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Д.С. Янковскому 70 лет.




Евпаторийской детской больнице 90 лет.




Lyubinets O. V.

Awareness and knowledge of Health Care Managers about medical and demographic problems in Ukraine.


Summary. A survey was accomplished about awareness and knowledge of Health Care Managers on a subject of the demographic situation in Ukraine.

Key words: health care managers, demographic situation, education, awareness.



Lejnev I. A., Kotova N. V., Starets E. A.

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness — a strategy of primary care to the sick children in age from 1 week to 5 years.


Резюме. Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) is a strategy for reducing the mortality and morbidity associated with the major causes of childhood illness, such as acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, measles, malnutrition, neonatal infections and a few others. The strategy includes a range of preventive and curative interventions, which aim to improve practice both in health facilities and at home.

Key words: childhood illness, management.



Olivieri Dario, Fiocchi Alessandro, Pregliasco Fabrizio, Veehof Suzanne, Cantoni Vittorio

Safety and tolerability of ribosome-component immune modulator in adults and children.


Summary. Ribosomal preparations (ribosome-component immune modulators — RCIMs) do not contain attenuated bacteria and, in contrast to live bacterial extracts, which may induce severe side effects, retain immune stimulating activity without infectious capability. This study was designed to profile the tolerability of RCIM by reviewing narration all randomized, doubleblind, placebo-controlled clinical trials and open-label studies as well as data from postmarketting surveillance studies representing > 30 million prescriptions. In the various clinical trials, RCIM tolerability in terms of clinical and laboratory parameters was good. There were no significant differences between patients receiving active treatment or рlасеbо in a survey of tolerability results from randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. Pharmacovigilance analysis does not show a change in the risk profile of RCIM. The only contraindication was correlated with known hypersensitivity to any of the product components. RCIM should not be used in case of acute streptococcal glomerulonephrits, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, severe viral disease, or severe autoimmune disease. Risk associated with the use of RCIM is negligible in recurrent upper and lower airway infections in selected populations, such as children and elderly people.

Key words: Adverse reactions, bacterial extracts, contraindications, drug interactions, postmarketing, pharmacovigilance, ribosomal-component immune modulator (RCIM), safety, side effects, tolerability profile.



Yasuda H., Yamaya M., Sasaki T., Inoue D., Nakayama K., Yamada M., Asada M., Yoshida M., Suzuki T., Nishimura H. and Sasaki H.

Carbocisteine inhibits rhinovirus infection in human tracheal epithelial cells.


Summary: The aim of the study was to examine the effects of a mucolytic drug, carbocisteine, on rhinovirus (RV) infection in the airways. Human tracheal epithelial cells were infected with a major-group RV, RV14. RV14 infection increased virus titres and the cytokine content of supernatants. Carbocisteine reduced supernatant virus titres, the amount of RV14 RNA in cells, cell susceptibility to RV infection and supernatant cytokine concentrations, including interleukin (IL)-6 and IL-8, after RV14 infection. Carbocisteine reduced the expression of mRNA encoding intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM)-1, the receptor for the major group of RVs. It also reduced the supernatant concentration of a soluble form of ICAM-1, the number and fluorescence intensity of acidic endosomes in the cells before RV infection, and nuclear factor-кВ activation by RV14. Carbocisteine also reduced the supernatant virus titres of the minor group RV, RV2, although carbocisteine did not reduce the expression of mRNA encoding a low density lipoprotein receptor, the receptor for RV2. These results suggest that carbocisteine inhibits rhinovirus 2 infection by blocking rhinovirus RNA entry into the endosomes, and inhibits rhinovirus 14 infection by the same mechanism as well as by reducing intercellular adhesion molecule-1 levels. Carbocisteine may modulate airway inflammation by reducing the production of cytokines in rhinovirus infection.

Key words: Common cold, endosome, intercellular adhesion molecule, mucolytic drug, rhinovirus.



Mtvarelidze Z., Kvezereli-Kopndze A., Kvezereli-Kopadze M., Pagava K.

Efficacy of Тоt'нема in the treatment of iron defiency anemia in early childhood with соnсоmiтаnt copper deficiency.


Summary. IDA is still the major medico-social problem in pediatric hematology, especially in early childhood. In this correction ferroresistant forms of IDA are interesting. The aim of our investigation was: studying the Efficacy of Tot'hema in the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Early childhood with concomitant copper deficiency. We observed 42 patients with IDA (age 0,4–3 years) in open control investigation. The carried out investigarions revealed, that IDA in early childhood is often proceeded by the concomitant copper deficiency and ceruloplasmin, mainly in premature infants and in children with prolonged diarrhea in anamnesis. In such cases it is important to investigate the copper metabolism together with the peripheral blood index and iron metabolism. Tot'hema improuves hematologic and biocemical index, completely supplies iron and copper deficiency, prevents of iron resistant form of IDA. Tot'hema has no side effects.

Key words: IDA. Iron, Copper, Ceruloplasmin, Tot'herna.



Кеммерих Бернд , Эберхардт Рейнхильд и Стаммер Хольгер

Эффективность и переносимость комбинации травы чабреца и плюща в виде жидкого экстракта против плацебо у пациентов, страдающих острым бронхитом с продуктивным кашлем. Проспективное, двойное слепое, плацебо контролируемое клиническое исследование.


Резюме. Цель исследования: оценить эффективность и переносимость фиксированной комбинации чабреца и листьев плюща в виде жидкого экстракта (комбинация чабреца и плюща) и соответствующего плацебо у пациентов, страдающих острым бронхитом с продуктивным кашлем. Определение: двойное, слепое, плацебо-контролируемое, многоцентровое исследование фазы IV. Методы: Был отобран 361 амбулаторный пациент с острым бронхитом и наличием более 10 приступов кашля в течение дня. Из исследования исключались пациенты с длительностью кашля более 2-х дней и общим баллом тяжести симптомов по Шкале тяжести бронхита (ШТБ) менее 5-ти. Пациенты были рандомизированы на проведение 11-дневной терапии (5,4 мл три раза в день) либо сиропом, содержащим комбинацию экстракта чабреца и плюща (Бронхипрет® сироп; N=182) либо сиропом, содержащим плацебо (N=179). После обследования на исходном уровне (визит 1 = день 0) были назначены два контрольных обследования (визит 2 = день 4; визит 3 = день 10/завершение терапии). Эффективность исследуемой терапии острого бронхита определялась путем подсчета приступов кашля у пациента в течение дня (с помощью карманного счетчика), оценки симптомов, связанных с острым бронхитом, а также на основании оценки исследователем наиболее важных симптомов острого бронхита по ШТБ. Оценка переносимости основывалась на мониторинге нежелательных явлений (НЯ), измерениях показателей жизнедеятельности (ЧД. пульс, температура, АД и т.д.), а также на основании оценки пациентом и исследователем переносимости в конце исследования. Основным показателем было изменение частоты приступов кашля в дневное время с 7-го по 9-й день, согласно точным ежедневным записям пациента на основании показаний карманного счетчика и записей в дневнике. Эффективность терапии оценивалась с помощью анализа вариантности (ANOVA), скорректированного для центральных эффектов. Вследствие значительного отклонения от «предварительных условий» ANOVA, дополнительно рассчитывался критерий Вилкоксона (стратифицированный по исследовательским центрам).

Результаты: средний показатель уменьшения частоты приступов кашля на день 7–9 по сравнению с исходным уровнем составил 68,7% в группе комбинированной терапии экстрактом чабреца-плюща и 47,6% — в группе плацебо (р 0,0001). В группе комбинированной терапии экстрактом чабреца-плюща 50% снижение частоты приступов кашля, по сравнению с исходным уровнем, было достигнуто на 2 дня раньше, чем в группе плацебо. Наблюдалось быстрое улучшение симптомов острого бронхита (ШТБ) в обеих группах, но регрессия симптоматики проходила быстрее, а количество пациентов, реагирующих на терапию, было выше (р 0,0001) в группе комбинированной терапии экстрактом чабреца-плюща по сравнению с группой плацебо во время визита 2 (83,0% против 53,9%) и визита 3 (96,2% по сравнению с 74,7%). Лечение хорошо переносилось, при этом не наблюдалось различий частоты или тяжести нежелательных явлений в группе комбинированной терапии экстрактом чабреца-плюща и группе плацебо. Не отмечалось тяжелых или серьезных нежелательных реакций. Заключение: пероральная комбинированная терапия острого бронхита экстрактом чабреца-плюща в течение около 11 дней превосходила плацебо по эффективности. Терапия была безопасной и хорошо переносилась пациентами.

Ключевые слова: острый бронхит, Бронхипрет® сироп, шкала тяжести бронхита, приступы кашля, двойное слепое, рандомизированное, плацебо-контролируемое клиническое исследование фазы IV, листья плюща (hederae helices folium), комбинация с травой чабреца (thymi herba), трава чабреца (thymi herba), комбинация с листьями плюща (hederae helices folium).



Volosovets A. P., Krivopustov S. P.

Abdominal pain in children: problem-oriented approach.


Summary. Etiology and basic principles of diagnosis and treatment of abdominal pain in children is shown.

Key words: abdominal pain, structural and functional disorders, acute surgical pathology.



Bodnarchuk V. O.

Ontrol of bronchial asthma in children infected by toxocara: how it possible today.


Summary. The infection by toxocara of children with varying degrees of bronchial asthma control is studied. It is shown the results of use of the modified therapeutic complex: in case of toxocarosis was added 10-day course of treatment by Vormil (albendazole) in parallel with the mandatory use of sorbents, antihistamines and probiotics.

Key words: bronchial asthma, toxocariasis, children.



Kaladze N. N., Soboleva E. M., Yurieva A. V.

Efficiency of use the method of bioresonans vibrostimulation in rehabilitation of children with bronchial asthma.


Summary. The inclusion of method bioresonans vibrostimulation in a complex of a sanatorium stage of rehabilitation of children with bronchial asthma promotes increasing of adaptation potential of a children's organism, harmonization of interactions a stress-realizing and stress-limiting of systems, improvement of indexes of immune status and function of the external breathing, renewal of biorhythms of organism and decline of the endotoxin's loading.

Key words: bronchial asthma, children, sanatorium stage of rehabilitation.



Kosakovskyi A. L., Kosakivskaya I. A., Zhabinets N. I.

Experience of use of Nasivin in the treatment of children with acute rhinitis and acute rhinosinusitis.


Summary. The materials of clinical examinations of Nasivin ® preparation produced for «Nycomed» by «Merck KGaA», Germany is presented. It is examined 50 outpatient of infant age with acute rhinitis, acute rynosinusitis. Results of clinical observations drown conclusion that examined preparation is effective in the treatment of children of all ages with acute rhinitis and acute rynosinusitis, including infants.

Key words: Nasivin ®, acute rhinitis, acute rynosinusitis, children.



Pukhlik S. M.

Nasal douche — is it necessary procedure?


Summary. The health support of nasal cavity is the determining factor in the functional paranasal sinuses status and the respiratory tract as a whole. The effectiveness of nasal douche in various pathological conditions of the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx is shown. One of the highly effective agents for hygiene of the nasal cavity is Humer 050 Hypertensive, Humer 150.

Key words: pathological conditions of the nasal cavity, nasal douche, saline solution, Humer 050 Hypertensive, Humer 150.



Bolbot Yu. K., Kalichevskaya M. V.

State of cytokine system in children with combined pathology of upper departments of digestive tract and bronchial asthma.


Summary. Bronchial asthma in children is associated with pathology of upper departments of digestive system in 65% of cases. The most frequent pathology in such cases is chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease and combined pathology of digestive system. Pathology of digestive tract hinders controlling of bronchial asthma. Clinical course of diseases of upper departments of digestive system in patients with asthma is usually marked with a low amount of symptoms. Cytokine status in children with bronchial asthma and attendant pathology of upper departments of digestive system is characterized by increased level of IFN-γ in peripheral blood. At the same time we hasn't revealed any sighnificant influence of gastroduodenal pathology to concentrations of IL-4, IL-5 and IL-13.

Key words: children, bronchial asthma, pathology of upper departments of digestive system, cytokines.



Pochinok T. V., Gritsenko P. G., Vasyukova M. M., Fik L. О., Lugovskoy E. V., Melnichuk V. V., Gorobetz N. I., Antoshkina A. N.

Undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue and the status of the blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in children.


Summary: It was carried out the analysis of clinical picture of children with undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue aged 6—12 years. It was shown that the formation of undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue depends on the influence of 2 or more adverse factors hypoxic genesis in the fetus. Undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue in children accompanied by chronic fatigue syndrome, in violation of various organs and systems, creates conditions for the formation of acute and chronic somatic pathology, the development of allergies, disorders of physical development and state of the health of the child as a whole. In children with undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue observed increased activation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis.

Key words: children, undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue, soluble fibrin, D-dimer.



Malynovska N. O., Babij I. L.

The ways of treatment's optimization of children with vegetovascular and spine dysfunction.


Summary. The article describes the analysis of effectiveness of treatment of children with vegetovascular and spine dysfunction. It was concluded that adding of special gymnastics and massage to the standart treatment regimen for vegetovascular dysfunction improves the function of autonomic nervous system and nonspecific adaptation reactions of the organism. Adding Glicin significantly improves the effectiveness of treatment and function of autonomic nervous system and nonspecific adaptation reactions of the organism.

Key words: vegetovascular disfunction, functional state of a spine, unspesific adaptative reactions of organism.



Todika Yu. I.

Estimation of efficiency of the complex homeopathic preparation «Osteobios» in correction of osteopenic syndrome in children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Summary. In the article it was researched the markers of bone turnover and bone mineral density in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis patients. It was studied the effectiveness of complex homeopathic drugs «Osteobios» to normalize the disorders of bone turnover in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Key words. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, bone turnover, bone mineral density, Osteobios.



Fedortsiv O. Yе., Yarema N. M.

Omega-3 poliunsaturated fatti acids and peroxide lipid oxidation proces in the patients suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Summary. The activity of peroxide lipid oxidation processes was analysed in the patients suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The disease relapse was accompanied by the intensification of peroxide lipid oxidation processes and decreasing antioxidant protective system activity. Using ω-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids and vegetable origin medications (lipophil complex of Wild Rose fruit and Silubum marianum) in the complex therapy was followed by the in inhibition of peroxide lipid oxidation processes and decreasing antioxidant protective system activity.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ω-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids, peroxide lipid oxidation processes, antioxidant protective system.



Klimenko T. M., Levchenko L. A., Vorobyova O. V., Dutov Е. М., Gerasimov I. G.

Efficiency of the clinical estimation of premature newborns condition with very low weight.


Summary. On the basis of the correlation analysis interrelations between gestation of age (GA), estimations on scales Apgar and Downes and pH at premature newborns are revealed. The correlation coefficients have made: between estimations on scale Apgar on 1st and 5th min of a life — r=0,96, (р<0,001), between GA and an estimation on scale Apgar on 1st min — r=0,78 (p<0,001) or on 5th min — r=0,79 (p<0,001), between estimations on scales Downes and Apgar on 1st mines — r=-0,86 (p<0,001) or on 5th min — r=-0,88 (p<0,001), between an estimation on scale Apgar on 1st min both рН — r=0,90 (p<0,001).

Key words: premature newborns, scales Apgar and Downes, correlation.



Yashchenko Yu. B., Buryak O. G.

Unresolved questions of using of nitrogen oxide as a diagnostic marker and therapeutical means in neonatology.


Summary. In this article are presents the definition and pathogenetic significance of nitroxydergic dysbalance in the development of pathological states and discussed modern views on the diagnostics of respiratory failure of pulmonary origin in newborns. Was studied a nitroxydergic status with the syndrome of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome in 80 infants. Was shown that infants with parenchymatosis respiratory failure had the accumulation of nitrogen oxyde metabolites, which can be used in the diagnostics of inflammatory process at the level of aerogematosis barrier.

Key words: newborn, nitrogen oxide, respiratory failure.



Iakovenko N.

Acute diarrhea at children of early age — immunologic aspects.


Summary. Examination of 60 children of early age was made so as to estimate the immunologic state of organism at acute diarrhea. Disorders of local immunity of intestine were found in 63% in group of invasive diarrhea and in 50% cases in group of secretory diarrhea. Gram-negative flora is the etiological agent of 53% cases of invasive diarrhea and 27% cases of secretory diarrhea. The level of proinflammatory cytokines is higher in group of invasive diarrhea.

Key words: acute diarrhea, children of early age, antibodies to endotoxin of gram-negative flora, cytokines, local immunity of intestine, probiotics.



Lezhenko G., Usacheva E., Pashkova E., Borisenko T.

Specific immunotherapy performance evaluation of congenital cytomegalic carditis in children of the first year of life.


Summary. On the basis of clinical and laboratory researches, instrumental investigations It was established that early and lasting decreased of the contractile myocardial function and development of the diastolic myocardial disfunction of left ventricle of heart is a feature of congenital cytomegalic carditis course. Authors proved the reasonability of specific immunoglobulin application in children of the first year of life with congenital cytomegalic carditis.

Key words: cytomegalic infection, congenital carditis, infants, specific immunotherapy.



Abaturov O. E., Vysochyna I. L.

Medical impact on mucosal immunity status in children.


Summary. The estimation of mucosal immunity in children with defined concentrations of secretory immunoglobulin A and content of antimicrobial proteins lactoferrin, α-defensins 1–3 in the postoral secretion and microbiocenosis of mouth and nose mucosa estimation in the period of clinical wellbeing is conducted. It is shown the presence of immunomodulatory properties of complex plant preparation IMUNIN-Norton, produced by «American Norton Corporation», USA, due to induction of lactoferrin and increasing concentrations of SIgA in the postoral secretion of sickly children by the age from 3 till 17 years, accompanied by readjustment of mouth and nose mucosa by reducing number of conventional pathogens.

Key words: children, mucosal immunity, normal flora of mouth and nose mucosa, ARD prevention, IMUNIN-Norton.



Omelchenko L. I., Chaikovskyj I. A., Oshlyanska O. A., Fainzilberg L. S.

Improvement of methods screening inspection of heart in children with a connective tissue pathology.


Summary: The domestic scientists develop the modified method of processing electrocardiograph (ECG) – its analysis in phase spase, which already is fruitfully used at the adult patients with ishemic illness of heart. The first results study of opportunities its use in children with the inherent and acquired connective tissue pathology are given in this article. It was purposed of early diagnostics cardiac infringements. They testified about the large diagnostic value of revealing of infringements repolarization processes in myocard with the help phasagraf, than at an estimation standard ECG. Advantage of use of the device is the convenience and mobility of the device, absence of necessity of imposing of electrodes and instant reception of results of research. Its use in quality screening of an estimation of a condition intimately-vasal systems in children's age and for early revealing of myocard defeats in children from groups of risk is offered.

Key words: children, disease of a connective tissue, phasagraf.



Parkhomenko L. K., Bortna T. M.

Prognostication of abnormal heart rhythm appearance at young man with mitral valve prolapse.


Summary. The results are compared risk factors for development of arrhythmia in young males with mitral valve prolapse. Determined leading mechanisms of influence on the formation of arrhythmias in this category of patients and developed an algorithm prognosticheski1 appearance norusheny heart rhythm.

Key words: mitral valve prolapse, dysrhythmia, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, abnormal chord hypomagnesaemia.



Synoverska O. B., Ivanyshyn L. Ya., Shlimkevytch I. V.

Basic descriptions of arterial pressure for children with small cardiac anomalies.


Summary. The study of clinical features of motion and basic changes of level of arterial pressure is conducted for children with the different variants of small anomalies of heart development. It is proved that to the 28,6% patients the propensity to the hypertension was peculiar. Marked by it, mainly, to put with miksomatoze degeneration of mitral, prolapses of mitral and trikuspidal valves. In 48,4% of patients with small cardiac anomalies the propensity to the hypotension was marked. Most propensity to the hypotension must be put with dilatation of root of aorta and aneurysm of Valsalv's sines. Looked after reliable, by comparison with healthy, exceeding of level of additional pressure and its day's variabilities for the patients of all inspected groups. That testifies the expressed hyperreactivity of children with cardiac mikroabnormalities. It has proved that measuring of additional arterial pressure and its daily allowance monitoring must become obligatory in the complex of patients with dysplasia of connecting fabric of heart inspections.

Key words: microabnormalities of development of heart, day's monitoring of arterial pressure, children.



Kramarev S. A.

Pathogenetic therapy of children's acute respiratory infections.


Summary. The main contribution to the incidence of acute respiratory infections of children made mild and moderate forms of ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection) at presents of which the use of specific antiviral preparations are not always used by patients and recommended by doctors because of their relatively high cost, possible side effects, etc. At these forms of disease the use preparations of pathogenetic and symptomatic therapy is coming on the first plan. For break of the vicious circle acquiring during the inflammation, it is necessary the use of drugs affecting on the main link of inflammation. The latter include the fenspiride hydrochloride preparation. Fenspiride not apply to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticosteroids, and therefore have no side effects inherent to these medical agents. In Ukraine fenspiride hydrochloride produced by OJSC «GalichPharm «(Lviv city) and presented by «Inspiron» preparation.

Key words: acute respiratory viral disease, pathogenetic and symptomatic therapy means, fenspiride hydrochloride, Inspiron.



Kramarev S. A.

Aspects of use of Sumamed in the treatment of children's infections.


Summary. The features, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics of azithromycin (Sumamed) — macrolide antibiotic from a subclass of azalides is described. It is observed various aspects of its clinical and prophylactic use in pediatric practice for such pathology as pneumonia, pertussis, chlamydia infection, cat scratch disease etc. The main advantages of Sumamed which is provides it wide application in pediatric practice is high compliance, the presence of different dosage forms (including specially designed for optimal dosing and operability for children both young and older age), use of drug 1 time per day, the appointment of short courses (3 days) and conduct of step-down antibiotic therapy.

Key words: pediatrics, macrolide antibiotics, azalides subclass, azithromycin, indications, compliance, Sumamed.



Pavlishin G. A.

Clinical features, treatment and prophylaxis of seasonal viral infections at newborns and infants.


Summary. The data of literature of the epidemiology, clinical features of treatment and prevention of acute respiratory infections, including influenza of young children is presented.

Key words: influenza, acute respiratory infections, clinical symptoms, treatment, prevention.



Khoruzhaya R. E.

Children's herpes virus infection. State-of-the -art. Local medical intervention at herpevirus infection afflicted oral cavety.


Summary. The problems of treatment of herpes virus infections in children, which is localized in the oral cavity — acute herpetic (aphthous) stomatitis are studied. A set of emergency measures (before examination which is confirming the diagnosis) with acute conditions with the use of cholisal gel applications in conjunction with a single manipulation of afflicted elements with spirit-ether propolis tincture enriched by tetragydroizopoliniobovolframat.

Key words: acute herpetic (aphthous) stomatitis, cholisal, spirit-ether propolis tincture.



Kharchenko Yu. P., Yurchenko I. V., Kashintsev S. V., Hamo Ibrahim, Isakova N. P.

Clinical and epidemiological features of children's rotavirus infection in Odesa region. Experience of use of «Enterogermina» preparation in the comlex treatment.


Summary. The results of clinical and laboratory examination of 2964 children by the age from 9 days of life till 5 years who were hospitalized in Odessa Municipal Clinical Infectious Hospital with an «acute intestinal infection»diagnosis, for the period from December 2006 till December 2009 years are analyzed. In 40,9% of fecal samples by ELISA method the rotavirus group A were revealed. The high rate of rotavirus infection of children is present all day, and the greatest number of cases detected in the winter-spring period. The use of Enterogermina probiotic in complex therapy of children with rotavirus infection promotes more rapid disappearance of the main clinical symptoms of disease.

Key words: rotavirus infection, probiotic, Enterogermina.



Lokshina E. E., Zaitseva O. V.

New approaches in the treatment of recurrent respiratory infections in children.


Summary. The open comparative examination with the view of study the clinical efficacy and safety of «Bioaron C» preparation in the treatment of recurrent respiratory infections in children by the age from 3 to 16 years is presented. The results showed good efficacy, tolerability and safety of the drug in the treatment of ARD. Coursework therapy by preparation improves the appetite, speedy abolishment hyperthermic syndrome, reduces the frequency of ARD.

Key words: recurrent respiratory diseases, children, immunomodulating therapy, Bioaron C.



Заплатников А. Л.

Внебольничные пневмонии у детей: принципы диагностики и этиотропной терапии.




Senatorova A. S., Logvinova O. L.,. Basiuk M. A, Bashkirova N. V., Kryzhanovskaya E. N.

Initial empirical treatment of pneumonia in children: experience of use of «Cefodox».


Summary. It is studied the range of pneumonia agents in children, the sensitivity of sown flora on antibiotics in vitro is determined. It is demonstrated clinical efficacy of «Cefodox» in the treatment of pneumonia in children of different ages that allows recommend preparation in the complex treatment of this disease.

Key words: respiratory tract microflora, pneumonia, antibiotics, Cefodox.



Shadrin O. G., Polkovnichenko L. N.

Abnormalities correction of psychoemotional state in functional constipation at children of early age.


Summary. The article describes features of psychoemotional and vegetative state of children of early age with functional constipation. The analysis of vegetative nervous system in examined children has shown its dysfunction with predominance of sympatical nervous system with hypersympatical reactance. Correction of revealed abnormalities was conducted by preparation of glycin end magnum .

Key words: functional constipation, psychoemotional state, children, treatment.



Шадрин О. Г., Дюкарева-Безденежных С. В., Остапчук Т. Г., Грегуль Н. А.

Опыт применения сиропа «Пиковит» у детей раннего возраста с органическими заболеваниями кишечника.


Резюме. В статье представлены результаты положительного опыта применения сиропа «Пиковит» на фоне применения базисной терапии у детей в возрасте от 1-го года до 3-х лет с заболеваниями желудочно-кишечного тракта.

Ключевые слова: дети раннего возраста, гиповитаминоз, органическая патология кишечника, Пиковит.



Belousov Yu. V.

Lipid distress syndrome in digestive system diseases in children.


Summary. Questions of lipid exchange disturbance and it's effect on digestive system diseases are discussed. It is singed, that the most typical diseases of that group in children are cholelithiasis and fatty hepatosis. Gall-bladder cholesterosis in most cases is not diagnosed. Diagnostic criteria of lipid distress syndrome are performed. The significance of early recognition for the rational prescription of etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy is underscored.

Key words: children, digestive system diseases, lipid distress syndrome, diagnostic.



Borisenko M. I.

Pancreas condition in chronic inflammatory processes in the mucosa of gastro-duodenal zone and synthesis of clinical experience of treatment of combined pathology in children.


Summary. The results of complex clinical and paraclinical study of pancreas condition in 982 patients with chronic gastroduodenitis, in the age 7–15 years is presented. The frequent involvement to the pathological

process of the pancreas (46.03%) is established. It is diagnosed 9,8 % of children with chronic pancreatitis, 18,95 % — responsive pancreatitis, and 17,8% — dyspancreatism. A special feature of pancreatic disorders of chronic inflammatory processes in the mucosa of gastro-duodenal zone in children is that changes in it are formed slowly with a slow progression of the pathological process and low expressed clinical aspects. Changes in the pancreas require its timely identify, and also enzymes inclusion to the therapeutic complex which do not contain drugs with choleretic action. In the treatment of pancreas disorders in children with chronic inflammation process in the mucosa of gastro-duodenal zone was effective application of Mezym forte.

Key words: chronic gastroduodenitis, pancreas, dyspancreatism, responsive pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, treatment, children.



Hnateyko O. Z., Lychkovska O. L., Kulachkovska I. Ju.

Helicobacter pylori associated infection and functional dyspepsia in children.


Summary. Generally 1/3 cases of functional dyspepsia in children are associated with Helicobacter Pylori (Hp) infection. However, none clear recommendations concerning eradication therapy of these patients have been proposed today. Following events are of great value as reasons for antihelicobacter therapy: family history of Hp-associated problems of the stomach and duodenum, extragastrical manifestation of Hp-infection. On the other hand, taking into account high incidence of side effects of antihelicobacter therapy, less than 100% of its efficiency, reinfection possibilities, search of alternative methods of Hp-infection prevention and its control is live issue.

Key words: functional dyspepsia in children, Helicobacter Pylori associated infection.



Senatorova G. S., Dryl I. S., Andoneva N. M.

Pathological enzymuriya in children with dismetabolic nephropathy and chronic kidney disease.


Summary. The assessment of intracellular enzyme systems in children with chronic kidney disease was carried out. The levels of enzymes with different intracelullar location (γ-glutamyltransferase, succinate dehydrogenase in urine) was investigated. The elevated level of intracellular enzymes in urine was determined. It reflects tubular apparatus kidney damage and destruction of basal membranes of proximal renal tubules. It was proposed to use the level intracellular enzyme for diagnostics of early kidney functional disorders.

Key words: children, chronic kidney disease, γ-glutamyltransferase, succinate dehydrogenase.



Vakulenko L. I., Kondrat'ev V. O., Riznik T. K.

Etiologic structure of pyelonephritis by age and rational antibacterial therapy at children.


Summary. There have been analyzed 558 cases of pyelonephritis at children and teenagers aged 1–18 years with determination of contemporary age-dependent features of etiological structure, susceptibility and resistance of uropathogenes, that allows to appoint single-minded rational start antibacterial therapy without results of bacteriological investigation, especially in ambulatory conditions of treatment. There have been established the most effective combinations of antibacterial drugs depending upon the clinical course of the pyelonephritis and patients’ age.

Key words: children, teenagers, pyelonephritis, etiology, antibacterial therapy.



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