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Goncharenko D. A., Zhaloba G. N., Romanenko T. G.

Treatment of disseminated intravascular coagulation in obstetrics.


The review provides topical hemostatic theory, the causes and mechanisms of development of disseminated intravascular coagulation, basic laboratory tests characterizing the vascular-platelet coagulation and hemostasis, reviews current approaches to the treatment of this complication.

Key words: disseminated intravascular coagulation, bleeding, hemostasis theory, physiological anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, fresh-frozen plasma, thromboelastography.



Новые подходы к профилактике и ведению преждевременных родов.


В рамках II Национального конгресса «Дискуссионные вопросы современного акушерства» и XI Всемирного конгресса по перинатальной медицине значительное внимание было уделено проблеме преждевременных родов, особенно очень ранних (22–27 нед), которые являются основной причиной неонатальной заболеваемости и смертности. Обсуждались патогенетические причины и факторы риска, а также возможности медикаментозной профилактики преждевременных родов. Отмечалось, что профилактическое назначение беременным с угрозой преждевременных родов микронизированного прогестерона вагинально позволяет пролонгировать беременность, снизить вероятность осложнений в родах и послеродовой период со стороны матери и ребенка. 



Konkov D. G., Taran O. A.

The features of effective management of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women.


Anemia may contribute to maternal morbidity through effects on immune function with increased susceptibility or severity of infections, poor work capacity and performance and disturbances of postpartum cognition and emotions. Effective management of anemia is needed to prevent adverse maternal and pregnancy outcomes, including the need for blood transfusion. The objective of this review is simple recommendation for the management, treatment and prevention of iron deficiency in pregnancy and the postpartum period. The most modern group of antianemic drugs are non-ionic iron supplements, which represented by maltofer. The article discusses the advantages of maltofer versus others iron supplements, namely, high efficiency, rapid achievement of the effect, according to ability to intake with food items, the presence of various forms of release. These features allow to recommending maltofer as the primary therapy of iron deficiency anemia of various severity among pregnant women, and for effective prevention of iron deficiency.

Key words: iron deficiency, pregnancy, ferritin, oral iron supplements, maltofer.



Podolskyi Vl. V.

Abortion and it’s outcomes for reproductive health of fertility aged women.


Data of clinical-epidemiological, statistical and results of forecasting of violation of reproductive health, that are caused by abortion, are showed in the article. Special attention is payed to the social factors and psycoemotional state of fertility aged women, that had an abortion. Results of the studies allowed us to identify factors, that have most forecasting value for development of violations of reproductive health.

Key words: abortion, violation of reproductive health, forecasting, clinical epidemiology, psycoemotional state, social state.



Tatarchuk T. F., Pedachenko N. Yu., Kapshuk I. M.

Condition adipose tissue of polycystosis ovarii syndrome.


In the article were described the questions of role the adipose tissue in making different phenotypes of polycystosis ovarii syndrome (PCOS). The levels of adipocytocynes were learned in women either with obesity or without it. The dysfunctions of adipose tissue revealed in women with PCOS with obesity and in patients were suffered by PCOS, who have normal body weight.

Key words: PCOS, adipocytocynes, obesity, adipose tissue.



Reznitchenko N. A., Belyavtseva E. F.

Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology associated with sexually transmitted diseases.


In this study we evaluated the efficacy of new anti-inflammatory pessaries Revitaksa produced in Greece, in the treatment of women with cervical pathology associated with sexually transmitted diseases. The study included women aged 18 to 45 years with confirmed cervical changes detected during routine inspection by colposcopy (dysplasia of mild to moderate severity, cervical erosion). Criteria for exclusion from the study was the presence of positive detection of human papilloma virus in the discharge of the genital tract. Diagnosis of the biota of the urogenital tract of women surveyed was conducted by analyzing the Femoflor Screen ®. Total number of patients included in the study, resulting in women was 63. All patients were randomly divided into three groups depending on the treatment used. The first group included 25 women who received local antibiotic therapy intravaginally, once daily for 12 days in combination with Revitaxa for 10 days. The second group consisted of 25 women who received only locally Revitaxa within 10 days. The third (control) group of 13 patients as a topical treatment received only local antibiotic therapy 12 days. Besides topical treatment all 63 patients received anti-inflammatory therapy according to the identified pathogens. After treatment all women underwent a complete re-examination and colposcopy study of the biota of the urogenital tract by analyzing «Femoflor Screen ®». As a result of the proposed treatment in all three groups showed a positive trend. Disappeared complaints of itching and burning in the vagina, abdominal pain, profuse discharge from the genital tract. Physical examination showed a reduction in the proportion of women with an increase in the uterus, noted the disappearance of pain and increase appendages. Colposcopy revealed normalization color of cervical mucus, significantly (p <0,05) expressed in groups, local therapy which included Revitaxa. Revealed normalization of vascular pattern was more pronounced (p <0,1) in the first group compared to the group 2. Frequency epithelialization of erosions was significantly (p <0,05) higher in the groups that used Revitaxa, reaching 88,0% in the topical therapy which presented complex and Revitaksy local antibiotic therapy. In general, the normalization of colposcopy picture in groups that used Revitaxa, was found significantly (p <0,05) higher than in the group that used only local antibiotic therapy. At the same time, the proportion of women with normal colposcopy was significantly (p <0,05) higher in the complex treatment which included Revitaxa with local antibiotic therapy, compared with a group using only Revitaxa. As a result of composition analysis of biota urogenital tract, analysis conducted using «Femoflor Screen ®» female control group, group 1 and 2 after treatment, it was found that there was a vaginal normjcenosis at 6 (46,2%), 23 (92,0% ) and 18 (72,0%) patients, respectively.

Key words: cervical erosion, Femoflor, Revitaxa.



Hoida N. N., Moiseienko R. O.

Support for perinatal care in Ukraine by international projects and programs of development.


The article outlines the experience of 15-year-cooperation in the framework of the Ukrainian-Swiss program «Health of Mother and Child». It covers main directions of the Program as well as objectives to achieve at the stages of its implementation and the role of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in the training component of the Program.

Key words: perinatal care, regionalization of perinatal care, training, stimulus Centre, perinatal registry.



Shurpyak S. A.

Modern forms of natural progesterone with different routes of administration in the treatment of threatened abortion and prevention of preterm birth. Literature Review.


The frequency of premature termination of pregnancy in the I and II trimesters of pregnancy remains high, providing a basis for perinatal losses, which determined the direction of research. The article presents data about efficacy and safety of micronized progesterone (Luteina, «Adamed», Poland) in patients with threatened abortion, recurrent miscarriage and premature birth. The study shows that micronized progesterone clinically effective in the treatment of threatened abortion. And in high risk group may prevent premature labor.

Key words: intravaginal route of administration, sublingual route of administration, progestogens micronized progesterone, threatened miscarriage, premature birth, Luteina.



Kulchavenya E. V., Breusov A. A.

Efficacy of combined treatment of women with chronic cystitis associated with intracellular infections.


Forty female patients with urethrocystitis received Sparfloxacin in a daily dose 400 mg for 20 days in combination with Canephron N (50 drops three times a day for 8 weeks). Twenty patients received one more course of canefron H 4 months after etiopathogenetic therapy. The analysis of the treatment results allows the conclusion that Sparfloxacin is highly effective in urethrocystitis associated with intracellular infections. Sparfloxacin provides complete urine sterility. 97,5% females after the combined treatment had no recurrences for a year while before the treatment remission lasted for 4,1±1,7 months. A preventive administration of Canephron N improves microcirculation in the bladder wall and prevents recurrence in patients with urethrocystitis associated with intracellular infections given basic Sparfloxacin therapy.

Key words: urethrocystitis, phytotherapy, treatment, fluoroquinolones.



Makarenko M. V., Govseev D. A., Gridchin S. V., Gromova A. L.

The case-report spontaneous pregnancy patient with long-term period infertility after hysteroscopic removing a large submucous myoma.


The case-report spontaneous pregnancy patient with nine years period infertility after hysteroscopic removing a large submucous myoma are presented. Hysteroscopy is a necessary option for patients with infertility that was ineffective treating during one year, even ultrasound exam don’t discover intrauterine pathology.

Key words: hysteroscopy, infertility, intrauterine pathology, myoma.



Priymak V. A., Gogitidze Z. D.

The results of application of cream with plant-derived regulatory peptides for restoring the structure and function of aging skin.


The main effects of plant-derived polypeptides are well studied: they improve the protective function of the skin, the resistance of cells to hypoxia and the action of toxins. Polypeptides run the upgrade and repair the skin at the cellular level, initiate the apoptosis of functionally incompetent cells and expression of genes responsible for the division of new cells, and thus provide skin renewal. Using the method of controlled proteolysis of plants, pharmaceutical company «Regulfarm» in 2013 in Ukraine obtained and patented cream of plant-derived regulatory peptides (CPRP). We studied the effectiveness of CPRP as a topical cosmetic anti-age therapy product on 30 female volunteers aged 35 to 60 years. Already on day 21 of CPRP application in all patients skin dryness disappeared, color and elasticity improved, also we noted wrinkle smoothing and 10–15% tightening of facial skin. Using CPRP can be considered as an alternative to plastic surgery.

Key words: cream, plant-derived regulatory polypeptides, apoptosis, regeneration, wrinkles smoothing, anti-age therapy.



Zhuk S. I., Віla V. V., Us I. V., Atamanchuk I. M.

Planning, prenatal care and delivery іn women with thrombophilic disorders of various origins.


Obstetrician – gynecologist who is engaged in the conduct of pregnancy and delivery in women with thrombophilic disorders must have full information on the presence of clinical obstetric manifestations of thrombophilia and hemostasis in these patients. From a clinical point of view, important for the diagnosis of thrombophilia is a comprehensive assessment of medical history, clinical and laboratory data that allow us to estimate the risk of complications in a timely manner to carry out preventive measures and prescribe the necessary treatment. Prophylaxis aimed to prevent the implementation of thrombotic and unthrombotic effects of thrombophilia in the preconception stage is the most effective. In the presence of clinical development of obstetric complications in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy can only slow the disease process. Drug correction of coagulation disorders on pregravidal stage, stages of pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period should be comprehensive, pathogenesis and clinically justified.

Key words: pregnancy, acquired and genetically determined thrombophilia, thrombophilic disorders, low molecular weight heparins.



Шишкова В. Н.

Cовременная оральная контрацепция и риск тромбозов.




Пустотина О. А.

Лактационный мастит и лактостаз: тактические контраверсии.


В статье изложены основные принципы диагностики и лечения лактационного мастита, дана сравнительная характеристика российских и международных рекомендаций, патогенетически обоснована двухэтапная тактика купирования выраженного лактостаза после родов.

Ключевые слова: лактационный мастит, лактостаз.



Pirhonen Jouko, Pulkkinen Martti

Влияние нимесулида и напроксена на артериальный кровоток в матке и яичниках. Допплерографическое исследование.


Цель исследования. Определить эффект перорального приема напроксена и нимесулида на скорость артериального кровотока в матке и яичниках у женщин с нормальной менструацией (эуменореей) и с дисменореей.

Методы. Двойное слепое, плацебо-контролируемое исследование включало 6 женщин с эуменореей, получающих нимесулид (100 мг, одноразово перорально) или плацебо, в течение двух последовательных циклов. Шесть женщин с умеренной или тяжелой дисменореей получали плацебо, нимесулид или напроксен (500 мг, одноразово перорально) в течение трех последующих циклов. Импеданс маточных артерий (пульсовой индекс, PI) определяли в течение 1-го дня цикла на четырех различных уровнях маточной и яичниковой веток маточной артерии на 0, 30, 60-й и 120–140-й минутах при помощи цветного допплерографического ультрасонографа (использовали для определения зоны исследования) и пульсового допплера для записи волн.

Результаты. У женщин с эуменореей не было установлено никаких достоверных изменений ни при одном виде терапии. У пациенток с дисменореей нимесулид облегчал симптомы и вызывал снижение PI в маточной артерии раньше, чем напроксен. Оба препарата снижали повышенный маточный импеданс при дисменорее практически до нормального уровня. При анализе PI в маточной артерии на 4 различных уровнях, наиболее выраженные изменения были выявлены в дне. Яичниковая ветка оставалась без изменений.

Выводы. Цветная допплерографическая ультрасонография и пульсовой допплер являются хорошими методиками определения болезнезависимых и препаратозависимых изменений скоростей маточного и яичникового кровотоков. Нимесулид вызывал более быстрое и более полное снижение повышенной сосудистой резистентности в матке при дисменорее до нормальных уровней, чем напроксен. Фундальная часть матки является важной зоной в патогенезе развития первичной дисменореи.

Ключевые слова: цветная допплерографическая ультрасонография, дисменорея, напроксен, нимесулид, пульсовой индекс, маточный импеданс, матка.



Medved V., Duda Е.

Pregnancy course and outcomes in patients with lymphomas (State of problem and own experience).


We analyzed pregnancy course and outcomes in patients with lymphomas. The impact of lymphoma on pregnancy outcome was studied as well as pregnancy influence on lymphoma progress. We also analyzed the state of newborns in dependence of the terms of lymphoma diagnosis and specific treatment. According to the worldwide data and our own experience we proposed pregnancy management tactics in women with lymphoma.

Key words: lymphoma, pregnancy, childbirth, birth defects, newborns, treatment.



Nazarenko L., Solovyova N., Nedorezova K., Dubrova L.

Clinical and Functional Criteria prediction of success after cesarean childbirth Attempts cross-section.


The purpose of the study – investigation of prognostic value, functional status low segment of uterine in women with cesarean section in history. As a result of a prospective analysis of two groups of deutipara women set prognostic value of the test of «behavioral» low segment of uterine.

Key words: Cesarean section scar, uterus, lower segment, births.



Orazov M. R.

Hormonal homeostasis women with pain syndrome of adenomyosis.


The article is devoted to an actual problem of modern gynecology; the problem of endometriosis, in particular adenomyosis. Endometriosis, including adenomyosis is the hormone dependent disease. It is known that the development of different forms of endometriosis occurs against the background of violations of the functioning «of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian» system. The article describes indicators hormonal balance of women with this pathology. The study included 68 women adenomyosis of reproductive age, the control group consisted of 50 apparently healthy women of similar age. The results of the study of hormonal homeostasis in patients with pelvic pain syndrome adenomyosis showed on functional disorders of the hormonal status, which are secondary and came against the background of the main disease. The data obtained allow to optimize approaches to the diagnosis of violations endo balance and help in the future for therapy used in the realization of the reproductive plans of this category of women.

Key words: hormonal balance, homeostasis, adenomyosis, diagnosis and treatment.



Korchynska O. O., Lyanna M. V.

Prophylaxy of Miscarriages in Women with Uterine Leyomioma and Cervical Pathology in Anamnesis.


In Article the effectiveness of ous prophylactic-treatment complex is showed by decreasiry of miscarriages, pectern labours, placental disfunction, foetus dystress, quantity of cesarean section, puerperal pathology in Women with uterine leyomyoma and cervical pathology in anamnesis.

Key words: pregnancy, chilabirth, leyomyoma, cervical pathology.



Vakalyuk L. M., Boychuk L. H., Lyubinets V. О., Junger V. I.

Prevention obstetric and perinatal complications in pregnant women with a scar on the uterus.


Results of a accouchement in 365 women with a scar on the uterus and retrospective analysis of a delivery of 2000 women (1,000 pregnant women with high-grade and 1,000 pregnant women with inferior scar on the uterus) by cesarean section, developed objective criteria for evaluating the full value of postoperative scar the lower uterine segment, introduced rational methods of prevention of obstetric and perinatal complications in the postpartum and post-operative periods.

Key words: scar on the uterus, cesarean section, complications.



Ruban J. A.

Influence of auxiliary reproductive technologies on obstetrical outcomes of delivery.


Results of the spent researches testify that pregnancy at women after auxiliary reproductive technologies is characterised by high frequency obstetrical complications, and in all trimesters of pregnancy. At an estimation of frequency of various complications it is necessary to note higher level at multipara pregnancy in comparison with oneborn. The basic complication at women after auxiliary reproductive technologies irrespective of quantity of born are spontaneous interruption of pregnancy and premature birth. The received results testify to necessity of improvement of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: auxiliary репродуктивне technologies, obstetrical complications.

Tkachik S. J.

Morphological features of myometrium at dyscoordination patrimonial activity.


Results of morphological inspection of myometrium at dyscoordination patrimonial activity, have shown that the maintenance of a fibrous fabric and myocytes is comparable with myometrium at physiological patrimonial activity. Studying of indicators of microcirculation and angiogenesise has shown authentic decrease in these sizes at studied anomaly of patrimonial activity. Authentic increase of an expression to a progesterone at almost not changed intensity of an expression of receptors to an estrogen distinguishes myometrium at dyscoordination patrimonial activity from myometrium at physiological patrimonial activity. Being based on the received data, we consider not expedient introduction estrogenical preparations in sorts for the purpose of correction dyscoordination patrimonial activity. Search of the preparations blocking progesterons receptors, not rendering negative influence on microcirculation or improving it is necessary.

Key words: dyscoordination patrimonial activity, morphology of myometrium.



Ventskivskyy K. O.

Features of delivery in HIV-infected pregnant women with associated herpes infection.


This paper presents the results of the analysis of flow of labor in patients with HIV infection and HIV-associated herpes infection. It has been shown that patients with HIV-associated herpes infections more often have delivery complications, indications for abdominal delivery and surgical interventions in childbirth. The effectiveness of the appointment of hrbal immunostimulatory drugs to prevent complications in childbirth in pregnant women by associated infection.

Key words: HIV, herpes infection, complications in childbirth.



Tavokina L.

Most frequent chromosomal anomalies in karyotypes of patients with the problems of reproduction.


Here are presented the results of cytogenetic and molecular-cytogenetic examination of 210 married couples with the problems of reproduction. In 46 (10,95%) cases patients karyotypes contained different types of chromosomal abberations. Structural chromosomal rearrangements such as pericentric inversions, Robertsonian translocations, the balanced reciprocal translocations, as well as marker chromosomes prevailed over numerical chromosomal aberrations (89,13% and 10,87% cases correspondinly). In a general group of patients there were 19 (4,52%) cases with low level X- and Y-chromosomes mosaicism. Authors suppose that patients with the ascertained chromosomal anomalies in karyotype need the differentiated approach at treatment.

Key words: infertility, usual unmaturing, chromosomal rearrangements.



Aussi Marvan, Astakhov V. M.

Vagina microbiocenosis in women with perinatal losses in history.


The article presents the analysis of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the birth canal microbiota in patients with a history of perinatal loss. The study was conducted using «Femoflor» («DNA Technology») test system by PCR with results detection in real-time in women in the I trimester of pregnancy. It was indicated the proportion of different microbiota members, presents in 102-106 titres and above. Genital tract microbiocenosis in women obtained pregravidal preparation was not adequate, but potentially pathogenic microorganisms frequently were in low titres and in fewer pregnant. The study of the vaginal ecosystem with the detection of pathogens is a key tool in the prevention of perinatal loss.

Key words: vaginal microbiocaenosis, bacterial infection.



Romashchenko O., Bilogolovskaya V., Shcherbak M.

Experience of application of drug Onagris during the removal of climacteric syndrome and female sexual dysfunctions in the period of postmenopause.


Climacteric syndrome in every woman on a certain age stage has its level of exposure with the spectrum of changes accompanied by vegetovascular, exchange-endocrine, neuropsychic disorders and also sexual dysfunctions. Results of the carried research certify the effectiveness of soy isoflavons while treating pathologic symptoms of CS, and also FSD: on the background of Onagris application within 3 months in women in postmenopause with pathological CS the general state has improved, the exposure of psychoemotional, vegetovascular disorders, and sexual dysfunctions has been lowered. The presented clinical analysis of results of observation of 32 women in postmenopause has shown that the medicine Onagris used by them and containing the extract of soy beans could be regarded as effective means to cut off pathological exposures of CS, removal of FSD, and also as an alternative in case of contraindications to apply SHT or in case of patient’s rejection to take hormonal medicine.

Key words: menopause, female sexual dysfunctions, phytoestrogens, Onagris.



Ткаченко Л. В., Веревкина О. П., Толкачева Н. А., Лопатина И. Е.

Применение Йодоксида для лечения бактериального вагиноза.




Veropotvelyan P. N., Veropotvelyan N. P., Naryitnik T. T., Guzhevskaya I. V.

A clinical view of a practical doctor on disputable issues concerning pathogenesis and treatment of uterine myoma.


In the article results of scientific studies of uterine myoma’s pathogenesis, classification – role of genetic factors, steroid hormones and their receptors are summarized. Causes of development of endometrial hyperplasia, apoptosis and development of an associated pathology of endo – and myometrium are represented. A comparative analysis of various treatment methods, including uterine artery embolization aimed at choosing modern adequate volume of therapy especially in patients of reproductive age is performed.

Key words: uterine myome, pathogenesis, treatment.



Boyko V. I., Kijanenko V. A.

Correction of placentary dysfunction at women with hyperandrogenia in anamnesis.


Results of the spent researches testify to negative influence of hyperandrogenia in anamnesis on formation фетоплацентарного a complex, in and further and on perinatal outcomes of delivery. Use of an advanced technique of correction of placentary dysfunction allows to carry out in due time preventive maintenance decompansation changes and to improve perinatal outcomes of delivery patients of group of high risk – with hyperandrogenia in anamnesis. The technique is simple and popular, wide application in practical public health services can find.

Key words: placentary dysfunction, hyperandrogenia.



Leshcheva T. V., Pop N. V.

Dysfunction of ovarium at women of reproductive age after hysterectomy: diagnostics and correction.


Results of the spent researches testify that correction of ovarial dysfunctions after hysterectomy at women of reproductive age should have complex character and include except hormonal correction and metabolic therapy. Rational use of the offered approach allows to lower frequency neuroendocrinological infringements and to improve quality of life of patients which have transferred body removal – a uterus at reproductive age.

Key words: dysfunction of ovariums, hysterectomy, reproductive age.



Veropotvelyan N. P., Pogulyay J. S., Klipova L. V., Zhuravlova S. A.

Genetic thrombogenic risk factors is in association with the recurrent reproductive losses: the necessity and the possibility of their correction.


The interest to the role of genetic thrombophilia in the pathology of pregnancy increased after 1996. The complexity of studying this problem lies in the fact that to hereditary thrombophilia risk factors include a variety of clinical conditions, often having different molecular and genetic causes and causing a variety of pathogenic processes. The review of studies on the efficacy of anticoagulant therapy in the case of proven hereditary thrombophilia and recurrent pregnancies loss and the views of professionals associations of different countries regarding the topic.

Key words: hereditary thrombophilia, recurrent miscarriage, anticoagulant therapy.



Gerasimova T. V., Gopchuk E. N.

Inclusion of herbal remedies with complex action in the treatment of anovulatory infertility.


The article presents the results of a study under the optimization of tactics laid restore reproductive function in women with chronic anovulation.

Key words: Tribulus, anovulation, infertility treatment.



Shalko M. N.

Diagnosis, pathogenesis, treatment of precancer processes glandular epithelium of the cervix in women with tubal-peritoneal factor infertility.


This paper presents a problem of our connected with cervical cancer of the cervix in women with tubal;peritoneal factor infertility, its relationship with inflammatory endocervical viral and bacterial origin, clinical and diagnostic criteria and prophylactic treatment of contemporary trends.

Key words: CGIN, cancer of the cervix, endocervix, infertility.



Hafiichuk N. V.

Optimization of diagnostics and treatment of hypothalamo-pituitary dysfunction in women with anovulatory infertility.


The connection between the psychological and emotional factors and the functional disorders of the hypothalamo-pituitary ovarian system has been established. The hormonal, functional and genetic biomarkers have been defined, allowing to predict a complete pattern of a woman’s reproductive status. The work adds to the data on pathogenesis of anovulatory infertility and allows a scientific improvement in the algorithm for preparation of women with anovulatory infertility associated with hypothalamo-pituitary dysfunction to the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. A new approach to the management of women with anovulatory infertility associated with hypothalamo-pituitary dysfunction has been suggested, using an adapted etiopathogenetic stimulation protocol in the Assisted Reproductive Technology programs. The work provides a developed and scientifically justified set of diagnostic and treatment steps for women with anovulatory infertility associated with hypothalamo-pituitary dysfunction, which allows a 1,7 increase in the treatment efficiency using the above method and a threefold cut in the cost of treatment.

Key words: anovulatory infertility, hypothalamo-pituitary dysfunction, controlled ovarian stimulation.



Dziuba O., Lukyanova I., Davydova Iu., Medvedenko G.

The condition of the fetus and newborn in pregnant women with cardiovascular pathology according to the cardiotocografia and dopplerometria.


Metabolic and hemodynamic changes in cardiovascular diseases in pregnancy lead to abnormalities in the placenta, worsening its function, which in its turn affects the uterine-placental and fetal blood circulation. The condition of the fetus and newborn in pregnant women with cardiovascular pathology was examined by cardiotocografia and dopplerometria. The nature of cardiotocographic changes depending on the state of hemodynamics was analyzed, as well as the effect of these parameters on the condition of the newborn. It was established that to state the condition of the fetus and to choose the optimal tactics with the aim of reducing and preventing of perinatal complications, the most accurate is the complex of the dopplerometria and cardiotocographia results.

Key words: cardiovascular pathology, pregnancy, dopplerometria, cardiotocographia, the condition of the fetus.



Zadorozhna Т., Vovk I., Gorban N.

Morphological, histological and ultrastructural features of retention ovarian cysts on the background of genital herpes infection.


Conducted immunofluorescence analysis of ovarian tissue capsules operated patients showed markers of genital herpes in 52% of patients. In studying the characteristics of endothelial structures cyst wall infected with genital herpes, ultrastructural method found pronounced changes in cell organelles, especially nuclear – their polymorphism, increasing the size, the presence of mitosis dystrophy with vacuolation, reduced apoptosis index, which is characteristic for viral cell damage. We prove that the defeat of genital herpes infection is systemic in nature and leads to pathological changes of target – the reproductive system.

Key words: ovarian cysts, genital herpes, infection, morphology, immunohistochemistry, structural features.



Klimenko P. M., Lukman І. Makhamad

Molecular-biological and cultural control of the efficiency of treatment trichomoniasis.


The assessment of molecular-biological and cultural control of efficiency of therapy of a chronic trichomoniasis is carried out. Positive results are received.

Key words: chronic trichomoniasis, treatment, molecular-biological control.



Koblosh N. D., Kondratyuk V. K., Pustovalova O. I., Kaliuta A. A.

Diagnosis of the condition of the cervix with human papillomavirus infection.


Complex examination of 90 women of reproductive age with infection of human papilloma virus of the person with use of the PCR of diagnostics, colposcopic research, liquid-based cytology and an immunocytochemical method of definition of L1 capsid protein in the cervical smears is conducted. The received results allow to estimate with considerable degree of reliability risk of progressing the dysplastic changes of epithelium of the cervix of uterus.

Key words: human papilloma virus, liquid-based cytology, L1 capsid protein, dysplastic changes of epithelial cells of the cervix of uterus.



Remennik O. I.

Immune disturbances in patients with multiple myeloma.


A study of cell and humoral immune indices was carried out in forty-five pre-treated patients with multiple myeloma. Imbalance in T:B-lymphocyte ratio was revealed, due to increased CD3+ cells and decreased CD20+ cell levels. Accordingly, lowered levels high CD8+ cell scores, low percentages of phagocytizing neutrophils, decreased IgM and complement titers, increased serum lysozyme and в-lysine activities were observed. Immune disorders in the as compared to stage I, and they depended on immune variant of myeloma. Minimal immune defects were noted in cases with Bence Jones variant. High-dose chemotherapy resulted into more expressed immune disorders, mainly, altered T-cell immunity. These data are indicative for a necessity of a regular immunological monitoring, aiming for administration of immunocorrective therapy.

Key words: multiple myeloma, immune disorders.



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