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EVENTS стр. 7 For the first time in Ukraine, a training course was held under the auspices of the European Pediatric Surgeons' Association «Neonatal and Minimal Invasive Surgery»
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. THORACIC SURGERY стр. 10 The morphopathological particuliarities of intrinsic innervation of the esophagus in newborns with esophageal atresia and inferior tracheoesophageal fistula Babuci S., Petrovici V., Gladun S., Haidarli D., Pisarenco A., Sinițina L., David V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):10-17; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.10
стр. 18 Surgical stabilization of the chest: experience and perspectives Pertsov V. I., Tielushko Y. V., Barchuk A. I., Bondar A. V., Guz S. G., Naumenko V. M., Savchenko S. I., Troyan G. S., Yakusheva N. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):18-22; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.18
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ABDOMINAL SURGERY стр. 23 Analysis of the results of using the Pediatric Appendicitis Score in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain in children aged 5–17 years Vakulchyk V. G., Statskevich S. Yu., Polityko D. D. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):23-28; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.23
стр. 29 Surgical treatment of hepatoblastoma Kotenko O. G., Grygorian M. S., Grynenko O. V., Gusev A. V., Korshak O. O., Ostapyshen O. M., Popov O. O., Fedorov D. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):29-35; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.29
стр. 36 Laparoscopic treatment of splenic cysts in children Prytula V. P., Krivchenya D. Yu., Kuzyk A. S., Hussaini S. F., Silchenko M. I. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):36-40; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.36
стр. 41 Influence of different types of portocaval shunting operations on the immune status in children with extrahepatic portal hypertension Dzhuma Kristina, Prytula Vasyl, Dubrovin Alexander, Godik Oleg PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):41-49; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.41
стр. 50 Gastroshizis: classification Sliepov O. K., Ponomarenko O. P., Migur M. Yu., Grasyukova N. I. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):50-56; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.50
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ORTHOPEDICS стр. 57 Complex treatment of the first year of life children with hip joints dysplasia Eliy L. B., Melnychenko M. H. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):57-63; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.57
стр. 64 Closed reposition radius fractures on the method N.P. Svinuhova Sergienko O. A., Gudimenko O. M., Fedurko M. S., Mozharovsky Yu. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):64-66; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.64
REVIEWS стр. 67 Pilonidal sinus in children: characteristic, circumstances, methods of treatment Bodnar O., Randiuk R., Bodnar B., Vatamanesku L., Bocharov A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.1(62):67-72; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.62.67
стр. 73 Modern classification of hemangiomas Pereyaslov A. A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.1(62):73-78; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.62.73
стр. 79 Modern methods of diagnosing benign and malignant lung neoplasms in children Bilokon O. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):79-83; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.79
стр. 84 Torsion of the greater omentum in a child: review of literature and own a case reports Konoplitskyi V. S., Pogoriliy V. V., Fomin O. O., Ksonz I. V., Yakymenko O. H., Horbatiuk L. V., Sasiuk A. I., Lukiianets O. O., Korobko Yu. Ie. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):84-91; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.84
CLINICAL CASE стр. 92 Pyelonephritis Xanthogranulomatosa – case report (2 cases) Szymanek–Szwed M., Załęska–Oracka K., Samotyjek J., Jobs K., Jurkiewicz B. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):92-96; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.92
стр. 97 Case of duodenal obstruction caused by a giant echinococcal cyst of the liver Khomenko V. S., Perepelitsa V. P., Sirotkin A. V., Strotsky K. P., Khomenko L. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):97-102; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.97
стр. 104 Family case of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease Protsailo M. D., Kryckyy I. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):104-108; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.104
стр. 109 Rare defect of development – congenital segmental dilation of the colon in the newborn. Literature review and own observation Fofanov O. D., Fofanov V. O., Fofanova O. Yu., Sicoryn Ya. Ya. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2019.2(63):109-114; DOI 10.15574/PS.2019.63.109

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