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стр. 10 Condition of regionalization of perinatal care in Ukraine Dudina Ye. A., Tereshchenko A. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):10-17; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.10
стр. 18 Intranatal administration of magnesium sulfate 4 obstetric point of view on perinatal outcomes Zagorodnyaya A. S., Belaya V. V., Leush S. St. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):18-22; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.18
стр. 23 Data analysis of ultrasound examination dichorionic diamniotic twins in high risk pregnant women Grebinichenko A. A. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):23-28; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.23
стр. 29 Modern view on fetal treatment of viral infections in newborns Redko I. I. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):29-33; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.29
стр. 34 Prospects in the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child Zhilka N. Ya., Orlova E. A. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):34-37; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.34
стр. 38 Autonomic homeostasis and its disorders in women of fertile age due to the changes in reproductive health Podolsky Vl. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):38-46; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.38
стр. 47 Features of pregravid training in women with polycystic ovary syndrome due to the insulin resistance in history Onis'ko O. V., Korchinskaya O. A., Slabkiy G. A., Voloshina U. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):47-50; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.47
стр. 51 Vaccination: myths and facts (review of literature) Oniskova O. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):51-54; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.51
стр. 55 The functional status of the heart in children with bronchial asthma Nedelskaya S. M., Datsenko O. M., Bessikalo T. G. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):55-58; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.55
стр. 59 Estimation of the functional condition of the nervous-muscle system in children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and clinical signs of secondary myopathy Dudnyk V. M., Bereznyckyi О. V., Vyzhga Yu. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):59-62; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.59
стр. 63 The containing of 25-hydroxy-calciferol in the blood serum of children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Ludvik T. A. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):63-65; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.63
стр. 66 Diagnostic algorithm and medical support of patients with Wiskott—Aldrich syndrome Kostyuchenko L. V. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):66-70; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.66
стр. 71 Influence of vitamin d on the immune system: double jeopardy of development of osteogenesis disorders in children with recurrent bronchitis Vertegel A. A., Ovcharenko L. S. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):75-79; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.75
стр. 75 The role of mаcroelements in immune response in allergic pathology in children Levadna L. O. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):75-79; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.75
стр. 80 The diagnostic efficiency of the gydrosonography for detection of pathology of the upper gastrointestinal tract in children with bronchial asthma and recurrent bronchitis T.A. Gridina, B.A. Tarasyuk, A.Yu. Palkin, A.I. Kushnerov PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):80-83; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.80
стр. 84 Optimization of treatment of gastrointestinal food allergy in infants Shadrin O. G., Gayduchik G. A., Kovalchuk A. A., Dyukareva S. V., Bondarenko N. Yu. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):84-88; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.84
стр. 89 Obesity risk factors in children of the Odessa region Tsiunchik Yu. G. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):89-91; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.89
стр. 92 Pathogenetic role of oxidative homeostasis in the stages of cholesterol cholelithiasis in children Shutova О. V., Pavlenko N. V., Mikhailova O. B. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):92-95; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.92
стр. 96 Optimization of treatment of comorbid disorders of the digestive system in children with allergic diseases Shumnaya T. E., Mazur V. I. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):96-99; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.96
стр. 100 The content of microelements and vitamins in children and adolescents with diffuse nontoxic goiter Plekhova O. I., Kashkalda D. A., Volkova Yu. V., Turchina S. I. PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA.2015.3(63):100-102; DOI 10.15574/PP.2015.63.100
стр. 103 List of master's dissertations, approved PC «Pediatrics» National Academy of Medical Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to perform in І–ІI quarter of 2015 year
стр. 104 К сведению авторов