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Звернення президента України.




Резолюція Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції «Перший національний день вакцинації».




Інформаційне повідомлення про конференцію «Проблемні питання лікування дітей та підлітків».




Пост-релиз компании «Бионорика».




Валентині Дмитрівні Отт — 85.




Berezhyi V. V., Marushko T. V., Romankevych I. V.

State of cardiorheumatological administration to children of Ukraine (based on materials of Cardiorheumatological Service in 2009).


Summary. The work of children's Cardiorheumatological Service of Ukraine in 2009 by the main aspects is analyzed. According to the results of service the one of the priority direction were admitted earlier diagnosis and improved of medical and preventive care to children with cardiovascular pathology and rheumatologic diseases.

Key words: Cardiorheumatological Service, child population, incidence, prevalence, cardiovascular disease, rheumatologic diseases.



Ivanova T. P.

Practical implementation of the administrative model of modical care quality.


Summary. The changes of quality indexes in medicare are studied in Paediatric National Hospital «OCHMATDET» during four years. The administrative model of estimation of medicare quality was used. On a background the positive tendencies of indexes of work of multi-field permanent establishment indicators which had a negative trend are educed. Application of evidential medicine allowed setting the hidden tendencies which objectively characterize the dynamics of improvement of grant of medicare in «OCHMATDET». The analysis of work of multi-field hospital allowed doing organizational conclusions for the improvement of quality medical care.

Key words: administrative model, quality of medicare, multi-field hospital, grant of medicare to the children, statistical indexes.



Lejnev I. A., Kotova N. V., Starets E. A.

Integrated management of childhood illness complementary course on HIV/AIDS — a strategy of primary care to the HIV-infected children (lecture).


Summary. The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) is a guide for first-level health workers on assessment, management and follow up of common childhood illnesses. The IMCI complementary course on HIV/AIDS for low HIV settings addresses the same problems, including identification and management of HIV-infection and HIV-related conditions such as skin and mouth conditions. It has guidelines on HIV-exposed and HIV-infected infants and children on infant feeding, immunization, cotrimoxazole prophylaxis, Vitamin A. It provides general information on antiretroviral drugs for children, adherence to these drugs, side effects of these drugs and how to manage them.

Key words: HIV-infection, children, childhood illness, primary care.



Abaturov A. E., Vysochyna I. L.

The features of asthenic syndrome and symptoms of anxiety in children of school age and opportunities for correction of emotional changes.


Summary. Application for six weeks combined preparation TRYPSIDAN (produced American Norton Corporation, USA), which has a complex action, school-age children, rekonvalesentov respiratory manifestations of asthenic syndrome and high anxiety contributes to their adaptation by leveling most of the manifestations of asthenic syndrome, improve the performance of emotional well-being and normalization of the status.

Key words: children asthenic syndrome, a high level of anxiety, psychophysiological examination, TRYPSIDAN.



Kosenko I. M.

Vitamin-mineral correction in children: the pros and cons arguments?


Summary. The role of micronutrients for development and health of children examines. The main cause of deficiency of vitamins and minerals are shown. It is shown the necessity for prevention of micronutrient deficiency with vitamin-mineral complexes. The main criteria for selection of such drugs are underlined.

Key words: children, vitamins, minerals, vitamin deficiencies, vitamin-mineral complexes.



Ovcharenko L. S., Vertegel A. A., Shamray I. V., Andrienko T. G., Red'ko I. I., Zhikhareva N. V., Samokhin I. V.

Effective treatment of infectious and allergic rhinosinusitis in children.


Summary. The comparative study of clinical efficacy of «Aqua Maris Strong» and 0,025% and 0,05% naphazoline solution in children with acute infectious and allergic rhinosinusitis is conducted. The results showed that «Aqua Maris Strong» is an effective agent of therapy for acute rhinosinusitis infectious in children, which allows to significantly speed up recovery, and in patients with allergic rhinitis reduce the swelling of tissues of nasopharynx, jugulate symptoms associated with impaired patency of nasal passages and prevent further development of allergic process. Using «Aqua Maris Strong» in children, beginning from one year of age, showed good tolerability and high-security, reduces the necessity in vasoconstrictor agents and reduce the incidence of adverse effects from their use.

Key words: children, rhinosinusitis, nasal irrigation, Aqua Maris Strong.



Fistal' Ye. Ya, Soloshenko V. V.

Our experience of use of creams containing silver sulfanilamide in the treatment of burns in children.


Summary. The results of application of «Argosulphan» cream for the treatment of burns in children. This cream has certain advantages over other silver-containing creams, thanks to ability to maintain a moist environment in the wound, while not delaying the exudate, and also to cope successfully with wound infection. The use of «Argosulphan»cream is the most rational way for burns I-II degree in the first hours after injury and up to recovery in the absence of severe exudation. «Argosulphan» cream fits well at use with biological dressings, in particular, the lyophilized xenoskin.

Key words: burns, children, «Argosulphan» cream.



Карпов О. И.

Короткие курсы антибиотиков в лечении осложненных респираторных инфекций у детей




Bahmani I. V.

Early diagnosis of mucopolysacharidosis prevents infant mortality and disability.


Summary. The authors present the data available in the literature and their own long-term follow-ups of 3 children with I types of mucopolysaccharidosis. In 3 patients, the diagnosis was verified by molecular genetic studie. The efficiency of social adaptation and carrier-guidance in the patients is shown to depend on the correct tacties of a follow-up and on the timely medicogenetic counseling of families.

Key words: children, мuсоpolysaccharidosis, diagnosis, clinical picture, social adaptation, prophylaxis.



Aryayev N., Starikova A., Pivak O.

Evaluation of clinical efficacy of the preparation «Bioaron C» in outpatient treatment and prevention of recurrent respiratory tract infections in children.


Summary. There were analyzed the results of one-center open study, whose goal was to study the safety and efficacy of the preparation «Bioaron C» in the treatment of recurrent respiratory tract infections in children. The findings suggest that the safe use of medications that have a positive impact on the course of respiratory disease, frequency of relapses, duration of remission.

Key words: children, respiratory pathology, Bioaron C, therapy, prevention.



Bagdasarova I. V., Lavrenchuk O. V., Myhal L. A., Kundin V. U.

Modern aspects of diagnostics and prognosis of clinical course in urinary tract infections in children.


Summary. In these publication discusses some novel biomarkers to diagnose and as predictors of prognosis UTI in children. There was defined the plausible dependence of changes in activity of n-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase, its thermostable isoenzyme in urine on the degree of activity of pyelonephritis in children and assessment of efficacy in treatment. It was improved, that increasing levels of beta-2-microglobulin in serum and urine, and microalbuminuria are the detection in predicting renal insufficiency.

Key words: children, pyelonephritis, urine enzymes, beta-2-microglobbulin, microalbuminuria, predictors of progression.



Hnateyko O. Z., Lychkovska O. L., Kulachkovska I. Ju., Semen V. D.

Helicobacter pylori associated infection and functional dyspepsia in children — problems and possible solutions.


Summary. Present study was aimed with analyzing of effectiveness of Lactobacillus reuteri in Hp-positive children with functional dyspepsia. Our results confirm that inclusion of L. reuteri in treatment of functional dyspepsia in children significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy, promotes normalization of hemoglobin levels without iron medications. This fact may indirectly prove anti-H. pylori activity of lactobacilli. Furthermore, applying of L. reuteri increases effectiveness of standard eradication therapy and reduces complication events significantly.

Key words: functional dyspepsia in children, Helicobacter Pylori infection, probiotics, L. reuteri.



Glyadelova N. P., Unich N. K.

Application of Sinupret in the treatment of acute respiratory infections in children.


Summary. The overview of the literature devoted to the pharmacological properties of «Sinupret» preparation is shown. Analysis of clinical results of Sinupret application proves the viability of including it in the scheme of treatment of acute respiratory infection with symptoms of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis in children.

Key words: acute respiratory infection, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, phytopreparation, Sinupret.



Berezhnyi V. V., Glyadelova N. P.

The use of «Bronchipret» phytopreparation in the treatment of acute bronchitis in children.


Summary. Analysis of published data based on the principles of evidencebased medicine testifies to viability of wide use of «Bronchipret» phytopreparation in pediatrics which is have secretolytic, bronhospasmolytic, antiinflammatory properties and is highly effective and safe to use.

Key words: acute bronchitis, herbal medicine, Bronchipret.



Kaladze N. N., Dmitrievskaya M. I.

Phenotypic characteristics of syndrome undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia in children suffering from bronchial asthma.


Summary. Results of inspection of 120 children at the age from 5 till 16 years, suffering by a bronchial asthma, including (45 persons) having dysplasia of connective tissue. Features of clinic at children with a joint pathology are revealed. It is revealed; that children with dysplasia of connective tissue have an accompanying somatic pathology is more often.

Key words: children, bronchial asthma, connective tissue dysplasia syndrome.



Odinez Y. V., Nakonechna M. O., Latishev L. E.

The viscosity of exhaled breath condensate at children with bronchial asthma.


Summary. There are results of research the viscosity exhaled breath condensate by computer tensymetry ADSA (Canada) at children with asthma in this article. Showed the interrelation with the rheological value and expiratory volume.

Key words: asthma, exhaled breath condensate, viscosity, rheological value.



Балясинская Г. Л., Тимаков Е. Ю.

Опыт применения препарата Флюдитек при лечении острых обструктивных бронхитов у детей раннего возраста.




Molochek Y. A.

Experience of use of «Humer 050 hypertensive» in children with acute rhinosinusitis.


Summary. The therapeutic possibilities of «Humor 050 hypertensive» in the treatment of acute rhinosinusitis in children is shown. The high efficacy and tolerability is pointed out.

Key words: rhinosinusitis, elimination therapy, hypertonic saline, Humer 050 hypertensive.



Belousov U., Bababdgyanyan H.

«Steatosis» in children, definition and diagnosis.


Summary. The majority of diagnoses, which reflect fatty liver in children, in fact, are the morphological concepts, they are not represented in the ICD. In our view, the presence of fatty liver damage in children diagnosis must be construed as a «steatosis».

Key words: fatty liver in children, steatosis.



Plekhova O. I., Kosovtsova I. V., Varodova O. V.

Тhe character of somatosexual development in boys-residents of rural locality.


Summary. 1188 boys, aged 10–18, were examined to determine the peculiarities in somatosexual development of boys residing in rural locality. As a result there was established a dependence of sexual maturation parameters on BMJ in adolescents. For boys with body weight deficiency or obesity there was characteristic a later sexual development onset or a delay in sexual development parameters at the age of 13–15, when during physiological puberty higher maturation rates are usually observed. In adolescents with excessive body weight changes in the development of reproductive organs and in secondary sexual characteristics are less prononnced. The results obtained show one more way for prevention of sexual development disorders, which is a normalization of correlation between height and weight.

Key words: boys, sexual development, body weight.



Sirotchenko T. A., Kalinichenko Yu. A, Severin V. V.

Microelementosis as a predictor of mineralization disorders of bone tissue and formation of osteopenic syndrome in adolescents.


Summary. The analysis of the interaction of some micronutrients deficiency and disorders of mineralization of bone tissue with the formation of osteopenic syndrome against the hypoalimentation of adolescents is shown.

Key words: adolescents, osteopenic syndrome microelementosis.



Antipkin Yu., Pustovalova O., Nadtochiy T.

The immunehistochemistry peculiarity markers of regeneration and apoptosis in bronchus epithelium damage in children with chronycal bronchitis and bronchial asthma institute of pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology academy of medical sciences of Ukraine.


Summary. The aim of the study was to determine the peculiarities of apoptosis, proliferations and macrophages in bronchus epithelium by chronic, recurrent bronchitis and bronchial asthma in children that are based on study of cytological and immunocytochemical investigations bronchus mucosa of brash-biopsies. Results of immunocytochemical investigations were analyzed and show that violation of apoptosis, proliferations and macrophages expression in bronchus epithelium to change regeneration and bronchus structure.

Key words: chronycal bronchitis, bronchical asthma, apoptosis, proliferations, macrophages.



Yulish E. I., Chernyshova O. E., Soroka Yu. A., Klevtsova I. A., Fomenko T. A., Levchenko S. A., Krasinskaya Yu. V., Cherkun E. S.

Use of cephalosporinum generation III in the treatment of pneumonia at children.


Summary. Was investigated the efficacy and tolerability of cephalosporinum generation III «Cefodox» in complex treatment of pneumonia in children. The high therapeutic efficacy and safety of the drug, which allows it to be recommended to treating pneumonia in children.

Key words: children, pneumonia, «Cefodox».



Smiyan O. I., Vasilieva O. G.

Dynamics of interleykins 4 and 8 with the children of an early age suffering from unhospital pneumonia.


Summary. The authors of the article discovered that the percentage of pro-inflammatory interleukin 8 (IL-8) and anti- inflammatory interleukin 4 (IL-4) in the blood serum of infants suffering from unhospital pneumonia (UP) depends on the period of duration of the disease and the severity of its process. With children, the disbalance of the immune system in the midst of UP was characterized by a significant increase in serum levels of both kinds of interleukins. In the process of early reconvalescence, the patients experience a significant decrease in IL-8 and a parallel increase in the concentration of IL-4, which leads to a decrease in the activity of inflammatory process. Reliably high production of interleukins was observed with the patients with severe disease in comparison with moderate. Determining the level of the interleukins will help to develop pathogenetically-grounded therapy, which will be aimed at the removal of suppressive potential of IL-4, reducing of the mortality level and more rapid recovery of patients.

Key words: interleukins, citokins, unhospital pneumonia.



Середа Е. В., Катосова Л. К.

Клинико-бактериологическая эффективность инновационной формы амоксициллина/клавуланата (Флемоклав Солютаб) при болезнях органов дыхания у детей.




Lapanog S. P., Kilimnik T. N.

Experience of use of the new surfactant Infasurf on the base of Zhytomyr regional center of maternal and child health.


Summary. The role of surfactant-replacement therapy in neonatology is highlighted. The characteristics of modern surfactants are shown. The experience of use of surfactant Infasurf at newborns with different pathologies is shown.

Key words: newborn, surfactant, surfactant-replacement therapy, Infasurf.



Abaturov A. E.

Immustat and Mefenamic acid-Darnitsa – the effective duet in the treatment of influenza and Arvi in children.


Summary. The results of clinical studies about combined use of Immustat and Mefenamic acid-Darnitsa preparations in the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in children are presented. It is found that the combination of the above forenamed medical agents ensures the elimination of general toxic syndrome and catarrhal symptoms, prevents the development of complications, and also is superior by efficiency to monotherapy by Immustat preparation.

Key words: Immustat, Mefenamic acid-Darnitsa, influenza, ARVI, children.



Nyankovskyj S. L., Ivakhnenko O. S., Dobryanskyj D. O.

Immunomodeling and protective effect of prebiotic oligosaccharide complex IMMUNOFORTIS in formula fed infants.


Summary: The aim of the study was to define the effect of prebiotic complex of oligosaccharides GOS/FOS IMMUNOFORTIS with formula feeding during the first year of infants' life on the development of their intestinal microflora, immunological parameters, growth, acute infectious morbidity and incidence of food allergy. The obtained results showed that feeding of infants during the first 6 months of life with a formula containing IMMUNOFORTIS provided immunomodeling effect which was similar to those of breast milk – optimization of intestinal microflora composition, reduction of intestinal and respiratory infection rates, and could have protective effect against allergic diseases during the first 18 months of baby's life. This beneficial for the infant's health effect with a high probability could be connected to modification of intestinal microflora.

Key words: formula feeding, prebiotics, oligosaccharides, GOS/FOS, toddlers.



Kovalchuk Т. An.

Clinical and laboratorial polymorphism of immunological forms of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in children.


Summary. The results of inspection of 31 children ailed by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis are presented in the article. The author investigated and analyzed clinical and laboratorial polymorphism of disease depending on the presence of rheumatoid factor in the serum of blood. It is set that a seropositive form is characterized by more frequent development of polyarticular, fleeting course, more expressed bone-destructive changes of joints and functional violations (scale of Steinbrocker, questionnaire CHAQ). Children with a seropositive juvenile rheumatoid arthritis have significant higher activity of illness from data of indexes DAS, DAS28, SDAI and CDAI.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid factor, functional violations, activity of process, children.



Taranenko T. V.

Condition of vessels at systemic lupus erithematous.


Summary. This is a analysis of developing destruction micro and macro circulation complications in patients with systemic lupus erithematosum. Scientific novelty is a using Doppler effect in patients with connective tissue diseases. This methods of diagnosis have been used in rheumatological clinics.

Key words: systemic lupus erithematous, diagnostics, Doppler effect.



Aryaev N. L., Kozhevin R. V.

Infant intestinal colic: current approaches to treatment.


Summary. The results of the use of non-drug methods of infant intestinal colic jugulation, and also the use of Espumizan preparation are presented. It is proved that Espumizan warns stretching the intestinal wall and the development of pain syndrome, facilitates discharge of gases, reduces its accumulation and display of flatulence. The drug is inert and not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, is not fermented by microorganisms, excreted in unchanged form and does not affect the processes of digestion and absorption, which leads to its safety of use in infants.

Key words: infant intestinal colic, Espumizan, infants.



Beresenko V. S.

To the issue of the peculiarities of the peiod, diagnostics and treatment of the Crohn's disease in children.


Summary. The data concerning the literature facts as well as the Recommendations of the Second European Consensus in diagnostics and treatment of Crohn's disease (2009) are represented in this publications. The peculiarities of the clinics, period, classification, modern diagnostics of the Crohn's disease in children are reflected on the background of the analyzed literature data. The modern approaches for the therapy of this disease in childish age are represented in details; the algorhytm of the treatment of this severe, invalidising diseases is suggested in this publication.

Key words: children, intestine, Crohn's disease, clinics, diagnostics, treatment.



Kornienko E. A., Vagemans N. V., Netrebenko O. K.

Infant intestial colics: the modern view about mechanisms of development and new abilities of treatment.


Summary. The mechanisms of infant intestinal colic development and some of their consequences are examined. The modern views about the role of intestinal microflora in the genesis of inflammation and dismovement underlying the infant intestinal colic, are open the new perspectives in the treatment of this syndrome. It is shown the effectiveness of probiotics in the treatment of infantile intestinal colic in the recent studies, the best results achieved with the appointment of Lactobacillus reuteri.

Key words: infant intestinal colic, treatment, probiotic, Lactobacillus reuteri.



Korenev M. M., Kamarchuk L. V., Butenko A. I., Kushch I. G.

Alimentary bahavior and eating preferences in adolescents with uninvestigated dyspepsia.


Summary. The article contains a description of alimentary behavior and eating preferences in modern adolescents with uninvestigated dyspepsia. It has been found out that irregular food intake together with unhealthy eating preferences, existing on the background of high prevalence of harmful habits (e.g., regular alcohol consumption and smoking) exert negative influence on formation of gastrointestinal pathology in children.

Key words: dyspepsia, eating preferences, children, adolescents.



Lembrik I. S.

State of endocrine pancreatic function in adolescents with chronic pancreatitis and functional pathology of pancreas.


Summary. Condition of endocrine function of pancreas is studied in 30 teenagers with chronic pacreatitis and functional disorders of pancreas based on research of maintenance of predecessor of insulin — C-peptide and glucose in the blood serum.. 30 practically healthy children made the group of comparison. To risk factors of violations of endocrine function of pancreas the following are attributed: predominance of carbohydrates and alcohol in meal (65%), low physical activity (55%), inherited propensity to diabetes mellitus (10%), influence of stress (5%). Tendency to decline of C-peptide is set in all groups of patients depending on duration of disease and types of vegetative dysfunction. In 70% patients moderate changes of exocrine function of pancreas are estimated depending on coprology test. Sonography sings of pathology in 98% children with chronic pancreatitis and in 25% teenagers with functional disorders of pancreas are estimated.

Key words: adolescents, pathology of pancreas, C-peptide.



Misnyk V. P., Marushko R. V., Lenchenko A. V., Shadrin O. G., Kovalenko G. B., Basaraba N. M., Ducareva S. V.

Clinical value of disorders of serum fatty acid profile in infants with prolonged diarrhea.


Summary. The article presented the results of study fatty-acid lipid composition blood serum at 55 infants with blood serum. It has been detected the fatty-acids imbalance in blood serum at the expense of increase ω-6 PUFA. The article demonstrates the clear dependence of disorders upon the character of the run. The determine fatty-acid spectrum in blood serum, who is ill of blood serum, is perspective method.

Key words: child, prolonged diarrhea, fatty acids.



Kushnirenko S. V., Mordovets E. M., Tikhonenko N. A., Gorokhovskaya T. A., Kravchenko N. A.

Experience of use of «Smart Omega»® for children in the complex of dysmetabolitic nephropathy treatment.


Summary. The results of use of «Smart Omega»® preparation in children in the complex treatment of dysmetabolitic nephropathy are presented. It is found that the use of present preparation contributes to the stabilization of the clinical condition of patients, improvement or elimination of bladder syndrome, normalization of metabolic processes. In connection with this the appointment of «Smart Omega»® for children (PE «Delta Medical», Scotland, Great Britain) can be regarded as one of the promising methods for the auxiliary treatment of patients with dysmetabolitic nephropathy.

Key words: dysmetabolitic nephropathy, children, «Smart Omega»®.



Seymivskiy D. A., Peterburgskiy V. F., Kalishuk O. A.

Effectivenes preparation Sibutin in the treatment of neurogenic overactive bladder in children.


Summary. A study of clinical medicine effectivecost Sibutin as astispasmatic in children with overactive bladder in comparison with other spasmolytics (riabal, bellalgin). The high effecucy and tolerability Sibutin, which increases the sensitivity thresholol and maximal bladoler capacity, decreas detrusor tone and intravesical pressure that positively effects intrarenal hemadinamics. Remove enuresis and incontinence urine. Recommend for widespread use in childrens with enuresis and overactive bladder.

Key words: enuresis, overactive bladder, Sibutin, treatment.



Turchina S. I.

The impact of thyroid insufficiency on the character of physical development in children and adolescents with nontoxic diffuse goiter.


Summary. Integrated clinico!hormonal examination of 118 girls and 198 boys aged 10–17 with nontoxic diffuse goiter (stage I–II) made it possible to diagnose an increased TTH level (more than 2,0 mME/l in 42,1% boys and 28,4% girls). In 11,4% boys and 12,2% girls there was registered an increased TTH/fT4 index (more than 0,29 c.u.), which testified to a pronounced tension in the thyroid system and a high risk of hypothyrosis formation. It was established that among the boys with some signs of thyroid insufficiency the number of undersized patients with body weight deficiency increased (76,0%) and the number patients with harmonious physical development decreased (12,0%). Interdependence between thyroid hormones deficiency and anthropometric parameters in the girls was less prominent that tock place due to gender differences in the regulation of growth processes. In adolescents with sexual development delay, irrespective of gender, in most cases there were diagnosed low height and body weight deficiency which were formed against the background of growing amount of thyroid insufficiency signs.

Key words: children and adolescents, physical development, nontoxic diffuse goiter, thyroid insufficiency.



Shadrin A. G., Marushko T. L., Marushko R. V., Fisun V. M.

To the question about optimizing treatment of posseting syndrome in children with perinatal pathology of the central nervous system.


Summary. In the article the questions of pathogenesis and treatment of posseting syndrome in infants is discussed. The results of rehabilitative therapy in 40 newborn infants with posseting syndrome against the perinatal damage of CNS are shown. It is pointed out high efficiency of inclusion in the complex treatment of antispasmodics (preparation Riabal) – installed quickly regression of posseting syndrome, positive dynamics of vegetative-visceral syndrome, normalization of the biliary system, persistent therapeutic effect of the preparation, the high level of security.

Key words: infants, posseting syndrome, treatment, Riabal.