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INFORMATIVE MESSAGE стр. 6 Itching caused by chickenpox is no longer a problem: Kuchikoo® Chickenpox relief gel will help
ORIGINAL ARTICLES стр. 8 Ultrasound screening of congenital urinary defects and its prospects in Slovakia Dobrovanov O., Kralinsky K., Kovalchuk V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):8-12; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.8
стр. 13 Measles — controlled infection! Some epidemiological paradigm of measles in Zaporizhzhia region Usachova O. V., Silina Ye. A., Pakholchuk T. N., Konakova O. V., Dralova O. A., Puhir V. P., Firyulina O. M., Zelenukhina E. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):13-18; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.13
стр. 19 Optimizing treatment of virus induced exacerbations of asthma in children using lysates of lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus V Shadrin O. G., Hayduchyk G. A., Sichel L. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):19-25; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.19
стр. 26 The prognostic value of fecal calprotectin in preterm less than 32 weeks Khasanova S. S., Kamilova A. Т. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):26-29; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.26
стр. 30 Gastric motility disorders in children with co-exiting pathology of esophagus and organs of gastroduodenal area Kirianchuk N. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):30-33; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.30
стр. 34 Risk assessment of delayed speech development of children born with very low and extremely low body weight Kozakevych V. K., Kozakevych O. B., Ziuzina L. S. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):34-38; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.34
стр. 39 Impairment of immunity in children of growing age suffering from recurrent respiratory diseases Pochinok T. V., Stamboli L. V., Slipachuk L. V., Zhuravel O. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):39-45; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.39
стр. 46 The efficiency of objective structured clinical examination in the post-graduate preparation of internship doctors specializing in pediatrics Synoverska O. B., Tsymbalista O. L., Semkovych Y. V., Fomenko N. M., Vovk Z. V., Berezna T. G., Semianchuk V. B., Bobrykovych O. S. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):46-48; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.46
REVIEWS стр. 49 Human Virome Yankovsky D. S., Dyment G. S., Berezhnoy V. V., Kitam V. O., Khimich N. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):49-74; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.49
стр. 75 Differential diagnosis of abdominal pain in children Dudnyk V., Mantak H., Andrikevych I., Zvenigorodska G., Odnorohova H. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):75-81; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.75
CLINICAL CASE стр. 82 Nonclassical course of «classical» mutation of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene (clinical case) Bezrukov L. О., Ortemenka Ye. P., Sichkar І. B. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):82-88; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.82
PRACTICAL DOCTOR SCHOOL стр. 89 Acute Respiratory Infections in Children: an Early Start-up Approach to Therapy. Evidence Database (review) Berezhniy V. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):89-100; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.89
стр. 102 Timely correction of vegetative homeostasis disorders is the prevention of hypertension development among the children Kvashnina L. V., Ignatova T. B., Maydan I. S. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):102-110; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.102
стр. 113 Non-hospital pneumonia in children: problems of diagnostics at the out-patient stage Mokiya-Serbina S. A., Zabolotnya N. I., Gordeeva A. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):113-116; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.113
стр. 117 Rationale for the symptomatic therapy of respiratory viral infections in children Kryuchko T. O., Kushnereva T. V., Harshman V. P., Kuzmenko N. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):117-122; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.117
стр. 124 The role of magnesium in humans and the effect of reduced magnesium on the quality of life of children with gastro-esophageal reflux disease Marushko Iu. V., Аsonov А. О., Hyschak T. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):124-130; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.124
стр. 132 The efficacy and safety of Stomatofit A mini spray compared with conventional means for stomatitis treatment in children Terletsky R. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):132-136; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.132
стр. 138 Diagnostics and contemporary approaches of therapy for the progressive muscular dystrophy in children Svystilnyk V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2019.1(97):138-141; doi 10.15574/SP.2019.97.138