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Обговорення нової стратегії покращання здоров'я в Україні «Здоров'я-2020: український вимір».




Киев: опыт пилотного региона.




Gorachuk V. V., Goida N. G.

Methodical approaches to the determination of patient satisfaction (their representatives) by medical help in the health care department.


Summary. The are presented method is adapted questionnaire patient or their representatives for conserning satisfaction with the quality of medical care received. The survey can be used to as an information base to improve the performance of health institution.

Key words: satisfaction with medical care, questionnaire, patients / their representatives.



Tereshchenko A. V., Kvashnina L. V., Matvienko I. N., Tsykhon' Z. O., Shevchenko T. V.

Strategy of integrated management of children's diseases: standard of primary health care provision for children and their follow-up care.


Summary. Any changes in the standards of health care require not only the development of these standards and training of medical workers but also clear system for monitoring the implementation of standards in the medical practice. The vast majority of national standards have no developed training tools of learning and monitoring of their implementation to the clinical practice. WHO /UNICEF strategy of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) in its structure contains a protocol of care for children from birth to 5 years of life, tools for learning (e-learning and training program IKAT and learning of clinical instructing), a tool for monitoring the implementation of strategy and structure of the developed indicators, of the process and result of the strategy implementation. This complex provides not only the process of the strategy implementing, but also the process of identifying the major problems of implementation and impact on it changes and consequently on the quality of health care.

Key words: indicators, quality, clinical audit, medical care, monitoring, education, primary level, results.



Dovgal N. P., Bykov O. K., Andreev S. V.

25-year experience of one-day surgical hospital for children.


Summary. Based on experience of surgical assistance to more than 8 thousands children and teenagers of Zhitomir city on basis of one-day surgical hospital there was developed and implemented the system of work organization of one-day outpatients' surgical clinic for children. There were determined conditions, indications and contraindications for surgical intervention in one-d, indications and contraindications for surgical intervention in one-day surgical hospital. It was proved that short-time stay in one-day hospital, fast rehabilitation after surgery and anesthesia have positive influence on physical and mental condition of a child, contribute to fast health recovery and considerable cut down governmental financial expenses.

Key words: one-day surgical hospital for children.



Karpova E. P., Feyzullayev E. F.

Experience of use of Aqua Maris spray for throat for the topical treatment of chronic tonsillitis in children.


Summary. The aim of the study was to examine the efficacy of Aqua Maris Spray for throat for the treatment of children with chronic tonsillitis. All 84 children with chronic tonsillitis of compensated shape in the age from 5 to 15 years were examined and treated. The results are shown that the use of preparation allows getting express-resistant clinical effect, catanamnesticaly confirmed, that is certified by the high therapeutic efficacy and can be recommended for widespread use in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis in children.

Key words: chronic tonsillitis, hypertonic saline water of the Adriatic Sea, children.



Marushko Yu. V., Movchan O. S., Bychkova N. G.

The use of "Derinat" in the complex of therapeutic and prophylactic mesures to friquently ill children with allergy.


Summary. District pediatricians, general practitioners — of family medicine primarily occurs the problem of frequently ill children (FIC). In the work the results about the use of the preparation Derinat in the complex therapeutic and prophylactic measures for frequently ill children against allergy is presented. The clinical effect of the preparation was confirmed by positive dynamics of immunological indices.

Key words: frequently ill children, allergy, therapeutic and prophylactic measures, immunological parameters, Derinat.



Osidak L. V., Dondurei E. A., Zarubayeva V. V., Golovachova E. G., Suhovetskaya V. F., Drinevskyi V. P., Kashaeva O. V.

Treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in children: opportunities of immunocorrection.


Summary. In experiments in vivo on animal models the presence of protective activity against the virus A (H1N1) pdm 2009 in the drug «Derinat» (Sodium deoxyribonucleate) is proved. In condition of placebo-controlled, randomized clinical and laboratory researches, according to the Rules of GCP, therapeutic efficacy and safety of Derinat during it inclusion to the complex therapy of children >0 years with influenza and ARI of other causes is proved. That was shown by statistically significant reduction in the length of the main clinical symptoms of disease with normalization of occurred changes in laboratory parameters studied, and by faster elimination of pathogens from the nasal passages of patients.

Key words: children, treatment, sodium deoxyribonucleate, immunity, antioxidant activity, influenza and ARI.



Балясинская Г. Л., Люманова С. Р., Ланда Р. И.

Значение мукоактивной терапии в лечении острых синуситов у детей.




Nagorna N. V., Bordyugova Ye. V., Dubova G. V.

Diselementozis in children with iron deficiency and how its correction.


Summary. In the article the results of the study of 33 chemical elements in 59 children (36 girls and 23 boys) aged from 6 months till 18 years with iron deficiency anemia and 35 healthy peers (18 girls and 17 boys) are presented. In children with iron deficiency anemia were significantly more likely than healthy peers, documented the presence of toxic (35,6% and 14,3% respectively, p<0,05) and exceeding the permissible content of potentially toxic (44,1% and 11,4%, p<0,01) chemical items. Laboratory indicators of iron deficiency anemia for all the children were confirmed iron deficiency according to the spectral analysis of hair. At the same time in all patients with iron deficiency anemia were significantly more likely than healthy children, ascertained deficiency of essential elements like potassium, manganese, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc, chromium and molybdenum. The above course enterosorbtion preparation «Atoxil» followed by a course of preparation «Tothema» has led to a reduction to the allowable values of toxic and potentially toxic elements in 83,3% of the children, the shortfall of essential elements in 65,0% of children with increased levels of iron to regulatory indicators in 83,3% of the children, copper and manganese — in 60,0%. Drugs are safe and effective in children whith diselementozis, which gives reason to recommend them for use in children with iron deficiency anemia.

Key words: iron deficiency anemia, diselementozis, children, Atoxil, Tothema.



Tokarchuk N. I., Chekotyn T. V., Peresynko Y. V., Starinets L. S., Savitska T. V., Lagoda V. V.

Clinical pathogenic meaning of the lipid metabolism and leptin level in case of obesity in infants.


Summary. In the article presented analyze of the lipid metabolism and leptin content in infants in dependence on their physical growths, family anamnesis and type of feeding during the first year of life. We estimated that leptin level depend on body weight and sex of infants.

Key words: infants, obesity, leptin.



Usage of the «Ursofalk» in the treatment of acetonemic syndrome in children.


Summary. In the article are presented the reasons of acetonemic syndrome in children, the peculiarities of the clinical features, rational approaches to complex therapy and the advantages of the «Ursofalk».

Key words: children, acetonemic syndrome, gouty diathesis, treatment, ursofalk.



Belogortseva O. I., Simonenkova N. V., Volyk M. A., Stopolyansky A. V., Dotsenko J. I.

Tb infection in HIV-infected children.


Summary. The article presents the results of clinical and anamnestic observation for 55 children with HIV/TB. The role of major risk factors in the development of tuberculosis. Confirmed the diagnostic value of tuberculin method in HIV-infected children.

Key words: tuberculosis, children HIV-infection.



Kramarev S. A., Yevtushenko V. V., Doroshenko V. O.

Rehydrational therapy during the acute respiratory infections in children.


Summary. The research connected with the efficacy of use of aqueous solutions in order to correct water and electrolyte balance in children with ARI is conducted. Adequate oral fluid intake in all patients has provided a rapid involution of the symptoms of dehydration.

Key words: acute respiratory infections, water-electrolyte balance, oral rehydration solution.



Okhotnikova E. N., Gavrilenko T. I., Gladush Yu. I., Ivanova T. P., Rudenko S. M., Usova O.I., Zarudnya O., Grishchenko O. M.

Acute and chronic broncho-obstructive diseases in children under 5 years and mucolytic phytotherapy.


Summary. The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of preparation PEKTOLVAN HEDERA («Farmak», Ukraine) in the treatment of infants with broncho-obstructive syndrome is studied. The results had showed good clinical efficacy and tolerability, even in patients with the tendency to allergies development, which allows us recommending its use in the complex therapy of broncho-obstructive syndrome in infants.

Key words: young children, broncho6obstructive syndrome, allergy, PEKTOLVAN HEDERA.



Shostakovich-Koretskaya L. P.

Problem of antimicrobial resistance in therapy of acute respiratory diseases in children.


Summary. Currently the physicians increasingly come across drug-resistant agents of community-acquired respiratory diseases. According to the literature data it is caused mainly by groundless and irrational antibiotic therapy. To solve the problem of treatment of acute respiratory diseases provoked by resistant to the standard therapy microorganisms' cultures there has been developed a new form of amoxicillin/clavulanate — Augmentin™ ES. The outcome of an individual clinical case from the pediatrician's practice demonstrated the efficacy and rationality of Augmentin™ ES use.

Key words: resistance, antibiotic therapy, Augmentin™ ES.



Marushko Yu. V., Olefir T. I., Grinishina G. G., Bordovskaya I. G., Al'-Nazhar M. A.

Experience of use of step antibacterial therapy in children with community-acquired pneumonia.


Summary. Step antibiotic therapy of acute community-acquired pneumonia in children by cephalosporin of the II generation cefuroxime (Tsefumax parenteral switching to oral Cefutil) is carried out. The analysis of clinical and laboratory data dynamics showed high efficiency of the proposed treatment regimen. Displace on the oral form of preparation use significantly increased the compliance of treatment, side affects of preparation use were not found.

Key words: acute community acquired pneumonia, step antibiotic therapy, cefuroxime.



Bogmat L. F., Golovko T. A.

State of sympathoadrenal system in children with myocardial pathology with different levels of right ventricle functioning.


Summary. The aim of the study was to examine the state of sympathoadrenal system in children with abnormal myocardial function at different levels of the right ventricle functioning of the heart. A total 92 patients with pathology of the myocardium (secondary cardiomyopathy, dysplastic cardiomyopathy,

arrhythmias) are examined. Clinical studies with an analysis of complaints data and life history of the disease, the objective of the study are conducted. Assessment of sympathoadrenal system was carried out by indicators of the level of catecholamines excretion (epinephrine, norepinephrine) in daily urine. Morphofunctional state of the right ventricle was assessed according to the results of ultrasound Doppler studies of the heart in "M" – and "B" -mode. It is found that in children with abnormal myocardial function the

reduction in the pumping of the right and left ventricles is accompanied by increased activity of the sympathoadrenal system, which is most pronounced at the lowest systolic dysfunction. During it progression sympathoadrenal system activity is significantly reduced.

Key words: sympathoadrenal system, right ventricle of the heart, children, myocardium pathology.



Marushko T., Marushko I.

The role of biologic agents in treatment of rheumatic diseases in children.


Summary. At the present stage the important role of some cytokines in the pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases especially rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is proved, the most important among which are interleukin-1, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α. An update in treatment of this group of diseases was made due to using of biological agents. The humanized antibodies against IL-6 receptor, tocilizumab, is highly efficient and safe treatment of systemic forms of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Key words: rheumatologic diseases, children, biological therapy, tocilizumab.



Dudnyk V. M., Vyzhga Yu. V., Guminskaya G. S., Vinnichuk L. L., Marchuk O. I.

Clinical and laboratory characteristics of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Summary. A comprehensive survey of 132 children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis — 75 (57%) girls and 57 (43%) boys is conducted. The obtained results allowed to evaluate clinical and laboratory features of the JRA course in children.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, clinical course, children.



Fedorenko O. V.

Correction of hypoxic disorders in acute infectious myocarditis in children with various schemes of treatment.


Summary. The article covered informative methods for evaluating the degree of hypoxic myocardial performance in children with acute infectious myocarditis and efficacy of various methods of its correction in cardiovascular pathology. Rates of acid-base balance and acid-base status at different treatment regimens of acute infectious myocarditis in children were studied. Found that oxidative stress and bioenergic hypoxia are completely arrested at retrieving basic therapy in combination with antihypoxant and antioxidant.

Key words: children, acute infectious myocarditis, myocardial hypoxia.



Aryayev N. L., Kononenko N. A.

Clinical value of omeprazole and domperidone combination in the therapy of functional dyspepsia in children.


Summary. The efficacy and safety of combined administration of omeprazole and domperidone («Omez D») in the treatment of functional dyspepsia in children in the age from 12 till 18 years is studied. It is shown that the use of preparation contributes to the rapid relief of symptoms and improves general well-being of patients. Preparation is safe in children and provides a high level of commitment to therapy, which can be recommended for the treatment of functional dyspepsia in children.

Key words: functional dyspepsia, children, omeprazole, domperidone.



Kozakevych V. K., Kozakevych O. B.

Production with nucleotides and oligosaccharides in the diet of infants of the first year of life.


Summary. The experience of use of national breast-milk substitutes «Malyutka premium» 1 with prebiotics and nucleotides and «Malyutka premium» 2 with prebiotics and nucleotides for feeding infants is shown. The results of studying the composition of the mixture and the data of the study showed that the mixtures are well tolerated; provide the needs of children in the first year of life in important nutrients.

Key words: children, artificial feeding, breast-milk substitutes, adaptation.



Ovcharenko L. S., Samokhin I. V., Vertegel A. A., Andrienko T. G., Redko I. I., Zhikhareva N. V.

The prokinetic rational choice in children with functional dyspepsia.


Summary. Prokinetic «Domrid» (domperidone, Kusum Pharm) is effective and safe monotherapy functional dyspepsia and gastroesophageal reflux in children, due to its high medicinal properties, statistically validated clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods for monitoring the course of supervised disease and possible adverse events. To achieve therapeutic success in the treatment of functional dyspepsia and gastroesophageal reflux in most cases, the 14-day «Domrid» administration in standard doses, with a clear clinical improvement already on the 7th day of treatment. The use of «Domrid» for 14 days in children aged 1 to 12 years with functional dyspepsia and gastroesophageal reflux has a low risk of hyperprolactinemia and the drug can be widely used in pediatric practice without the need to monitor this parameter.

Key words: children, functional dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux, domperidone.



Shutova E. V.

Modern directions of diagnostics, prevention, pathogenetic correction improvement of cholesterol cholelithiasis in childhood.


Summary. Article is devoted to the study of indicators of apolipoproteins system in whey of blood at children with a cholelithiasis at the stage of formation of stones.Results of the conducted research have shown infringements in system apolipoproteins at the normal level of cholesterol in blood whey that allows to consider changes in system of apolipoproteins as one of the factors leadiy to cholilithiasis at children's age.

Key words: children, cholelithiasis, metabolism of lipids, apolipoproteins.



Lembrik I. S., Tsitsyura O. O., Boyuk M. B.

The features of ent- manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease in school-age children and the ways of their therapeutic correction.


Summary. In the article pathological changes from the side of upper respirtory tract in school aged children with gastroesophageal reflux disease were analyzed. Results of investigation revealed that in all patients chronic pharyngitis, in 50% — hypertrophy of tonsils, in 25% — adenoid vegetations of II–III degrees occurred. Besides typical clinical displays hoarse voice, chronic cough, coryza, disorders of swallowing, dysphonia took place. Implication in complex therapy antacid medicine Phosphalugel improved minimalization of clinical symptoms, normalization of functional condition of upper abdomen and upper airways.

Key words: children, gastroesophageal reflux disease, involvement of upper airways, treatment.



Belousova O. Yu.

The use of modern functional foods at constiation and intestial dysbiosis.


Summary. The role of functional foods in the development and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract in infants is shown. The study of the effectiveness of an adapted milk formula «Humana Bifidus with probiotic lactulose» in infants of the first year of life admitted to hospital with «ARVI» or «acute bronchitis» diagnosis with the presents of concomitant functional dyspepsia (functional constipation, functional colic and infant dyschezia) is conducted. The results of clinical approbation of milk formula have shown that its application is the best in the organization of preventive care for healthy children of the first months of life, who are on the bottle-feeding, and also children requiring prophylaxis or treatment of minimal gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Key words: functional digestive disorders, infants, diet, adapted milk formula, lactulose, Humana Bifidus.



Tokarchuk N. I., Starinets L. S.

Prevention and treatment use of Immunoflazid in case of influenza and ARVI in children during the season's activity.


Summary. We studied efficiecy of the Immunoflazid® (Ecopharm, Ukraine) in infants with acute respiratory infections. Tolerability, clinical effects and high compliance of the treatment allow to recommend this medicine to the wide use in home and clinical conditions like a treatment ant preventive measure.

Key words: Acute respiratory viral infection, infant, Immunoflazid®.



Berezhnyi V., Marushko T., Taranenko T., Marushko E.

Clinical and instrumental characteristics of childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus.


Summary. SLE onset in children throws diagnostic challenge to physicians of different specialties, as the beginning of the disease has no clear clinical signs, characterized by a variety of masks, highly aggressive course. Analysis of the onset of the disease makes it possible to identify groups most frequently SLE onset masks in children. SLE in children in 21% of cases characterized by atypical or incomplete onset, in such cases, the disease occurs under the masks of other diseases that are the basis for misdiagnosing.

Key words: systemic lupus erythematosus, children, masks, clinical and instrumental characteristics.



Marchenko T. Z., Morozovich O. M., Sakalosh L. P., Tkachiv N. M.

Catamnesis of children after complex outpatient rehabilitation of acute respiratory diseases.


Summary. The study of catamnesis during 7 months at the end of the spring out-patient rehabilitation ARI program in 30 children of the main group with the inclusion of phytopreparation Bioaron C, and 20 children of the control group (without phytopreparation Bioaron C) is conducted. The positive dynamics of hemoglobin, appetite, body weight, compensatory and protective potential by the integral coefficients of hemograms against ARI frequency reduce and the lack of formation of new sites of infection in the main group are revealed that indicates the efficacy of Bioarona C.

Key words: children, catamnesis, acute respiratory infections, Bioaron C, appetite parameters, hemoglobin, coefficient of phagocytic defense, specific immune lymphocyte-monocyte potential.



Usachevа E. V., Duda E. А.

Pathogenetic substantiation specific immunotherapy congenital and early purchase cytomegalovirus and evaluating its effectiveness.


Summary. Based on the analysis of specific immunological profile of indicators of cellular immunity and interferonγ levels of the blood, carried out in 89 infants (38 — with congenital and 51 — earlyacquired cytomegalovirus) in the dynamics of observation, given the rationale and demonstrated effectiveness of the treatment of specific immunoglobulins.

Key words: cytomegalovirus infection, infants, young children, cellular immunity, interferon γ, treatment, immunoglobulin antitsitomegalovirusny.



Zubarenko A. V., Stoeva T. V., Vasilenko O. B.

Efficiency estimation of antyrelapse treatment in children with chronic pyelonephrites, associated with dysmetabolic nephropathy.


Summary. The longitudinal examination has carried out in 60 patients from 3 till 17 years old for the purpose of an efficiency estimation of antyrelapse treatment including Furamag in children with chronic pyelonephrites, assotiated to dysmetabolic nephropathy. It is revealed, that persistence of microbal causative agents in the urine, found in 67% of children with chronic dysmetabolic pyelonephritis and provokes a latent current of microbialinflammatory process and supports metabolic disorders. Efficiency of prolonged antyrelapse schemes with Furamag administration at chronic nonobstructive and dysmetabolic pyelonephrites is proved by clinico-laboratory indices.

Key words: children, pyelonephritis, antyrelapse therapy, dysmetabolic nephropathy, Furamag.



Kryuchko T. S., Babanina S. M., Karpenko O. O., Babanina M. Yu., Pilipenko O. A.

The ways of effective treatment optimization of children with recurrent herpetic stomatitis.


Summary. The efficiency of phytopreparation «Imupret» in the complex treatment of acute hermetic stomatitis in children is studied. On the background of the Imupret therapy the significant reduction in the duration and severity of disease symptoms are found such as hyperemia and swelling of oral mucosa, itching and pain in oral cavity; a rapid decrease of peripheral lymphadenitis manifestations; reduction of the period of epithelialization of damaged elements and the general improvement of children's well-being; positive changes in the state of oral mucosa.

Key words: herpes infection, oral mucosa, stomatitis, Imupret.



Bukhanovskaya T. N., Maltseva L. A.

Estimation of the negative enviromental factors affected on the health status of children's who are living in the industrial city (research report).


Summary. In the article the factors negatively affected on the health status of children's population are characterized. It is established a complex effect of socio-economic reasons, especially the deterioration of the quality of nutrition, man-caused loads in the consequence with industrial pollution, increased stress in the daily lives of children.

Key words: children, environment, man-caused load, mental well-being.



Пархоменко Людмила Костянтинівна (до 70-річчя від дня народження).








Нил Филатов: жизнь педиатра.