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Інформаційний лист про проведення X Ювілейної Всеукраїнської конференції з міжнародною участю «Імунопрофілактика та імунотерапія в педіатрії».


Moiseenko R. A., Sokolovskaya Ya. I., Kulchitskaia T. K., Bukhanovskaia T. M.



Analysis and trend of child morbidity of Ukraine.


Summary. The morbidity and prevalence of diseases among the child population of Ukraine in the dynamics of 5 years: 2005-2009 is analyzed.

Key words: morbidity, prevalence of disease, child population.



Golubov O. P., Lefevre-Cholay Helene

Overview of improved care perspectives for infants with low body wieght at birth by means of Kangaroo Mother Care method.


Summary. The article presents the overview of practices that improve care for low birth weight babies by means of evidence-based Kangaroo Mother Care method (KMC). The Conference on KMC method was help in Kiev on May 19, 2010 with the participation of internationally recognized expert Dr. Natalie Charpak opened up new perspectives of low-weight babies' care by means of KMC method in Ukraine. Meta-analysis demonstrated that survival rate of low-weight babies < 2000 g. in KMC method increases by 51% compared to the traditional care.

Key words: low birth weight babies, Kangaroo Mother Care method, premature babies.



Detsyk O. Z., Koltsova N. I., Mamchura M. V.

Analysis of age peculiarities of children invalidization.


Summary. Results of medical and social study of social and economic factors of 500 families with handicapped-children of Ivano-Frankivsk region are presented in the article. Main reasons of children's primary disability (60%) are diseases of nervous system, psychiatric disorders and congenital anomaly, deformations and chromosome diseases. More than 30% of children's disability is caused by diseases of ear, eye and musculoskeletal system, endocrine disorders, digestive disorders, lung diseases. Boys more common have disability than girls. Predominance in the structure of primary disability of preschool children diseases of nervous system, psychiatric disorders and congenital anomaly evidence of defects in medical care of women during pregnancy and delivery, and also on defects in children's patronage. Part of acquired disease's in the structure of primary disability enlargement with age. This is an evidence of defects of early detection and clinical examination of children.

Key words: handicapped-children, structure of children's disability, invalidisation, dynamics of disability.



Okhotnikova E. N., Bondarenko L. V., Shestakova O. S., Demyanenko D. V.

This banal child cold … Or may be it is allergic rhinitis?


Summary. The current recommendations (revision 2007) for recognizing of allergic rhinitis at children, its complications and comorbidities, and also of its medical treatment — very important questions for pediatricians of multiply types are present in the article. Great attention is paid to peculiarities of pharmacotherapy of allergic rhinitis at children with emphasis on the specifics of endonasal corticosteroids (fluticasone propionate — Nasofan). The necessity of cautious attitude to the use of local decongestants in children is highlighted.

Key words: allergic rhinitis, diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, glucocorticosteroids, children, Nasofan.



Пампура А. Н., Смирнова М. О., Ружицкая Е. А., Виноградова Т. В.

Результаты исследования эффективности и безопасности препарата Биоарон С у часто болеющих детей.




Спичак Т. В.

Диагностика и лечение тонзиллитов у детей с позиций доказательной медицины.


Резюме. В статье основное внимание уделено проблемам этиологической диагностики острого тонзиллита у детей в нашей стране и за рубежом, а также принципам обоснованной антибактериальной терапии, представленням в современных руководствах, и методам профилактики.

Ключевые слова: дети, острый тонзиллит, диагностика, лечение, профилактика.



Korenev М. М., Kashina V. L.

The peculiarities in the development at early stages of childhood of children whose parents were exposed to radiation owing to the Chernobyl disaster.


Summary. Some factors of perinatal anamnesis and further development at early stages of childhood were examined in 100 children whose parents were exposed to radiation in their Childhood on account of Chernobyl catastrophe. There was established a high percentage of pregnancy pathological course, including combination of several pathologies during pregnancy. Deviations in the course of childbirth were manifested by weakness in labour activity with forced carrying out medical stimulation, which caused in infants the CNS perinatal damage. It was revealed that children from the families of the exposed parents were characterized by early formation of the groups with frequently ailing children and hereditary tainted allergologic anamnesis.

Key words: descendants of the exposed parents, perinatal anamnesis, frequently ailing children, allergy.



Yulish Ye. I., Yaroshenko S. Ya.

Frequent respiratory diseases of the infants and persistent infections.


Summary. The study of the effectiveness of the therapy, pointed at the inhibition of the persistent agents replication, was made according to the data about the impact of the intracellular persistent agents upon the developing of the group of the children with recurrent respiratory diseases. The impact of this kind of therapy on the health of the children with frequent acute respiratory diseases was studied. The clinicotherapeutic effectiveness of this metod of treatment and rehabilitation was proven.

Key words: children, recurrent respiratory infections, treatment.



Vashchenko L. V., Patenko A. M., Kovalskaya Ya. P., Sinkovskaya N. A., Gunja G. S., Sin'kovskaya O. A., Gaiduk E. V., Bondar' O. A., Kalashnikova S. Yu. Voronova G. L.

Old problems in the new millennium: anorexia.


Summary. Experience of use of herbal preparation «BON-APPETITE» at children at the age 4–17 years with various combinations of associated functional disorders (functional dyspepsia in conjunction with the hypotonic form of biliary tract dysfunction, vegetative dysfunction, dysbiosis, and functional constipation) is shown. The inclusion of «BON-APPETITE» preparation in the therapy of this pathology allow normalize eating behavior, significantly improve the appetite and normalize the frequency of stool, reduce the functional disorders of the biliary tract and positive impact at intestine biocaenosis. The preparation has a good tolerance, good taste, that it is important for Compliance achievement, does not cause side effects, including children with complicated allergenic anamnesis.

Key words: functional dyspepsia, dysfunction of the biliary tract, dysbiosis, functional constipation, appetite, children, «BON-APPETITE» herbal preparation.



Kuznecov S. V., Zharkova T. S.

Significance of prostaglandins in form of clinical course shigellosis in children.


Summary. The levels of prostaglandin E and prostaglandin F2 in the blood serum in young children ill with shigellosis have been investigated. The connection between the indexes during acute phase and type of shigellosis course has been discovered.

Key words: children, shigellosis, prostaglandins.



Оkhоtnikоvа Е. N., Sharikаdzе Е. V., Pоnоchеvnа Е. V., Tkachova T. N., Shklyarskка G. V., Sеmеnеnkо L. V.

Reasons of development and possibility of therapy of аsthеnic vegetative syndrome in children and adolescents: look of paediatrician.


Summary. In the article data of modern literature are represented about essence of аsthenic vegetative syndrome in the children of senior agedependent groups. There are classification and differential diagnosis. There are discussed principles of treatment and the differentiated approaches to medicinal therapy. Examination showed that Tenoten had distinct stabilizing and nootropic activity and improved parameters of autonomaic homeostasis. These data permit to recommend Child Tenoten for monotherapy of autonomic dysfunction in children and adolescents.

Key words: asthenic vegetative syndrome, diagnostics, medicinal therapy, children, adolescents.



Оmelchenko L. I., Oshlyanska O. A.

To the question about arthralgias in children.


Summary. Іn this article were discussed basic mechanisms of occurrence be sick in joints at children with good-quality family joints hypermobility syndrome and way of pain decrease. The given researches of efficiency analgesic action of Аssalix at children with arthralgias that are resulted hypermobility syndrome, which allow to recommend this preparation for wide application in such cases.

Key words: children, hypermobility syndrome, arthralgias, Аssalix.



Студеникин В. М., Шарков С. М.

Рекомендации по воспитанию санитарно-гигиенических навыков у детей раннего возраста.




Meshkova O. M., Parkhomenko L. K.

Features of health status of youth and the ways of its conservation in conditions of «Clinic, youth-friendly».


Summary. There is a crisis situation with the health of adolescents and young people examined in Ukraine — incidence rate of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV / AIDS, the number of unwanted pregnancies, tobacco use, alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances. For provision of affordable, qualitative and effective, «youth friendly» health services of this category of population it is necessary to expand the network of «Clinic, youth-friendly», including rural areas, continue training of professionals for work in such establishments.

Key words: health of adolescent and youth, comprehensive medical and psychological care, Clinic, youth- friendly.



Nedel'ko V. P., Kaminskaya T. N., Rudenko S. A., Skiban G. V., Pinchuk L. P.

The ways of health stiffening of school age children.


Summary. The examination of the health status of schoolchildren by the example of two schools in Kiev city is carried out; it is studied the possibility of rehabilitation of children in school. There were under observed 1645 children. The results of examination give evidence of significant decline of physical development, somatic and psychological status, and adaptation possibilities during academic years. Working-out and implement of preventive-health measures in the schools have improved the health outcomes of children and reduce the number of passes on the lessons for the reason disease.

Key words: schoolchildren, health, functional status, health measure.



Pipa L. V., Filyk A. V., Piluiko N. V., Dobrovolsky L. O., Astachova G. F., Kovalchuk O. V., Popova O. G.

Features and dynamics of common adaptive reactions of organism at children with recurrent bronchitis.


Summary. In article the results of stady of adaptation mechanisms on basis of valuation of general adaptation reaction ( stress, training, activation ) in children with recidivism bronchitis, who were treated in sanatorium « South Coast» were treated.

Key words: recidivism bronchitis, children, adaptation reactions.



Yulish E. I., Vakulenko S. I.

The complex clinico-laboratory symptoms of the recurrent obstructive bronchitis with intracellular pathogenes in infants. An efficacy of the differentiated therapy.


Summary. 117 four years children, suffering from obstructive bronchitis, were under supervision. Frequency of infecting with intracellular pathogens was determined for these children. Manifestation of the disease, level of IgE, IL-1, IL-2, IL-4, IL-10 are compared in the research. Genesis of interferon according to infecting is studied.

Key words: obstructive bronchitis, intracellular infections, children.



Ермакова И. Н.

Эффективность препарата Флюдитек при лечении острых респираторных инфекций у часто болеющих детей.




Nagornaya N. V., Bordyugova E. V., Baeshko G. I., Chetverik N. A., Logvinenko N. G., Bezhok N. V., Kislitsa V. N.

Complex correction of functional disorders of digestive tract at infunts and preschool age children by one phitopreparation.


Summary. The data of the efficacy and safety of «Iberogast» phytopreparation in the treatment of infants and preschool age children with different types of functional disorders of the digestive system are present in the work. Positive influence of Iberogast on the health and condition of patients – disappearance of pain and dyspeptic syndromes, improvement of psycho-emotional condition, sleep, and physiological items are proved. Inclusion of Iberogast increases the efficacy of treatment and rehabilitation programs, enhances long-term conservation and quality of remission. Efficacy, safety, reasonable price of Iberogast make it the drug of choice among children, starting with infants. Comparative analysis of 14 — and 21-day course of treatment allow consider optimal 21-day duration of therapy.

Key words: infants and preschool age children, functional disorders of the digestive tract, Iberogast.



Lukushkina E. F., Lazareva T. S., Vlasova I. N., Netrebenko O. K., Zhvania F. F., Kutilova N. V.

Effect of «Nestogen 1» milk formula with prebiotics on intestical microflora of infants.


Summary. The comparative analysis of infant «Nestogen 1» milk formula enriched by prebiotics and casein-predominant mixture without prebiotics is carried out. The results are shown that the enrichment of the mixture «Nestogen 1» by prebiotics contribute to positive changes in the composition of intestinal microflora and reduce of functional disorders development at child. The use of infant formula "Nestogen 1 is one of the ways of digestive comfort securing of infants who are at the artificial feeding.

Key words: infants, artificial feeding, intestine microbiocenosis disorders intestine, adapted milk formula with prebiotics, Nestogen 1.



Korneva V. V., Kozachuk V. G., Boyarskaya E. A., Kapichina M. A.

Biosporin-Biopharm usage in the treatment of chronic constipations at children.


Summary. The clinical efficacy of the drug "Biosporin" at children by the age from 1 till 15 years with chronic constipation was investigated. The high efficacy and good tolerability is shown. Inclusion of Bisporin to the complex therapy of chronic constipation permit to optimize treatment of this generalized condition.

Key words: children, dysbiosis, chronic constipation, probiotics, Biosporin.



Volosyanko A. B., Khodan V. V., Lembryk I. S., Caruk L. Y.

Characteristic of functional condition of the liver in patients with chronic cholecyctocholangitis.


Summary. Investigation of the functional condition of liver in patients with chronic cholecystocholangitis is necessary constituent of modern schemes of diagnostics and treatment of the disease. We examined 84 children 9—14 years old with chronic cholecystocholangitis. In the clinic of disease the displays of abdominal pain and intoxication prevailed. The signs of cytolic syndrome are verified in 1,2% patients, mesenchymatic-inflammatory syndrome — in 2,3% children, symptoms of cholestasis — in 11,9% patients. From data of sonography the diagnosis of chronic involvements of liver is confirmed in 23,8% children with chronic cholecystocholangitis. Initial signs of portal hypertension were observed in 1,2% patients with more severe course of the disease.

Key words: chronic cholecystocholangitis, functional condition of the liver, children, biochemical syndromes, sonography.



Chernega N. V., Denisova M. F., Beba Yu. V.

Biliary tract dysfunctions at children and its correction.


Summary. The effectiveness of «Ursofalk» application in the form of suspension as a means of pathogenetic therapy at children of different age with dyskinesia secondary to GIT comorbidity is shown.

Key words: children, dyskinesia, Ursofalk suspension.



Bodnar A. B.

Сliniko-genealogical and morphfunctional features of a current of diseases gastroduodenal areas at children.


Summаry. Is spent clinical inspection of 637 children with gastroduodenal a pathology. Differences of a clinical current are established, is dependent on weight and duration of disease. Features of inheritance of diseases gastroduodenal areas at children are studied.

Key words: children, gastroduodenum a pathology, features.



Belousova O. Yu., Sadchikov V. D.

Morphological description of chronic nonspecific nonulcerated colitis in children.


Summary. Features of morphology picture of mucous membrane in chronic nonspecific nonulcerated colitis in children are investigated. It was shown, that in most cases chronic nonspecific nonulcerated colitis proceeds as atrophic process with various activity. Possibilities of morphological and endoscopy (rectoscopy) researches were compared with each other in diagnostics of bowel inflammatory process. It was signed that morphological research should be realized only with concrete reasons in special medical organizations.

Key word: chronic nonspecsific nonulcerated colitis, morphological reseachre, children.



Unich N. K., Stepanova N. V., Koroleva V. A.

Prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis at infunts with the use of Sudocrem.


Summary. The data about the clinic, treatment and prevention of diaper dermatitis at infants is presented. The high efficacy of Sudocrem is shown.

Key words: infants, diaper dermatitis, Sudocrem preparation.



Lezhenko G. A.

Use of «Aqualan L» moisturising cream in the treatment of atopic dermatitis at children.


Summary. The effectiveness of moisturizing cream «Aqualan L» (Orion Pharma, Finland) in the treatment of atopic dermatitis at children is carried out in the work. It is proved that this cream was well tolerated by patients and has no side effects and complications; it contributes to the systematic use of positive dynamics of clinical picture of atopic dermatitis and improvement of disease in future.

Key words: atopic dermatitis, children, treatment, Aqualan L.



Volosovets A. P., Krivopustov S. P., Karulina Yu. V.

Combined pharmacotherapy of functional dyspensia at children of older age.


Summary. Experience of use of «Omez D» preparation produced by «Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd» in the treatment of functional dyspepsia at children in the age 12–16 years is shown. The results of examinations allow highly estimate the efficacy and safety of «Omez D» preparation and recommend it for widespread use in the treatment of functional dyspepsia at older children.

Key words: older children, functional dyspepsia, Omez D.



Markevich V., Tarasova I., Turova L.

Clinical and epidemiological features of intrauterine growth retardation of fetus.


Summary. Analysis of 3338 case records of newborns, which were on treatment in department of pathology of newborns and department of premature of Sumy Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (SRCCH) in 2006–2008 years was made. IGR was diagnosed in 348 full term & 177 premature newborns. As a result of research 3 main groups of reasons which caused IGR were identified. Provided that IGR formed on the background of burdened premorbid state and pregnancy complications. For newborns with IGR peculiar high sickness rate and low adaptive capabilities during neonatal period.

Key words: intrauterine growth retardation of fetus, newborn, pregnancy.



Yankovskyi D. S., Shirobokov V. P., Moiseenko R. A., Volosovets A. P., Krivopustov S. P., Dyment G. S.

Dysbiosis and modern approaches of their prevention.


Summary. The role of the microbial ecology of host body in maintaining its homeostasis is extremely diverse. In human organism, there is no single authority, no single biochemical process, a single function, which would not take a direct or indirect involvement of symbiotic bacteria, therefore the disorders of microbial ecosystems, which are grouped under the term «dysbiosis» (dysbacterioses»), can cause to a cascade of serious pathological changes in the human body. Prophylactic use of probiotics is one of the perspective methods for improvement of the population without the use of potent drugs. The attractiveness of the method of probiotic prophylaxis with the use of domestic multiprobiotics (of «Symbiter®» group) on the basis of physiological bacteria is due to their safety and ease of use. Multiprobiotic have a positive effect as on the organism in whole so to individual organs and systems, characterized by the absence of side effects and addiction with prolonged use.

Key words: microbial ecology, macro-and symbiotic microorganisms, dysbiosis, probiotic prophylaxis, multiprobiotics, Symbiter.



Maloletnyaia S. V., Zaitseva N. E., Korchemnaya L. V., Efgrafova N. B., Pyankova A. V.

Experience of use of probiotic-bioenteroseptic Enterogermina at children with intestinal microbiota disorders.


Summary. The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of bioenteroseptic Enterogermina is studied. The study followed 70 children with functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract at the age from 1 to 6 months. According to the results of examination, probiotic Enterozhermina effectively eliminates the symptoms of functional gastrointestinal disorders at infants; renders normalizing effect on the motility of the GIT and can be successfully used as in the case of constipation so during the diarrhea; normalizes the level of lactoand bifidobacteria; has evident antagonistic activity with according to conditionally pathogenic flora and microbial associations; improves hemodynamic performance and reduce allergic reactions, has no side effects, well tolerated by children.

Key words: infants, functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, microbiocaenosis, Bacillus clausii, probiotic-bioenteroseptic, Enterozhermina.



Lezhenko G. A, Usachova E. V., Paholchuk T. N., Silina E. A., Matveeva T. B.

Experience of use of cephalosporin of the III generation Cefix in the treatment of salmonellosis at children.


Summary. The dynamic of clinical and laboratory monitoring of 57 patients with salmonellosis children of different age groups is carried out. The effectiveness of oral antibacterial preparation «Cefix» in the complex therapy of salmonellosis at children is shown. Cefix can be a drug of choice in the treatment of salmonellosis as an alternative to parenteral antibiotics of the same class (cefotaxim, ceftriaxon, and others). Tolerability of the drug is 100%.

Key words: salmonella, children, treatment, Cefix, Riabal.



Silina E., Usachova H., Pakholchuk T., Pakholchuk O.

Features of the acute intestine infections in children of early age, suffered from food allergy treatment.


Summary. Problems of the nowadays features of the acute intestine infections in children of early age, suffered from food allergy are presented in the article. Recommendations in therapy correction are proposed.

Key words: acute intestine infections, food allergy, children of early age, diagnostic, clinic, treatment.



Vasilyeva V. А.

Adverse events following immunization and their criteria.


Summаry. Adverse events observed in postvaccinal period are not consequence of the performing vaccination. To established the reason, each case should be investigated by clinical, laboratory and epidemiological research methods.

Key words: adverse events, vaccination, vaccine, postvaccinal reaction/complication.



Gonchar М. А., Senatorova G. S.

Systolic and diastolic cardiac function in children with septal defects in the term before and after the operation.


Summary. An article contains modern data about diagnostics and duration of congenital heart disease with enrichment of a small circle of circulation in children. The personal supervision of 197 patients with septal defekts is presented, including the estimation of myocardium's functional state, clinical and instrumental studies before and after the surgical correction with the purpose of early diagnostic of heart failure and optimizing the individual rehabilitation is justified.

Key words: congenital heart disease, septal defekts, myocardial dysfunction, diagnostics.



Lezhenko G. A., Pashkova E. E.

Efficiency of use of Neurovitan in the complex treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy at children.


Summary. The efficacy of application of polivitaminic preparation «Neurovitan» in the complex treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy at children is carried out. It is shown that Neurovitan is effective, pathogenetically justified and contributes to positive clinical dynamics of neurological disorders at children with diabetes.

Key words: diabetes, children, diabetic polyneuropathy, Neurovitan.



Yevtushenko S. K.

Stroke in children (scientific review and clinical observations).


Summary. Given article on the basis of world experience and own observations is focused on multiple etiological factors of heterogeneous ischemic stroke at children. Original author's classification of strokes at children and their interrelation with the reason of occurrence is resulted. The leading reasons of stroke at children is the dissection of pre- and intracerebral arteries. Pathology of heart and metabolic disturbances are analyzed. The algorithm of therapy and possible ways of prophylaxis of a cerebrovascular pathology at children is described.

Key words: stroke in children, diagnostics, treatment.



Pecherskaya E.

Peculiarities of enteral nutrition in the very low birth weight infants (literature review).


Summary. Modern data about features of physical growth and development and feeding of the very low-birthweight infants are presented in the literature review. Questions of the early enteral feeding are discussed. Practical advices about protein and energy provision as the key indicators defining growth and development of preterm infants are given.

Key words: preterm infant, enteral nutrition, evaluation of growth rate.



Prochorov E. V., Akimochkina N. A.

Immunological aspects of osteoporotycheskykh violations at juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Summary. The state-of-the-art review of literature, touching the immunological aspects of development and making progress of osteoporosis at juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, is represented in work. The most meaningful, foremost immunological factors determining forming of osteoporotycheskykh violations are considered. In geneze osteoporosis the value of predomination of proinflammatory is especially underlined tsytokynov above antiinflammatory, and also role of a new group of tsytokynov and their receptors taking part in remodeling bone tissue.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporozis, immunological status.