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Волосовецю Олександру Петровичу — 50.




Юрию Владимировичу Белоусову — 75.




Filipishina A. A.

National standards in the protection of the rights of the child: family forms of education of orphanes and children deprived of parents care.


Summary. The national standards in the protection of child rights are highlighted. The family forms of education for orphans and children deprived of parents care are described.

Key words: protection of children's rights, orphans and children deprived of parents care, family forms of education.



Kramarev S. A., Moschich A. P.

Spectrum of use of azithromycin in pediatric practice.


Summary. Information about efficacy of use of macrolides (azithromycin) during infectious diseases of different etiologies in children is presented.

Key words: infection, antibiotic therapy, macrolides, azithromycin.



Yulish E. I., Chernysheva O. E., Soroka Yu. A., Fomenko T. A., Levchenko S. A., Basiuk E. S., Bayeva V. G.

Rhinitis in children: etiopathogenic mechanisms of development, treatment, prevention.


Summary. Efficiency of the preparation «No-Sol» and «Rinasolin» in treatment of acute rhinitis at the children was studied.

Key words: No-Sol, Rinasolin, acute rhinitis, children.



Omelchenko L. I., Oshlyanskaya E. A., Nikolaenko V. B., Dudka I. V.

The features of modern course and treatment of juvenile dermatomyositis.


Summary. The results of data analysis of the clinical observation of 32 patients with juvenile dermatomyositis which were included in the clinical registry offices of connective tissue diseases in children SD «IPAG NAMS of Ukraine», in the aspect of clinical picture features, value of diagnostic methods and difficulties of treatment of juvenile dermatomyositis are presented. The materials are illustrated by the authors.

Key words: children, juvenile dermatomyositis, diagnostic, treatment.



Свистушкин В. М., Никифорова Г. Н.

Возможности мукоактивной терапии в лечении больных ОРЗ.




Sorokolat Yu. V., Golubova M. V., Bicheva S. V., Kovalevskaya S. A.

The problem of children's rational nutrition. Organization of «Healthy nutrition schools» in Kharkiv.


Summary. The results of the organization of the system work with parents to highlight issues related to a balanced diet, infectious disease prevention and increasing the number of children that would be provided with high quality and safe infant products through the «Healthy nutrition schools» in the Kharkiv city are shown.

Key words: nutrition, young children, prevention of infectious diseases.



Yurochko F.

Purity in every nose!


Summary. The procedure of nasal rinsing in kids is described. It is proved that one of the best ready-made solutions of sea water solutions are French sprays of Humor series. Their advantages are highlighted.

Key words: nasal rinsing, Humor, kids.



Marushko Yu. V.

Experience of use of «Fenistil» in the form of drops and gel in pediatric practice.


Summary. The data about the use of «Fenistil» in pediatric practice is summarized in the work. The pharmacological properties and clinical experience with different forms of the drug – in the form of drops and gels are shown. Fenistil — a highly effective and safe preparation that can be widely used in children from the first year of life.

Key words: allergy, food allergy, atopic dermatitis.



Nagornaya N. V., Bordyugova E. V., Chetverik N. A., Muravskaya I. Yu., Parshin S. A., Muravskaya K. V.

Effectiveness of «Magne B6» in correction of psychoemotional state of pupils in the period of intensive training.


Summary. The article presents the results of the study of clinical efficacy of a 30-day course of Magne-B6 premium in correction of psychoemotional state in 30 school children aged 14–17 years in the period of intensive training. The resulting positive dynamic of health state, activity, mood, data of vegetative and cardiovascular system in 96,6% of patients, raising the level of adaptation in 50,0%, well tolerated and no side effects allow us recommend Magne-B6 premium for use in the treatment and prevention work of pediatricians, family physicians, pediatric neurologists and cardiologists.

Key words: Magne B6, school children, psychoemotional status, correction.



Shlimkevych I. V., Synoverska O. B.

Efficiency of metabolic therapy in children with arterial hypertension.


Summary. 40 children 16–18 aged with primary arterial hypertension were examined. The features of clinical course of disease and description of cerebral hemodynamics in such patients are analysed. It was estimated, that clinical picture in primary arterial hypertension includes cerebro-asthenic, asteno-nevrotic, cardial, vegetative, vascular syndromes and their combination. In children with primary arterial hypertension the expressed dyscirculative changes in the system of blood vessels take place. Among them vascular distonya on a background of vascular walls rigidity took place. Application of nootropic medicine vinpocetine was studied in complex medical treatment of patients with primary arterial hypertension. It was proved, that application of vinpocetine induces effective correction of clinical and functional changes and results in optimization of basic parameters of cerebral hemodynamics in mayority of patients with primary arterial hypertension.

Key words: arterial hypertension, clinic, medical treatment, children.



Savelyeva-Kulyk N. O., Volgina L. M.

Effect of combined treatment with receptive music therapy and selective correction of trace element status on the clinical course of autonomic-vascular dysfunctions in descendants of liquidators of the Chornobyl accident.


Summary. The efficiency of combined use of receptive music therapy and zinc sulfate in complex treatment of autonomic-vascular dysfunction in children born in families of the liquidators of the Chornobyl accident was studied. It is shown the expediency of the introduction of zinc sulfate in the treatment scheme of autonomic-vascular dysfunctions in descendants of liquidators of the Chornobyl accident under the conditions previously diagnosed low zinc levels in blood plasma. Results of the research allow recommending the application of music therapy as a system of non-pharmacological correction of vegetative imbalance.

Key words: autonomic-vascular dysfunction, receptive music therapy, zinc, descendants of the liquidators of the Chornobyl accident.



Zaporozhan V. N., Dubkovska M. V.

Frequency of sensorineural hearing loss in children with different levels of CMV viral load in presence of gene GJB2 mutation.


Summary. In article are represented results of sensorineural hearing loss frequency investigation in children with different levels of CMV viral load in presence of gene GJB2 mutation, which encode synthesis of conexin 26. Intrauterine transmission of CMV infection is a supplementary risk factor which increases the possibility of severe affection of auditory system in 1,9 points (OR 1,9; 95% CI 1,2–3,3). Combination of 35delG mutation in heterozygous condition and intrauterine transmission of CMV increases risk of sensorineural hearing loss (OR 42,6%; 95% CI 8,0–2862,2). Children with CMV viral load higher than 5·103 copies in 1 ml of urine had significantly more cases of 35delG gene GJB2 mutation (ОR 12,75; 95% CI 1,41–114,93) compared to children with lower viral load (р<0,05).

Key words: sensorineural hearing loss, cytomegalovirus infection, children, viral load, gene GJB2 mutation.



Dudnyk V. M., Izyumets O. I., Laiko L. I., Koroleva N. D., Kondratyuk L. N., Rudenko G. M., Ivanyuk L. M.

Diagnosis and pathogenetic aspects of helminthoses treatment.


Summary. The comparative study of efficacy treatment of helminthoses in children with traditional allopathic therapy and proposed an integrated approach is conducted. Application of the complex step therapy appropriate to the form of helminthoses has significant advantages over monotherapy with the appointment of allopathic preparations, as it allows faster eliminating the dysfunction of all body systems and achieving a complete and consistent effect of treatment.

Key words: helminthoses, children, allopathic treatment, comprehensive treatment.



Yadgarova K. T.

Achievement of millennium development goals 4 and 5: review of situation.


Summary. The need for accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 has increasingly been of concern to the international community as recognized within the recent Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health launched by the United Nations Secretary-General in September 2010. In 2008–2010 WHO and partners (UNFPA, UNICEF, World Bank) undertook an updated analysis of national, regional, and worldwide maternal, under 5, neonatal, postneonatal mortality and stillbirth rates estimates and numbers for WHO Member States. Review paper also discusses trends and contributing factors for reduction of mortality rates.

Key words: The Goals of Millennium development, infant mortality, maternal mortality, reproductive health.



Lisovets O. V., Marushko Yu. V., Panchenko O. O., Pustovit D. V.

Experience of use of Aqua Maris system in the complex therapy of chronic sinusitis aggravation in children.


Summary. The efficiency of use of nasal irrigation by Aqua Maris system with immortelle and myrtle in the treatment in children with sinusitis is shown that allows us recommends preparation for wider use in pediatric practice.

Key words: rhinosinusitis, children, nasal douche, Aqua Maris.



Marchenko T. Z., Tkachiv N. M., Morozovych O. M., Sacalosh L. P.

Optimization of rehabilitation measures in children after acute respirator diseases in ambulatory management.


Summary. In 30 children of the main group and 20 children of control group 3–10 years old in the complex rehabilitation measures on 8 day after acute respiratory tract diseases was included herbal Biaron C. The dynamics of appetite parameters, hemoglobin level, compensatory-protective potential from hemogram parameters (coefficient of phagocytic defense, specific immune lymphocytic-monocytic potential) were studied and have shown effectiveness of Biaron C in the rehabilitation complex.

Key words: children, acute respiratory tract disease, Biaron C, the parameters of appetite, hemoglobin, coefficient of phagocytic defense, specific immune lymphocytic-monocytic potential.



Marushko Yu. V.

Phytotherapy of cough in children.


Summary. In this article given a data about the mechanisms of cough development in children, its differential diagnostics, approaches to therapy. An important place in therapy of cough is occupied by phytotherapeutic medicines which shown to be of high-efficiency and safety.

Key words: children, phytotherape.



Abaturov A. E., Agafonovf E. A, Gerasimenko O. M., Kostyuchenko A. S., Kvitnitskaya T. P., Ivashina V. I., Ermolaeva O. A.

Initial antibacterial therapy of community-acquired forms of pneumonia in children.


Summary. The paper presents literature data on the antibacterial activity «Cefodox» and results of a study of clinical efficacy of treatment with «Cefodox» uncomplicated community-acquired pneumonia in children. «Cefodox» can be recommended as the drug of choice as a starting empirical antibiotic treatment of children with uncomplicated community-acquired pneumonia.

Key words: community-acquired pneumonia, children, «Cefodox».




Strashok L. A.

Chronic bronchitis in adolescence. Modern views on the issue.


Summary. The article presents current data on the relevance of medical and social problems of chronic bronchitis in adolescence, highlights the controversial issues of interpretation of the diagnosis and choice of therapeutic tactics.

Key words: adolescents, chronic bronchitis, recurrent bronchitis, bronchial asthma.



Shef G. G., Marushko Yu. V., Shef S. O., Marushko T. V., Gischak T.

The use of Tsefutil in the complex treatment of bronchitis in children with concomitant diseases of alimentary canal.


Summary. The efficiency of antibacterial preparation Tsefutil in the treatment of acute bronchitis a bacterial etiology is studied. It is established that the course dose for 6–7 days, virtually has no effect on the microbial microflora of the intestine in children with concomitant diseases of alimentary canal. Adverse reactions were not observed. Preparation has good tolerability for patients. It can be recommended for practice of pediatricians, general/ practitioners / family medicine.

Key words: acute bronchitis of bacterial etiology, pathology of alimentary canal, children, Tsefutil.



Marushko Yu. V., Melnikov O. F., Zelena N. A., Movchan O. S.

Local therapy of acute pharyngitis.


Summary. The data about the local treatment of acute pharyngitis in children is shown in the work. It is established that the use of «Lizak» preparation significantly reduces the duration of disease and restores deviations in the composition of immunoglobulin Class A, premature interferon, and in the cellular composition of oropharyngeal secretions.

Key words: children, acute pharyngitis, Lizak, local immunity, lysozyme, immunoglobulin of Class A, interferon.



Sinchuk N. I.

«Winter diarrhea»: new opportunities for children's prevention from rotavirus infection.


Summary. Rotavirusesљtakesљthe leading position in the structure of acute intestinal infections in children. The modern method of rotavirus infection preventing is vaccination.

Key words: acute intestinal infection, rotavirus, vaccination.



Chernyshova L., Kostyuchenko L., Romanyshyn Y., Porta F., Marodi L.

Diagnostics and choice of treatment in children with Wiskott—Aldrich syndrome.


Summary. Wiskott—Aldrich syndrome is a X-linked primary immunodeficiency characterized by multiple defects in hematopoietic cells. Severity of clinical manifestations in such patients correlates with types of mutations, degree of WAS-protein expression in the blood cells and determines the choice of therapy. The article contains the results of long-term follow-up after children with Wiskott—Aldrich syndrome (WAS). Molecular-genetic confirmation of the diagnosis was obtained in all of the cases, at that two new types of WAS-gene mutations found in 4 of the families. In four patients the phenomenon of natural chimerizm of WAS protein was detected, which is due to the presence of reverse mutations of WAS-gene. Criteria for prognosis assessment and decision of treatment tactics in patients with WAS are present in the study.

Key words: Wiskott—Aldrich syndrome, primary immunodeficiency, children, stem cell transplantation, gene therapy.



Shlyakhova N. V.

Age-related features of immune parameters of children and teenagers.


Summary. For the purpose of studying features of immunoreactivity in children and teenagers there have been analyzed some parameters of cellular, humoral and phagocytic link in 522 children aged 6–18. It has been shown that the puberty period is accompanied by changes of immune system parameters which depend both on age and on the sex of a child. Changes of immune parameters concern all the links of immunity and are most pronounced in girls at the age of 9–11 and in boys aged 12–13.

Key words: children, immune system, puberty.



Glyadelova N. P., Boyarskaya E. A, Kapichina M. A.

Combined pharmacotherapy of erosive and ulcerative diseases of gastroduodenal zone in children.


Summary. Article is devoted to the problem of application of «Omez D» preparation produced by «Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd» in the combined therapy of destructive diseases of gastroduodenal zone in children. The results of study shows the efficacy and safety of «Omez D» in children older than 12 years with erosive and ulcerative stomach affects and duodenum also can recommend it for widespread use in therapy in these group of patients.

Key words: older children, peptic ulcer, erosive gastroduodinitis, Omez D.



Abaturov A. Е., Gerasimenko O. N.

Medication regulation of active mechanisms of nonspecific defense mucosal digestive tract in children with chronic Helicobacter pylori-associated gastroduodenitis.


Summary. The article presents data on the clinical and immunological efficacy of fit immunomodulation Imupret®, in children with chronic gastroduodenitis associated with Helicobacter pylori, in the scheme of «triple» of eradication therapy of Helicobacter pylori. It is shown that the combination of basic therapy with drug treatment Imupret® promotes a more rapid regression of pain, dyspeptic and asthenic syndromes, contributes to the eradication of Helicobacter pylori.

Key words: Helicobacter pylori, chronic gastroduodenitis, children, Imupret®.



Kramarev S. A., Evtushenko V. V., Korbut E. V., Dmitrieva E. A., Yukhimenko G. G., Evtushenko O. M., Maevskaya E. A., Babak V. V.

The use of Smecta and SOR Humana Electrolyt in the complex treatment of children with acute intestinal infections.


Summary. The results of the use of Smecta and solution for oral rehydration Humana Electrolyt in the complex treatment of children with acute intestinal infections (AII) are presented. It is proved that during the use of Smecta in patients decreased stool frequency, manifestations of dehydration are disappears and reduces the amount of SOR, which is meant to restore fluid and electrolyte balance. A solution for oral rehydration Humana Electrolyt can prevent the occurrence of severe forms of dehydration. The preparations Smecta and Humana Electrolyt well tolerated by patients.

Key words: acute intestinal infections, children, Smecta, Humana Electrolyt.



Koloskova O. K., Vorotnyak T. M.

The new approaches to nutritional providing and rehydration therapy in infants with secretory diarrhea.


Summary. For study the efficiency low lactase nutritional cocktail Humana HN and oral rehydration therapy with using of composition Humana Electrolyte in the treatment of secretory diarrhea in infants were examined 116 infant patients who come into hospital with signs of toxic-exsicosys during acute secretory gastroenterocolitis. The application of nutritional cocktail Humana HN and Humana Electrolyte allow to significantly shorter periods to achieve positive clinical dynamics that reflected the nature of progress in relieving diarrhea, reduced catabolism of phenomena, a faster recovery of the original body weight.

Key words: secretory diarrhea, low lactase nutritional cocktail Humana HN, composition Humana Electrolyte.



Shadrin O. G., Chernega N. F., Shadrin V. O.

Hepatoprotectors in the complex therapy of hepatobiliary system diseases in infants.


Summary.The mechanisms of modern hepatoprotectors and possibility of their application in pediatric practice are shown. The particular importance as a preparation of effective therapy of liver disease is Ursofalk suspension due to it natural origin, good tolerance and big evidence base.

Key words: hepatobiliary system diseases, hepatoprotectors, ursodeoxycholic acid ursofalk suspension.



Saltikova G. V.

Out of esophageal manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in children.


Summary. The article presents a literature review of one of the most pressing issues of Pediatric Gastroenterology: Gastroesophageal reflux disease. The questions of etiology, pathogenesis, features extraesofageal syndromes manifestations of reflux disease, characterize the possible ways to diagnose reflux-associated syndromes in childhood.

Key words: children, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etiology, diagnosis, asthma, laryngitis, dental erosion.



Mukvich E. N., Shadrin A. G., Zadorozhnaya T. D., Archakova T. M., Kovalchuk A. A.

Modern aspects in diagnosis of celiac disease.


Summary. The data about study of effectiveness of clinical and immunological, instrumental and morphological methods of celiac disease diagnosis are shown. The diagnostic algorithm of entheropathy in young children is presented.

Key words: celiac disease, young children, diagnostic algorithm.



Bojko Ya. Y.

Systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Variants of clinical course.


Summary. Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (sJRA) — is a variant of juvenile arthritis, characterized by fever and rash, lymphatic nodes enlargement, hepato-splenomegaly and serosites. Systemic arthritis was revealed in 19 patients, which comprised 15.8% of all JRA variants. Arthritis at onset of sJRA were detected in 68% of patients. Three variants of sJRA clinical course were verified: monocyclic — in 11%, polycyclic — in 34% and persistent — in 63% of patients.

Key words: Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, clinical course.



Stoeva T. V.

Substantiation of preventive maintenance schemes of dysmetabolic nephropathy at children.


Summary. In this research the peculiarities of approaches to create differentiated schemes of prophylactic of dysmetabolic nephropathies at children are proved on the basis of clinical, anamnestic, laboratory and instrumental data analysis in patients with dysmetabolic nephropathy and urolithiasis.

Key words: children, dysmetabolic nephropathy, urolithiasis, prophylaxis.



Markevich V., Petrashenko V.

Effect of hypoxia on microelement balance and antioxidant protection of premature infants.


Summаry. The article is devoted the study of the antioxidant system at preterm birth newborns, suffering perinatal hypoxia. Tension of the system of antioxidant defence was estimated on indexes by the concentrations of copper and ceruloplasmin in blood. It is set that over a perinatal hypoxia brings to considerable exhaustion of copper and ceruloplasmin as antioxidants, that requires development of principles of correction.

Key words: hypoxia, preterm birth newborns, copper, ceruloplasmin.



Shkurupiy D. A.

Clinical-morphological parallels of organ lesions in infants who died at the stage of intensive care from the effects of perinatal infection.


Summary. The article analyzes the picture of clinical-morphological comparison of the syndrome of multiorgan failure as a consequence of perinatal infection. Ascertained the severity and typical morphological changes, given the frequency of involvement of different organs in the formation of this syndrome, attention is focused on systemic immune changes.

Key words: newborns, perinatal infection, multiple organ failure, intensive care, morphological characterization.



Beregnoi V., Yankovskiy D., Andrikevich I.

Antibiotic associative disorders of the microbiocenosis of large intestine in infants with acute respiratory tract diseases and their correction.


Summary. The results of investigation of digestive tract microbiocenosis status in infants with acute respiratory tract diseases are represented in this article. The effectivnessof probiotic «Simbiter acidofilic» for the correction of large intestine microbiocenosis was proved in this study.

Key words: digestive tract microbiocenosis, dysbios, antibiotic therapy, children.



Maloletnyaia S. V., Zaitseva N. E., Korchemnaya L. V., Efgrafova N. B., Pyankova A. V.

Experience of use of probiotic-bioenteroseptic Enterogermina at children with intestinal microbiota disorders.


Summary. The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of bioenteroseptic Enterogermina is studied. The study followed 70 children with functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract at the age from 1 to 6 months. According to the results of examination, probiotic Enterozhermina effectively eliminates the symptoms of functional gastrointestinal disorders at infants; renders normalizing effect on the motility of the GIT and can be successfully used as in the case of constipation so during the diarrhea; normalizes the level of lacto- and bifidobacteria; has evident antagonistic activity with according to conditionally pathogenic flora and microbial associations; improves hemodynamic performance and reduce allergic reactions, has no side effects, well tolerated by children.

Key words: infants, functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, microbiocaenosis, Bacillus clausii, probiotic-bioenteroseptic, Enterozhermina.



Shipelik T., Chuprikov A.

Some aspects of the formation of personal maturity of the older pupils in Kyiv.


Summary. The aim of this investigation is devoted to studying of the psychological adolescent stage as a reiterated period in the formation of personal maturity. Using a complex of seven methods we can see that high harmonic psychological personality promotes a getting of personal maturity in adolescence.

Key words: personal maturity, the harmony of the individual, personal potential, self-actualization, sense of life, values, guality of life, life purpose, life perspective and spiritual formation.



Sirotchenko T. A., Belyh N. A.

Teenagers are in mirror of mediko-social problems.


Summary. The analysis of morbidity of Lugansk teenagers is in-process presented by comparison to common Ukraine indexes for the last 5 years. Signs of the violations of teenager's health (alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, early sexual live) are exposed and the ways of improvement of their health are offered.

Key words: teenagers, morbidity, signs, health.