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стр. 13 Modern aspects of prophylaxis and treatment of the fetus growth retardation syndrome. Маkarenko М. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):13-15; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.13
стр. 16 The frequency of intrauterine growth retardation and its impact on the course and prognosis of gastroschisis Slepov O. K., Grasyukova N. I., Veselsky V. L., Gordiyenko I. Yu., Soroka V. P., Ponomarenko O. P., Yermolova G. S., Palkina I. S., Markevych O. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):16-20; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.16
стр. 21 The fetus and the newborn state with premature ruptured membranes on the 25–28 weeks gestation terms Puchkov V. A., Krut U. Ya., Kyryluk O. D., Pershakova I. O. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):21-24; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.21
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стр. 30 Features clinical manifestations and diagnostics late presenting congenital true diaphragmatic hernia in children Slepov O. K., Soroka V. P., Slepov Ye. O., Ponomarenko O. P. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 2(58):30-33; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.30
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стр. 46 Cytomorphologycal and microbiological features of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity in children passive smokers Tyazhka O. V., Vankhanova T. O., Yaremenko L. M., Pylypenko I. F. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):46-50; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.46
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стр. 54 The microbic analysis of the bronchial tree and antibioticoresistance under complicated pneumonia among children Tsymbalista O. L. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):54-58; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.54
стр. 59 Geometry and systolic left ventricular function in children and adolescents with metabolic syndrome Gromnatska N. M. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):59-63; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.59
стр. 64 Characteristic of the immunological changes at different stages of juvenile rheumatoid and reactive children's arthritis Lebec I. S., Panko N. O., Nelina I. M. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):64-67; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.64
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стр. 90 The diagnostic capabilities of the glutathione peroxidase definition for pulmonary expirate verification of the parenchymal respiratory failure among newborns Buryak O. G. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 2(58):90-92; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.90
стр. 93 Ways of improving the rehabilitation efficiency among children with chronic rheumatic heart disease Boyarchuk O. R. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 2(58):93-96; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.93
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стр. 119 Clinical features and biocamical markers of cholesterol cholelitiasis among children Shutova E. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 2(58):119-124; DOI 10.15574/PP.2014.58.119