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ANNIVERSARIES стр. 6 60 years of pediatric surgical service of the Mykolaiv region
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ABDOMINAL SURGERY стр. 8 Qualities of life of children with gallstone disease transferred a cholecystectomy in the early postoperative period living on subarctic region conditions M.A. Aksel’rov, V.A. Malchevsky, A.A. Kokotalkin, D.A. Khrupa Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):8-12; doi 10.15574/PS.2019.64.8
стр. 13 Analysis of intra-operative diagnosis and results of histological examination in children with acute appendicitis A.A. Pereyaslov, R.V. Stenyk, A.A. Dvorakevych, A.I. Bobak, O.J. Burda, N.M. Opikan, V.J. Kitov, I.I. Goshovska Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):13-16; doi 10.15574/PS.2019.64.13
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. UROLOGY AND GYNECOLOGY стр. 17 The importance of adrenergic blockers to treat children with neuromuscular dysfunction of the bladder D.V. Shevchuk Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):17-21; doi 10.15574/PS.2019.64.17
стр. 22 Features treatment of children with congenital ureteral pathology V.A. Degtyar, L.N. Harytonyuk, M.V. Boyko, A.L. Khytryk, A.V. Obertinsky, О.A. Ostrovska Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):22-27; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.64.22
REVIEWS стр. 28 Stenting the cutter tension after chemical burn in children: a review of literature and own experience V.I. Averin, V.M. Rustamov Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):28-36; doi 10.15574/PS.2019.64.28
CLINICAL CASE стр. 37 Urolithiasis – a chronic and recurrent disease in a girl with multiple congenital anomalies and cerebral palsy– case report E. Wajszczuk, M. Szymanek-Szwed, J. Samotyjek, K. Job, B. Jurkiewicz Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):37-41; doi 10.15574/PS.2019.64.37
стр. 42 A rare clinical case of surgical treatment of Amyand’s hernia in a preterm newborn baby O.K. Sliepov, M.V. Ponomarenko, O.V. Markevich, O.S. Skiba, O.G. Shipot Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):42-46; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.64.42
стр. 47 Idiopathic chylothorax in newborns: clinical cases A.A. Svirsky, A.M. Mahlin, А.V. Zapalianski, N.S. Zhitkova, I.D. Zamotin Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):47-52; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.64.47
стр. 53 Сhildbirth and perinatal trauma of children in the practice of a pediatric surgeon (clinical observations) O.V. Ryzhenko Paediatric surgery.Ukraine.2019.3(64):53-56; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.64.53
THE INTERNATIONAL CLINICAL PROTOCOLS, RECOMMENDATIONS стр. 57 Evaluation and treatment of cryptorchidism: AUA Guideline Thomas F. Kolon, C. D. Anthony Herndon, Linda A. Baker, Laurence S. Baskin, Cheryl G. Baxter, Earl Y. Cheng, Mireya Diaz, Peter A. Lee, Carl J. Seashore, Gregory E. Tasian, Julia S. Barthold