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стр. 10 EVENTS XVI All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference on Immunology in Pediatrics took place in Kiev in December 12-14, 2017.
стр. 12 Causes and consequences of iodine deficiency in a diet of women and children Mamenko M. Ye., Shvets O. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):12-20; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.12
стр. 21 Analysis of the practicing physicians' awareness about primary immune deficiencies Kinash M., Boyarchuk O., Levandovich-Ushinskaya O., Haliyash N., Sagal I. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):21-25; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.21
стр. 27 Influence of vitamin and mineral support on growth and development of children. Modern ways to correct vitamin deficiencies Berezhniy V. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):27-32
стр. 33 Modern way of vascular access in critical state of children Semkovych Ya. V., Semkovych M. Ya. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):33-39; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.33
стр. 40 Prediction of the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs for premature very low and extremely low birth weight infants Boyarska L. N., Velykanova T. V., Podlyanova O. I., Sergeeva L. N. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):40-44; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.40
стр. 45 Consultation of women on breast feeding in maternity hospital Shadrin O. G., Marushko T. L., Marushko R. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):45-48; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.45
стр. 50 Development of immune response in pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae. Рart 4 Abaturov O. E., Nikulina A. O. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):50-58; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.50
стр. 59 Evaluation of the cardiovascular system status in children with rheumatic diseases by means of the hardware-software complex «Cardio-plus P» Oshlianska O. A., Chaikovskyi I. A., Artsymovych A. H., Dordiienko M. O. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):59-67; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.59
стр. 68 Age features of clinical manifestations of aortic coarctation in children Khapchenkova D. S., Mokrik I. Yu. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):68-73; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.68
стр. 74 Possibilities of combined mukolytic syrup Pektolvan C to increase the antibiotic therapy efficiency in children with acute respiratory infections Okhotnikova E., Ponochevna E. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):74-80; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.74
стр. 82 Contemporary principles of diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia associated with medical care, hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia in children: Review Up To Date 2017 Gonchar' M. O., Logvinova O. L., Senatorova H. S., Muratov H. R. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):82-92; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.82
стр. 93 GOODFOOD Probiotic Complexes as an Effective Approach to Nutrition Care in Early Childhood Berezhnyi V. V., Kozachuk V. H., Anosova L. G., Svystilnyk V. O. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):93-98; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.93
стр. 100 Peculiarities of pneumonia in a child with Cornelia de Langue syndrome (a case report) Gonchar M. A., Muratov G. R., Omelchenko E. V., Galdinа I. M., Dolgareva S. B., Khomovskaya A. A., Kovalenko S. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):100-105; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.100
стр. 106 Atopic dermatitis — tactics of modern therapy Mokiya-Serbina S. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):106-110; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.106
стр. 111 Mitochondrial dysfunction in children with autistic spectrum disorders: review of literature and own data Kyrylova L. H., Miroshnykov O. O., Tkachuk L. I., Yuzva O. O., Silaieva L. Yu., Mihailets L. P., Lenchevskaia L. K. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):111-119; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.111
стр. 120 Pulmonary syndrome in granulomatosis with polyangitis (Wegener granulomatosis) (lecture) Tsymbalista O. L. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):120-124; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.120
стр. 125 Social orientation of pediatrician's training at postgraduate stage Mokiya-Serbina S. O., Chechel V. V., Zabolotnya N. I. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2017.8(88):125-129; doi 10.15574/SP.2017.88.125
стр. 130 British Thoracic Society guidelines for the managemen of community acquired pneumonia in children: update 2011 Michael Harris, Julia Clark, Nicky Coote, Penny Fletcher, Anthony Harnden, Michael McKean, Anne Thomson