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стр. 10 Current issues of etiology and pathogenesis of uterine leiomyoma in women of reproductive age Chubej G. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):10–15
стр. 16 Искусство сохранить здоровье. По следам научно-практического семинара «Симфония гормонов в организме женщины в аспекте междисциплинарного взаимодействия» HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):16–19
стр. 20 Clinical aspects of long-term care of endometriosis by progestogen dienogest Pyrohova V. I., Shurpyak S. O., Kryvko B. J. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):20–22
стр. 23 В начале пути: роль DOI (digital object identifier) в повышении индексов цитирования ученых HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):23
стр. 24 Железодефицитная анемия в акушерстве и оперативной гинекологии: современные подходы к профилактике осложнений и восполнению дефицита железа HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):24–27
стр. 28 New approaches to early prediction of preeclampsia severity in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes mellitus: evaluation of the possibility of genetic markers’ use Avramenko T. V., Hrybanov A. V., Rossokha Z. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):28–36; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.28
стр. 37 Sublingual form of progesterone: the need for innovation and challenges of modern medicine Opryshko V. I., Nosivets D. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):37–42
стр. 45 Ambulatory care of vomiting and nausea in pregnancy Melashchenko S. G., Rud’ V. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):45–50; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.45
стр. 51 Evaluation of potential preventive drug Canephron® N in treatment of recurrent cystitis in women of reproductive age Shulyak A. V., Sabadash N. E. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):51–55
стр. 56 Epilepsy in women planning pregnancy Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Zhuravleva S. A., Pogulay Y. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2015.10(106):56–64; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.56
стр. 65 The prospect of using synbiotics Bifiten in clinical practice obstetricians and gynecologists Pyrohova V. I., Shurpyak S. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):65–68
стр. 70 Algorithm of diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of sexual disfunctions in women after caesarian section Vdovychenko Iu. P., Gurzhenko O. Iu. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):70–72
стр. 73 Cracked nipples of mammary glands in lactating mothers and their correction Veropotvelyan P. N., Bobrovnik N. A., Tsehmistrenko I. S., Glamazda A. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):73–76
стр. 77 Urogenital chlamydia in pregnancy (Literature review) Tovstanovskaya V. A., Kusch V. N., Avramenko S. A., Alatorskih A. E. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):77–81; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.77
стр. 82 Rubella: course peculiarities of adults (clinical lecture) Duda A. K., Beklemisheva A. A., Boyko V. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):82–86; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.82
стр. 88 Chronic endometritis – recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease. Where are we now? Zabolotnov V. A., Rybalka A. N., Shatila V. J., Anikin S. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):88–93
стр. 94 Comprehensive treatment of placental insufficiency with the inclusion angioprotektory diosmine Tezikov Y. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):94–97
стр. 98 The risk of complications during childbirth and the postpartum period in women with anemia Ancheva I. A., Golubenko M. U. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):98–100
стр. 101 Choice of anesthesia for caesarean section in obstetric patients of Vinnytsia region Bevz G. V., Tytarenko N. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):101–103; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.103
стр. 104 Prevention of coplications in the first trimester of gestation in pregnant women with low placentation Kravchenko E. V., Varvus E. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):104–106; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.104
стр. 108 Local and system changes in cytokine balance by cervical insufficiency in different gestational ages Kolesnyk N. N. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):108–109
стр. 110 Chorionic detachment/placenta: differential clinical approach taking into account individual genetic features of the patient Veropotvelyan N. P., Pogulyay J. S. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):110–113; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.110
стр. 114 Histogenesis of complications of pregnancy and childbirth in women with metabolic syndrome and obesity Dyndar O. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):114–117; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.114
стр. 118 Assessment of quality of counseling women about weight gain during pregnancy Ostafiіchuk S. A., Henyk N. I. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):118–121
стр. 122 The cytologic analysis of lochia by the violation of the involution uterus Morozova N. A., Ykovleva E. B., Zheleznaya А. A., Morozova N. I., Phirsova N. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):122–124
стр. 125 Treatment of urogenital microbiocenosis changes in women with disorders of autonomic homeostasis and reproductive health changes Podolsky Vl. V., Podolsky V. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):125–128
стр. 130 The state of immune homeostasis microbiocenosis and genital tract of women with opioid dependence. Prevention,treatment, the organization of health care Zelenska M. V. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):130–134
стр. 135 Clinical course and ultrasound diagnosis of mucinous ovarian tumors Sukhanova A. A., Melnik Yu. N., Yegorov M. Yu. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):135–138; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.135
стр. 139 Psychosomatic changes of patients with uterine leiomyoma Danіlenko Е. G. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):139–143; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.139
стр. 144 Reproductive disorders in women after different methods of abortion Gopchuk E. N. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):144–149; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.144
стр. 150 Clinical characteristics woman with miscarriage anamnesis Mitsoda R. M., Sadіgov Y. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):150–152; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.150
стр. 153 Women of reproductive age uterine fibroids Veropotvelyan P. N., Bondarenko A. A., Veropotvelyan N. P. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):153–156; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.153
стр. 157 Analysis of the Association of Placental Dysfunction with GSTT1, GSTM1, GSTP1 Gene Polymorphism and Intrauterine Growth Retardation Rymarchuk М. I., Rossokha Z. I., Kyriachenko S. P., Makarchuk О. М., Horovenko N. H. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):157–162; DOI 10.15574/HW.2015.106.157
стр. 163 Obstetrical and perinatal aspects repeated preeclampsia Govseev D. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):163–165
стр. 166 Influence urogenital chlamydial infection in pregnant women on reproductive health Vasilyeva K. V., Dudchenko M. O., Popova I. B., Ketova O. M. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):166–167
стр. 168 Bacterial microflora of urogenital tract and antibacterial treatment estimating of women in infertile Morozova N. A., Zheleznaya A. A., Yakovleva E. B., Morozova N. I., Phirsova N. A. HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.10(106):168–170