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Підсумки проведення річного національного циклу семінарів «Актуальні питання імунопрофілактики та імунотерапії інфекційних захворювань серед населення України» .




Medvedovskaya N. V.

Current sate of health of adolescents in Ukraine.


Summary. The current state of health of adolescent in Ukraine is analyzed, it is given the regional characteristics of indicators of their health (primary incidence, prevalence of disease by major disease classes according to MDC-10) in the dynamics for the period 2005–2009 is analyzed.

Key words: index, health, adolescents, incidence, prevalence of disease.



Черняева Т. В.

Результаты исследования безопасности применения вакцины Пентаксим для детей 18 – 36 месяцев с различным состоянием здоровья.




Moiseeva A.

The concept of elimination measles.


Summary. Measles elimination at the present stage remains urgent public health issue worldwide. Significant impact on the epidemiological process have the means of specific prophylaxis. Only a modern and effective vaccines and high levels of immunization coverage allows to achieve goals.

Key words: measles elimination, vaccine.



Kvashnina L. V., Matvienko I. M.

Strategy of Integrated Management Childhood Illness: how learn to use strategy in practice.


Summаry. Strategy of Integrated Management Childhood Illness (IMCI) was developed by WHO/UNICEF to improve quality of medical care at first level. The big number of countries over the world adopted this strategy to their own particularities. Ukraine began to implement this strategy since August of 2010. The structure of trainings is different from others courses: theoretical and practical parts are equal and each participant must have personal clinical practices within training course.

Key words: Integrated Management Childhood Illness, strategy, symptoms, schemes booklet, clinical instructor.



Poberskaya V. A., Yanchenko T. S., Evseeva S. L., Eryemenko S. A., Kulik G. D., Lomako L. V.

Psychological status of children with oncological diseases at different stages of rehabilitation.


Summary. There are presented the positive dynamics of psychological status of children with oncology diseases in the process of rehabilitation on the sanatorium-resort treatment and in an ambulatory center. Expedience of the family programs of psychological support is well-proven.

Key words: psychological status, oncological diseases, rehabilitation.



Glyadelova N. P., Unich N. K.

Efficiency of Sinupret phytopreparation in the treatment of acute sinusitis in children.


Summary. The article is devoted to the problem of treatment of acute sinusitis. The review of literature data on pharmacological properties of the preparation, and analysis of clinical results of Sinupret for this pathology in children, proving the feasibility of including it in the regimen is presented.

Key words: acute sinusitis, Sinupret, anti-inflammatory, antiedemic, mucoactive treatment of sinusitis.




Abaturov A. E., Gerasimenko O. N., Kryvusha E. A., Petrenko L. L.

The use of cephalosporins for oral administration in pediatric practice.


Summary. In this paper we present an algorithm for empirical choice of cephalosporin antibiotic for oral use in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases in children, depending on the features of their modern etiological structure.

Key words: cephalosporins for oral use, children.



Kokorkin D. N.

Irrigation-osmotic therapy of nasal pathology in children.


Summary. It is studied the efficiency of various schemes of postoperative management of sick children with nose and nasopharynx pathologies, which included elements of the irrigation treatment with the use of isotonic and hypertonic saline (Aqua Maris), nasal steroid and placebo. In general, the use of salt sprays in children with nasal pathology is commensurate by efficiency with nasal topical steroids. Due to the wide choice of intranasal agents of «Aqua Maris» clinician can use in their practice different drugs, taking into account the patient's age and nosology.

Key words: nose and nasopharynx pathologies, irrigation treatment, isotonic and hypertonic saline, intranasal agents, Aqua Maris.



Dr. Rimmele Martina

Комбинированный растительный препарат против воспалительных заболеваний, сопровождающихся болевым синдромом.


Резюме. В случае острого воспалительного процесса пациенты ожидают от медикаментозной терапии быстрого смягчения болевых ощущений и облегчения глотания, а также устранения симптомов воспаления. Результаты исследований препаратов на основе перца лекарственного и гваякового дерева свидетельствуют о непосредственном влиянии экстрактов из указанных растений на выработку медиаторов воспаления на молекулярном уровне.



Korenev N. M., Nosova E. M., Bogmat L. F., Yakovleva I. M., Nikonova V. V.

Some peculiarities of lipid and lipoproteid blood spectrum in adolescents with different forms of arterial hypertension.


Summary. Integrated examination was performed in 60 youths ased 13–17 with primary arterial hypertension, and in 40 age — matching boys with arterial hypertension accompanied by abesity against the background of the hypothalamic syndrome of puberty. It was established that in adolescents with arterial hypertension and excessive body weight there was observed a significant iacidence of dyslipoproteidemias, at that the main factor of their development was body mass index. In the mechanism of dyslipoproteidemias development preponderated aldosterone and melatonin impact.

Keys words: adolescents, primary arterial hypertension, excessive body weight, hypothalamic syndrome of puberty, obesity, blood lipid and lipoproteid spectrum.



Nagorna N. V., Dubova G. V.

Possibility of correcting of mineral imbalances of children living in ecologically unfavorable conditions.


Summary. The estimates of elemental composition of the body of 123 children (63 boys and 60 girls) aged from 14 till 17 years are presented. Revealed that all the children living in ecologically unfavorable conditions, there are pathologic changes in the macro- and microelement composition of the body is, on the one hand, in the presence of toxic (69,1% of children) and potentially toxic (15,5% of children) of the elements and on the other — in deficit of vital elements in 91,1% of surveyed. The drug Tothema is safe and effective in dyselementozes, which gives grounds to recommend it for use in children living in ecologically unfavorable conditions.

Key words: children, the environment, mineral imbalances, Tothema.



Budreyko O. A.

Characteristics of the course type 1 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents.


Summary. In the process of observation of children and adolescents suffering from type 1 diabetes identifies three groups depending on the stability of maintaining the level of compensation of carbohydrate metabolism: a satisfactory compensation with persistent disease (group A) with persistent disease decompensation (group B), with unstable disease compensation and permanent fluctuations in the level of glycated hemoglobin (group C). Clinical and hormonal characteristics of these groups provided and identifies the factors of gravity persistence of decompensation of carbohydrate metabolism in children and adolescents with type І diabetes.

Key words: diabetes mellitus type І, children and adolescents, compensation, and hormonal parameters, the factors of gravity.



Kotlova Yu., Boyarskaya L. M., Pecherskaya E. V.

Features of speed of children's height, born with very low body mass, in postconceptual period of growth.


Summary. The features of children's height, born with very low mass of body are certain, in the post-conceptual period of their growth. Usage of integral index of increasing mass speed of body allows to analyze conformities the laws of physical growth of newborns.

Key words: physical growth, new-born with very low body mass at birth, increasing mass speed of body.



Оkhotnikova Е. N.

Atopic dermatitis in children: probleme questions and ways of their decision.


Summary. The modern state of problem of аtopic dermatitis in children is represented in the article, the open and debatable questions of terminology and classification of аllergodermatosis are lighted up, the results of questioning of 1008 pediatricians of general type (mainly district pediatricians) from the different regions of Ukraine in regard to the questions of diagnostics and treatment of аtopic dermatitis, their correspond to modern international recommendations are represented.

Key words: аtopic dermatitis, terminology, diagnostics, treatment, district pediatricians, children.



Andrukh V. S., Andrukh V. N.

Experience of work of pediatrician in Libya.


Summary. The experience of work of the pediatrician in Libya is shown, which includes the study and implementation of standards in the treatment of children presented in the fundamental guide for pediatrics, «Nelson. Guidelines for pediatricians.» Libya's health care system provides optimal conditions for medical care for each ill citizen of the state. The prestige of pediatrician profession among other medical professions is underlined.

Key words: Libya, health care system, pediatrician.



Popov S. V.

Feeding depending weight fluctuation at newborns with hypoxic — ischemic encephalopathy.


Summary. The purpose of work was studying positive or negative feeding depending weight fluctuation per day at the newborn with hypoxic — ischemic encephalopathy. Mother's milk is more often connected with a positive weight increase during all neonatal period. Artificial mixes do not possess similar action.

Key words: newborns, natural and artificial feeding.



Marushko U. V., Marushko T. V.

The use of Tardyferon in the treatment of iron deficiency in children with digestive tract pathology.


Summary. The literature data concerning iron metabolism in children's body, diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in childhood is generalized; the results of own examination according to the use of «Tardyferon» preparation in pharmacotherapy of iron deficiency anemia in children with digestive tract pathology are presented. Tardyferon — is highly effective and harmless preparation that can be widely used in iron deficiency anemia in school-age children.

Key words: iron deficiency anemia, children of school age, digestive tract pathology, Tardyferon.



Shadrin O. G., Marushko R. V., Brusgina T. S., Misnik V. P., Mukvich O. M., Palkina I. S., Marushko T. L.

Functional food and chronic colitis in infants.


Summary. The article discusses the problems of feeding in infants. The data suggests that nowadays the features of nutriotion do not fully meet the physiological needs of the developing organism of the child, there is deficiency and imbalance of individual micronutrients in the diet, which is a risk factor for development of chronic bowel inflammations, in particular, chronic colitis. It is shown that the use of the functional foods (omega-3 long chain polyunsatutared fatty acids, probiotics) in the treatment of chronic colitis in infants improves lipid profile and status of intestinal microbiota, improves results of treatment of the disease.

Key words: infants, functional nutrition, chronic colitis.



Bezkaravaynyy B. A., Voloshin A. N., Bondarenko G. G., Mytyakina I. Y., Nyezhentseva O. P.

Malabsorption syndrome in children: search of new therapeutic ways.


Summary. The ground of reasonability of «Biosporin» and «Viferon» use for treatment of children with malabsorption syndrome is represented in the article. Obtained clinical and bacteriological results of treatment support the high efficiency of mentioned drug combination. These findings confirm the necessity of differentiated and weighed approach at treatment of children suffering from malabsorption syndrome.

Key words: children, malabsorption syndrome, therapeutic way.



Korneva V. V.

Use of probiotics in the treatment and preventive measures of vegetative dysfunction in children and adolescents.


Summary. The results of domestic and foreign examinations devoted to the possibility of use of BioGaia probiotic for prevention and treatment of vegetative dysfunction in children and adolescents is analyzed.

Key words: vegetative dysfunction in children and adolescents, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal colic, dysbiosis, probiotics, BioGaia.



Bezkaravayniy B., Iakovenko N.

Nonimmune mechanism of pathogenesis of acute diarrhea at children of early age.


Summary. Increased level of nitric oxide takes place in acute period of diarrhea; it is significant higher in group of invasive diarrhea. Inclusion of modern multiprobiotic «Simbiter» to the therapy of acute diarrhea at children of early age makes a positive effect on disease's current, state of homeostasis, local and general immunity of organism.

Key words: acute diarrhea, children of early age, nitric oxide, multyprobiotic.



Glyadelova N. P.

The use of original preparation Isoprinosine (inosinum pranobex) in the treatment of respiratory infections in children.


Summary. Article is dealing with the problem of treatment of acute respiratory infections in children. The literature review concerning the data of pharmacological properties of Isoprinosine is presented. Analysis of clinical results of Isoprinosine in children with acute respiratory infection proves the feasibility of its inclusion as preparation that has a complex antiviral and immunomodulatory effects in the treatment regimen and rehabilitation of patients with acute respiratory disease, especially belonging to the group of sickly and long ill patients.

Key words: acute respiratory infection, sickly children, immunomodulating therapy, Isoprinosine.



Середа Е. В., Катосова Л. К.

Место азитромицина в педиатрической практике.




Okhotnikova E. N., Gladush Yu. I., Ivanova T. P., Usova E. I., Zarudnyaia O. F., Gryshchenko O. N., Onys'ko S. A, Shklyarskaya G. V, Tkachenko Yu. A.

Infectious-dependent acute and chronic bronchial obstruction: efficacy and safety of use of ceftibuten in children.


Summary. The effectiveness and safety of application cephalosporin antibiotic ceftibuten (Ctdax) in treatment of acute and chronic bronchoobstructive diseases in children are demonstrated. The high antibiotic activity of ceftibuten, lack of adverse ivents are allowed to applicate in pediatric practice in children of 6 months of age.

Кey words: сephalosporin antibiotic, сеftibuten (Cedax), children, obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma.



Marushko Yu., Marushko I.

Phytotherapy of cough in children.


Summary. In this article given a data about the mechanisms of cough development in children, its differential diagnostics, approaches to therapy. An important place in therapy of cough is occupied by phytotherapeutic medicines which shown to be of high-efficiency and safety.

Key words: children, phytotherape.



Vysochyna I. L., Abaturov O. E.

Clinical and immunological effectiveness of seasonal preventive measures of ARVI in children aged from 3 to 17 years.


Summary. The data according to the effectiveness of prophylactic course of complex herbal preparation «IMUNIN-NORTON» produced by «American Norton Corporation» (USA) in sickly children aged from 3 to 17 years by reducing of ARVI multiplicity in 1,3 times and duration of acute respiratory episodes on 2.2 days is presented. Clinical and immunological effectiveness of the «IMUNIN-NORTON» preparation due to the presence of immunomodulatory properties (rise of content level of SIgA, concentration of lactoferrin in oropharynx secretion) and by sanitizes effect of drug formula (recovery state of eubiosis of nose and throat mucous).

Key words: sickly children, immunoprophylaxis, local throat and nose mucosal immunity, IMUNIN-NORTON.



Abaturov A. E., Gerasymenko O. N.

Clinical significance of immune responses in development at Helicobacter pylori of infection in children.


Summary. The article presents the flow characteristics and clinical significance of immune response in the development at Helicobacter pylori of infection in children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology. Revealed the relationship between clinical and endoscopic data and the level of anti-CagA-IgA, M, G in children infected with toxigenic strains, associated with CagA«+» strains of Helicobacter pylori.

Key words: Helicobacter pylori, children, chronic gastroduodenal pathology.



Beregniy V., Marushko T., Marushko I.

Characteristic of cardiac lesion in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.


Summary. This article includes literary data and own observations about cardiac lesion in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). We have detected that all children with onset of SLE during physical examination and on chest X-ray, ECG, Holter-ECG, ECHO-CG had signs of cardiovascular system lesion. This determines need of further researches to work out treatment and rehabilitation measures.

Key words: systemic lupus erythematosus, children, cardiac lesion.



Тodurov B. М., Dovgan O. М., Davidko L. V., Vashkeba V. U., Макsuta D. V., Тregub L. S., Shapoval L. А., Shimanko М. V., Demyanchuk V. B.

Scimitar syndrome: successful surgical treatment for patient with craniopharyngeoma and diabetes mellitus.


Summary. Scimitar syndrome is a rare congenital cardiac anomaly defined by an anomalous right pulmonary vein draining the right lung to the inferior vena cava. We described a case report of successful management of the patient with such syndrome and diabetes mellitus after intracranial tumor removal.

Key words: congenital cardiac anomaly, Scimitar syndrome, surgical treatment.



Budnik T. V., Reznikova A. L.

Determiner prognosis value of index selectivity for children with microhaematuria who have kidneys' diseases.


Summary. The article deals with some of the results of the regional study of levels albumenizes and Ig G in urine and reception of the index selectivity at 55 children with microhaematuria who have kidneys' diseases and at 74 practically healthy of children. Рrognosis value of an index selectivity had been provided. Are received laboratory criterions of the early adverse forecast from children with microhaematuria who have kidneys' diseases.

Key words: the forecast, index of selectivity, disease of kidneys, microhaematuria, children.



Сукало A. B., Крохина С. А., Тур Н. И.

Применение препарата Канефрон® Н в комплексной терапии инфекций мочевой системы у детей.




Kirillova L. G.

Experience of use of Neurovitan in infants with pre- and perinatal pathology of the nervous system.


Summary. In the article the data about content of vitamin B1 (thiamine) in breast milk of women of high risk group of perinatal lesions of the nervous system of their children are presented. Conducted studies have shown that balanced by vitamin group B preparation «Neurovitan» normalizes the content of thiamine in breast milk. Lactating women of risk group is recommended to apply Neurovitan by one tablet once a day during one month for thiamine «saturation» of the body of their children. The oral route of administration of thiamine through breast milk is a natural intake of vitamin in the body of young children and protects them from allergenic and stressful factors that may occur during parenteral introduction of vitamins.

Key words: Neurovitan, infants, perinatal pathology of the CNS.



Shооmnaya Т. E.

Description of element composition nature’s resources of Zaporozhia region.


Summary. The comparative analysis of certain concentrations of chemical matters was conducted in atmospheric air by a photometric, electrochemical, atomic-absorption method and x-ray-fluorescent spectrometry analysis of tests of drinking-water, soil, pollens of ruderal herbares, to the home dust from Zaporozhуе and Primorsk. It is exposed, that atmospheric air of industrial Zaporozhуе more muddy, than in Primorsk. But tests of water and soil from Primorsk contain more unsatisfactory descriptions, than from Zaporozhуе, due to contamination of sewages, drainage waters of the irrigatory systems, application of pesticides, agrochemicals, mineral fertilizers. The compounds of atmospheric air are adsorbed on pollen of herbares, and chemical elements of water and soil — on a home dust, changing their allergen properties, that must be taken into account during the leadthrough of prophylactic measures for the children of the Zaporozhуе`s region.

Key words: ecology, chemical elements, atmospheric air, water, soil, pollen, home dust.



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