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стр. 11 Certain important aspects of the prevention of pathologies of labor activity in obstetric practice (Сlinical lecture) Nazarenko L., Dubrova L., Tarusмna O. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2016.10(116):11–18; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.11
стр. 19 Petrels 15th International Congress with menopause, Prague, Czech Republic Shurpac S. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):19–23
стр. 24 The role of Vitex agnus castus in gynecological endocrinology Wuttke W., Zaidlova-Wuttke D., Jarry H., Artymuk N. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):24–27
стр. 28 Predictive risk of aneuploidies during future pregnancies, depending on the number of previous reproductive loss and maternal age Veropotvelyan N. P. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):28–32
стр. 33 Сomplex perinatal care in pregnancy at the association of HIV and herpes virus infection Kaminskiy V. V., Anoshyna T. M., Zhdanovich O. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):33–36
стр. 37 Alternative treatment of vasomotor symptoms with the demise of reproductive and ovarian function within evidence-based medicine Veropotvelyan P. N., Tsehmistrenko I. S., Veropotvelyan N. P., Guzhevskaya I. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):37–41
стр. 42 Optimization of modern diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities detected in couples with reproductive dysfunction Dariy A. S., Stepanov A. A., Denisenko S. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):42–44 DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.42
стр. 45 Experience with Polygynax used in the treatment of vulvovaginitis caused by the aerobic and mixed microflora Radzinsky V. E., Ordiyants I. M., Pobedinskaya O. S., Zykov E. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):45–48
стр. 49 Gestational dynamic of content and balance of essential trace elements in serum and erythrocytes of women of different reproductive age, giving birth for the first time Markevich V. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):49–52; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.49
стр. 53 Aspects of reproductive health in women with small and large for gestational age birth weight Nestertsova N. S., Nazarenko L. G. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):53–55; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.53
стр. 56 Oral probiotics – the key to successful pregnancy Zhuk S. I., Us I. V., Szlachta A. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):56–58; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.56
стр. 60 Rationale improve diagnosis of sexual disorders in patients with somatic profile for example gastric ulcer and duodenal Gurzhenko Y., Soroka V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):60–64; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.60
стр. 65 Diagnosis and treatment of water and electrolyte disorders in stroke patients with diabetes mellitus Halushko O. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):65–68; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.65
стр. 69 Experience of drug treatment benign prostatic glands with sexual disorders Gurzhenko Y. M., Kvach M. D. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):69–75; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.69
стр. 76 The prolonged hormonal contraception: prophylaxis of not planned pregnancy and disturbances of genesial health Adamchuk N. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):76–78; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.76
стр. 82 The correction of the placental dysfunction while pregnancy complicated with oligohydramnion Basiuha I. O. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):82–86; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.82
стр. 87 Temporary intra-abdominal extravasal transparietal compression of terminal abdominal aorta – the key to reducing the duration of obstetric bleeding and amount of blood loss Аntonyuk-Kysil V. M., Yenikieieva V. M., Lichner S. І., Lypnyi V. M., Drozd V. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):87–90; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.87
стр. 91 The peculiarities of the history and condition of the endometrium of premenopausal women Korniyenko S. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):91–93
стр. 94 The efficacy of hemostasis in gynecological practice Grishenko O. V., Bobrytska V. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):94–97; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.94
стр. 98 Modern approaches to the prevention and treatment of alterations in reproductive health in women with somatoform disorders and autonomic homeostasis Podolsky Vl. V., Podolsky V. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):98–101; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.98
стр. 102 Optimization of conservative myomectomy at women with disturbance of genesial function Nigutsa I. P. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):102–103; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.102
стр. 104 Integrated method of treatment the chronic pelvic pain in inflammtory processes of the women pelvic organs Grek L. P. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):104–106; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.104
стр. 107 Perinatal consequences in women with the Polycystic Ovarу Syndrome on a background insuline resistance in anamnesis Onusyko O. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):107–109; DOI 10.15574/HW.2016.116.107
стр. 110 Transplantation of stem and progenitor cells in the long term for correction of the consequences of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy of newborn babies Veropotvelyan P. N., Tsehmistrenko I. S., Veropotvelyan N. P., Guzhevskaya I. V., Zhabitska L. A., Zhuravleva C. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):110–120
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стр. 125 Sigmoid Microinvasion by an Ectopic Pregnancy Joalee Paquette, MD, Mathieu Leboeuf, MD, FRCSC, MPH, Йmilie Gorak-Savard, MD, FRCSC HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):125–126
стр. 127 Management of premenstrual syndrome HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.10(116):127–135
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