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Участники ІІ Всеукраинского конкурса рисунка среди детей с сахарным диабетом отпраздновали победу на Майдане Независимости.




Наказ N 296 від 19.05.2011 «Про внесення змін до наказу МОЗ України від 03.02.2006 № 48» .




Dyachuk D. D., Melnyk N. Yu., Sheiko M. S.

Features and the ways of child population care improvement attached to SSM «Scientific and practical center of preventive and clinical medicine» PAM.


Summary. The article highlights the problems in the medical field as a whole; the fetchers and the stages of pediatric service recovery in the medical management of PAM, achieving and the ways of further development.

Key words: specialized medical care, consultative and treatment center.



Yashchenko Yu. B., Kobets V. M.

Quality of infants' life that have been born with low and extremely small weight and measures on the organization of its improvement.


Summary. The analysis of modern condition of development problem of the infants who have been born with low and extremely small weight of body which are caused by medical factors that are formed on features of these infants in connection with their morphological and functional immaturity, and also the social factors connected with peculiarities of social and psychological adaptation of infant and his parents has been carried out.

Key words: infants, low birth weight, pathology of infants, morphological and functional immaturity.



Резолюция участников «круглого стола» «Профилактическое и лечебное применение мультипробиотиков в педиатрии и семейной медицине».




Moiseyeva G. V., Vasilyeva V. A., Bashkatova T. I.

Measles infection, measles vaccination, morbility among vaccinated.


Summary. Duration of protection from measles infection depends on the epidemiological efficacy vaccines that were used. This required monitoring on morbidity among vaccinated persons, taking into account the date of last vaccination, type of vaccine (mono or combined), the presence of infectious or somatic disease in the period after vaccination, compliance with immunization schedule.

Key words: мeasles, morbidity, safety, efficacy.



Костинов М. П., Магаршак О. О., Сулоева С. В., Тарасова А. А., Лукачев И. В., Кытько О. В., Рыжов А. А., Коровкина Т. И.

Перспективы включения вакцинации Пневмо-23 в национальный календарь прививок.




Kramarev S. A., Moschich A. P.

The results of study about effectiveness of preparation Aflubin during the acute resperatry infection in children.


Summary. The efficiency of the preparation Aflubin for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections in children is shown.

Key words: acute respiratory infections, children, prevention, Aflubin.



Baeshko G. I., Kislytsia V. N., Dudchak A. P., Smirnova T. V.

Arnold—Chiari syndrome in the pediatric clinical practice.


Summary. The article is devoted to cranio-vertebral malformation — Arnold—Chiari anomaly. The paper highlights frequency of detection, clinical, basic principles of diagnosis and treatment. The authors are describe their own clinical observation of the Arnold—Chiari syndrome in adolescents and especially its diagnosis.

Key words: inborn defects of the nervous system, Arnold—Chiari syndrome, vertebro-basylar failure, children.



Sinchuk N. I., Skaletskaya O. N., Yakubich S. G., Yurchak Z. P., Grinevich E. V., Prishlyak R. P., Korzh V. I., Garyga N. A., Markevitch A. A., Garashchuk L. L.

Experience of use of Lexin (cefalexin) in the practice of district pediatrician.


Summary. The efficacy of Lexin in the treatment of children with an outpatient setting is shown.

Key words: tonsillopharyngitis, antibiotic therapy, Lexin.



Vashchilin G. V., Gagalovskaya L. A., Gnativ M. M., Tandura N. G., Zagorulko T. D., Zaitseva L. M., Martynyuk G. I.

Revisited inborn rubella — case from practice.


Summary. Rubella is an acute contagious viral exanthem. Its agent — an RNA virus — has teratogenic effect. The disease may be severe, light and asymptomatic in pregnant women. Transplacental contamination is possible in any of the disease forms. Contamination during the first eight weeks of pregnancy leads to fetal infection in 30–80% of cases. With higher gestational age the risk of congenital rubella reduces. The major birth defects because of rubella are congenital heart defects, eye defects and deafness. Prevention of congenital rubella syndrome is possible only by vaccination.

Key words: Rubella, RNA virus, pregnancy, teratogenic effect, congenital rubella syndrome, specific antibodies IgG, IgM, avidity, vaccination.



Bobrovitsky A. І., Glazkova L. H.

Optimization of the general reactive potential of the organism at pupils of children's homes.


Summary. In article results of optimization of the general reactive potential of an organism at 44 pupils of children's home are presented. It is established that preparation use «Septilin» for the purpose of preventive maintenance of infectious diseases at pupils of children's home promoted rising of nonspecific resistance of an organism and has allowed to provide fastness to infectious diseases.

Key words: pupils of children's home, general reactive potential, Septilin.



Savelyeva-Kulyk N. O., Smiyan A. I., Moshich A. P., Bynda T. P., Sichnenko P. I., Romaniuk O. K., Vasyleva E. G.

Efficacy of the zinc sulfate use in the treatment of autonomic-vascular dysfunction in descendants of liquidators of the Chernobyl accident.


Summary. The efficacy and safety of the zinc sulfate use as a replacement therapy in microelemental disorder and vegetative-vascular dysfunction in descendants of liquidators of the Chornobyl accident was studied. The study results allows to recommend the introduction of zinc sulfate in the treatment scheme of autonomic-vascular disorders in descendants of liquidators of the Chornobyl accident under the conditions previously diagnosed low zinc levels in blood plasma.

Key words: autonomic-vascular dysfunction, providing of trace elements, blood plasma, the descendants of liquidators of the Chornobyl accident consequences.



Marushko Yu. V., Moshkina T. V., Al' Nazhar M. A.

Therapeutic measures at atsetonemic syndrome in children.


Summary. The problem of atsetonemic syndrome (AS) therapy in the modern Pediatrics is presented in the work. BioGaia ORS is effective and safety complex and can be used in the treatment of AS in children.

Key words: atsetonemic syndrome, combined therapy, oral rehydration solution, BioGaia ORS.



Frolova T., Okhapkina O., Stenkovaya N., Leontieva F.

Treatment of osteopenic disorders in children with connective tissue dysmorfogenesis.


Summary. Peculiarities of osteopenia formation in children with fibrillogenesis disorders have been studied. Complex of therapeutic ways which included it's correction in children and adolescents has been worked out. It was proved that therapy in children with connective tissue dysplasy should start from medicines which influence on collagenogenesis and then medicines which contain calcium should be prescribed.

Key words: children, osteopenia, connective tissue dysplasy, correction.



Юдин Валерий

Фитотерапия: прошлое, настоящее и будущее.




Klymenko V. A., Sirenko T. V., Khotsenko A. A.

Influence of mother's tobacco smoking on health of young-age children.


Summary. The marker of passive tobacco smoking is concentration of cyanide's metabolite (thiocyanate) in a serum of a newborn. It is proved, that children, born from the smoking mothers, have some deviation in their physical development both in neonatal period and during the 1st year of life. The peculiarity of the neuropsychical development of these children is the lag in 2–3 epicrisis's terms according to the Wechsler scale with the use of the coefficient QD. The direct connection between the physical and neuropsychical development has been established. The body's length had the closest correlation with the QD. The morbidity of the children who were born from smoking mothers is higher. The neurological disorders, acute respiratory diseases, pneumonia, hypotrophy are dominant in the structure of the morbidity. The threshold value of thiocyanate (which caused pathology) is 3,64±0,52mg/l in a serum of newborn.

Key words: tobacco smoking, children, physical development, neuropsychical development, morbidity.



Korneva V. V., Kurilo L. V., Kozachuk V. G., Boyarskaya E. А., Kapichina M. А.

Efficiency assessment of Atoxyl enterosorbent in complex treatment of ascaris lumbricoides infestation among children.


Summary. Article presents results of research on fourth generation enterosorbent named Atoxyl in complex treatment of ascaris lumbricoides infestation among children. The research discovered high therapeutic efficiency and acceptability of Atoxyl. The results of the research allow to recommend Atoxyl for use in complex treatment of helminth infestation, including ascaris lumbricoides infestation among infants.

Key words: helminth, tapeworms, ascaris lumbricoides infestation, infants, children, enterosorption, Atoxyl.



Балясинская Г. Л., Люманова С. Р., Ланда Р. И.

Значение мукоактивной терапии в лечении острых синуситов у детей.


Sulіma Е. G, Efendієva G. B., Tіschenko V. K.

Features thermal stability of proteins of blood plasma in premature infants with very low body weight.


Summary. The study of thermal stability of proteins of blood plasma in 24 newborns with gestational age (GA) 24–32 weeks, weighing from 700 to 1500 established that the favorable early neonatal period for infants of this weight category is characterized by light scattering values rise at 350 nm. Decrease as the optical density conjugate with an unfavorable clinical course.

Key words: infants with very low birth weight, intraventricular hemorrhage, thermal stability of proteins.



Kondrachuk O. S., Yalynska T. A., Tammo R., Yershova Y. B., Rokyska N. V., Rudenko N. M.

MRI diagnosis of myocardial lesions associated with congenital heart disease: late enhancement technique.


Summary. The article demonstrated the results of examination of 27 patients with congenital heart disease (15 operated patients, 12 unoperated patients), using late enhancement technique. Late enhancement MRI allow to detect the regions of non-viable myocardium in this category of patients.

Key words: myocardial lesions associated with congenital heart disease, MRI diagnosis, late enhancement technique.



Prokhorov E. V., Ostrowskiy I. M., Belskaya E. A., Tolstikova E. A., Hodanich N. A., Hilinskaya I. A.

Efficacy of use of «Bioaron C ®» in the treatment of acute and recurrent bronchitis in children.


Summary. The article presents the results of different treatment options of acute bronchitis and exacerbation of recurrent bronchitis in 48 patients aged 5–15 years. It is shown the greater efficacy in the treatment group of children who, along with traditional therapy received fitodrug «Bioaron C», which has immunocorrective properties. The positive effect of the drug due to its potentiating effect on the functional activity of T-cell immunity and anti-inflammatory effect is described.

Key words: acute bronchitis, recurrent bronchitis, Bioaron C, children.



Yulish E. I., Yaroshenko S. Ya., Abilova E. I.

Acute respiratory infections in frequently and chronically sick children according to the seasons.


Summary. The article discusses the possible causes of the enhanced frequency of acute respiratory diseases in the group of children with high incidence of acute respiratory infections in summer. The approach to the prophylaxis of frequent acute respiratory diseases in this cohort of children using the antiviral medicine «Flavozidum» was grounded. It's clinical-immunological efficiency has been proved.

Key words: children, that get sick frequently and protractedly, prophylaxis, summer, Flavozidum.



Strizh V. O., Kostromina V. P.

Effectiveness of antibinflammatory preparation «Inspiron» during the treatment of acute recurb rent bronchitis in children.


Summary. The aim of study was to estimate the appropriateness of including the preparation «Inspiron sirup 2 mg / 1 ml» to the scheme of treatment of acute recurrent bronchitis (RB) in children in the age from 3 to 14 years. Against the background of the use of preparation the best treatment effect was marked. Positive impact of Inspiron on the course of RB characterized by more rapid recovery of the parameters of nonspecific defense and detoxification system, which was confirmed by morphometric studies of neutrophilic granulocytes system. During the application of Inspiron the adverse reactions and intolerance of the drug was not observed that allows us recommend it to optimize the standard regimen of RB treatment, to increase its effectiveness in clinical and ambulatory practice of pediatricians, pediatric pulmonologists and allergists.

Key words: recurrent bronchitis, children, Inspiron.



Nezgoda I. I., Onofriychuk O. S., Bodnaryuk O. V., Kolesnik A. M., Yuzhanina V. M., Nikulchenko O. V.

Analysis of antibiotic sensitivity of enterobacteriaceae strains, pointed out in children with acute intestinal infections to the cephalosporin antibiotics of the III generation Cefixime.


Summary. The sensitivity of the most common pathogens of acute intestinal infections in children to the oral cephalosporin of the III generation cefixime is studied. Pelleted cephalosporin cefixime shows high inhibitory effects on pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic enterobacteriaceae, which allows us recommend its use as etiotropic monotherapy during the treatment of children with mild and medium-weight course of AII and in the form of sequential therapy in severe disease.

Key words: acute intestinal infections, pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic enterobacteriaceae, etiotropec therapy, oral cephalosporins, cefixime.



Abaturov A. E., Gerasimenko O. N.

Expression TLR4 and TLR-accessory molecules in children with chronic gastroduodenitis.


Summary. The article presents data on peculiarities of the expression of TLR4 in biopsies of gastric mucosa and the content of sCD14 in the serum of children with chronic gastroduodenitis associated with H. pylori in the acute stage. Shown that development in children of chronic gastroduodenitis associated with H. pylori, accompanied by increased expression of gastric mucosa in TLR4, which is a key sensor for LPS H. pylori, and low sCD14.

Key words: chronic gastroduodenitis, children, Helicobacter pylori, TLR4, sCD14.



Glyadelova N. P., Boyarskaya E. A., Kapichina M. A.

The use of Omez proton pump inhibitor in the therapy of destructive diseases of gastroduodenal zone of helicobacter etiology in children.


Summary. Article is devoted to the use of modern antisecretory preparation «Omez» in the schemes of therapy of destructive antihelicobacter gastroduodenal zone diseases in children. The review of the literature devoted to the modern approaches to antihelicobacter therapy, pharmacological properties of preparations of proton pump inhibitors is conducted. Analysis of the literature data and own clinical results of use of Оmez in condition of the ternary antihelicobacter therapy in children with erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastric and duodenal ulcers associated with Helicobacter pylori, proved its efficacy and safety in these patients.

Key words: peptic ulcer disease, children, erosive gastroduodenitis, Helicobacter pylori, proton pump blockers, Omez.



Shadrin O. G., Basaraba N. M., Chernega N. F.

The structure and characteristics of the course of liver disease in infants.


Summary. The article describes the structure and features of the course of liver disease in infants, according to the results of hospital statistics. Analysis of data requires further study to develop a diagnostic criterion for hepatic lesions, taking into account the cause and the significant factors in this age group.

Key words: infants, structure of the course, liver.



Бовбель И. Э., Малюгин В. Ю.

Иберогаст® в лечении функциональной диспепсии и хронического гастрита у детей и подростков.




Banaduga N. V., Dutchak O. M., Rogalskij I. O., Banaduga A. I., Jatskiv O. N.

Pancreatitis insufficiency in children with pathology of digestive system.


Summary. 107 patients with chronic gastroduodenal and hepatobiliary pathology aged 3 to 18 children. Specific methods of the investigation were used: provocative with proserin, determination of level of elastase-1, interleukine-6, crioglobulins in blood. In 51,95% patients pancreatitis insufficiency of functional character was diagnosed, to what testified: physiological or «ascending» types of curves of amylase in combination with the normal level of elastase-1 in blood. In 48,05% cases of investigated patients was set relative pancreatitis insufficiency, by proof what the exposed were: pathological types of curves of amylase have high indexes of elastase-1, interleukine -6, crioglobulins in blood. Functional and subclinical types of pancreas, exocrin function insufficiency were established in children with chronic gastroduodenal and hepatobiliary pathology.

Key words: exocrin function, pancreas, children.



Chernega N. V., Denisova M. F.

Experience of «Enerliv» medication use among children with chronical viral hepatitis B and C.


Summary. The results are presented on efficiency of «Enerliv» medication (Berlin-Hemi Menarini, Germany) use in complex therapy of chronical viral hepatitis B and C among children of 12 years old and more. Pharmacological features, detected in clinical trials and absence of toxical effect recommend use of Enerliv medication in complex therapy of children with chronical viral hepatitis.

Key words: children, chronical viral hepatitis, treatment, esential phospholipids, Enerliv.



Kryuchko T. A., Nesina I., Rumyantsev M.

Strategy for treatment of chronic viral hepatitis in children at the present stage.


Summary. The article presents an analysis of current scientific literature on treatment of chronic viral hepatitis in children. In this study raises controversial questions of protocol treatment of chronic hepatitis in childhood and long-term solutions to improve the effectiveness of treatment and control of the disease.

Key words: children, chronic hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis C treatment.



Bodnar G. B.

Research of immunity at patients with helikobakter-associated by gastroduodenum pathology to the children.


Summary. Immunological research is conducted a patient on helicobacterassociated gastroduodenum pathology to the children. Set distinguishing immunological indexes as compared to similar for practically healthy children.

Key words: children, gastroduodenum pathology, immunity, Helicobacter pylori.



Dudnik V. M., Rudenko G. M.

Clinical-endoscopic characteristic of the children with chronical gastroduodenal pathology, associated with cytotoxic samples of Helicobacter pylori.


Summary. In this article presented data of clinical examination of 175 children in the age 7–17 years, with chronical gastroduodenal pathology, associated with Helicobacter pylori. Cytotoxic samples of Helicobacter pylori were found due to immune-enzyme analyze in 48,57% of the patients with chronical gastroduodenal and gastritis. We had estimated, that 84,00% of children with erosive and 80,95% with nodular chronical gastroduodenitis, gastritis were infected CagA(+) samples of Helicobacter pylori. In childrens groups intected with CagA(+) samples of Helicobacter pylori were observed more than manifested signs of pain, dyspeptic and astenizatiory syndromes.

Key words: chronical gastroduodenal pathology, сytotoxic samples of Helicobacter pylori, children.



Gishchak T. V., Marushko Yu. V., Turitsina L. A.

Application of «Panzynorm 10 000» for exocrine pancreatic deficiency correction in school-aged children.


Summary. The problem of diagnosis of pancreatic diseases and correction of exocrine pancreatic deficiency in children is one of the most difficult in pediatric gastroenterology. Secondary reduction of digestive activity of pancreatic cancer occurs more frequently than secondary, and can occur in different diseases of gastrointestinal tract. Causes of secondary disorders of pancreas digestive functions are varied, among them associated pathology of the alimentary canal. The aim of the work was a synthesis of the literature data and own observations against diagnosis of pancreas exocrine deficiency in children and definition of the ways for their correction.

Key words: school-age children, diseases of the pancreas, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Panzynorm 10 000.



Buriak V. N.

Nutrition care during the atopic dermatitis in children from the first year of life. Tactics and strategy.


Summary. The experience of use of hypoallergenic milk formula «Humana HA1» and «Humana HA2» by company «Humana» (Germany) in the complex treatment of children with atopic dermatitis and onset of intestinal dysbiosis is shown. Results of the study allow recommend the appointment of this priority of present milk formula for the prevention and treatment of atopic dermatitis with intestinal dysbiosis in children from the first year of life, without concomitant use of probiotics and antibiotics.

Key words: children of the first year of life, atopic dermatitis, Intestinal dysbiosis, hypoallergenic milk formula, Humana HA1, Humana HA2.



Dutchak A. M., Synoverska O. B.

Pecularities allergic sensibilization in children with atopic dermatitis.


Summary. The literature data and our own research due to prevalence of allergic sensibilization to different groups of allergens in children with atopic dermatitis was shown in this article. Clinical criteria of the diagnosis and disease severity, partialary physical examination with the calculation of SCORAD index, frequency, duration and amount of exacerbations per year, duration of remission, effect from therapy. Levels of total and specific IgE were determined by chemiluminescence method. Statistical analysis showed correlation between IgE and severity duration of disease. It was confirmed that first type of allergic reaction by Gell – Koombs is the main in pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis. Significant role of food, epidermal, pollen, fungi, borne allergens in pathogenesis of the disease was estimated.

Key words: children, atopic dermatitis, allergic sensіbilization, allergens.



Protsyuk T. L., Tocarchuk N. I., Protsyuk L. A., Chirkа О. V., Surkovа N. M., Kotsur L. D.

Forecasting health status of children with earliest manifestations of atopic dermatitis.


Summary. The prognosis of early manifestations of atopic dermatitis depends on the quality of supervision, the adequacy of the antiallergic activities and severity of clinical manifestations of the pathological process of the skin. Immune status of children with severe and moderate atopic dermatitis characterized by decreased levels of total IgG, giperimmunoglobulinemiey E, low IgA in patients over the age of 6 months. In severe and moderate atopic dermatitis indicated a significant delay in timing of vaccination in children. In mild atopic dermatitis in most of the children's vaccination is decreed in terms. Vaccination of children with early manifestation of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis should be carried out during the period of remission on the background preparation. Preparations for the vaccination can inculcate children with severe atopic dermatitis without any side effects and pronounced exacerbation of the pathological process.

Key words: atopic dermatitis, children, specific IgE, vaccination.



Antypkin Yu. G., Radchenko N. A.

Effect of probiotics «Apibakt» on condition of intestinal tract biocenosis and immunity in children.


Summary. The condition of intestinal tract biocenosis in children suffering from non-specific respiratory diseases is studied. The usefulness of the inclusion of multiprobiotic «Apibakt» in the scheme of secondary prevention in patients with respiratory diseases to restore the normal microflora and immune-modulating effects is proved.

Key words: frequently sick children, intestinal microflora, dysbacteriosis, secondary prevention, multiprobiotic, Apibakt.



Odynetz Yu. V., Golovachova V. A., Zovskiy V. N.

Content of chemical elements of blood and hair in children with chronic pyelonephritis and dismetabolic nephropathy.


Summary. In 97 children the chemical elements of blood and hair were examined for improvement of early diagnostics of chronic pyelonephritis and dismetabolic nephropathy. The carried out research has shown that changes of macro- and microelements content in blood and hair are dependent on severity and duration of disease.

Key words: microelements, blood, hair, pyelonephritis, dismetabolic nephropathy, children.



Gurkin Yu. A.

Phased treatment of nonspecific vulvovaginites in girls.


Summary.The paper presents a differential approach to the treatment of nonspecific vulvovaginites in girls taking into consideration stage of the disease, patient s age and dysbiosis severity. The so-called rehabilitation stage is considered to be one of the main stages for preserving reproductive potential of girls.

Key words: a girl, nonspecific vulvovaginitis, vaginal biocenosis, local therapy, Polygynax® Virgo.



Mamenko M. Ye., Belykh N. A.

Iodine deficiency and endocrine disruptors impact on the goiter development in children.


Summary. The impact of the main goitergenes on the development of the non-toxic goiter in children in Eastern Ukraine is analyzed in the article. It deals with some results of the 30-cluster survey of the prevalence of IDD in Luhansk Region (WHO/ICCIDD/UNISEF, 2001, 2007). We've found out the mild level of iodine deficiency in all parts of Region and moderate level of goiter prevalence. The rate of goiter in urban clusters correlated with the level of atmosphere endocrine disruptors at the different parts of the big industrial cities. It was demonstrated that coexisting iodine deficiency and severe environmental conditions at the industrial cities can impair thyroid function in children. The conclusion was made that normalization of iodine supplementation can improve thyroid function in children at the area with the multiple-factor goiter development.

Key words: iodine deficiency, endemic goitre, endocrine disruptors, children.



Кожарі Юрію Олександровичу — 60 .




Овчаренко Леониду Сергеевичу — 60 .




Коренєву Миколі Михайловичу — 80.