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стр. 22 The epidemiological situation of tuberculosis in children in Ukraine and ways to improve TB care to children Belogortseva O. I. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2014.5(61):22-26;DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.22
стр. 27 Mucoactive therapy in treatment of acute respiratory infection in children Solovyova N. A., Kulakova G. A., Kurmaeva E. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2014.5(61):27-34
стр. 35 Early diagnosis of osteopenia in newborns having perinatal asphyxia and risk factors of its growth Hajiyeva A. S., Hasanov S. Sh. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2014.5(61):35-38; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.35
стр. 39 Meta-analysis of clinical studies on the efficacy of flavonoids in viral and viral-bacterial diseases in children Kramarev S. A., Grinevich A. I., Tonkovid O. B., Vygovskaya O. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):39-45; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.39
стр. 46 Calcium and its role of the child's body (literature review) Marushko Y. V., Polkovnichenko L. N., Tarinskaya O. L. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):46-52; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.46
стр. 53 Endothelial function and vasoactive factors in adolescents with arterial hypertension and hyperuricemia Bessonova I. N. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):53-58; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.53
стр. 59 Features pharmacotherapy for newborn and premature babies Ghdanovich O. I., Znamenskaya T. K., Ghdanovich R. I. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):59-62; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.59
стр. 63 The vitamin D provision of the first year infants with a rickets and who are having an obesity Tokarchuk N. I., Pugach M. N. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):63-66; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.66
стр. 67 Osteoporosis - pediatric problem with geriatric consequences Budnik T. V.
стр. 71 The effectiveness of neuroprotective drugs in the treatment of autonomic disorders among school age children after an undergoing out of hospital pneumonia Nyankovskiy S. L., Babyk I. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):71-76; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.71
стр. 77 The rational antibacterial therapy in children with bacterial diseases of respiratory organs in the conditions of antibiotic resistance growing rate Lezhenko G., Pashkova O., Pantyushenko L. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):77-82; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.77PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):77-82
стр. 83 An allergic rhinitis treatment: the way from an evidence to practical medicine. Kryuchko Т. А., Tkachenko О. Y., Vovk Y. A., Lukanin А. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):83-87; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.83PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):83-87
стр. 88 About application of septolete plus spray in children during the acute pharyngitis associated with the cold and arvi and with acute pharyngitis associated with exacerbation of chronic adenoiditis Kosakovsky A. L., Shatets V. A., Bits V. P. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):88-91; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.88PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):88-91
стр. 92 Acute viral nasopharyngitis: features of the pathogenesis, clinical course and treatment in modern conditions Popovich V. I., Koshel I. V. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):92-96
стр. 97 The complex approach to the violations correcting of the somatic sexual development among children and adolescents with diffuse nontoxic goiter Turchina S. I. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):97-102; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.97PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):97-102
стр. 103 Clinical observation of the newborn with congenital hypothyroidism Klymenko V. A., Sirenko T. V., Plakhotnaya O. N., Perkhun M. I., Grebenik I. V., Khalturina T. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):103-105; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.103PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):103-105
стр. 106 The use of beta-glucan as an immunomodulatory therapy in frequently and chronically ill patients Himich Т. Y. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):106-110; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.106PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):106-110
стр. 111 The unified clinical protocol of the medical care for children with functional gastrointestinal disorders SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):111-118
стр. 119 Helicobacter pylori among children: modern approaches to the diagnosis and ways to optimize the therapy Shadrin O. G., Zaytceva N. E., Garicheva T. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):119-127; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.119PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):119-127
стр. 128 The top features of chronic constipation among children and possible ways to resolve them Korneva V. V., Kozachuk V. G., Boyarskaya E. A., Kapychyna M. A., Taranenko T. V., Makovskaya SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):128-134; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.128PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):128-134
стр. 135 Experience using ursodeoxycholic acid in children with disorders of the colloidal composition of bile Marushko Yu. V., Todyka Yu. I. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):135-139; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.135PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):135-139
стр. 140 The clinical and morphological characteristics of hepatic haemangiomatosis at Kasabach–Merritt's syndrome at the newborn with congenital heart defect Abdullin R. F., Kondratenko E. G., Lepihov P. A., Turpakova G. N. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):140-144; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.140
стр. 145 The therapy possibilities of the functional gastrointestinal disorders among infants Marushko Y. V., Shef G. G., Shef S. O. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):145-148; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.145PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):145-148
стр. 149 Clinical and biochemical features of the liver disease among children with Epstein-Barr virus infection Vygovskaya O. V., Shadrin V. O., Kramarev S. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):149-152; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.149
стр. 153 A congenital spinal amyotrophy in the case with a child Dudnyk V. M., Storozhuk I. V., Shalamay M. A. SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):153-154; DOI 10.15574/SP.2014.61.153
стр. 155 Materials scientific and practical conference with international participation «Imunolog questions in pediatrics»
стр. 175 Antibiotics: no child remedy