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Вниманию врачей.




«Главные аспекты иммунизации, профилактики и лечения инфекционных заболеваний в Украине»: национальный цикл семинаров для практикующих педиатров.




Конференція «За здорове майбутнє наших дітей — дитяча імунізація» (4 березня 2011 р., м. Будапешт).




Резолюція науково-практичного симпозіуму «Проблемні питання лікування дітей та підлітків» (3–4 березня 2011 року, м. Київ).




Резолюція Всеукраїнської конференції «Нові можливості захисту дітей від ротавірусної інфекції».




Новые возможности детской вакцинопрофилактики Компания ГлаксоСмитКляйн представила в Украине новую вакцину от ротавирусной инфекции Ротарикстм.




MacLean William, Ml.

Nucleotides: effect on baby's immune system.


Summary. It is shown the role of nucleotides in the development of the child's immune system and also the history of this question.

Key words: immune system, children, breast feeding, bottle-feeding, nucleotides, milk formula.



Bogomilsky M. R., Garashchenko T. I., Babakina L. A.

Report about clinical examination of elimination therapy (Aqua Maris preparation) in the complex treatment of allergic rhinitis in children.


Summary. The aim of examination was to demonstrate the feasibility of elimination of Aqua Maris preparation (Jadran, Croatia), acting directly on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, in the complex treatment of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis (SAR and PAR). Efficacy of elimination therapy in children with allergic rhinitis was expressed not only in significant improvement of the dynamics symptoms of SAR and PAR, but in significant reduction in the consumption of drugs for the treatment of AR, such as a nasal vasoconstrictor drops, systemic antihistamines, topical cromones and corticosteroids. Patients with PAR who have got Aqua Maris preparation, significantly decreased the number of side effects against corticosteroids receiving.

Key words: seasonal allergic rhinitis, perennial allergic rhinitis, elimination therapy, mucous membrane of upper respiratory tract, Aqua Maris.



Shamsiev F. M., Mirsalihova N. H., Alimova K. I., Tadzhihanova D. P.

State of the immune status and effectiveness of Proteflazid in the complex therapy of children with bronchopulmonary pathology associated with TORCH-infection.


Summary. The aim of the work was to evaluate the immune status of children with bronchopulmonary diseases associated with TORCH-infection, in the dynamics of treatment by Proteflazid. Comparative analysis of the basic parameters of the immune system has shown that the inclusion of Proteflazid by the new scheme in the complex treatment contributes to a more rapid improvement of clinical and immunological dynamics resolving the impaired immunity.

Key words: immune system associated with TORCH-infection, bronchopulmonary pathology immunocorrector, Proteflazid.



Дронов И. А.

Значение азитромицина при инфекциях дыхательных путей и ЛОР-органов у детей в амбулаторных условиях (обзор литературы).


Резюме. В современных условиях более чем в 80% случаев показаниями для назначения антибиотиков в педиатрической практике являются инфекции дыхательных путей и ЛОР-органов. При этом в большинстве случаев антибактериальная терапия проводится в амбулаторных условиях. К антибиотикам, применяемым у детей в амбулаторних условиях, предъявляется ряд важных требований, обеспечивающих успешное лечение.



Buryak V. N., Poshehonova J. V., Shaban N. I.

Reference tactics' optimization of children with chronic tonsillitis.


Summary. As a result of conducted examination is highly efficient use of a drug Lizak in suctioning against pathogenic bacterial microflora and the reestablishment of local immunological barriers of mucous membrane of the tonsils and the back wall of the pharynx in children suffering from chronic tonsillitis was determined.

Key words: chronic tonsillitis, children, tactics of reference Lizak.



Krivopustov S. P.

Sinupret in the pediatric practice: from the perspective of evidence medicine.


Summary. The data of efficacy and safety of phytopreparation «Sinupret» during the uncomplicated acute viral sinusitis, rhinosinusitis of various etiologies, both as monotherapy apyous diseases of the paranasal sinuses so in the combined treatment (including antibiotic treatment), of purulent sinusitis in children aged two years is presented. The high safety profile, easy usage, the possibility of optimal choice of one of the four dosage forms and more scientific evidence base allow view Sinupret as perspective preparation of widespread use in the practice of family medicine and pediatrics.

Key words: rhinosinusitis, phytotherapy, children, Sinupret.



Kvashnina L. V., Kuzyuk L. G., Makovkina J. A.

The function of external breathing in healthy children of different age groups in view of sex, physical development and somatotypological features of organism.


Summary. The article is devoted to study of respiratory function in healthy school-age children. The analysis parameters of spirography including age, sex, physical development and somatotype.

Key words: children, external respiration function, somatothype, physical development.



Silina E., Usachova H., Pakholchuk T., Matveeva T., Rodko А., Gynzburg R., Pakholchuk O.

Nowadays clinical therapeutical aspects сampуlobakters in childrens.


Summary. There are the features of the bacteriological diagnostics, clinical symptoms and etiologic therapy of the campylobacter infection in children of different age discussed in the article.

Key words: acute intestine infections, Сampуlobakter, children, diagnostic, clinic, treatment.



Ysachova E. V.

Comparative clinico-immunological characteristic of seronegative and seropositive to herpes viruses children in early age.


Summary. On the base of analysis of the clinical and laboratory dates in 37 children in the age to 3 years in was been shown that seropositive to cytomegalovirus and to herpes viruses of the 1, 2 types ones have different level of the suprarenal glands cortex's hormones and have some specifics in functioning of the cellar part of immunity, that have an influence to course of the life's early period.

Key words: herpes viruses of the 1, 2 types, cytomegalovirus, seropositive, newborns, children in early age, clinical picture, cellar part of immunity.



Shveikina V. B.

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in early diagnosis of ischemic and hemorrhagic encephalopathy in preterm infants.


Summаry. As a result of complex clinical instrumental as a result of complex clinical, instrumental, ELISA studies the changes in the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in preterm infants are examined, depending on the functional and structural changes in ischemic and hemorrhagic nature (swelling of the brain, periventricular leukomalacia, intraventricular haemorrhage) and without them, with hypoxic-ischemic brain damage. The correlation between the anthropometric data, Apgar score and performance level of BDNF are marked. The degree of their strength is determined depending on the quantitative level of BDNF by changing the values of these indicators.

Key words: brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF), hypoxico-ischemic CNS involvement, periventricular leukomolacia, intraventricular hemorrhages, prematurely born children.



Traverse G. V., Tsvireko S. M., Ponomarenko L. M.

Correction of negative iodin balance at premature newborn in neonatal period by setting their mothers of iodine therapy.


Summary. It is shown that mothers who gave birth to premature LBW children, twice as likely to occur thyroid pathology on ultrasound. In umbilical cord blood of their children significantly reduced the level of thyroid hormones, that iodine deficiency of the mother may affect the adaptation of the newborn. It is shown that the enrichment of the diet of breastfeeding mothers, premature birth weight babies, iodine therapy significantly increases the daily amount of milk and the duration of breast-feeding a child in the first year of life.

Key words: premature newborn, small bodyweight, iodine deficiency, breast-feeding a child.



Yablon O. S., Vlasenko D. Y.

Clinical and metabolic features of postnatal adaptation of extremely low birth weight infants: survival projection.


Summary. Study of features of postnatal adaptation of 73 preterm infants with birth weight less than 1000 g and gestational age less than 30 weeks provides an opportunity to identify factors that may be prognostic markers for adverse outcomes (neonatal death). These factors include dysmetabolic violations in the form of severe hypoproteinemia, early hyperglycemia and glucose instability, as well as severe thrombocytopenia and Candida contamination.

Key words: extremely low birth weight infants, postnatal adaptation, survival, mortality, metabolic disorders.



Shun'ko E. E., Dzyublik I. V., Omelchenko L. V., Soloviev S. A.

Group a rotavirus and adenovirus in newborns with perinatal diseases: clinical and virological supervision.


Summary: The work focuses on the results of virological examining the newly-born children and small babies, who were treated in departments of regional children hospital in Chernigov. 107 samples of feces were examined. Rotaviruses antigens were detected in 18 cases (18, 8%) and adenoviruses antigens were detected in 33 cases (30, 8%). The state of health babies mothers, their gynecological, obstetrical anamnesis, complications, which had place during pregnancy and labor process have been analysed. The risk factors of the viral contamination have been detected, special peculiarities of severe diseases in newborn children, have been considered and analysed, the observation for the state of health child in first and second year's life has been realized.

Key words: rotavirus infection, adenovirus infection, virological investigation, newborn children, risk factors.



Pokhylko V. I., Tsvireko S. M., Traverse M. О.

Features of development and state of health are in early age of children were borning with small bodyweight.


Summary. An analysis is conducted physical and nervously psychical development 150 children which gave birth with mass a less than 2500 g. Found out high-frequency of perinatal'noy pathology of CNS, system of breathing, hyperbilirubinemias. Mass of body in age 1 year is within the limits of a 6300 — 11500 g, growth is 60–76 sm. Neurological disorders, sensory violations, are considerably widespread in early age. The most widespread pathology is anaemia, allergy, high index of infectious morbidity.

Key words: newborn, small bodyweight, physical development, morbidity.



Belykh N. A.

Iodine status assessment in pregnant women and newborns in Lugansk region by data of neonatal screening.


Summary. The article deals with the data of interrogation of pregnant women and regional results of TSH-screening in newborns in 2009. It was proved that iodine deficiency in intake and absence of individual iodine prevention lead to hypothalamic-thyroid dysfunction in pregnant and high rate of neonatal hyperthyrotropinemia in newborns. The conclusion the iodine supplementation necessity in risk groups (pregnant, children and nursing women) was made.

Key words: iodine deficiency; neonatal hyperthyrotropinemia; hypothalamicthyroid system; children.



Marushko Yu. V., Gischak T. V.

Application of preparation of Vibrocil at a rhinallergosis for children.


Summary. Substantive provisions about prevalence, mechanisms of development, classification, clinical picture, treatment and prophylaxis of rhinallergosis for children are presented іn the article. The vibrocil's efficiency are brought at the different forms of rhinallergosis.

Key words: rhinallergosis, children, Vibrocil.



Volosovets A. P., Abaturov A. E., Beshch T. A., Boyarskaya L. N., Kaladze N. N., Krivopustov S. P., Kryuchko T. A., Senatorova A. S., Yulish E. I.

Results of milticenter study of «Cef-Prosto» (cefpodoxim proxetil in the initial therapy of community-acquired pneumonia in children) in Ukraine.


Summary. The results of a prospective multicenter opened study of the effectiveness and tolerability of the cephalosporin antibiotic ІII generation for oral use of cefpodoxim proxetil (Cefodox) in children with non-severe community-acquired pneumonia («Cef-Prosto»), conducted in 2009–2010 yr. In Ukraine on the basis of eight clinical centers (Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Lviv, and Simferopol) with the participation of 225 patients aged 5 months to 18 years are shown. The high efficiency and high safety profile of the drug is marked.

Key words: prospective, multicenter opened study, community-acquired pneumonia, antibiotic therapy, Cefodox.



Boikova N. E., Tarasova G. D.

Mucolytic treatment during the upper respiratory tract diseases in smoking teens.


Summary. The results of studies of therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of Fluditec preparation in the treatment of patients with inflammatory pathology of upper respiratory tract are shown. It is shown that this preparation is efficiently used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of ENT organs in smokers. It is proofed the sufficient security of its use.

Key words: upper respiratory tract, smoking, teens, mucolytic therapy, Fluditec preparation.



Kryuchko T. A., Tkachenko V. I., Brovar I. M., Kishkan' T. P., Mikhailenko V. N., Litvinenko T. V., Tarasenko V. I., Kuzub L. I., Anishchenko Yu. B., Yakovenko N. N., Motienko A. L., Glushko O. N., Varinskaya E. P.

Adequate antibiotic therapy of respiratory diseases in children at ambulatory stage.


Summary. The structure of respiratory morbidity in children requiring antibiotic therapy, and efficacy of "Lexin" preparation in outpatient pediatric practice is studied. It is shown the efficiency and safety of Lexin in children with this pathology.

Key words: structure of the respiratory disease, antibiotic therapy, Lexin.



Bezrukov L. O., Koloskovа О. К., Garas M. N.

Detection of severe persistent bronchial asthma in school age children with using indeces of airway inflammation activity.


Summary. On the basis of an evaluation evaluation indices of bronchial inflammation in exhaled breath condensate of 122 schoolchildren with bronchial asthma, has been demonstrated significantly higher content of nitrogen monoxide metabolite content and aldehyde and 2,4-keton derivatives of dynitrophenilhidrazons in schoolchildren with severe persistent disease. It has been determined the diagnostic value of these parameters in the verification of severe persistent asthma relatively moderate version of the pathology.

Key words: children, bronchial asthma, the severity of the disease, bronchial inflammation, exhaled breath condensate.



Abaturov A. E., Zavgorodnyaia N. Yu., Kirakozova I. V.

Сlinical sense of beta-defensins in the development of chronic HP-associated gastritis in children.


Summary. The article is devoted to studying of the state of local mucosal defense at chronic gastritis for children. The results of the research of clinical consideration of beta-defensin-2 determination in gastric juice of children suffer from chronic gastritis are presented.

Key words: chronic gastritis, HP-infection, defensins, children.



Bodnar A. B.

Мorphfunctional features of a current of diseases gastroduodenal areas at children.


Summаry. Is spent clinical inspection of 637 children with gastroduodenal a pathology. Are studied morphfunctional features of a current of diseases gastroduodenal areas at children of various age groups.

Key words: children, gastroduodenum a pathology, features.



Bobrova V. I.

Features figures of the cell recovery figures at different levels of gastric secretion in children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology.


Summary. The article reflects the main histological and immunohistochemical features of formation and course of chronic gastroduodenal pathology in children depending on the level of gastric secretion. It was found that in the majority of the examined children the duration of the chronic gastroduodenal pathology was on the background of normal acid stomach function. The dependence of the functional state of acid and acid-neutralizing glands on the level of basal secretion of stomach allowed us to determine the features of the formation hyperacidity syndrome in childhood. Immunohistochemical study conducted by the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine duodenum determined the structural features disregeneration mucosa of the gastroduodenal zone. The records obtained provide an opportunity to follow to the destination of antisecretory drugs from different points.

Key words: children, chronic gastroduodenal pathology, gastric secretion, immunohistochemical study.



Gorbatiuk O. M.

Features of nutrition in children with short bowel syndrome.


Summary. Short bowel syndrome (SBS) refers to the condition of nutritional malabsorbtion because of anatomical or|and functional loss of a significant length of the small intestine. Patients with SBS need long-term parenteral nutrition support until intestinal adaptation occurs. Therefore, children need long-term regular monitoring to prevent various complications.

Key words: short bowel syndrome, children, intestinal adaptation, treatment, nutrition support.



Nadraga O. B., Litvin G. O., Potsiluyko N. M.

The efficacy of use of «Atoxil» sorbent in the complex treatment of rotavirus gastroeteritis in infants.


Summary. The etiological role of rotavirus in the morbidity of children's population by acute intestinal infections and the possibility of enterosorbtion in the treatment of this disease is shown. According to the results of study, it is established the dependence of disease on the age of the child (severity of rotavirus gastroenteritis was observed among children aged 24–36 months). Enterosorbent Atoxil has proved itself as an effective and safe medication at acute gastroenteritis rotavirus genesis in young children. From the first days of treatment with the use of Atoxil the best dynamics of the main symptoms of disease is observed — the normalization of body temperature, reducing the multiplicity of defecation, vomiting relief, improves the general condition of children, returned to normal appetite. The good organoleptic properties of the drug are also marked.

Key words: acute intestinal infection, rotavirus gastroenteritis, young children, enterosorption, Atoxil.



Nezgoda I. I., Onofriychuk O. S.

Experience of use of milk formula «NAN Fermented 1 and 2» in the treatment of acute intestinal infections in children.


Summary. The clinical and laboratory efficacy of use of «NAN fermented 1 and 2» milk formula in the complex treatment of infants suffering from OII is studied. The use of «NAN fermented» milk formula improves the functional state of the digestive tract, facilitating the rapid elimination of intoxication symptoms, the phenomena of flatulence, diarrhea and dyspeptic syndromes, normalization of the quantitative and qualitative state of the intestinal microbiocenosis and also renovation of microorganism from pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. The results of study allow recommending diet therapy by «NAN fermented 1 and 2» milk formula in infants suffering from OII.

Key words: acute intestinal infection, children of the first year of life, diet, NAN fermented.



Pavlenko N. V.

Esophageal infringements at children and teenagers with duodenal ulcer (the syndrome of mutual burdening).


Summary. The article presents modern views and disputable questions of duodenal ulcer disease with esophagus involve into a pathologic process at children and teenagers. Own supervisions of combined pathologies depending on Helicobacter pylori infection are analysed and possible variants of formation gastroesophageal reflux diseases at children and teenagers with duodenal ulcer are defined.

Key words: duodenal ulcer, Helicobacter infection, gastroesophageal reflux disease, children and teenagers.



Berezhnyi V. V., Marushko T. V.

Modern view on rheumatoid arthritis diagnostics and management.


Summary. It is necessary to adopt modern standards of rheumatoid arthritis diagnostics and management for optimization of treatment of patients with this disease. Treatment regimen, antirheumatic disease-modifying drugs and biologic drugs prescription must be under control of pediatric cardiorheumatologist, which has enough knowledge and experience for it. Therapy is long-term, and its purposes are systematic disease activity control and therapy response assessment.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diagnostics, treatment.



Senatorova G. S., Sanina I. O., Vergelis N. V.

Myocardial repolarization chenges in children:the border of normal and pathology.


Summary. At the article the analysis of modern problem of violation myocardial repolarization in children was performed. The 34 children with complaints on cardiac pains have been observed. 76,4% children had pathology of repolarisation on ECG. The clinical significance of end-ventricular complex in diagnosis of myocardial pathology was shown.

Key words: children, cardiac pain, repolarisation.



Ivanov D. D., Ivanova T. P.

Hypertension in children. Cardiorenal syndrome.


Summary. The modern approach in pediatric hypertension is presented, followed by its diagnostics and treatment by Ukrainian association of cardiologists (2008) and European Society of Hypertension (2009). It is marked on large part of secondary hypertension, renal particularly. Modern classification of cardiorenal syndrome is given.

Key words: hypertension in children and teenagers, diagnostics, treatment, renal hypertension, cardiorenal syndrome.



Berezhnyoi V. V., Marushko T. V., Kurylo L. V., Glyadelova N. P., Korneva V. V., Kozachuk V. G.

Secondary arterial hypertension in children (working classification, diagnostics).


Summary. The classification of secondary arterial hypertension in children and adolescents is presented it is show the trends of diagnosis of this condition. The brief description of pathological conditions associated with secondary hypertension is given.

Key words: secondary arterial hypertension, children and adolescents, working classification, diagnosis.



Boyarchuk O. R.

Pathogenetical substantiation of using magnesium in сhildren with rheumatic heart disease.


Summary. Levels of nitric oxide metabolities (nitrite, nitrate) were measured in 37 children aged 13 to 17 years with rheumatic heart disease. The increase of the mean content nitric oxide metabolities: nitrite and summary number of nitrite and nitrate was determined in children with rheumatic heart disease and it might serve as a compensatory mechanism. However, in 32,4% patients the reduction of nitrite in plasma and in 27,0% children the decrease of summary number of nitrite and nitrate were investigated, that point on the defect of nitric oxide system. Positive influence of magnesium medicine usage on nitric oxide system was shown that may prevent progression of disease and hard complications.

Key words: chronic rheumatic heart disease, nitric oxide metabolities, magnesium, children.



Doronin A. V.

Suppraventricular tachycardia in children.


Summary. Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is the most common arrhythmia in children. This arrhythmia may cause hemodynamic abnormalities associated with the risk to health and even life. SVT in children is different compared to adults. Knowledge of the mechanisms of tachycardia features of diagnostic and treatment methods are needful to provide adequate care to such patients.

Key words: supraventricular tachycardia, children, diagnosis, treatment, catheter destruction.



Pavlyshyn G. A., Kovalchuk T. A.

Position of indices DAS, DAS28, SDAI, CDAI in assessment of activity of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Summаry. The article provides a comparative assessment of using classification levels of activity of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and indices DAS, DAS28, SDAI, CDAI. The features of disease are described at the present stage in view of the classification criteria of process activity. Expediency of using indices DAS, DAS28, SDAI, CDAI to assess disease activity in children proves by carrying out correlation analysis.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, activity of process, indices DAS, DAS28, SDAI, CDAI, children.



Romanyshyn Y., Kostyuchenko L., Vygovskaia L. S.

Х-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome.


Summary. X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome (Duncan syndrome) is a rare genetically primary immunodeficiency, typically characterized by occurrence of fatal EBV-induced mononucleosis and severe changes in immunologic studies. This article contains reference list and clinical case of the patient with XLP, who presented typical clinical picture and changes in immunologic studies. Mutation of SAP-gene did not revealed.

Key words: X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome, Duncan syndrome, EBV, SLAM-associated protein, XIAP, hemopoetic stem cell transplantation.



Tsodikova O. A., Efimenko T. P., Sorokolat Yu. V., Golubova M. A., Bitcheva S. V., Bryntsova S. S., Lapina I. G., Zolotaryova S. G.

Immunization shool — a new approash to organization off cyctemic work with parents in problems of vaccination.


Summary. The organization problems of prophylactic up-to-date immunization are discussing. The necessity to have corresponding training of medical professions for immunization is substantiated. Effective form of organization of systematic work with parent about prophylactic of infectious diseases in children is shown by the example of Kharkiv region.

Key words: children, vaccination, infectious diseases.



Buryak V. N., Poshehonova J. V., Shaban N. I., Dudko M. V., Skachkova L. P., Bessarab P. A.

Experience of pathogenic therapy optimization of atopic dermatitis in childhood.


Summary. The article deals with the results of safety and effectiveness investigation about Edem has influence on leading clinical and pathogenic features of atopic dermatitis in childhood. The analysis investigative data has allowed to prove evidence of considerable antihistamine effect of Edem caused H1-receptors blockade and histamine secretion lowering from fat cells resulted from stabilization of its membrane. Establishing circumstances let us the possibility to recommend Edem in shape of high effective and safety drug for treatment of different pathogenic variants of atopic dermatitis in children.

Key words: atopic dermatitis, childhood, treatment, Edem.



Borysova T. P., Gerasymenko O. N.

Administration Canephron® N in children with hematuric variant of chronic glomerulonephritis.


Summary. The comparative analysis of efficiency of treatment with Canephron® N (24 children) and standard treatment of children with hematuric variant of chronic glomerulonephritis (21 patients) is lead. All children were surveyed before treatment and in three months of therapy. It is shown, that administration of Canephron® N leads to significant decrease of erythrocyturia, to depression of frequency of a hyperuricosuria, a hyperoxaluria, a hypercalcuria and bacteriuria. Authentic depression of b2-microglobulin in urine is established and it testifies the decrease of tubular functional disturbances. Preparation Canephron® N did not influence on a level of a proteinuria, b2-microglobulin level in blood serum and so, on glomerular changes in children with hematuric variant of chronic glomerulonephritis.

Key words: chronic glomerulonephritis, hematuria, treatment, Canephron® N.



Parkhomenko L. K., Strashok L. A., Ieshchenko A. V.

Medical аspects of professional orientation of adolescents in Ukraine.


Summary. The article describes the medical aspects of professional orientation of adolescents in Ukraine and ways of improving it at this point.

Key words: professional orientation, adolescents, doctor's professional advice.



Sorokolat Yu. V., Golubova M. A., Bychova S. V., Parkhomenko L. A., Strashok L. A., Lazourenko T. A.

«Clinic, friendly for youth» — an effective method of health way development among teenagers.


Summary. It is shown the experience of development and activities of the «Clinics, friendly for youth» in Kharkiv city.

Key words: complex psycho-social- medical care, children, adolescents, Clinic, friendly for youth.



Bodak V. M.

Legal aspects of children provision by medical products.


Summary. Health care services and their quality, means of curing diseases and restoring the health of children as a matter of legal control include the priority areas of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to European Union legislation. However, the regulatory framework regarding provision of children by pediatric medicines need to be improved, particularly with respect to the requirements of the pharmaceutical development of medicines for children, conduct of clinical trials in different age groups, the registration of pediatric drugs, postregistrational oversee according to the use of drugs for children.

Key words: incidence, children, medical care, drugs, legal regulation.



Юрию Кононовичу Больботу — 60.




К юбилею нашего учителя — профессора Станислава Константинович Евтушенко .




Приходько Валентине Семеновне — 85.




Зубаренко Олександру Всеволодовичу — 60 .




О.М. Ціборовський «На варті здоров'я: Історія становлення соціальної медицини і охорони громадського здоров'я в Україні».