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В Киеве открыт уникальный Инсультный центр.




«Національна Медична Премія».




Kaminsky V. V., Doan S. I., Muzyka E. P.

Clinic-epidemiology aspects hepatitis C in pregnant women.


In this article the pregnancy duration of 93 women with verified hepatitis C virus infection was analyzed and the control group was composed of 106 pregnant women. Risk factors associated with hepatitis C infection were studied. It was determined the increase of spontaneous interruption of pregnancy, gestosis, fetoplacental failure in pregnant women with hepatitis C virus infection. This group of women more often suffer from acute respiratory-virus infection, anemia, pyelonephritis during of pregnancy. A high rate of somatic diseases in women with hepatitis C virus infection was detected.

Key words: pregnancy, hepatitis C, complications, risk factors, somatic pathology.



Kovalyova O. M., Fedosyuk R. M.

Personnel characteristics and structural organization of the neonatal intensive care units of children’s hospitals of Ukraine: analysis of the relationship with mortality rate.


In the article, results of the study of the relationship between mortality rate and medical personnel’s main characteristics as well as structural organization of the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) of children’s hospitals of Ukraine are given. Calculation of Odds Ratios (OR) is used to establish such a relationship. A number of in-hospital factors associated with increase in mortality rate has been identified, of which combining neonatal and pediatric beds in a mixed ICU (OR 5,0), lack of access to Internet in NICU (OR 3,0), number of beds in NICU being 12 (OR 2,2), lack of doctors trained abroad (OR 2,01), lack of doctors speaking foreign language (OR 2,0), level of staffing NICU with nurses being below 78% (OR 1,67), lack of doctors specialized in neonatology (OR 1,41), and lack of computers (OR 1,4) are the most important.

Key words: children’s hospital, neonatal intensive care unit, mortality rate, in-hospital factors, odds ratio.



Tolstanov A. K.

Health in Zhytomyr region as the determining factor in a scientific substantiation of need in equipment by hardware – tool methods of diagnostics.


This article is dedicated to dynamics of strength, birthrate and deathrate of population, reasons of death generally and particularly of country and townsfolk. The main course of region policy at maintaining and consolidation of social health is formulated.

Key words: Zhytomyr region, birthrate, deathrate, morbidity.



Zhegulovich V. G., Tovstanovskaya V. O., Vorobei-Vyhovskaya V. M.

Organ preservation tactics of metrofibroma treatment.


The title deals with the results of the clinical search, having the meta to define the effectiveness of the using medicine Zoladex (“AstraZeneca”, Great Britain) in treatment of fibromioma of the uterus. In the title are discussed the practicability of saving the uterus in women with this disease. The authors told about the pathogenethical graund of the fibromioma of the uterus.

Key words: fibromioma of the uterus, zoladex, gozerelin, conservative treatment.



Boris E. N., Sumenko V. V., Tupis O. Y., Gak I. A., Onishchik L. N., Shalko M. N., Serbenyk A. V.

The New View on Treatment of the uncomplicated infections of urogenital system of pregnant women.


The article represents the results of studing an efects of Mоnural (Zambon Group) as antibacterial preparation for pregnant women with uncomplicated infections of urogenital system. We get positive dynamics of women’s subjective and objective status, good reactions and safety of this preparation.

Key words: uncomplicated infections, urogenital system, fosfomicin, Mоnural, reproductive health, antibacterial therapy.



Korolova Zh. V.

Polymorphic genetic markers ACE (I/D) and overweight in pathogens of unspecified infection of the subcutaneous fat (bacterial cellulitis) and their correction.


Insertional and deletion polymorphism of the gene ACE was defined among 25 women with the diagnosis of unspecified infection of the subcutaneous fat(bacterial cellulitis) to identify polymorphic genetic markers associated with a high level of risk of pathological strains development.

Key words: genetic markers ACE (I/D), unspecified infection of the subcutaneous fat.



Rud V. A.

The remote consequences total and subtotal hysterectomy at reproductive age.


The basic clinical aspects hysterectomy at women of reproductive age are investigated. It is shown, that the basic gynecologic pathology resulting to hysterectomy at reproductive age is the myoma of a uterus. Features of development neuroendocrinological and psyhosomatical pathologies in the remote postoperative period are established. The independent syndrome posthysterectomy is allocated.

Key words: hysterectomy, reproductive age.



Sitruk-Ware Regine

Progestogens in hormonal replacement therapy: new molecules, risks, and benefits.


While the benefits of progestogen use in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are well recognized as far as endometrial protection is concerned, their risks and drawbacks have generated controversial articles. Several risks are attributed to progestogens as a class-effect; however, the progestogens used in HRT have varying pharmacological properties and do not induce the same side effects. Natural progesterone (P) and some of its derivatives, such as the 19-norprogesterones (Nestorone, nomegestrol acetate, trimegestone), do not bind to the androgen receptor and, hence, do not exert androgenic side effects. Newly synthesized molecules such as drospirenone or dienogest have no androgenic effect but do have a partial antiandrogenic effect. Drospirenone derives from spironolactone and binds to the mineralocorticoid receptor. When the cardiovascular risk factors are considered, some molecules with a higher androgenic potency than others attenuate the beneficial effects of estrogens on the lipid profile as well as the vasomotion. On the other hand, other progestogens devoid of androgenic properties do not exert these deleterious effects. The epidemiological data do not suggest any negative effect of the progestogens administered together with estrogens on cardiovascular morbidity or mortality. However, recent results suggest that in women with established coronary heart disease, HRT may not protect against further heart attacks when the progestogen selected possesses androgenic properties. The data related to the progestogen effect on breast tissue has been interpreted differently from country to country. However, it has been admitted that, according to the type of progestogen used and the dose and duration of its application, a predominant antiproliferative effect is observed in the human breast cells. As far as breast cancer risk is concerned, most epidemiological studies do not suggest any significant difference between the estrogens given alone or combined with progestogens in HRT. Complying with the classic contraindications of HRT and selecting molecules devoid of estrogenic, androgenic, or glucocorticoid effect should allow a larger use of the progestins without any major drawback.

Key words: рrogestational steroids, 19-norprogesterones, Cardiovascular surrogate risk markers, Vasomotion, Atherosclerosis, Lipids, Breast cancer risk.



Хламидийная инфекция и воспалительные заболевания органов малого таза у женщин.




Распространенность Ureaplasma urealyticum и Mycoplasma hominis у женщин с хроническими симптомами со стороны мочевыводящих путей.




Высокая распространенность рецидивирующей хламидийной инфекции у девушек.




Когда следует проводить антибиотикопрофилактику при операции кесарева сечения: после пережатия пуповины или до разреза кожи?




Шауб Андреас Ф. [Schaub Andreas F.], Літчі Mаріо [Litschgi Mario], Гьослі Ірене [Hoesli Irene], Гольцгреве Вольфганг [Holzgreve Wolfgang], Бльойль Ульріх [Bleul Ulrich] і Гайсбюлер Верена [Geissbuhler Verena]

Акушерський гель скорочує другий період пологів і запобігає травмам промежини в жінок, що раніше не народжували: рандомізоване дослідження в контрольованих умовах.


Мета: визначити, чи скорочує акушерський гель другий період пологів і чи справляє захисний вплив на промежину.

Методи дослідження: для участі в дослідженні залучили 251 жінку, що раніше не народжували, з одноплідною вагітністю в термін, з потиличним передлежанням плода, з низьким ризиком ускладнень. Всього 226 жінок, що задовольняли вимогам дослідження, були розподілені в дві групи методом сліпого відбору: в групу A, без застосування акушерського гелю, та в групу B, з застосуванням акушерського гелю шляхом нанесення його під час вагінальних оглядів, починаючи з раннього першого періоду пологів (до розкриття шийки матки на 4 см) і закінчуючи пологами.

Результати: в цілому було проаналізовано 183 випадки. При вагінальних пологах без втручань, таких як кесарів розтин, оперативне втручання на піхві чи метод Крістеллера, застосування акушерського гелю значно скоротило другий період пологів на 26 хв (30%) (P=0,026), і суттєво зменшило розриви промежини (P=0,024). Перший період пологів і загальна тривалість пологів також скоротилися, але не суттєво. Не спостерігалося жодних побічних ефектів при застосуванні акушерського гелю.

Висновок: Вагінальне застосування акушерського гелю показало суттєве скорочення другого періоду пологів і суттєве покращення цілісності промежини. Перспективою подальших досліджень може стати вивчення впливу гелю на частоту оперативного втручання і вихідні параметри наслідків для матері та новонародженого.

Ключові слова: родопоміч, акушерський гель, розриви промежини, другий період пологів.



Акулина Е. А.

Препарат Генферон в комплексной терапии больных лейкоплакией шейки матки.




Tovstanovskaya V. A., Vorobei-Vihovska V. N., Sakharova І. А.

The new word in not hormonal treatment of chronic cystic mastitis.


The article deals with the main methods of the treatment of mastopathia. The questions of the etiology and pathogenesis of this pathology are discussed. The data of the search of effectiveness of tazalok in treatment of this diseases are presented.

Key words: mastopathia, mamma, TazalokTM.



Поворознюк В. В., Орлик Т. В., Дзерович Н. І.

Оцінка ефективності та безпечності препарату Бонвіва в лікуванні системного остеопорозу в жінок у постменопаузальний період.




Podolskiy V. V., Avramenko T. V., Kolomiichenko T. V.

Clinical-epidemiological and sociological researches of modern medical technologies introduction with the proved efficiency at conducting pregnant women with a diabetes mellitus.


Use of modern technologies of conducting pregnancy at women with a diabetes mellitus (according to the report „Conducting pregnancy at patients pregestation diabetes”, the order № 582 from 15.12.2003) allows to improve reproductive health of such women (to lower frequency of complications of pregnancy, deliveries and the postnatal period) and to improve a condition of their children at a birth.

Key words: reproductive health, modern medical technologies, epidemiological researches, diabetes mellitus.



Shelygin M. S.

Use of a method of logistical regress for diagnostics and forecasting of fibroze-cystes illnesses of mammary glands.


The received results testify, that that leading risk factors of development fibroze-cystes illnesses are the burdened heredity concerning malignant new growths, infringements menstrual functions, hypoprogesteronemia, hyperestrogenia, a uterus myoma, early menarhe, late pregnancy, smoking, more than 3 artificial abortions, a trauma of a mammary gland and stress. The received results are necessary for using by working out of a complex of diagnostic actions.

Key words: fibroze-cystes illness, risk factors.



Доброхотова Ю. Э., Джобава Э. М.

Современные подходы к терапии вагинальных дисбиозов у беременных групп риска.




Ласачко С. А.

Фітотерапія в лікуванні та профілактиці дисгормональних захворювань молочних залоз (огляд літератури та власний досвід).




Romanenko T. G.

Experience of the use paliative therapy of genital endometriosis.


Information about the modern aspects of therapy of genital endometriosis is presented in the article. Clinical experience of the use of modern NAS with the purpose of paliative therapy of genital endometriosis is displaied.

Key words: еndometrioz, treatment, Nimesulide.



Boris O. N., Onischik L. N., Shalko M. N., Serbenuyk A. V.

Modern aspects of the use of vitamin E in gynecologycal and obstetrical practice.


This article is about usage of antioxidation therapy in gynecologycal and obstetrical practice particularly using of vitamin E in treatment of fibromyoma of uterine, menstrual disorderes, during pregnancy and in complex saving-pregnancy therapy, when placental failure takes place.

Key words: vitamin E, antioxidational system, peroxide oxidation of lipids, fibromyoma of uterine, pregnancy, menstrual disorderes, placental failure.



Dolgoshapko O. N., Chermnyh S. V.

Features of mixed infection of bile- and urinary ways treatment at pregnant women.


In article the questions of features of infections bile – and urinary ways treatment at pregnant women taking into account presence of mixed infection with prevalence of gram-negative aerobic microflora are taken up. Authors have compared some variants of antibacterial therapy and have proved benefits of cefoperazone (Gepacef) before ceftriaxon, and also higher efficiency of extracorporal pharmacotherapy by antibiotic in comparison with usual intramuscular introduction of preparation.

Key words: pregnancy, chronic cholecystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, gestational pyelonephritis, cefoperazone, extracorporal antibiotic treatment.



Danilova J. N., Talalaenko J. A.

The condition of vegetative regulation in the patients with pregnancy accompanied by hypertensive disorders.


By the method of spectral analysis of heart rate variability the condition of vegetative regulation in 119 patients with pregnancy accompanied by hypertensive disorders (mild preeclampsia and gestational hypertension) has been investigated. Of them 63 patients took part in the “Family delivery” program, and 56 patients did not take part in it. 36 healthy patients formed the group of control. The research was conducted 3 months after delivery. During the research the delay of restoration of regulatory systems’ activity in patients with hypertensive disorders occurred during pregnancy in comparison with healthy patients was revealed. It became apparent in preservation of the raised sympathetic tone and the lowered parasympathetic one. In the group of women with hypertensive disorders that took part in the “Family delivery” program complete functional recovery up to the level of healthy patients was revealed 3 months after delivery.

Key words: vegetative regulation, arterial hypertension, family delivery, heart rate variability.



Kaminskyy V., Sehediy S., Sumenko V.

Efficacy of atosiban for prophylaxis of premature labor in cases of multiple pregnancies after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer into uterine cavity.


Findings of study of Atosiban, an oxytocin receptor antagonist, in the face of premature labor in women with multiple pregnancies after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer into uterine cavity have been presented in the paper. In terms of pregnancy prolongation periods by 48 hours and over 7 days with tocolytic efficacy, Atosiban proves to be as good as Hexoprenaline, a beta-adrenoceptor agonist. Advantages of Atosiban vs. Hexoprenaline are proved out by higher frequency of pregnancy prolongation by periods over 14 days and by absence of numerous adverse reactions incident to beta-adrenoceptor agonists. Advisability of colpo-cytological examinations at signs of premature labor and at stages of prolonged pregnancy in order to define its further course and estimate tocolytic efficacy of applied treatment was reasoned and illustrated.

Key words: multiple pregnancies, assisted reproductive technologies, premature labor, prophylaxis, Atosiban.



Golyanovskyy O. V.

Effectiveness of the complex approach on prognosis, prophylaxis and treatment of obstetric bleedings.


Clinical effectiveness of the complex approach on prognosis, prophylaxis and treatment of obstetric bleedings was studied. Study group, received the same complex, had a lower level of the intrapartum and intraoperative (Cesarean) blood loss(р<0,05) and decreasing rate of the massive postpartum hemorrhage and hysterectomies/re laparotomies. Effectiveness implementation of the complex approach on prevention and treatment of obstetrics bleedings is possible in collaboration with antenatal clinics and maternity homes.

Key words: cesarean section, obstetric bleeding, puerperal, surgical hemostasis.



Davydova Iu., Bulyk L., Koval S.

Role of microelementosis correction in pregravidary preparation.


The data concerning the results of hypomicroelemenosis correction in course of pregravidary preparation program are presented in the publication. It was stated, that utilization of vitamin:microelementosis complex Vitrum Prenanatl Forte allowed to recover in optimal regimen the metabolism of microelements, which promoted the normalization of other kinds of metabolism.

Key words: hypomicrielementosis, pregravidary preparation, Vitrum Prenatal Forte.



Lomaga Y. Y.

The clinical description at extragenital diseases аnd pregnancy at pregnant woman at multipara woman.


This work is devoted to studing the extragenital diseases at pregnant woman at multipnara woman with folloving positive effect on clinical current of pregnancy and sorts and also perinatal outcomes delivery. These woman make group of high risk in obstetrical and perinatal pathology, so this problem is actual nowadays and needs careful studing and research.

Key words: anemia, gestosis, premature labor, cesarean section, multipara woman.



Серов В. Н.

Диагностика и терапия плацентарной недостаточности.




Ogorodnik А. А.

Repeated extra-uterine pregnancy.


Traditional conducting patients after endovideosurgical interventions at the first and repeated trumpet pregnancy is less effective in comparison with включеним in a complex of rehabilitation actions antigomotoxical therapies. It promotes considerable improvement women health that proves to be true results of clinical and biochemical inspections, and also questioning of patients on change of quality of a life. Simultaneously at these patients in comparison with traditional treatment are marked more positive results, especially in respect of restoration of reproductive function.

Key words: trumpet pregnancy, repeated.



Sorokin A., Medved V.

Morbidity and features of pregnancy in women with a large intergenetic interval.


Frequency of extragenital and gynaecological diseases is studied, complications of pregnancy in 100 women with delivary, through ten and more years after the previous first childbirths. The group of comparison was made by 100 women with first in age 35 years and more senior, control – 100 women with second delivary in 2-5 years after the first childbirths. High-frequency of chronic somatic and gynaecological diseases, complications of pregnancy is set, premature births and caesar sections in women with a large intergenetic interval. A conclusion about the necessity of development of the special complex of prepregnancy preparation and medical measures during pregnancy for this contingent of women is done.

Key words: pregnancy, large intergenetic interval, eldery primigravidi, exstragenital pathology, gynaecological diseases, flow of pregnancy, delivary.



Makarenko M. V., Panaitidy V. B., Krushinskaya E. J., Yarovayа I. V.

Rhythmocor® Application in complex therapy of the threat of premature birth for pregnant women with extragenital pathology.


The article presents outcomes of the clinical tests of Rhythmocor®, Infusion Solution, 10%( 5 ml) in Ampoules, by Pharmaseutical company “FarКoS” (Ukraine); the tests were carried in the Extragenital Pathology Department of the maternity hospital №5 (Kyiv). The tests were held with participation of 125 patients: 60 from control group and 65 patients, who were given Rhythmocor. The main target was to evaluate efficiency of and tolerance to Rhythmocor. Good clinical efficiency of, and tolerance to, medication in absence of side effects shown during the clinical tests make it possible to recommend it for clinical use as prevention and treatment of the threat of premature birth, especially for pregnant women with extragenital pathology.

Key words: Rhythmocor®, threat of premature birth, extragenital pathology, recommendations.



Korchynska O. O., Voloshyna U. V., Telychko L. V.

Peculiarities of pregnancy and childbirth in case of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).


The article deals with the peculiarities of the course of pregnancy and delivery among pregnant women having TTTS and waiting for monochorionic twin. The important role of early diagnostics of TTTS and the necessity of searching of effective methods of preventive measures and treatment of this pathology is showed.

Key words: twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, monochorionic twin, multiple pregnancy, fetus-donor, fetus-recipient.



Подольский В. В., Писарева С. П., Толкач С. Н. Ж.

Влияние урогенитальной инфекции на здоровье женщин; исходы беременности и родов у них.




Maltceva L. I., Gafarova E. A., Shustova L. V.

Features of application of various intrauterine contraceptiv at women with bacterial vaginosis in the anamnesis.


The purpose of research is studying of a qualitative and quantitative composition of vagina and endometrium microflora and morphological changes at women with bacterial vaginosis in the anamnesis, who using various kinds of intrauterine contraceptiv. Depending on medical indications and desire of the woman, copper intrauterine contraceptive (30 women – I group) or levonorgestrel-relising intrauterine contraceptiv (34 women – II group) was used. The character of aerobic and unaerobic microflora in vagina and uterus cavities at observable women have studied. Chlamida trachomatis, myсoplasmas, ureaplasmas, CMV, HVS, HPV infections in endometrium and cervical chanal were detected by PCR method. The morphological research of endometrium was carried out to the majority of women after removal of intrauterine contraceptiv. The received results have compared to bacteriological and morphological data of 20 women with bacterial vaginosis without intrauterine contraceptiv (group of comparison) and 7 healthy women (group of the control). Statistical processing of results is lead with use of the regressive-dispersive analysis by means of program Statistica 6.0 for the personal computer. It is established, that bacterial vaginosis promotes development of contamination of endometrium. Thus copper intrauterine contraceptive prevents contamination of uterus cavity only within first three years. The increase in term of copper intrauterine contraceptive using leads to frequent recurrents of bacterial vaginosis, obligatory contamination of endometrium, first of all, Enterococcus sp. and Ureaplasma urealyticum. Development of chronic endometritis is observed at 35% and hyperplasia of endometrium at 60% of women. Levonorgestrelrelising intrauterine contraceptive development of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms in endometrium, on the contrary, brakes. Possible it prevents recurrences of bacterial vaginosis. development of endometritis and hyperplastic processes of endometrium.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, intrauterine contraceptive, «Mirena», chronic endometritis, hyperplasia of endometrium.



Berikashvili N. V.

The differentiated approach to preventive maintenance and treatment premenstrual syndrome.


Results of the spent researches testify, that the offered algorithm of inspection and treatment of the basic clinical forms premenstrual syndrome will allow to raise considerably efficiency of treatment of the given pathology, and also to lower frequency pathological changes from a functional condition reproductive системы.

Key words: premenstrual syndrome, preventive maintenance, treatment.



Prilutskaya A. B., Bychkova N. G., Tsapenko T. V.

Principles of treatment of patients with an acute form of candidal vulvovaginitis in the modern conditions.


Treatment by Micogal of patients with candidal vulvovaginitis has benefits before other preparations at the expense of its expressed local antifungal and antibacterial actions on gram-positive microflora that causes term reduction of treatment till 3 days and effect reception in 95,8 % of cases. Inclusion in the scheme of treatment of Isoprinosine preparation possessing as antiviral so immunomodulatory action, leads normalization of all indicators of immunogram that has caused increase of efficiency of treatment even at use of traditional methods of therapy to 83,3 %.

Key words: candidal vulvovaginitis, Micogal, Isoprinosine, immune status. 



Romanenko T. G., Gopchyuk E. N.

Law-molecular heparins-preventive measures of venous thromboses at gynecological patients.


Actuality of venous thromboses problem in gynaecology is conditioned the prevalence of these consisting increased in 2-3 times in postoperation period, at the inadequate setting of hormonotherapy, at the septic states, at presence of high quality or malignant tumours of genitalia. In the article the applications over of low:molecular heparins given about efficiency are brought for treatment and prophylaxis of thromboses and emboliy as complications of operative interferences.

Key words: venous thromboses, low-molecular heparin, gynaecology, Zibor.



Benuk V., Usevich I., Lastovetcka L., Mironenko N., Lapko L.

Application of Dismenorm is in complex therapy and prophylaxis of pre-menstrual syndrome.


Information of comparative parallel research is presented on the study of efficiency and bearableness of complex homoeopathic preparation of Dismenorm at treatment of pre-menstrual syndrom. Results of the studies heve shown that Dismenorm is an high effectly preparation at therapy of pre-menstrual syndrom. Good transplantability and absence of side effects ware noted.

Key words: pre-menstrual syndrom, Dismenorm.



Plotniкova V. N., Lutzenko N. S., Reznichenko G. I.

The possibility of prophylaxis of neurodistrophic process development in patiens with salpingo-oophoritis,who use traditional therapy.


The effectiveness of generally accepted complex therapy according to reaction of neuroendocrine regulatory systems of organism (sympathetic-adrenal, vago-insular, hypophysis-adrenal) was studied in 27 patients which have had acute salpingo-oophoritis of unspecific etiology in plane of prophylaxis of neurodystrophic process in genital organs and nervous system. Neuroendocrine dysbalance was discovered which testify about availability of latent pathological process in formere centre of inflammation. Neuroendocrine dysbalance was typical for early stage of neurodystrophic process.

Key words: neurodystrophic process, salpingo-оophoritis, therapy, prophylaxis.



Tovstanovskaya V. A., Vorobei-Vikhovskaya V. N.

Systemic treatment of chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis.


The title deals with the aspects of ethiology, pathogenesis and clinic of vulvovaginal kandidose. The main directs of the treatment of this disease are discussed. The important of the ethiothropical therapy is explained. The data of the search of effectiveness of Funit (Nobel) in treatment of this disease are presented.

Key words: vulvovaginal kandidose, ethiothropical therapy, recidiv, Funit.



Vorobij V. D.

Genital endometriosis in aspect of various risk factors.


Results of the lead researches testify, that at patients with an endometriosis of various localization the basic are allocated clinical risk factors which are divided on five big groups. Use of the received results in practical public health services allows to raise efficiency of early diagnostics and forecasting of such serious pathology, as genital endometriosis.

Key words: an endometriosis, risk factors.



Zaporozhan V. N., Mikhailenko A. V.

The polymorphism of the genes of xenobiotic biotransformation amongst the females with endometriosis.


The goal of the investigation is the assessment of the polymorphism of the genes of xenobiotic biotransformation amongst the pateints with endometriosis and in the general population of the Sourthern Ukraine. There was stated thet the frequency of the NAT2 alleles (С481Т, G590A, G857A) in the basic and control group was similar (p>0,05). During the analysis of the frequency of del (0/0) GSTM1 there were found the statistically significant differences (OR=2,7 (CI95%: 1,8-3,6; p<0,05) between the control group and patients, but there was no difference between the risk group by the family history of endometriosis and patients (OR=1,3 (CI 95%: 0,8-1,7; p>0,05). Our survey demonstrated that the defects of the enzyme system of the 2nd stage of xenobiotic biotransformation are considered to be the important risk factors for endometriosis. The frequency of anomalic alleles of GSTM1 and NAT2 in Southern Ukraine is comparible with the values received by the researchers in other European countries.

Key words: endometriosis, genetic polimorphism, biotransformation of xenobiotics.



Павлушенко С. Д., Яшина Е. Г.

Пути оптимизации лечения доброкачественных заболеваний шейки матки у пациенток репродуктивного возраста.




Серов В. Н., Жаров Е. В.

Хроническая венозная недостаточность.




Benyuk V. O., Nikonyuk T. R., Goncharenko V. M., Shcherba O. A.

Criteria of an estimation of efficiency of candidal vulvovaginitis treatment from positions of demonstrative medicine.


The work presents the estimations of efficiency of methods of medical treatment of Candida vulvovaginits by the study of electrokinetics properties of cells epithelium of vagina is conducted. On the basis of finding high efficiency of the Livarol® and Lаvоmaks use in medical treatment of Candida vulvovaginits.

Key words: Candida vulvovaginits, Lavomaks, Livarol®, electrokinetics research of cells.



Gopchuk E. N.

Experience of Clarithrosandoz application in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs by chlamidial etiology in community settings.


Information about efficiency of klaritromycine (KlaritroSandoz, Sandoz) in treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in outpatient department is presented in the article.

Key words: Inflammatory diseases, Chlamydia trachomatis infection, klaritromycine.



Потапов В. А.

Натуропатический препарат Ив Кер в терапии первичной дисменореи.




Бенюк В. А., Никонюк Т. Р., Винярский Я. М.

Хроническая тазовая боль в гинекологии.




Пересада О. А., Колодко Т. В.

Использование растительного препарата Эвика при лечении нарушений менструальной функции у женщин репродуктивного возраста.




Tovstanovska V. A., Sakharova І. А., Vorobei-Vikhovska V. N., Kruk O. Yu., Prokhorova І. N.

Cause of cervix uteri displasia appearance at immature girls.


The title deals with the main courses of the cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. The authors tell about factors of the risk of this detheas. Very important question about teenagers illness is discust. In the title there is information about role of virus and bacterial agents, inflammation and hormonal homeostasis in the pathogenesis of this nothological form. Also sociological ground of the problem is open.

Key words: intraepithelial neoplasia.



Lembrik I. S.

The characteristic of proteins and lipids peroxidation at children with chronic pathology of pancreatic glands.


In the article condition of peroxidation of lipids and proteins in children with chronic pathology of pancreas was estimated. Increasing levels of dien conjugates in 65% patients with chronic pancreatitis, malondialdehyde and peroxidation of proteins-in 75% and 70% patients were established. The presence of positive correlation between duration of clinical symptoms and increase of peroxidation of lipids and proteins is established. Findings prove the activation of peroxidation of lipids and proteins in patients with chronic pancreatitis.

Key words: peroxidation of lipids, oxidative modifications of proteins, chronic pancreatitis, children.



Davydova Iu, Lukyanova I., Kyrylchuk M., Dzyuba O.

The state of system mother-placenta-fetus by the data of instrumental methods of studies in pregnant with congenital heart diseases.


The data concerning the studies of state of the system mother-placenta-fetus by means of dopplerometry, cardiotocography and biophysical profile of fetus in pregnant with congenital heart diseases, complicated by the heart failure are represented in this publication. There was revealed the variable deterioration of fetal state with the strict proportionality with the stage of heart failure. By means of dopplerometry in women with congenital heart diseases deteriorated by heart failure the pre-clinical signs of fetal hypoxia were revealed : augmentation of maximal blood circulation speed in ductus venosus, which could be the criteria for the group of high risk of perinatal pathology.

Key words: congenital maternal heart diseases, system mother-placenta-fetus.



Dgelomanova S. A., Dankina I. A.

Immunological aspects of syndrome of delay of development of fruit.


It is set in the real research, that practically at all women with the syndrome of delay of intrauterine development of fruit and promoted level of antiphospholipids antibodies and antibodies to β2-GP-1 combination of extragenital pathology and burdened obstetric-gynecological anamnesis was marked. There is correlation communication between the degree of weight of delay of development of fruit and markers of autoimmune process. Exposure of antibodies to the complex of phospholipids, to β2-GP-1 is especially meaningful for prognostication of development of fruit and perinatal losses.

Key words: syndrome of delay of development of fruit, antiphospholipid antibody, proneflammatory cytokine – FNP-α.



Rybalka A. N., Zabolotnov V. A., Dubkovskiy G. V., Anikin S. S.

The antenatal death of both foetus from monochorial monoamniotic twins.


The case of antenatal death of both foetus from monochorial monoamniotic twins as a result of construction false and true knots of umbilical cord is described in article. It was proved, that monochorial monoamniotic twins – constitutes a high-risk factor of perinatal complications. A thorough follow-up of the female patients with multiple pregnancy in the antenatal period using high-class ultrasonographic monitoring, caesarean section as a way of delivery help to decrease perinatal morbility and mortality.

Key words: multiple pregnancy, monochorial, monoamniotic, antenatal death.



Sudack Anaam Hudy, Benyuk V. O., Usevich I. A., Nykoniuk T. R., Guraeva L. S.

Functional state of pregnant women foetus with noncarrying of pregnancy.


There was conducted a full examination of functional state of pregnant women foetus under the threat of noncarrying of pregnancy within different gestational periods. On basis of received examination results there were worked out the methods of forecasting, prophylaxis and influence on adoptive-homeostatic mechanisms of foetus and newlyborn baby.

Key words: nonpregnancy, fetoplacental incufficiency, biophysical foetus profile.



Кузьмин В. Н.

Инфекции, передаваемые половым путем, в проблеме репродуктивного здоровья женщин.




Vozianova Zh., Vovk L.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnant women: problems diagnosis and treatment.


The paper presents an analytical review of domestic and foreign literature on the actual problem – diagnosis and treatment of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women and prevention of intrauterine infection. To answer these questions, we tried on the basis of new data that meet the requirements of evidence-based medicine, as well as the results of our research.

Key words: toxoplasmosis, diagnosis, treatment.



Zadorozhna T. D., Vovk I. B., Pustovalova O. I., Kalyuta A. A.

Clinical and morphological percularities of human papillomavirus infection in the presence of inflammatory genital deseases in women of reproductive age.


In article new approaches to differentiation of pathological processes in the cervix at women with inflammatory deseases of genitals associated with human papilloma virus. It is established, that at 18 (60,0%) patients at inspection have been revealed a virus of a papilloma of the person high cancer risk (types 16, 18), thus at 5 (27,8%) from them – in a combination to a virus of genital herpes of 2nd type. At research cervical dabs diagnosed expression increase immunocytochemical a marker p16 (INK4a/CDKN2a) in the presence of neoplastic transformation of cervical ephithelium.

Key words: papilloma-virus infection, inflammatory genital deseases, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), immunocytochemical research, CIN-test.



Удовика Н. А., Кладиев В. Н.

И вновь о рецидивирующем генитальном герпесе.




Timchenko O. I., Vovk I. B., Kornatskaya A. G., Reven'ko O. O., Protsyuk O. V., Pozmogova N. V.

Influence of artificial abortion on possibility of the further child-bearing.


Сarried out epidemiological research by a technique «case-control» with the purpose of studying of probability of influence of artificial abortion on occurrence of a spontaneous abortion during the subsequent pregnancy. Carried out clinical-epidemiological researches convincingly testify, that artificial interruption of the first pregnancy in the further at each third woman is the reason of the subsequent reproductive losses.

Key words: artificial abortion, reproductive health, reproductive losses.



Chermak I. I.

Functional condition of reproductive system of patients of late reproductive age with barreness.


Results of the spent researches testify to presence of specific features of the a functional condition of reproductive system of patients of latereproductive age with barreness. The received results are necessary for considering by working out of tactics of conducting patients of this age group at a stage of restoration of reproductive function.

Key words: barreness, late reproductive age, clinical aspects.



Zakhartseva L. M.

Breast cancer epidemiological and clinical features in young patients.


Brest cancer is the most widespread oncological disease among women. Women of the middle and older age have a higher breast cancer incidence rate in comparison to young women. But during the last time tendency to the breast cancer incidence rate increasing in young women have been detected. There is an opinion, that breast cancer in young women has its own aetiological and clinical features. In this article literature review about breast cancer development causes and clinical features in young women is presented.

Key words: breast cancer, young age, aetiology, clinical features.



Samotovka O. L.

Analisys of standard examinations comprehension of women with тprecursor diseases and cancer of the female reproductive tract.


Results of standard examinations comprehension of 685 women after 20 year of age, residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region, are presented. Among respondents 173 women were healthy, 412 women had precursor diseases and 100 women had cancer of reproductive tract. Comprehension of women by standard examinations is unsatisfactoryin all groups, especially in rural areas. Results of standard examinations comprehension differs in data of medical-sociological research and medical records. Elimination of these defects increases opportunity of cancer early detection.

Key words: standard examination, precursor diseases, cancer of women reproductive tract.