins. Use of these parametres allows to make dopplerometrical research by more informative and considerably to raise sensitivity of an ultrasonic method in condition diag-nostics fetoplacental blood circulations. To all women entering into group of risk, dynamic control abovesta-ted ehografical indicators in term of 20 weeks of pregnancy is recommended. For statement of the diagnosis of placentary dysfunction and definition of degree of its indemnification it is necessary to spend, besides eho-grafical researches of vessels of a small basin, dopplerometrical estimation of a venous blood-groove. The received results are necessary for considering by working out of a complex of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: pregnancy, varicose illness, haemodynamics.



Vovk I. B., Zadorozhna T. D., Kondratyuk V. K., Chubej G. V., Archakova T. N., Parnitska O. I.

Clinico-morphological features of fertilized egg, chorion and endometri-um at women depending on a kind of early reproductive losses.


40 women with ectopic pregnancy, missed, spontaneous abortions who were examined into histological stu-dy and there are the results of it. It is positioned that missed abortion descended progressing infringement embryochorional circulation of blood in a combination with involutional changes chorion villi is relieved aga-inst the characteristic signs of infectious lesion. The presence of erythrocytes and prevalence of their nuclear and anuclear forms in fetal pots allows to judge the terms of abortion. Infringements angiogenesis in chorion villi with the subsequent slim epithelial stratum, absence trophoblast were characteristic signs of unembry-onia. The significant sclerosis of uterine tube, owing to long inflammatory process lead to atrophy of ciliary epithelium and ectopic invasion.

Key words. Missed abortion, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, histological study.



Mokrik A. N., Davydova Iu. V., Apresova K. G., Ogorodnik A. A.

Role of ascended infection of pregnant women with extragenital patholgy.


The results of the microbiocenosis investigation of women with extragenital pathology are representive in this article.

Key words: pregnancy, extragenital pathology, bacterial vaginosis.



Grishchenko O. V., Lakhno I. V., Ivchenko A. L., Dudko V. L.

Vaginal dysbiosis and systemic inflammatory response: the enigma of preeclampsia.


It was performed the investigation of pro-inflammatory cytokines: IL-1, IL-6, TNF-α and CRP blood serum level and concentration of SLPI in vaginal secretions in 146 healthy non-pregnant and pregnant women with normal vaginal flora and gynecological patients and pregnant ladies in the I trimester of gestation with bac-terial vaginosis. The treatment was provided by 2-fold intravaginal Gexikon solution application with the sub-sequent appointment of vaginal suppositories Gexikon twice a day. It was marked in the patients with bacte-rial vaginosis the increase in proinflammatory cytokines level which was accompanied by increased levels of CRP during pregnancy and could provoke the development of preeclampsia. The vaginal disinfection with the usage of our scheme has led to the restoration of normal levels of SLPI which ensured a high level of neutrophil extracellular traps, selective bactericidal effect of Gexikon and was effective in prevention of pre-eclampsia.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, preeclampsia, Gexikon.



Заболотний Д. І., Татарчук Н. Ф., Яремчук С. Е., Захаренко Н. Ф., Макаренко Г. І.

Вивчення впливу порушень гомеостазу статевих стероїдів на форму-вання риніту вагітних.




Seidbekova F. O.

The micrometric characteristic of placentae’s villiferous tree in women in childbirth who have given birth to newborns with congenital develop-mental anomalies.


64 placentae from the parfurients who have given birth to newborns with congenital developmental anoma-lies (CDA) have been examined, 40 placentae from parfurients whom have given birth to healthy newborns and 45 placentae from parfurients with the complicated current of pregnancy, but given birth newborns with-out CDA. Results of the complex analysis have shown presence degenerate, dystrophic, proliferative disor-ders of a placenta at the parfurients whom have given birth to newborns with congenital developmental ano-malies. Generated platsentopatiya is incompatible with the subsequent prenatal development of a fetus and leads in the prenatal period to anomalies of development of a fetus.

Key words: placenta, newborn, congenital developmental anomalies.



Nazarenko L., Savon O.

Undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia – an independent and signi-ficant risk factor for severe preeclampsia.


The purpose of the study is to lean of the role of hereditary diseases of connective tissue (CT) аs the riskfa-ctor of preeclampsia (PE). A comparative study of biomarkers of endothelial function in women with preec-lampsia, depending on the presence of undifferentiated dysplasia of the PT was performed. It is established that severe forms of PE are associated with hereditary pathology PT. Conclusion: dysplasia of CT during gestation, as a condition which is associated with the pathogenesis of endothelial damage and an imbalance of active mediators of the endothelium, is a predictor to the development of placental insufficiency and sym-ptoms of preeclampsia.

Key words: preeclampsia, endothelium, undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia.



Reznichenko G. I., Reznichenko N. Yu., Makienko T. S., Petelko I. V., Nechipay Ya. V.

The effectiveness of the use of Distreptaza for prophylaxis of postopera-tive complications in women after uterine extirpation.


The effectiveness of Distreptaza influence on the course of postoperative period in 25 women after uterine extirpation has been studied. It has been fixed, that the use of Distreptaza improves the course of postopera-tive period, decreases the frequency of postoperative complications, quickens the normalization of homeos-tasis indexes, decreases the duration of patients stay in inpatient department. The good tolerance of Distre-ptaza has been marked, none side effects have been fixed.

Key words: uterine leiomyoma, postoperative period, Distreptaza.



Makarenko M. V., Govseiev D. O., Gridchin S. V., Tian O. V.

Laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment of acute gynecologic pathology.


The article analyzes performed surgery in the acute gynecology gynecology department at the hospital № 5 of Kiev in the period since 01.07.2011 to 01.12.2011, with the use of laparoscopic surgery.

Key words: laparoscopy, acute gynecological pathology, ectopic pregnancy,rupture of the ovarian cyst, pelviperitonitis, appendicitis.



Gerasimova T., Gopchuk E.

Аplication of Deksketoprofen during gynecological operations.


This article contains information about the effectiveness of deksketoprofena (Deksalgin) during surgery in gynecology.

Key words: surgery, gynecology, anesthesia, Deksketoprofen, Deksalgin.



Лубяная С. С., Макагонова В. В., Удовика Н. А.

Способ профилактики тазовых перитонеальних спаек в оперативной гинекологии.




Gopchuk E. N., Slinchuk N. V.

Complex homeopathic medicine Remens – years of effective use.


The problem of hormonal balance in women remains relevant as for gynecologists, and for related professio-nals. For correction of hormonal disorders a range of funds now is opened. The advantage of complex home-opathic preparations is the additional possibility of including in the treatment of chronic diseases, use in pati-ents of different age groups. For many years Remens, is widely used («Richard Bittner GmbH»), – a comp-lex homeopathic remedy, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and estrogen-like effect. Results of clinical studies including domestic researchers, demonstrates its effectiveness in the most urgent problems of mo-dern reproductive health of women of all ages.

Key words: hormonal disorders, Remens, treatment.



Захаренко Н. Ф., Хомінська З. Б., Косей Н. В., Ковбасій В. П., Джупін В. А.

Зв’язок між факторами росту в загальному та локальному кровообігу та гіперпроліферативними захворюваннями матки.




Melikkasumova N. A.

Comparative dynamics of clinical indicators against low-frequency ultra-sonic and laser therapy in women with: сervical ectopy.


86 women with сervical ectopy (СЕ) are surveyed. Depending on received therapy of the patient have been divided into 2 groups: 41 woman treated by low-frequency ultrasound (LFU) and 45 women treated by laser therapy. Calculation of efficiency of methods of treatment has shown, that in 2 weeks efficiency of LFU-the-rapy has made 53,33%, laser therapies – 44,12%, through 4 accordingly 93,3 % and 82,35 %. Thus, as a result of the spent treatment positive changes from the clinical indicators, more expressed against therapy by low-frequency ultrasound have been received.

Key words: сervical ectopy, treatment, low-frequency ultrasound, laser therapy.



Ищенко Т. Н., Клапишевская И. С., Кубасова Е. В.

Преимущество применения препаратов, содержащих Agnus castus, в практике врача-гинеколога женской консультации при нарушениях менструального цикла.




Dubchak A. E., Milevsky A. V.

Natural progesterone or synthetic progestins? Treatment of reproductive age women.


The article deals with the scientific data about the role of progesterone in the organism of a woman. Its abi-lities to bind to receptors, turn into metabolites, influence different organs and tissues are presented. The situations when the absolute or relative deficiency of progesterone can be removed with the help of exogenic progestagens of reproductive age women are described.

Key words: progesterone, progestagens, reproductive age.



Starushchenko T. E., Burlachenko V. P., Matushina N. M.

Dienogest in therapy of neatipichnykh forms of giperplazii of endomet-riya.


Conservative therapy of neatipichnoy form of giperplazii of endometriya (GE) is based on application of me-dications the action of which is directed on suppression of endometriya. In the article the applications of dienogesta given about efficiency are resulted in a dose 2 mgs in days for 60 patients with the histological verified neatipichnoy form of giperplazii of endometriya.

Key words: progestiny, dienogest, giperplaziya of endometriya.



Chumak Z. V., Shapoval N. V.

The metabolic figures in women, underwent hysterectomy.


The work deals with the results of blood lipid spectrum (CHOL, HDL, LDL, TGL), body weight index and waist/thigh circle correlation measurements in women after hysterectomy. Due to performed investigations the metabolic figures changes which can assist in future to cardio-vascular pathology development were de-termined in younger age. In after operation period the in-time diagnostics and treatment of these disorders is necessary for the cardio-vascular diseases appearance rate decrease.

Key words: Lipid status, hysterectomy, metabolic figures.



Musaeva M. S.

Condition of cytokine systems in pregnant women with thalassemia.


We observed 76 nonpregnant and 20 pregnant women. The concentrations of γ-interferon (α-IFN), interleu-kin (IL) -2 and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) in serum of blood are defined. The increase in the peripheral blood of IL-2, TNF-α, and γ-IFN, seem to point to the activation of immunocompetent cells, especially The I type.

Key words: pregnant women, cytokine system, thalassemia.



Hetsko N. V.

The perinatal consequences of delivery of pregnant women with oncoge-nical high risk human papillomavirus.


The peculiarities of the delivery and the motion of perinatal period for children that were born from pregnant women-transmitters oncogenical high risk human papillomavirus. It is indicated on problem motion of preg-nancy, higher percent of surgical methods of delivery and the complicated motion of perinatal period for children.

Key words: human papillomavirus, pregnancy, the perinatal consequences.



Suleymanova G. T.

Condition of cytokine systems of pregnant women with herpetic infec-tion.


There were 116 pregnant women with genitals herpetic infection at the age from 23 till 42 years (middle age-28,77±4,12 years) in gestational term 12–38 weeks under supervision. Concentration cytokine FNO-α, IL-2, IL-4, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12 and IFN-γ defined in peripheral blood and cervical secret in all trimesters of pregnancy by immunoenzyme method. It has been revealed, that herpetic infection makes essential impact on immune system of an organism, and the infection aggravation even more complicates available imbalance of cytokine as a result of research.

Key words: pregnant women, cytokine system, herpetic infection.



Zakharenko O. S.

Changes of stress-associated hormones in women with infertility in case of small forms of genital endometriosis against a background of perfor-med laparoscopic interference.


The paper presents the data pertaining to stress-associated hormones in women with infertility in case of small forms of genital endometriosis. A comparative analysis of changes of stress-associated hormones was carried out 30 minutes prior to surgical interference, in 1 hour and 8 hours following laparoscopy.

Key words: genital endometriosis, infertility, stress-associated hormones, laparoscopy.



Корнацкая А. Г., Иванюта И. С.

Восстановление репродуктивной функции после комбинированного лечения с использованием диферелина у больных с лейомиомой матки


The article highlights the use of reasonable and conservative myomectomy in 40 patients with uterine leyo-miomoyu. 25 patients before surgery dyferelin received 3.75 mg over 28 days, 2–3 injections. 15 patients – gonadotropin-releasing hormone before surgery did not receive. It is shown that the percolation operations and postoperative period in patients with hormonal preparations have been more pleasant benefit (less blood loss, lack of complications, normalization of menstrual periods) relative to the comparison group. Reproduc-tive function was restored in 43.6% and 12.5% of patients respectively.

Key words: leyomioma, conservative myomectomy, reproductive function, dyferelin.



Iavorskyi P. V.

The algorithms of leiomyoma of uterus diagnostics at polymorbidy pati-ents’.


The scentific grounding at the methodology of making the algorithm of leiomyoma of uterus diagnostics at polymorbidity patients based onsing the sensitiveness specificity and discriminantness of methods.

Key words: leiomyoma of uterus, polymorbidity, algorithm.



Toryanik E. L.

State of antioxidant and prooxidant in pregnant SHR-female rats.


The work presents results of a study of antioxidant-prooxidant status of blood serum, placenta and uterine tissues of pregnant SHR-female rats. Found that in pregnant SHR-female rats reduced the enzymatic and nonenzymatic antioxidant systems reliability, activated free radical oxidation in all tissues of the utero-pla-cental complex.

Key words: pregnant SHR-female rats, the antioxidant-prooxidant status, free radical oxidation.



Акушерские щипцы: история меркантильности и альтруизма.