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«Актуальні питання збереження репродуктивного здоров’я жінок в Україні»: підсумки річного циклу національних семінарів.




«Актуальні питання розвитку сімейної медицини в Україні»: підсумки річного циклу науково-практичних семінарів.




«Нове обличчя гінекологічної хірургії 2011»: три дні безцінного досвіду з універсальною клінікою «Оберіг».




Партнерские роды: взвесим все ЗА и ПРОТИВ.




Дячук Д. Д., Істомін С. В.

Правове забезпечення розвитку системи охорони здоров’я.


У статті наведено результати аналізу розвитку законодавчої бази охорони здоров’я в Україні у 2010 р.

Ключові слова: охорона здоров’я, законодавча база, удосконалення.



Mamenko M. Ye.

Neonatal hyperthyrotropinemia as indicator of future mother’s iodine supplementation.


The article demonstrates the correlation of the hypothalamic-thyroid status in pregnant women and their newborns. Modern prophylactic approaches to the correction of the iodine deficiency in pregnant women and newborns are discussed.

Key words: iodine deficiency; neonatal hyperthyrotropinemia, hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid system, prophylaxis.



Glushko O. I., Golyanovskyy O. V.

Оbstetric hypotonic hemorrhage: search of the treatment optimal model.


The results of learning of efficiency and safety of combined carbetocinum and terlipressin usage in order to stop the hypotonic haemorrhage in the early postpartum period are represented in the article. It has been proved that the new therapeutical approach leads to fast bleeding stop, loss of blood volume reduction, lowering of surgical haemostasisv frequency and the necessity of blood drugs usage.

Key words: obstetrical bleedings, uterine tonus, carbetocin, oxytocin, terlipressin.



Bruhat М. А.

Use of a local antibiotic combination in the treatment of mycotic vaginitis and mixed vaginitis.


This open clinical trial in 121 patients carried out by gynaecologists shows the difficulty in establishing the clinical diagnosis of vaginal candidosis or vaginal infectious candidosis. On the other hand, specific vaginitis can easily be identified, without carrying out vaginal smear. Bacteriological and clinical arguments show the

efficacy of using an antibiotic association by the vaginal route for the treatment of these types of vaginitis (candidosis or infectious candidosis). The product is particularly interesting in all cases where vaginal smear have not been taken.



Zhabchenko І. А., Tsypkun A. G., Zhytskii О. М.

Present-day ideas about nitrogen oxide donators in the complex of remedial measure at preeclampsia (Literature review and results of clinical research of the efficacy and drug Glutargin tolerance during late gestosis).


The article deals with the present-day literature ideas about nitrogen oxide role in the late gestosis pathogenesis. On the basis of the carried out clinical research the conclusion has been drawn about positive influence of medication Glutargin on the vessel wall, uterine and placental and placental and fetal bloodstream. As a result there is mother and fetus state improvement. Glutargrin is offered to be included into the treatment of pregnant women with the late gestosis.

Key words: gestation, gestosis, preeclampsia, nitrogen oxide, Glutargin, treatment, preventive treatment.



Манухин И. Б., Тихомиров А. Л., Крамар В. А., Батаева А. Е.

Нерешенные проблемы терапии сочетанных доброкачественных новообразований гормонально зависимых органов (обзор литературы).




Луценко Н. С., Евтерева И. А., Гераскина Л. Р., Потебня В. Ю., Мельник О. Д.

Тивортин® в терапии плацентарной дисфункции.




Benyuk V. O., Usevich I. A., Kolesnik V. L.

Preventing abortion suppurative complications in women at risk.


This article provides information about how to prevent suppurative complications of small invasive procedures through the use of the drug Geksikon production „Nizhfarm”, which is a solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate for outdoor use. Achieved a clinical benefit.

Key words: abortion complications, prevention of suppurative-inflammatory, Geksikon.



Korobkova H., Tsypkun A.

Tactics of treatment with senile vaginitis.


The stable microecological system of a vagina is necessary for maintenance and preservation of health of female reproductive system. Treatment of the sinilny vaginitis accompanied by development of disbiotical infringements, necessarily should include medical products, could correct quantitative and qualitative structure of micro flora and locally hormonal therapy.

Key words: senile vaginitis, vaginosis, diagnoses, treatment.



Lakhno I. V., Mashchenko A. A., Bukley V. P., Sheptuha A. E., Novikova O. M., Glotka V. I.

The experience in management of pregnant women with placenta previa.


It was performed the assessment of tranexamic acid drug Tugina effectiveness in the treatment of 82 pregnant ladies with placenta previa and threatened preterm delievery. We had examined that patients before treatment and it had been noted the deterioration of the autonomic nervous regulation of the mother and fetus and abnormal mechanisms of feto-maternal heart rate synchronization. It was found that Tugina application had increased the total level of autonomic nervous fetal function and the level of regulation of metabolic and vasoactive part of the spectrum. That was largely a projection of the trophotrophic maternal influences through the placental barrier. It was ensured the optimization of weight and growth neonatal parametres and the newborn condition. It was proved that Tugina application had increased hemostatic blood ability without increasing the risk of thrombosis. It had reduced intraoperative blood loss during caesarean section.

Key words: pregnancy, haemostasis, neuro-humoral regulation, placenta previa, fetus, Tugina.



Romanenko T. G.

Complex preventive treatment of preeclampsia in pregnant women with liver pathology.


Medication Carsil Forte has been used in complex preventive measures of preeclampsia in treatment of 50 pregnant women with liver pathology. Preventive treatment efficacy of preeclampsia development has been estimated by peculiarities of gestation clinical progression, act of delivery and perinatal delivery outcome, by liver functional status and fetoplacental complex findings. Obtained results make it possible to prove medication Carsil Forte use pathogenetically. The mentioned above drug helps improve cell membrane state, regulates lipid peroxidation processes. Research results testified clinical effectiveness of the set forward technique proved by the outcome of the additional functional and laboratory research techniques.

Key words: liver pathology, preeclampsia, gestational anemia, placental dysfunction, preventive treatment, hepatoprotectors, Saint-Mary-thistle.



Vdovichenko Y. P., Gopchuk E. N.

Terzhinan in obstetric practice.


On the background of increased frequency of sexually transmitted infections active inflammatory processes occurring with participation of microorganisms comprising the normal microflora of the vagina. The normal flora of the genital tract, under certain conditions, acquires pathogenic properties – developing bacterial vaginosis. The fact that bacterial vaginosis, often occurs without signs of inflammation, it leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment of non-rational, with the development of complications. We have developed a technique which allows an integrated approach to the issue of treatment of this pathology, which includes the use of the drug Terzhinan. Through a combination of vaginal drug use in the treatment Terzhinan pathology of the lower genital tract reduces pharmacological stress on the female body, reduces the incidence of complications and adverse reactions associated with the system by the introduction of drugs.

Key words: bacterial vaginosis, treatment, Terzhinan.



Геворкян М. А., Кузнецова Е. М.

Анемия беременных: патогенез и принципы терапии.




Romanenko T. G., Tkachenko A. V.

Prevention of postpartum hemorrhages in women with multiple pregnancy.


The efficacy of the tranexamic acid (“Tugina”) for prevention of massive haemorrhages in the third and early postpartum periods in 84 women with multiple pregnancy was estimated. The results had showed that usage of the drug “Tugina” increased haemostatic potential of the blood of women with risk factors for obstetric haemorrhages without elevation the incidents of thrombosis, which lead to reduce of blood loss volume in the third period of labor and postpartum.

Key words: multiple pregnancy, haemostasis, haemorrhage in the third and early postpartum periods, prevention, tranexamic acid.



Makarenko M. V., Iarotska Iu. O.

Thrombophilia in aspect of development of pathological obstetric hemorrhage.


Thrombophilia contributes to the pathological course of childbirth and postpartum period. Investigated interconnection between thrombophilia and development of pathological bleeding. Thrombophilia contributes to the pathological course of childbirth and postpartum period. The study of mechanisms trombofiliy, including genetic aspects, will provide an opportunity to make effective prevention of disease in childbirth and the postpartum period, including pathological bleeding.

Key words: thrombophilia, endothelial dysfunction, pregnancy, abnormal bleeding.



Korchinska O. A., Ihnat G. V.

Hiperhomotsysteyinаemiya in the pathogenesis of placental dysfunction.


In the article the presented data of the modern world literature are derived from numerous studies that substantiate hiperhomotsysteyinemiya role in the pathogenesis of placental dysfuntctier.

Key words: hiperhomotsysteyinaemiya, pathogenesis, utero-placental, circulation, hemostasis system, placental dysfunction.



Kishakevich I. T.

Preventive maintenance and treatment of inflow at women menopausal age.


In article results of researches of effective application of not hormonal therapy by phytocomplex at women menopausal age with displays of vegeto-vascular infringements (inflow) are presented.

Key words: menopausa, inflow, preventive maintenance, treatment.



Parnytska O.

Scanning electrone microscopy peculiarities of hyperplastic process in endometrium.


The aim of the study was investigation of endometrial peculiarities in case of hyperplastic process by Scanning electrone microscopy and revealing changes in pinopodes formation and pathologic signs of ciliated cells. We investigated 300 endometrial specimens from women with infertility with simple hyperplasia (I gr.), hypotrophic endometrium (II gr.) and asynchronous endometrium (III gr.) by Scanning electrone microscopy. We revealed much more significant changes in quantity and quality of ciliated cells than in pinopodes formation in women with simple hyperplasia (I group) in compare to endometrium of II and III groups. We observed that significant increasing of ciliated cells quantity, cilliar hyperplasia and irregular distribution in women with simple hyperplasia of endometrium can cause breaking of embryo implantation (apposition and attachment) even in case of regular pinopodes formation.

Key words: scanning electrone microscopy, endometrium, ciliated cells, pinopodes.



Мельников С. М.

Оценка гинекологического и сексуального здоровья у женщин репродуктивного возраста в едином контексте.


При проведении комплексного гинекологического, сексологического и соматического обследования среди 2111 женщин в возрасте от 18 до 49 лет сексуальные дисфункции выявлены у 46,1%. Среди обследованных женщин с хроническими воспалительными заболеваниями половых органов в 62,5% случаев сексуальные дисфункции формировались через 1–3 года с момента возникновения заболевания – вторично, одновременно у женщин с лейомиомой матки – у 35,8%, с эндометриозом органов малого таза – у 28,6%, с нарушением менструальной функции – у 21,6%, с синдромом хронической тазовой боли – у 26,1%, первично. Частота гинекологической патологии наблюдается в 2,4 раза чаще среди женщин с сексуальными дисфункциями.

Ключевые слова: репродуктивный возраст, гинекологические заболевания, сексуальные дисфункции.



Подольський В. В., Шульженко Т. М., Подольський Вл. В.

Аналіз медико-соціального впливу впровадження сучасних медичних технологій (діагностики та лікування гіперпластичних процесів статевих органів) з доведеною ефективністю у сфері акушерства та гінекології для покращання репродуктивного здоров’я жінок фертильного віку.




Kazak A. V., Koval I. A.

Psychological characteristics of women of reproductive age who suffer from chronic pelvic pain syndrome.


Peculiarities of the psychological state of women of reproductive age who suffer from chronic pelvic pain. Researched changes of the psychological dynamics of patients in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Key words: chronic pelvic pain, psychological state.



Подольський В. В., Штул І. А.

Гормональна забезпеченість менструального циклу у жінок із фоновою патологєію шийки матки мешканок йододефіцитного регіону залежно від ступеня йодної недостатності та стану щитоподібної залози.




Lakhno I. V., Barannik E. A., Tkachov A. E.

The innovative methodology of diosmin effects investigation in perinatal medicine.


It was performed the investigation of the umbilical blood flow and its spectral characteristics in 110 pregnant ladies with gestational term 34-40 weeks and 30 of them had physiological pregnancy. The remaining moderate or severe preeclamptic patients have taken hypotensive drugs and 40 of them Phlebodia was additionally prescribed. The spectral components of maximum blood flow velocity were defined. In case of physiological pregnancy umbilical vein blood flow was provided with proper myogenic contractile activity with the frequency of 7 Hz. It was also depended on the arterial component associated with fetal heart rate in the range of 2 Hz. It was determined that fetal compromise was associated with an increase of the slow-wave maternal origin processes with a frequency of 0.5 Hz in the umbilical venous hemodynamics regulation and depletion of the proper myogenic activity. The application of semisynthetic diosmin drug Phlebodia stimulates the activity of the umbilical muscular layer, interfere with pulsative pattern blood flow formation and improves adaptive mechanisms of maternal origin in pregnant women with preeclampsia.

Key words: preeclampsia, umbilical vein, Doppler, spectral analysis, regulatory mechanisms, Phlebodia.



Boyko V. I., Marintseva L. V.

Preventive maintenance perinatal pathologies at polyhydroamnione.


Results of the spent researches testify that polyhydroamnione is serious complication of pregnancy and sorts both for mother, and for a bornt. Methods of diagnostics now in use chronic polyhydroamnione on it preclinical stages are not always authentic, means of preventive maintenance and treatment of pregnant women with the given pathology in some cases are insufficiently effective. Specification of features patogenesise of polyhydroamnione with use of new technologies, the further working out of methods of diagnostics, preventive maintenance and treatment continue to remain actual as allow to lower frequency obstetrical complications, and also to improve perinatal results.

Key words: polyhydroamnione, perinatal pathology, preventive maintenance.



Корнацька А. Г., Вовк І. Б., Трохимович О. В.

Прегравідарна підготовка пацієнток з ранніми втратами вагітності на тлі герпесвірусної інфекції.


Проведено вивчення ефективності препарату Гевіран (ацикловір) у прегравідарній підготовці 45 жінок з ранніми втратами вагітності в анамнезі на тлі верифікованої герпесвірусної інфекції генітального герпесу (ВПГ-2). Проведення курсу противірусної терапії із застосуванням препарату Гевіран (ацикловір) показало, що у 82,2% пацієнток покращилася якість життя, стійка клінічна ремісія протягом року спостерігалася у 77,8% жінок, що свідчить про високу ефективність проведеного лікування.

Ключові слова: герпесвірусна інфекція, Гевіран (ацикловір).



Подольский В. В., Задорожная Т. Д., Подольский Вл. В.

Гиперплазия эндометрия, возникшая на фоне хронических воспалительных заболеваний половых органов при инфицировании вирусом простого герпеса 2-го типа, как одна из причин нарушения репродуктивного здоровья у женщин фертильного возраста.




Кабаченко О. В., Шкроботько Н. В., Панченко А. Г., Дюкова І. В.

Вплив вірусної інфекції на розвиток і підтримання передракових захворювань шийки матки.




Vdovichenko U., Gopchuk E.

Revmoksykam in treatment of acqute attacks chronic diseases of the pelvic organs.


In the given article of information about the efficiency and safety of domestic untiinflamational drug Revmoksykam (rectal suppositiries, «Farmak») in treatment or chronic diseases of pelvic organs in outpatient conditions. Study confirmed the efficiency and safety of drug admission. A good spectrum of efficiency and portability could made recommendation to apply it in combined therapy.

Key words: inflamatory deseases of pelvic organs, meloxicam, Revmoksykam, treatment.



Protsepko A. A., Adamchuk N. V.

Comparative aspects of collateral action of hormonal rilizing-systems.


Results of the spent researches testify, that frequency and character of collateral reactions as a whole differed on groups and they were specific to each rilizing-system. So, at application vaginal rings strengthening vaginal secretions (14%), dermal plaster – mastalgia and skin reactions in a place of application of a plaster (14%), intrauterine contraceptive – infringements menstrual cycle in a kind between menstrual hemorragia (28%) was observed. The majority of collateral reactions met in adaptation (in the first 3-4 months) applications of hormonal rilizing-systems, at increase in duration of application their number considerably decreased. The received results testify to necessity of carrying out of the further researches in э that direction for an estimation of not contraceptive and medical effects of hormonal rilizing-systems.

Key words: hormonal rilizing-systems, by-effects.



Корнацька А. Г., Даниленко О. Г., Дубенко О. Д.

Терапія супроводу за наявності доброякісних дисгормональних захворювань молочних залоз у жінок з безплідністю.




Chermak I. I.

Barreness at women of late reproductive age: diagnostics and treatment tactics.


Results of the conducted research have shown urgency problems of treatment of barreness at women of late reproductive age. The most part of these women have significant for pregnancy approach a gynecologic pathology – genital endometriosis and leiomyoma of uterus. For the purpose of possibility and reception own genetic a material it is necessary to consider at carrying out of auxiliary reproductive technologies a condition ovarial a reserve. Pregnancy at women of late reproductive age which has come by means of auxiliary reproductive technologies It is necessary to carry to group high risk on development complications, including preterm labor. The developed algorithm has allowed to lower frequency of reproductive losses.

Key words: barreness, late reproductive age, diagnostics, treatment. 



Zadorozhna T., Podolsky V., Echenko O., Archakova T., Kilichevic S., Parnytska O., Davidova Y., Grebinicenko A.

Structural peculiarities of oncomarkers in placental barrier.


We revealed high expression of PCNA, Ki67, p53 in placental “barrier” structures in early stages of gestation, but with its reduction in terms 39-40 weeks. In II group intensive nuclear expression of PCNA and Ki67 was found in cytotrophoblast, stromal ceels and vascular endothelium with reliable of proliferative index. CEA expression was weak in cytotrophoblast in early stages of gestation and was absent in 39-40 weeks. CEA cytoplasmic expression in stromal cells were found in 25% of cases of group. The 2 part of our study included investigation of placenta from women who had papillary carcinoma (incapsulated) T1.NO.Mo, 1 case with invasive growth in thyroid capsula. By macroscopy placenta in the cases had no difference with control group. By histologic investigation and electrone microscopy microcirculation disturbance with hemorrhage and abudance extravillous fibrinoid deposits with nuclear pyknosis and polymorphism, proliferation of extravillous and villous cytotrophoblast were found in 50% of cases.

Key words: placenta, oncomarkers.



Бондаренко А. Н.

Иммунокорригирующая терапия наружного генитального эндометриоза. Методическое пособие для врачей.