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Intermedicalecocity на «МIPIM» — найбільшому авторитетному і представницькому інвестиційному форумі Європи.




«Природне джерело»: здоровье детей — инвестиции в будущее.




Nagornaya N. V., Limarenko M. P.

Optimization of forms of teaching of doctors-interns paediatricians in the conditions of reformation higher medical education.


Summary. The article is sanctified to optimization of basic forms of teaching in the intership: lectures, seminars, practical employments in the conditions of reformation of higher medical education in Ukraine. Introduction of new forms and teaching methods, application of modern computer technologies in a complex with high pedagogical trade and qualification of teacher will allow to promote efficiency of preparation in the intership.

Key words: education, intership, paediatrics.



Zhivilo L. M.

Minimal brain dysfunction: urgency of the problem, optimization of treatment.


Summary. The effectiveness of use of multi-vitamin complex «Pikovit Omega-3» in the complex treatment of children with minimal brain dysfunction is studied. The positive impact on the mental development of children, safety and tolerability of the drug can be recommended in the treatment of children with minimal brain dysfunction.

Key words: minimal brain dysfunction, infants, multi-vitamin complex Pikovit Omega-3.



Тарасова И. С., Чернов В. М.

Новые направления в диагностике, лечении и профилактике железодефицитных состояний.




Ovscharenko L. S., Kryajev A. V.

Diagnostics of bone metabolism disorders in early age children with food allergy displays.


Summary. For the early exposure of osteopenias for children with the displays of food allergy and burdened allergist anamnesis, late of teeth growth, on the artificial rearing it is necessary early translation to conduct research of markers of osteopenias. To all children with the displays of food allergy and violations monitoring is needed in osteogenesis monitoring of indexes of bone metabolism is needed during their correction.

Key words: children, food allergy, bone metabolism, calcium.



Vaschenko L. V., Badogina L. P., Vakulenko L. I., Kovalenko A. V., Loginov D. V., Posmityuha I. V., Garbuz L. P.

Iodine аnd folic deficiency — actual multidisciplinary problem of modern medicine.


Summary. The mechanisms of development and approaches to the treatment of folic-iodine deficiency, which is one of the most pressing multidisciplinary problem of modern medicine are highlighted. It is shown that for solving this problem the specialists from different areas of health care — geneticists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, neurologists, obstetricians, immunologists, laboratory technicians with the appropriate material and technical base needs to be combined; It is needed to conduct educational work among children, adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers for early detection and possible prevention of iodine-, folic deficiency diseases.

Key words: folic-iodine deficiency, multidisciplinary approach.



Fesenko M. E., Melashchenko E. I.

Estimation of efficiency rehabilitation and prevention of children from соngenital neonatal herpes taking into account catamnesis for two years.


Summary: Presented results observation of 137 children (23 children with соngenital CMV infection, 32 — without clinical manifestations соngenital CMV infection, 34 — with соngenital neonatal herpes, 28 children without clinical manifestations herpes simplex virus infection (HSVI) and 20 children control group) in current two years to life. Was studied the morbidity, structure and frequency of the diseases of the examined children, were conducted rehabilitative and preventive measures to prevent formation of the recurring and chronic pathologists.

Key words: morbidity, rehabilitative and preventive measures, соngenital neonatal herpes.



Shadrin O. G., Marushko T. L., Marushko R. V., Fisun V. N., Bondarenko N. Y.

Some aspects of optimization of breastfeeding in infants.


Summary. The article discusses the problems of breastfeeding in infants with perinatal pathology (preterm, low birthweight infants, severe somatic diseases). It is emphasized that the most adequate nutrition for above mentioned group of infants is breast milk, despite the fact that in some cases it does not fully satisfy the needs of the child in proteins, energy, vitamins, minerals and microelements. Shown that the use of breast milk fortifier (special protein-mineral-vitamin`s supplement) improves the characteristics of physical development in infants, contributes to higher level of protein and hemoglobin in blood, improves the results of treatment in children with perinatal lesions of the central nervous system, reduces the amount of medication and duration of treatment.

Key words: infants, breastfeeding, breast milk fortifier.



Kryuchko T. A., Tkachenko O. Ya, Spekht T. V.

The problem of tonsillitis in pediatric practice.


Summary. Tonsillar pathology is one of the major problems of pediatrics and medicine in general. The authors offer their perspective view on the problem of tonsillitis in children in the terms of a detailed analysis of the results of research by leading domestic and foreign experts, as well as their own observations.

Key words: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, b-hemolytic streptococcus of group A, diagnosis, treatment, antibiotic therapy.



Ovcharenko L. S., Vertegel A. A., Shamray I. V., Andrienko T. G., Samokhin I. V.

Treatment of nasal cavity diseases in children: the search for effective and safe solution.


Summary. The comparative study concerning effective treatment of inflammatory affects of nasal lining in children with recurrent infectious inflammatory pathology of the nasopharynx (rhinosinusitis, adenoids) with the use of Aqua Maris nasal spray and sodium chloride 0.9% is conducted. Aqua Maris nasal spray has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerative effects, the ability to raise local non-specific (phagocytosis) and specific (secretory IgA in saliva) resistance. The high safety profile and tolerability of the drug can well recommend the Aqua Maris nasal spray for the treatment and prevention of infectious inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx in children.

Key words: children, rhinitis, immune system, toilet of the nose, Aqua Maris nasal spray.



Rymarenko N. V., Gordienko A. I., Himich N. V.

Expression of endotoxin-binding receptors on monocytes and granulocytes of peripheral blood at the bacterial anginas and scarlet fever in children.


Summary. It was examined 90 children with bacterial anginas and scarlet fever of different degree of severity. The increase of expression of active endotoxin-binding receptors on monocytes and granulocytes of the peripheral blood was revealed, depending on the severity of the disease and the level of endotoxinemia.

Key words: cellular receptors, endotoxin, bacterial angina, scarlet fever, children.



Kosakovskyi A. L., Kosakivskaya I. A.

Experience of use of Cefodox in children with ENT-organ diseases in the postoperative period.


Summary. The clinical study of efficacy and safety of use of oral cephalosporin Cefodox in pediatric patients with underwent surgery at the ENT-organs is conducted. It is established the therapeutic efficacy in the postoperative period in children of all ages. Appointment of Cefodox reduce reactive inflammation of soft tissues and allow avoid postoperative complications. Side effects of the drug were not observed.

Key words: Cefodox, ENT-organ diseases, postoperative period, children.



Dudnyk V. M.

New opportunities of useof mucolytics in the complex treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants.


Summary. Examination and treatment of 60 infants with acute obstructive bronchitis is conducted. The application of combined phytopreparation «Bronchipret» in the complex treatment had showed the effectiveness of not conceding to synthetic mucolytic agents. High efficiency, good tolerance and safety of «Bronchipret» allow us to recommend its use for treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants.

Key words: infants, acute obstructive bronchitis, phytopreparations, Bronchipret.



Nyankovskyy S., Iatsula M., Ivakhnenko O., Gromyk G.

Preventing acute respiratory infections in primary school pupils.


Summary. The results of open clinical research were analysed. The goal of the research was to study effectiveness of prophylactic usage of «Bioaron C» medication among primary school pupils, who often had respiratory diseases. The findings suggest that this medication is effective and safe during its usage in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases; it decreases amount of respiratory diseases, increases duration of remission, improves health condition.

Key words: children, respiratory pathology, Bioaron C, therapy, prevention.



Tatochenko V. K.

Antibiotics in Solutab dosage form.


Summary. The present article is concerned with dosage forms of the antibacterial agents, allowing using preparations in the liquid state — syrups, granules or others soluble or dispersible products facilitating introduction of medicines that is especially important in children. These include Flemoklav Solutab (Amoxicillin/Klavulanat), Flemoxin Solutab (Amoxicillin) and Vilprafen Solutab (Josamycin) dispersible tablets. Fundamental difference of Solutab form is the encapsulation of active substance in microspheres that protects from adverse effect of gastric acid and enzymes. The presented data shows that «line» of antibacterial drugs in the Solutab dosage form largely overlaps antibiotic requirements for treatment of widespread bacterial infections both in adults, and in children. These drugs have usability, comfortable dose schedule, and favorable safety profile, as well as additional advantages in regard to pharmacokinetic properties and low frequency of development of microbial resistance.

Key words: antibacterial agents, dispersible tablets, Soiutab, Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin/Klavulanat, Josamycin, children.



Vertegel A. A.

Sexual characteristics of bone mineral density in children with recurrent bronchitis and bronchial asthma.


Summary. In the study, DXA bone mineral density in children aged 4 to 10 years with frequent acute bronchitis and bronchial asthma have been identified sex differences in the state sections of the skeleton, and it was found that the presence of recurrent bronchitis more negative effect on the bone structures in the boys, and bronchial asthma — in the girls.

Key words: children, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bone densitometry.



Okhotnikova E. N.

Broncho-obstructive syndrome of infectious and allergic genesis in children: complications of differential diagnosis and selection of mucolytic therapy.


Summary. The mechanism of occurrence, the complications of differential diagnosis and treatment of the basic principles of broncho-obstructive syndrome (BOS) in children are shown. Primary concern is directed on the use of Ambroxol in the complex treatment of frequent BOS — obstructive bronchitis (OB) and bronchial asthma (BA) in infants. High efficacy and good tolerability of Ambroxol can be treat it as a agent of «urgent» mucolytic therapy that makes it the preparation of choice among the expectorants at BOS infectious and allergic genesis, allow recommending it as a mandatory component in the emergency care and intensive treatment of moderate and severe BOS in infants.

Key words: broncho-obstructive syndrome, obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, mucolytic therapy, Ambroxol.



Lezhenko G. A., Gladun K. V.

The role of adipocytokines in the formation of hypertension in obese adolescents.


Summary. We studied the features of arterial hypertension in obese children, examined the contents of vaspin and resistin in the serum and investigate their relationship to the ABPM. It is shown that three-month course of therapy with combination of Tsefamadar and hypocaloric diet resulted in a significant weight loss compared with using only diet and helped normalize blood pressure.

Key words: adolescents, obesity, hypertension, vaspin, resistin.

Boiko E. P.

Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum: clinical manifestation and management.


Summary. Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum is a rare of form of congenital heart disease with morphologic heterogenicity and often poor outlook. This neonates require early recognition, initial stabilization and transfer to cardiac center. During 7-year period records of 49 patients were evaluated. Prenatal diagnosis rate of this heart defect is very low. Late diagnosis deteriorates prognosis.

Key words: pulmonary atresia, right ventricle, tricuspid valve.



Reznichenko Yu. G., Lebedinets A. N.

The features of cardiovascular system disorders in infants with intrauterine infections based on holter monitoring of ECG.


Summary. The features of cardiovascular system disorders in infants with intrauterine infections in the dynamics of the diseases and the detecting of catecholamines depositing function of erythrocytes was investigated. The longterm existence of hypersymphathetic condition and the increasing of catecholamines depositing into erythrocytes in children with cardites and concomitant toxoplasma infection was shown.

Key words: infants, cardiovascular system, intrauterin infections, heart rate variability, catecholamines depositing function of erythrocytes.



Aryaev N. L., Starikova A. A., Truhalskaya V. V.

Probiotic-bioenteroseptik «Enterogermina» in the therapy of idiopathic antibioticassociated diarrhea in children.


Summary. The results of an open clinical monocentric study, the aim of which was to investigate the clinical efficacy of probiotic-bioenteroseptik «Enterozhermina» in the treatment of idiopathic antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD), developed against a background of antibacterial therapy in infants with acute respiratory infection are analyzed. The data on the safety and positive impact of the drug on idiopathic AAD — «Enterozhermina» contributes to relief of clinical symptoms of AAD, normalization of stool frequency and consistency, and improves scatological data.

Key words: children, idiopathic AAD, Enterozhermina, treatment.



Berezhnoi V. V., Korneva V. V., Kozachuk V. G., Kurylo L. V., Boyarskaya E. A., Kapichina M. A., Chobotar' A. V.

Acetonemic syndrome in children — tactical steps of doctor-practician.


Summary. In the article were proposed such approach criteria to early diagnosis off acetonemic syndrome in children, which will allow family physicians and pediatricians to diagnose primary acetonemic syndrome (cyclic vomiting syndrome — CVS): family history specification, detailed history of the disease and the life of the child, adequate assessment of the leading symptoms during the extra seizure period. Knowledge of these clinicalanamnestic indicators allow to provide timely and adequate initial therapy acetonemic syndrome in children (both primary and secondary character) with a highly efficient means of rehydration — Rehydron Optim in combination with enterosorbent of the 4 generations 3 Atoxil preparation.

Key words: acetonemic syndrome, children, rehydration therapy, Rehydron Optim, enterosorption, Atoxil.



Berezenko V. S., Mostovenko R. V., Dyba M. B.

Disorders of iron metabolism in the progression of liver diseases in chronic hepatitis C.


Summary. The modern data concerning the iron metabolism in the organism and the disorders of it's metabolism in chronic diffuse liver diseases, mainly in chronic viral hepatitis are represented in this publication as well as about the impact of the excessive iron accumulation in liver on the course of chronic hepatitis.

Key words: iron metabolism, chronic hepatitis C, hepsidin, ferritin, gene of hemochromatosis iron overload, liver fibrosis, children.



Kotenko О. G., Yershova І. B., Оsypova Т. F.

Clinical case of Caroly's disease in a child.


Summary. Caroly's disease is congenital disease that is rare and is characterized by cystic expantion of intrahepatic bile ducts. Complications — cholangitis, liver cirrhosis,cholangiocarcynoma. The following clinical case of Caroly's disease in the child 2 years 3 months old is characterized by abdominal pain, fever and hepatomegaly.

Key words: Caroly's disease, abdominal pain, children, liver cirrhosis.



Kramarev S. A., Evtushenko V. V., Moschich A. P., Evtushenko O. M., Mayevskaya E. A., Babak V. V.

The effectiveness of different treatment regimens of rotavirus gastroenteritis in children.


Summary. A comparative study of the effectiveness of different approaches to the treatment of rotavirus gastroenteritis in children is conducted. Patients of the first group (group A) received rehydration therapy by hyposmolic solutions for oral rehydration salts (ORS). Patients of the second group (group B), except ORS in the complex treatment was ordered probiotic with Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 containing in a daily dose of 108 (BioGaia Probiotic. Baby drops, BioGaia AB, Sweden). The third group of patients (group C) received in the complex treatment of a combined preparation containing hypotonic ORS, L. reuteri DSM 17938, and zinc sulfate (BioGaia ORS, BioGaia AB, Sweden).The results had shown that the use of probiotics in the complex treatment of children with rotavirus gastroenteritis allow to precipitate feces normalization. The inclusion of zinc in the therapeutic scheme ORS +probiotic enhance the therapeutic efficacy and promote more rapid feces normalization during the rotavirus infection in children. High efficacy and safety of the BioGaia ORS preparation allow recommending it during the acute diarrhea for rehydration at home, which would help reduce the frequency of hospitalization and the likelihood of severe dehydration.

Key words: rotavirus gastroenteritis, comparative study, rehydration, hyposmolic solution for oral rehydration, probiotics, zinc, BioGaia ORS.



Marushko Yu. V., Iovitsa T. V., Al'-Nadzhar M. A.

The problem of intestinal colic and lactase deficiency in children.


Summary. The problem of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in infants and young children is becoming more urgent in the modern Pediatrics. Among them, the intestinal colic is presented. In the article the data about the causes and treatment measures during the colic in children, including the cases caused by lactase deficiency is shown.

Key words: intestinal colic, lactase deficiency, infants, young children.



Belousov Yu. V., Voloshin K. V.

Diagnostic criteria of functional dyspepsia in children due to Rome III process.


Summary. Clinicaly-paraclinical description of functional dyspepsia in children according to Rome III process from the point of view of practical positions of diagnostics is performed in the article.

Key words: children, functional dyspepsia, diagnostics.



Kaladze N. N., Slobodian E. I.

Pathogenetically oriented method for optimization of restorative treatment of children suffering from chronic pyelonephritis.


Summary. The experience of use of phytopreparation Canephron N in children with chronic pyelonephritis (CP), at the stage of rehabilitation is shown. Prolonged use of Canephron N in the complex of sanatorium- and -spa treat ment allowed increasing the effectiveness of CP treatment due to it renoprotective, inter-potentiative effect associated with the ability to suppress the formation of pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic cytokines, to eliminate the imbalance between pro- and anti-inflammatory, pro- and pro-apoptotic factors, as well as combined anti-inflammatory, diuretic, spasmolytic, vasodilative and anti-bacterial action, that is important during prevention measures of urinary tract infections in children with renal tubulointerstitial lesions.

Key words: chronic pyelonephritis, rehabilitation treatment, Canephron N.



Frolova T. V., Kononenko O. V., Atamanova O. V., Berus A. V.

Medical and biological predictors of chronic renal disease formation in children and adolescents.


Summary. Anamnestic data analysis was carried out in children with chronic renal disease. Results of investigation testify that formation and exacerbation of disease can be caused by unfavourable premorbid background. In some cases viral and bacterial infections could cause exacerbation of renal disease. In few children the reason of disease wasn't identified. Compromised hereditary reasons of renal diseases in 24% children were revealed.

Key words: chronic renal disease, children, аnamnestic data.



Kostyuchenko L. V., Chernyshova L. I., Romanyshyn Y. Yu., Savchak I. Ya.

Experience of treatment and survival of children with combined primary immunodeficiency in Ukraine.


Summary. First experience of observation and treatment of children with different forms of combined immune deficiency (CID) in Ukraine and its results are presented in the article. 121 children with different forms of CID were studied. High mortality of children with CID and possibility of their survival if treated with appropriate therapy in time has been shown. Approaches for replacement therapy with immunoglobulin, antibiotic therapy and prophylactics in children with different forms of CID and indications for stem cell transplantation have been clarified.

Key words: primary combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency, Nijmegen syndrome, Wiskott—Aldrich syndrome, Lui—Barr syndrome, Di Georgi syndrome, stem cell transplantation, intravenous immunoglobulin.



Kramarev S., Vygovska O., Beregnoi V., Moiseenko R., Moschich A., Ursulenko S., Yankovskiy D.

Effect on the multiprobiotic on acute respiratory infections and performance of psychomotor development in a children.


Summary. The paper presents results on the effect of domestic multiprobiotic Symbiter on morbidity of children, inmates of the orphanage on acute respiratory infections and performance of psychomotor and physical development. The study involved 79 children aged from 3 months to 3 years, 8 months. Inclusion in the ARD program for the prevention multiprobiotic Symbiter helps reduce the incidence of acute respiratory disease in a 2-fold decrease in the number of complications which reduces the frequency of use of antibiotics for ARI. Prophylactic efficacy multiprobiotic Symbiter lasts for 6 months after its cancellation. Appointment multiprobiotic Symbiter accelerates physical development of children, contributing to an increase in weight gain, a positive effect on psycho-motor development of children.

Key words: children, probiotics, Symbiter, acute respiratory infections, morbidity, psychomotor development, physical development.



Korenev N. M., Vvedenskaya T. S.

Morphofunctional characteristics cardiohemodynamics among adolescent girls with secondary amenorrhea.


Summary. The purpose of the work was to determine the morphofunctional parameters of cardiohemodynamics and peculiarities of their abnormalities among adolescent girls with secondary amenorrhea (SA). Echocardiografic and Dopplerometric rates of right and left heart ventricles were analysed. Identification of various multiple small structural abnormalities of the heart among adolescent girls with SA was the basis for the establishment of connective tissue dysplasia of the heart among them. It was found that patients with SA have structural and functional changes both in the left and right heart. It was noted increasing of the left ventricle cavity, reducing of its pumping function against thinning of the myocardium and its delayed relaxation. It was revealed that the functional ability of the right ventricle among girls with SA was growing against straining of its diastolic filling.

Key words: adolescent girls, connective tissue dysplasia, secondary amenorrhea, Doppler investigation of the heart.



Poberskaya V., Yanchenko T., Hadzhinova N., Makarenko A.

Features rehabilitation of children in remission cancer in the sanatorium Ukraine.


Summary. There were developed the differential complexes of rehabilitation depending on the remission of oncologic diseases, individual features of psychological status of child and concomitant diseases. The separate physical factors is grounded in the complex programs of restoration treatment of children with gematological and most widespread solid tumours. Efficiency of application of sanatorium-resort complexes is definite in three regions of Ukraine.

Key words: children, cancer, sanatorium rehabilitation.



Vievskyi A. M.

The children substance use phenomenon` psychosocial predictors study through the prysm of the comprehensive multidimensional substance use prevention system.


Summary. The article describes the children substance use psychosocial predictors’study results in connection with the new comprehensive multidimensional medical and social substance use prevention system for I–III levels’ children and adolescents general schools population. This prevention system’s goal is to develop the pupils` self-responsible healthy style position based on their cooperation with parents and teachers and life scills development. At the same time the system is elaborated to upgrade the potential to influence the most actual concequences of the children’s psychoactive substances use, and the harmful use, first of all. The integrated prevention activities combine the direct interventions for school children contingents (in different age groups), parents and school staff.

Key words: children and adolescents, psychoactive substances use, medical and social prevention.



«Ребенок — не взрослый в миниатюре…».